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Most Wanted - Hilary Duff

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    4 Reviews
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      08.06.2012 21:28




      This CD is innocent but cool. It has a great vibe to it - this is fun pop music that is very enjoyable, and easy listening. Hilary looks stunning through the booklet! There are songs that emphasise independance and enjoying life to the full! Although in the 'children's' category, this CD could also be enjoyed from people in their 20's as it is fun and full of energy. As Hilary was a Disney star, this is a very sweet CD giving people hope to their aspirations and dreams. In this CD Hilary's background music includes a guitar, and drums. Also Hilary's songs have been written by herself, showing her creative personality. Hilary has good vocals and can sing really well. Hilary's song 'Come Clean' is more of a dance genre. All of Hilary's songs have great creative lyrics in them that are both meaningful and moving. Hilary's voice is also very soothing and this is a great album.


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      20.10.2008 11:27
      Very helpful
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      If you see it in Poundland, buy. If not, avoid like the plague.

      Now I wonder to myself as I browse through my neverending pile of CDS, what on earth posessed me to purchase Hilary Duff's 'Most Wanted'...
      Hilary of course was the star of the hugely successful Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire and made the crossover from the small screen to the pop league years before the likes of Hannah Montannah and the High School Musical cast had even hit puberty.
      'Most Wanted' was released in 2005 as a sort of Greatest Hits package to showcase her 'career' so far but shockingly there's only about a dozen legitimate singles here with the rest being filler from her other albums or new songs.

      However the bubble gum pop and angsty teen feel of the songs and lyrics here make this a winning CD for any young teenage girl or anybody slightly in touch with their feminine side. Boosting 'So Yesterday' which sounds like Avril Lavigne forgot to take her brat pills and the extremely catchy 'Wake Up' it's not really a bad album - just lacking in delivering a packing punch in terms of standout tracks.
      The hideous 'Our Lips Are Sealed' finds its way into the tracklist - a duet with Hilary's younger sister Haylie, in which I personally do wish they had kept their mouths shut.
      Not all the songs are a complete and utter car crash though as 'Break My Heart' and 'Fly' demonstrate the rockier side of Hilary's personality blending bittersweet vocals and catchy melodies with the lyrics of broken hearts and betrayal only a young girl could produce.

      Most of the songs are quite pointless additions with Hilary's vocals lacking any real power in all of the songs. This is especially evident on 'Beat Of My Heart' a very funky number with a catchy beat and simple lyrics that only add to the song's appeal. However Hilary is barely audible as her voice comes out strained and clearly shows her lack of strength vocally.
      One highlight though is definately 'Come Clean'. A single in 2004, the track was remixed for the release of the record in 2005 and whilst I do perfer the original it's a great example of just how good could Hilary could be if she'd took a few more risks in the early stages of her career. 'Come Clean' is quite dark and moody wityh even the lyrics pushing the boundaries on the ear-friendly sound of the rest of the CD.

      All in all if you see this going extremely cheap anyway then by all means pick it up, it's hardly the worst CD you could ever earn. Of course if you love bubblegum pop in its purest form that washes over you without any lasting effect, then you'll benefit from the CD too. In my opinion though it's a weak collection of songs from a very weak singer who was the guinea pig for Disney Channel's fetish for brainwashing kids everywhere by making its show's stars sing.

      - TRACKLIST -

      01 Wake Up
      02 The Getaway
      03 Beat Of My Heart
      04 Come Clean [2005 Edit]
      05 Mr James Dean
      06 So Yesterday
      07 Metamorphosis
      08 Rock This World [2005 Edit]
      09 Break My Heart
      10 Fly
      11 Girl Can Rock
      12 Our Lips Are Sealed
      13 Why Not [2005 Edit]


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        09.08.2006 00:46
        Very helpful



        Fun girly pop that will put a smile on your face and get stuck in your head for hours!

        Looking for an album to put a smile on your face? Wanting some good girly pop to sing along to at the top of your voice, cheesy dance routines optional? Looking for some hardcore rock?... Well, maybe not, but two out of three ain't bad, right? OK it might not look the coolest album on your CD rack but this is deffinitely one of the best, most sing-alongable albums of the year. Varied and original, from the amazing and heartfelt "Fly" to the upbeat single "So Yesterday", this is an album that can be played over and over again and only gets better and, as an indication of the quality of the album, this is one of those CDs where I change my mind as to my favourite on every play. It needs a couple of plays to get the most benefit from (it truly is better when you know at least a couple of lines to belt out at random intervals!) but once you get to know the songs you will be singing them all day!

        WAKE UP is the first track on the album and Hilary’s fourth release over here in the UK. It is a good pop track, written by Hilary, which made the top ten, surprisingly, as none of her earlier or subsequent releases have made much impact on the charts. It is actually my least favourite of her singles but is a good enough song in itself and is a nice upbeat start to the album. If you like pure, unadulterated pop you will love this one.

        THE GETAWAY is one of my favourite tracks on the album, a unique-sounding pop song which features Hilary singing about getting away from a guy who has been messing her about. Amongst the many car references - “you show up in my rear view mirror/is this just a detour coz I gotta be sure/That you really mean what you say/it’s so hard to let you in thinking you might slam the brakes again” - lurks a feel-good, empowering track. This is one that I tend to listen to over and over again, it will put you in a good mood and no doubt have you singing along too.

        BEAT OF MY HEART is my least favourite song on the album. It is an OK track, listenable enough, but I don’t understand why Hilary chose it as one of her few singles to be released in the UK. It is very poppy and I think that the cheesy sound combined with Hilary’s youthful voice (which I love in general and which carries off the other tracks perfectly) makes it sounds quite immature and slightly too sickly sweet.

        COME CLEAN is a brilliant pop rock track. I love the music, especially where it launches from the slowish verses in to the powerful pop chorus. Hilary sounds great on this song and it is very upbeat and I never get bored of it no matter how many times I listen.

        The fifth song on the album, MR. JAMES DEAN, is probably the most rocky track. I find the lyrics quite humorous - “Why don’t you stop trying so hard? Cause there’s no men man enough to be another James Dean, you’re nothing like him so don’t call me friend”! How does Hilary remember James Dean? I don’t. Anyway, I just find them a bit amusing, not sure why, and slightly contrived, but hey, it is a great song! Hilary shows off the versatility of her voice in the shouty, rockier chorus and this is a great track.

        SO YESTERDAY was Hilary’s first UK single and it is easy to see why she chose this one, it is a fab track. It is pure pop at its best and I love Hilary’s voice on the track, it is very distinctive and sounds sweet and youthful. The song is about getting over a relationship - “If it’s over, let it go and come tomorrow it will seem so yesterday”. I actually love the lyrics, I think they’re so simple but meaningful and Hilary sounds like she really means what she’s singing. It is just a great overall song and, again, I never get bored of this song and I have listened to it a LOT, it always puts me in a great mood.

        The seventh song on the album, METAMORPHOSIS, is my favourite, along with ‘Fly’. This track stood out as my favourite the very first time that I heard the album and it has stayed that way ever since. What I like about the song is that it has a very unique sound and isn’t like any other pop song that I have heard before. I love the music and again I love Hilary’s voice too. I wish that she would release this over here!

        ROCK THIS WORLD is added as a remix on the album. I haven’t heard the original but I do love this. Hilary is in rock chick mode and although her voice isn’t particularly rock she does pull the track off well. I love the lyrics - “I don’t need the glitter, don’t believe the hype, you might say I’m the simple type just like any other girl who wants to rock this world”. I like Hilary’s rockier sound and this is a great uplifting track.

        I don’t really know what to say about BREAK MY HEART, it is a great track but it is not a stand out track. Basically it is your standard pop, upbeat, catchy and fun.

        FLY… well, what can I say? I love this track! I was very, very excited one day when I saw the video for this on a music channel and learned that she was releasing this. After the success of ‘Beat of My Heart’ I expected, or rather hoped, that this song, which is a hundred times better, would make the top ten. It didn’t. I actually think that this, however, was because of the lack of air play, I only ever heard the song twice prior to, or following, its release, so I don’t think that it was heard enough for whatever reason. Anyway, I absolutely love this track. It has a darker, rocky sound to it and has moved away from the upbeat pop sound of some of the other tracks. I love the music and think that Hilary’s voice is amazing, she shows off a wide vocal range and the power behind her voice which is not always demonstrated in her more poppy tracks.

        GIRL CAN ROCK is another great track. Despite its title I actually think that this one is more pop than rock, it is catchy and fun and the lyrics are great - “Hey boys, are you ready for the shock I’m living proof the girl can rock”! Hee hee I love it!

        Hilary and Hailey Duff’s duet, OUR LIPS ARE SEALED, is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Both sisters sound great and the song is so catchy and upbeat, it’s a great one again to sing along to and another one that will put you in a great mood!

        The last song on the album, WHY NOT, is another remix and again I have not heard the original. This is another pure pop track and despite the questionable lyrics - ‘Why not take a crazy chance, why not do a crazy dance’ - its hard to dislike. It is a very catchy, fun song and would be a great ending to a brilliant album if it wasn’t for… oooh… the secret bonus track! This track is not included anywhere on the CD sleeve or cover but it is a great final track, it is probably the slowest, most gentle track on the album and the lyrics, although slightly self-indulgent, are quite likeable - ‘I am special, I am beautiful, I am wonderful and powerful, unstoppable, sometimes I’m miserable, sometimes I’m pitiful, but that’s typical of all the things I am’. It is a really nice little track and brings the album to a nice close... until I go right back to the beginning and listen to it all over again!

        1. WAKE UP
        2. THE GETAWAY
        3. BEAT OF MY HEART
        4. COME CLEAN (REMIX 2005)
        5. MR JAMES DEAN
        6. SO YESTERDAY
        8. ROCK THIS WORLD (REMIX 2005)
        9. BREAK MY HEART
        10. FLY
        11. GIRL CAN ROCK
        13. WHY NOT (REMIX 2005)

        So Yesterday
        Break My Heart
        Come Clean
        Our Lips Are Sealed

        TRACKS WRITTEN BY HILARY- (6 out of 13)
        Wake Up
        Beat of My Heart
        Mr James Dean
        Rock This World
        Break My Heart

        BEST TRACK- Fly or Metamorphosis

        WORST TRACK- Beat of My Heart

        ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- Hilary’s voice. It’s very unique and sweet. Also it is unusual to find a pop album with no fillers.


        SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO- Lindsay Lohan, early Britney.

        ARTIST POTENTIAL- She has a very young sound and pop is not so fashionable over here at the moment so with her select audience she hasn’t done so well in he UK thus far, which is a huge shame as she is very talented and this album proves it! Hilary is a huge success in America and her success has been likened to that of an early Britney, I hope that she will do well here too but I’m worried that this may be her last UK album.

        FUN FACTS-
        1. Although this is Hilary’s ‘greatest hits’, Hilary is in fact only 18 years of age, born 28th September 1987.
        2. Hilary is perhaps best known for her role as Lizzie in the TV series ‘Lizzie McGuire’. She has also starred in ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’, ‘Raise Your Voice’, ‘A Cinderella Story’, ‘Cheaper by The Dozen’ and ‘The Perfect Man’.
        3. Hilary was inspired to become a singer by her popstar sister Haylie Duff, who duets with Hilary on the track ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ and who co-wrote ‘Mr. James Dean’ for Hilary’s album.
        4. Rock chick Hilary shuns choreographed dance routines on stage in favour of just doing her own thing. She claims to never dance on stage but simply goes with the music.
        5. Joel Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, is Hilary’s long-term boyfriend and helped her create a more rock edge to several of her tracks, co-writing and producing the tracks ’Wake Up’, ’Beat of My Heart’ and ‘Break My Heart’.
        6. Far from being a pop puppet, the talented Ms Duff not only wrote several of the tracks on the album, she is also an executive producer of the album alongside Andre Recke.

        SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR…
        VOCALS- 9
        LYRICS- 8
        OVERALL ALBUM- 10



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          05.12.2005 15:33
          Very helpful



          The third album from American artist Hilary Duff.

          Most of you will probably recognise the name Hilary Duff from her numerous film appearances including starring roles in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and The Cinderella Story. At the tender age of 18 she’s far surpassed some of Hollywood’s other actors and actresses that are more than triple her age. She’s now back on the scene with the release of her third album in the UK entitled Most Wanted which basically consists of the better hits from her first two albums; Metamorphosis (2003) and Hilary Duff (2004). What first struck me about this album is the rather modest cover, it presents a doe eyed Hilary Duff looking, well, relatively normal! There’s no quirky gimmicks and no layers of make up anywhere to be seen and so that got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, she was different from all those other manufactured music models that seem to come out of America these days.

          The opening track on the album is a classic pop tune; “Wake Up” is lively and full of optimism, a track that is certainly determined to wake you up at all costs. It’s certainly very catchy and has a great beat throughout it that’s impossible not to dance to. Although it’s not my usual type of music, pure cheesy pop, I had to say it left me feeling rather confidant with regard to the rest of the album. The second track up is entitled “The Getaway” and feels a lot more heartfelt than the previous track. It’s not restricted to just cheesy pop (thankfully) but actually borders on the pop rock genre. While listening to these lyrics I actually felt I could relate to the girl, although the lyrics are very basic at the literal level if you look deeper into the figurative level Duff manages to get across what the majority of us think by using the metaphor of a car, “It’s so hard to let you in, thinking you might slam the brakes again, put the pedal down, got to make a getaway, this is more than I can take.” It’s got a much more mature sound that the first track and is definitely preferable in both music and lyrical meaning too.

          “Beat of My Heart” is the third song on the album and the first song that’s actually fresh material as the previous two both featured on her earlier albums. When it first came on I actually cringed if I’m honest, the vocals sounds far away and incredibly cheesy, think early Britney and Spice Girls almost. However as the song goes on the beat quickens up and although it does reside firmly in the field of cheesy pop it’s not completely bad. I have found myself dancing along to this song, rather shamefully but if I’m being honest it’s all been done before. “Come Clean” follows and is a refreshing change after the previous song, it’s glossy and sleek in a sense as everything flows and the crescendo is so gradual throughout the verse that you don’t notice it. “I defy, let the rain fall down and wake my dreams, let it wash away my sanity, cos I want to feel the thunder on my skin, let the rain fall down, I’m coming clean.” Although this is possibly my favourite track on the album so far it’s hard to feel overly enthusiastic, as you can probably tell!

          “Mr James Dean” is next up on the play list and again I just can’t help but feel it’s lacking a certain spunk and certainly a sense of maturity. It’s a classic rock song but sadly she’s just not up to Avril Lavinge and I doubt she ever will be if this is anything to go by. Her voice appears to lack not only strength but conviction of some sort also, as if she can’t really believe she can sing this song either. “So Yesterday” is the sixth track on the album and reverts back to the safer field of bubblegum pop which I feel is what suits her voice most. “It’s over, let it go and, come tomorrow we will seem, so yesterday,” the lyrics are simple yet probably something most of us can relate to so I’ll give it to Duff with this song, she’s done a pretty good job on it and the mood of the song (soft and sleek) suits her voice well too. This was her debut single and it’s a shame to say that it’s one of the best tracks on the album; she’s sadly not produced much more good material. “Metamorphosis” is the title track from one of her previous albums and is quite rock chick in a sense but again I can’t help but feel there’s a certain childlike element to the song. Her voice on the whole is quite strong but lacks a certain clarity to it at the same time. Next up we have a remix of one of her former tracks, “Rock this World” and it’s undoubtedly quite catchy in the same sense of Britney’s “I Love Rock and Roll” but it has a slight harsh feeling to it that makes me cringe at the same time! I can’t help but feel that once again in the video it should show a little girl dressed up in her mother’s clothes and make up, it just feels as though she’s attempting too much too soon and that maybe she’d have been safer with the original track and a more pop feel to it.

          “Break My Heart” is track number 9 on this album and this is probably my favourite track, it’s the ideal kind of song for a soundtrack to a film such as American Pie. It’s quirky and has a quick, American pop beat to it throughout. “Remember when you used to say, I will always be this way, why don’t you break my heart, watch me fall apart.” The lyrics are really emotive and you’ll find it hard not to relate to them, “Now I try to get my heart up off the ground, my confidence has gone, happiness cannot be found.” I really do like this track and feel if she released this as a single she may attract a wider audience, it’s on the mid-ground between pop and rock with some fantastic drumming action and guitars yet still retains the pop princess feel. “Fly” follows this and reverts back to a slower beat and a softer feeling track, it’s almost reminiscent of something Delta Goodrem may produce. Her voice sounds smooth and quite silky in its young-ness before increasing both in strength and volume towards the chorus and showing that she does have some power to her voice.

          “Girl Can Rock” is the next track on the album and again it’s not one of my favourites at all, I feel she’s trying to achieve a mixture of Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavinge and sadly failing on both counts. “Our Lips are Sealed” follows on from this and almost has a Meatloaf like opening before going on to produce a tuneful pop song. However yet again it just sounds like young pop, I think it’s the type of song that would attract young teenagers and older children myself. It does feature her sister Haylie Duff which maybe the only appeal of the track itself. The last track is another remix of a previous album release “Why Not” and I have to say I always tend to regard the last song of an album with doubt, they’re never quite as good as the rest of the album. However in this case I feel she’d have been better putting this as one of the opening tracks as I really like it and found myself tapping my feet along! “Why not, take a crazy chance, why not, do a crazy dance, if you loose the moment, you will loose my mind, so why not,” you can’t help but sing along to it!

          In my opinion it’s perhaps a little presumptuous to be releasing what is basically a greatest hits album at the mere age of 18 with only two other albums under her belt. When I hear of a greatest hits album I typically expect it to come from an artist who is at least at the middle of their career with at least a handful of major hits under their belt but alas no. The majority of her fans may indeed feel cheated and quite rightly so in my opinion as the album features a mere three new tracks, three remixes and the rest are previous tracks. Neither of her previous albums have found huge success in the UK and not the expected success in America either. Her first album was very pop orientated while her second album veered more on rock and so I imagine the majority of people were expecting a more mature collaboration of the two, well prepared to be disappointed. What I found instead was a rather immature sounding girl both in power of voice and lyrics. In my opinion there’s not enough appeal on this album to warrant a buy unless you really are a particular fan of hers.

          There’s recently been an influx of teenage drama queens from the USA who seem to think that by starring in a couple of movies they have an automatic entrance into the world of music. In all honesty her voice doesn’t seem to have the crispness of Lindey Lohan nor the power of Kelly Clarkson. However at the end of the day she is only 18 and for that reason maybe I’m being a little unfair, she’s certainly not produced the album of a mature adult but then again she’s produced what in fact she is, a teenage album full of fun and laughter.

          If you do wish to buy the album then it’s can be found on www.amazon.com for £8.99 or on www.play.com for £8.99 also.


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