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Morning Glory: The Anthology - Tim Buckley

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Tim Buckley / Double CD / Audio CD released 2001-04-02 at Rhino

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    2 Reviews
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      04.05.2007 15:26
      Very helpful
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      A good view at Tim Buckley's career

      As many of you may know I'm a big admirer of Jeff Buckley, Tim's son. Though they shared little of their life time together, they shared some remarkable traits (they looked almost identical, and both were blessed with musical ability that was almost inhuman), as well as a tragic end, Jeff Drowned, Tim Od'd on Heroin both with many years ahead of them.

      Despite this both have legacy's that still hold strong today, and here is evidence of Tim's, this 2 disk 33 anthology of his work, dating from his 1966 debut album "Tim Buckley" through to his 1972 album "Greetings from L.A.". (Missing 2 of Tim's studio albums out altogether, in Sefronia (1973) and Look at the Fool (1974)).

      So a track by track review of 33 songs would get boring (trust me, after around 15 songs they become boring to write, so doubtless boring to read), so instead I'll just give an over-view of the track listing and what i think of a select few songs.

      Full track listing:
      Disk one
      "Wings" (Tim Buckley) – 2:33
      "She Is" (Larry Beckett, Buckley) – 3:08
      "Song Slowly Song" (Beckett, Buckley) – 4:16
      "It Happens Every Time" (Buckley) – 1:51
      "Aren't You the Girl" (Buckley) – 2:05
      "Pleasant Street" (Buckley) – 5:17
      "Hallucinations" (Beckett, Buckley) – 4:55
      "No Man Can Find the War" (Beckett, Buckley) – 2:59
      "Once I Was" (Buckley) – 3:23
      "Morning Glory" (Beckett, Buckley) – 2:54
      "Goodbye and Hello" (Beckett, Buckley) – 8:40
      "Buzzin' Fly" (Buckley) – 6:04
      "Strange Feelin'" (Buckley) – 7:40
      "Sing a Song for You" (Buckley) – 2:41
      "Phantasmagoria in Two" (Buckley) – 4:42 (live)
      "I've Been Out Walking" (Buckley) – 8:20 (live)
      "Troubadour" (Buckley) – 5:45 (live)

      Disc two
      "Happy Time" (Buckley) – 3:17
      "Chase the Blues Away" (Buckley) – 5:13
      "I Must Have Been Blind" (Buckley) – 3:45
      "The River" (Buckley) – 5:48
      "So Lonely" (Buckley) – 3:29
      "Blue Melody" (Buckley) – 4:55
      "I Had a Talk With My Woman" (Buckley) – 7:27 (live)
      "Moulin Rouge" (Beckett, Buckley) – 1:58
      "Song to the Siren" (Beckett, Buckley) – 3:29
      "Monterey" (Beckett, Buckley) – 4:31
      "Sweet Surrender" (Buckley) – 6:47
      "Hong Kong Bar" (Buckley, Joe Falsia) – 7:07
      "Make It Right" (Beckett, Buckley, Falsia, Jerry Goldstein) – 4:10
      "Saly Go 'Round the Roses" (Buckley) – 3:46
      "Who Could Deny You" (Buckley) – 4:23
      "Song to the Siren" (Beckett, Buckley) – 3:15 (from The Monkees TV show)

      The first disk is primarily concentrating on his early career, from the "Tim Buckley" and "Hello and goodbye" albums mainly with some from "Blue afternoon" and "Happy sad". This disk seems to try and focus more on his folk based music and the stand outs imo are the following:

      Wings, My personal favourite from the "Tim Buckley" album, with simple but astonishing lyrics about how Tim left his wife. Although not the greatest of subjects perhaps, the lyrics give the song a soft and easy feel of love of the mother of his child, but also a feeling that he can't go back to her. Beckett's lyrics here really do stand apart from most lyricist's since. A song anyone would be proud to do a half decent cover of, due to how well Buckley produces the goods. 10/10

      Pleasant street, This should have opened the "Hello and goodbye" album, a blissful song thats an absolute pleasure to listen to. It's the first song on the original album that it was taken from to actually have a chorus as such and it shows the useage of such a section in a song. The singing is as always delightful, but this time it seems Beckett has given Buckley the perfect lyrics that his voice longs for. Easy contender for song of the album. 10/10

      Goodbye and hello, A marathon, a stunning tour, a feast. Buckley at his godly best. Starting off with slow music and peaceful singing, The musical "chorus" kicks in and sounds soft but yet you can almost hear theirs a lot more to come from the song. As the next verse approaches theirs a little change in music, before a speeddy interlude with Buckley seemingly going off on a tangent that yet fits so wonderfully and makes you wonder why so few people have replicated the effect that he does a little later in the song. Then back to the musical "chorus", then back to the pacey god send with a slightly high tone this time Tim takes on slightly more complex verse. Then back to a chorus, and so on. This song nears to 9 mins, and theirs not a wasted second. Almost a compendium of musical bravura, all some how fitting into a single peice. It has everything a perfect song has, originality, ease to listen to, lyrical perfect. Only song on the "Hello and goodbye" album that really gives "Pleasant street" challange for the best song on the album.10/10

      The second album takes much more from his "Advant garde", "Jazz" and "experimental phrase" and highlights include:

      "Moulin rouge" a short fast and lyrically brilliant merge of french and English. Apparently a project Buckley had been wanting to do for years finally got a release on the 1970 "Starsailor" album.

      "’love is a leap’ she sighed
      ’someday I’ll be your bride,
      When I leave the moulin rouge’
      Je vais marier ma fille de danse
      Et habiter en france"

      A class above most other albums from this peroid of experimentation in Buckley's career. 10/10

      "Song to the siren" Is another gem from the "Starsailor" album (yes thats where the band got their name from). A daunting song, but by far the most accessible, from the bizzare album, where a musician wants to do whats he wants to do. The song has beautiful lyrics, and This mortal coils cover, helped bring both the song and Tim Buckley back to the forefront when they covered it.

      "Long afloat on ship less oceans
      I did all my best to smile
      'Til your singing eyes and fingers
      Drew me loving into your eyes
      And you sang, "Sail to me, sail to me, let me enfold you.
      Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you."


      Overall the album is good look at Tim Buckley's ever changing musical style, though it does lack his latter albums, which show him coming back to a more folky sound.
      8/10 for the album


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        16.05.2001 02:24
        Very helpful



        Tim Buckley - Morning Glory - the Tim Buckley Anthology Despite only owning this album for a few weeks I would not give it up for anything. It's the most moving album I own, and it has some of the best singing I've ever heard. For those of you who don't know the story of the Buckleys, sit back and read a while...For those of you who do, you will appreciate the incredible agility and variety of both his voice and that of his son Jeff. Tim Buckley was born on Valentine's Day in 1947 in Washington DC. He died in 1975 from a heroin overdose. In the 28 years he was alive he created music that most people would spend a full lifetime trying to make and never succeed. He had a voice that was often described as angelic, but it was often tinged with more than a hint of melancholy. One of his band members once said "It was the clarity and purity of his tone. Even when he screamed, it sounded like singing." His voice is haunting - reaching out through the speakers from beyond the grave and imparting its emotion on you. This seems to be the time for discovering lost talent with Eva Cassidy's Songbird compilation reaching number 1 in many countries after hearing her beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Last Summer was the turn of Tim Buckley's son Jeff Buckley who has a different sounding but equally incredible voice. But enough of the background now. I can say now that unless you're a dedicated pop-head you will love this album. I know a lot of people say that about albums, but here I can say from the bottom of my heart it is my favourite album I own. A few highlights of it (it's a double album by the way) Song to the Siren - There are two versions of this on the album. The studio version and one that was played live on the Monkees TV show. My personal favourite is the Monkees one. The singing is richer and more heartfelt than the studio ver
        sion. There is an interesting story behind this song which appears on the album "Starsailor" (yes that's where Starsailor got their name - they're big fans). Larry Beckett, a poet, wrote lyrics for some of Buckley's songs, and one day he brought the words to Song to the Siren along to Buckley's house while he was having breakfast. He took a look at the words and then picked up his guitar and played the song pretty much as it appears on the album. Everyone present was flabbergasted at how something that beautiful had been created while they watched. Song Slowly Sung - A wonderfully haunting ballad which is well described by its title. There is a long instrumental section in the middle which is sparse and fits the mood of the song brilliantly, then Buckley comes back singing softly as before to finish the song. Hallucinations - an incredible song starting with several guitars and slowly building to Buckley singing in a style which I can imagine being that of a travelling troubador in times of knights and princesses in distress. It is an incredibly moving song in a style which no-one has tried before or since. The lyrics are incredible and with the background noises you can imagine yourself having this hallucination. No man can find the war - a song of protest against the war in Vietnam, it is a very strong and angry song. But at the same time it is still delicate and as wonderful as his others. Goodbye and Hello - this is another protest song and I find it hard to describe - it has several distinct styles within it and is eight and a half minutes of pure genius. Phantasmagoria In Two (live) - A beautiful love song which has hints of the travelling troubador like in Hallucinations. It makes my eyes watery every time I hear it. "If a fiddler played you a song my love and if I gave you a wheel, would you spin for my heart in loneliness? Would you spin for my love? If I gave up all my pr
        ide for you, and only loved you for now would you hide my fears and never say 'Tomorrow I must go'. And everywhere there's rain my love, and everywhere there's fear. Well if you tell me a lie I'll cry for you. Or tell me of sin and I'll laugh. If you tell me of all the pain you've had I'll never smile again." A review 10 times this long could not do this album justice, so I will leave it here before I lose your attention. If you only buy one album this year on spec - make it this one and I promise you it will be worth your while. Ken


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Wings
        2 She Is
        3 Song Slowly Song
        4 It Happens Every Time
        5 Aren't You The Girl
        6 Pleasant Street
        7 Hallucinations
        8 No Man Can Find The Air
        9 Once I Was
        10 Morning Glory
        11 Goodbye And Hello
        12 Buzzin' Fly
        13 Strange Feelin'
        14 Sing A Song For You
        15 Phantasmagoria In Two
        16 I've Been Out Walking
        17 Troubadour
        18 Happy Time
        19 Chase The Blues Away
        20 I Must Have Been Blind
        21 River
        22 So Lonely
        23 Blue Melody
        24 I Had A Talk With My Woman
        25 Moulin Rouge
        26 Song To The Siren
        27 Monterey
        28 Sweet Surrender
        29 Hong Kong Bar
        30 Make It Right
        31 Sally Go Round The Roses
        32 Who Could Deny You
        33 Song To The Siren

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Happy Time
        2 Chase The Blues Away
        3 I Must Have Been Blind
        4 River
        5 So Lonely
        6 Blue Melody
        7 I Had A Talk With My Woman
        8 Moulin Rouge
        9 Song To The Siren
        10 Monterey
        11 Sweet Surrender
        12 Hong Kong Bar
        13 Make It Right
        14 Sally Go Round The Roses
        15 Who Could Deny You
        16 Song To The Siren

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