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Mother Earth - Within Temptation

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Goth Rock / Artist: Within Temptation / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2007-06-11 at DRAKKAR

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2010 18:00
      Very helpful



      Within Temptation's second album packed with power.

      ~The Band~
      Within Temptation are a dutch band that works in Symphonic Rock and metal. In their earlier years they were Gothic Metal but have slowly added elements of Symphonic Rock in later works. The lead singer Sharon Den Adel is praised for the rich purity in her high pitched voice and often compared to Nightwish and Evanescence by fans. The band have so far released four studio albums, Enter (1997), Mother Earth (2000), The Silent Force (2004) and The Heart Of Everything (2007). A fifth album called The Unforgiving is in the works which is planned to be released March 2011.
      Members at the time of Mother Earth's release:
      Sharon Den Adel - Vocals
      Robert Westerholt - Rhythm guitar
      Jeroen van Veen - Bass guitar
      Ruud Adrianus Jolie- Lead guitar
      Martijn Westerholt - Keyboards
      Ivar de Graaf- Drums

      Current members
      Sharon den Adel - Vocals
      Robert Westerholt - Rhythm guitar
      Jeroen van Veen - Bass guitar
      Ruud Adrianus Jolie - Lead guitar
      Martijn Spierenburg - Keyboards
      ~The Album~
      Mother Earth is the second studio album. The band are much more confident and have a clear idea what they want. They remove the use of death grunts present in The Dance EP and Enter with the exception of some live bonus tracks and make full use of the highlight of Within Temptation: Sharon's voice. It was first released in early December 2000 in Holland where it was devoured thanks to the commercial success of the single Ice Queen Within Temptation's underground status swiftly risen to fame. Reaching the top 10 in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. The album received a platinum status in those three countries and added eager anticipation for the future albums.

      Within Temptation still have the gothic metal tag on it, despite having more dominant celtic themes. Mother Earth has much more of a Celtic approach compared to the rest of the albums which was inspired by the soundtrack of the movie Braveheart. Impressed with the celtic soundtrack, they decided to add celtic and folk vibes. There are plenty of different editions of Mother Earth out there. The Within Temptation site lists five editions and the bonus tracks included. I will be reviewing "UK Sanctuary 2003" edition.
      ~The Songs~
      Mother Earth
      * * * * *
      "She rules until the end of the time... she goes her way."
      The opening track is one of Within Temptation's signiture songs as well as Ice Queen and Stand My Ground. It was chosen as to be Within Temptation's third single. The use of instruments are particularly well done here where it adds a strong Celtic theme. The keyboards are very dominant and it's hard to hear the guitars. Sharon holds a lot of notes on this tracks. The chorus and middle eight are very catchy and it's very up tempo.

      Ice Queen
      * * * *
      "On cold wings she's coming.You'd better keep moving."
      Ice Queen is Within Temptation's second single. At first I thought it was a strange choice for a second single, but it clearly worked for them. One of their most successful songs to date in Europe and became their first top 10 hit peaking at number 2 at The Netherlands.
      The guitars are much dominant and also includes uses of choir chants. Sharon sounds out of key in some of the verses, but improves as the song goes on. The lyrics have a strong fantasy theme and in my opinion sound catchy.

      Our Farewell
      * * * * *
      "Sweet darling, you weep too much, my child."
      The mood drops and the mood becomes slow and more bittersweet. Our Farewell is a simple ballad with just Sharon and soft piano sounds then guitars and drums can be heard making a huge impact later in the song. The song suits Sharon's vocals and the song is something a lot of people can relate to.
      * * *
      "He told me he loved me while he laughed in my face. He just led me astray."
      The opening of this track sounds relaxing to listen to and Sharon shows her harsh and sharp side of the vocals. The lyrics in my opinion are a little bit cliche, but other than it it's a good song.

      The Promise
      * * * *
      "Could I have known about their true intentions?"
      In this track Sharon sings almost in an operatic style. So far in the album Sharon is showing of her vocal ranges without going to over the top, but it's this track where I think her vocals are the most powerful.
      Never Ending Story
      * * * * *
      "The Earth is our mother, she gives and she takes. She puts us to sleep in her light we'll awake."
      Another soft ballad and a track that really stands out for me. It plays with the Mother Earth and fantasy theme and the chorus has been stuck in my head for quite a while now. It's beautifully crafted even though the lyrics can be a tiny bit cheesy at times. The track was used as a promo single to promote their Mother Earth Tour.

      Deceiver of Fools
      * * * *
      "He feeds on fear. He feeds on pain. He rules again!"
      Very dramatic. The lyrics are really interesting on this one and Sharon's voice does it good justice. At first I was expecting it to have a fast tempo so it surprised me that Sharon sung it so soothingly. After the first third of the song, the tempo becomes quicker and Sharon adds more punch in her voice and the instruments and chants sound more relevant.
      Intro (Instrumental)
      * * *
      The instrumental is haunting and it's good but it feels too late to have an into when we're half way through and album. I think it would have been better it an interlude as it flows into Dark Wings.

      Dark Wings
      * * * * *
      "Don't you die on me, you haven't made your peace."
      The song makes a huge impact and to me I think it's one of the most darkest songs of the album. I like the lyrics on this one. I picture Celine Dion, Kate Bush and Sarah Brightman singing a song together. Some parts of the song also remind me of Nightwish's song Stargazers.
      In Perfect Harmony
      * * * * *
      "He was the only human being who lived in harmony."
      The last track of the standard edition of Mother Earth but it makes a happy ending. The atmosphere is imaginative and present. I can see young children really enjoying this song. Sometimes it can be a bit too high-pitched sometimes, but other than that it's good. I can't helpt but smile at the song: it's full of peace and tranquility.

      ~Bonus Tracks~
      * * * * *
      "You have taken away the trust. You're the ghost hunting through her heart."
      * * * * *
      "Oh, this silence! It's so violent since your`re gone."

      Enter (live)
      * * * * *
      "Come with me into my private chamber."
      The Dance (live)
      * * * * *
      "Someone is dancing on my grave. Sending shivers on my spine."

      Standout tracks: Mother Earth, Ice Queen, Never Ending Story, Bittersweet and The Dance.
      Weaker tracks: Intro and Caged.
      I can really understand
      Overall I find these are very decent prices. why it's been successful: it's an intelligent album that is suitable for all age groups. The Celtic themes, instruments, backing choirs and Sharon's vocals all fit together like a puzzle. The album has a powerful impact and there is a good mixture of ballads and anthems whilst keeping the celtic, symphonic rock and metal vibes interesting. Very consistent and easily repayable. My favourite track of the album would be Never Ending Story because it's so gentle and calming.

      Amazon: £4.99
      HMV Online: £7.99 - £8.99
      HMV Store: It varies. Usually it's £7.99. Sometimes I see it with the 2 for a £10 sticker and recently I've seen it priced as £13.
      Tesco Online: £7.47 - I hardly see these at Tesco stores.
      Itunes: £7.99
      Payplay.fm: £2.20 (MP3 only)


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Mother Earth
    2 Ice Queen
    3 Our Farewell
    4 Caged
    5 Promise
    6 Never Ending Story
    7 Deceiver Of Fools
    8 Intro
    9 Dark Wings
    10 In Perfect Harmony
    11 Restless
    12 Bittersweet
    13 Enter
    14 Dance

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