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Murphy's Heart - Thea Gilmore

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Artist: Thea Gilmore / CD / Audio CD released 2010-08-30 at Fullfill

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2013 20:32
      Very helpful



      Great album


      I have been a fan of Thea Gilmore for a few years now and have seen her live three times and met her twice. She has experienced a slow increase in popularity over the years but has always received critical acclaim from many critics for her material. Her talents as a vocalist and lyricist have been subject of masses of praise and she has gained a celebrity following too. Her latest album "Regardless" reached the Top 40 and gained some notable radio airplay. A direction that has seen her play in larger venues, even if it has taken fourteen albums to do so. Bear in mind that she is only 33 and you get the sense that the next few years could see her come an even more well-known artist and if she carries on the way she has gone she could get to 20 albums around her 40th Birthday.

      **Murphy's Heart**

      1.) This Town

      This is an excellent opener of the album, It has a catchy feel and some good stop, start moments too. It starts slowly and builds with some nice melodies, Thea's biting vocals tell the story of how some people think so much of themselves. There's some excellent instrumentation in the background which is catchy and adds some to the overall feel of the track. It gets things off to a decent start with a fine example of Thea Gilmore's style, Very good start.

      2.) God's got nothing on you

      This is a decent ballad about how much you think of someone. Thea's natural flowing vocals are well performed. This is a track which starts gently with some nice simple acoustic guitar and then the punchy drums kick in, Thea's flowing vocals are excellent and tell the story well. I like the way the song builds as she tells the story of the lyrics. It's one of the best tracks on the album and has some soothing vocals which you find yourself humming along to.

      3.) Due South

      This is one of the best tracks on the album, It's a flowing ballad which showcases the beauty of Thea's vocals. The way she emotes is terrific and the subtle yet effective backing makes for a very effective instrumentation. It's a relaxed track that makes you just want to sit back and relax and listen to every second of the song. The strings are a lovely touch which tops things off really well. All round it's a contender for best track on the album.

      4.) Jazz Hands

      This is one of the catchiest tracks on the album and is a real toe tapper of a song. It's one of her raunchier tracks. It's another track from the album that develops well. It has a subtle yet catchy mood which gets across the message well. The vocals are strong and the instrumentation compliments her voice as usual, All in all it's an impressive track which showcases her appeal.

      5.) Love's the greatest instrument

      This is one of the best tracks on the album and is a perfect example of Thea's talents. Her scathing lyrics are delivered with authority and emotion. The drum parts are joined by some simple instrumentation that backs up her vocals well. It comes into it's own when it breaks down a little as she goes off on one whilst still keeping the fairly relaxed feel. This is a well crafted track which is amongst the best tracks on the album.

      6.) Automatic Blue

      One of the more relaxed tracks here, This is a wonderfully delivered ballad which is simple yet so effective. Her vocals are superbly emotive and combine well with the gentle acoustic guitar and percussion with the other instrumentation. This is one of the tracks which really showcases her excellent voice. It's up there with the best on the album and is a perfect example of her appeal. Very good stuff indeed.

      7.) Coffee & Roses

      This is another tender ballad which features simple percussion and acoustic guitar, Thea's vocals are beautifully executed keeping the emotion right where it should be. The gentle cello really tops things off beautifully and this is a superbly crafted track which showcases the best of Thea Gilmore. This is one of the tracks I would play if someone asked me what she was like as an artist.

      8.) You're the radio

      Showing she can do the sing along tracks, This is an excellent track which is a real crowd pleaser and is one of the more fast paced tracks on the album. You can hear her husband Nigel Stonier on backing vocals alongside Thea and they make a great musical team. There are some great things about this track and the chorus is infectious and makes for an excellent performance on tour as the crowd get involved humming along to the flowing lyrics.

      9.) Teach me to be bad

      This is an old school rock track with some rock and roll style guitar from Nigel Stonier and some flowing melodies from Thea. There's some excellent horns in the background. This is one of the more uptempo tracks that Thea has done and is another excellent crowd pleaser thanks to it's flowing delivery and vibrancy. Nigel's guitar solo towards the end tops things off well before a slower part which breaks things down really well.

      10.) Not Alone

      This is a fantastic track which opens with a relentless punch of the drum and some swampy guitar licks, Thea's biting lyrics are well performed and expressive. I love the way the song develops and the chorus is again excellent. This is the perfect example of how well she builds her songs. This is another contender for best track on the album. It's got some excellent moments.

      11.) How the love gets in

      This is a truly beautiful ballad which for me is the best track on the album, There's the simple yet beautifully effective piano which is joined by an equally beautiful vocal performance from Thea, As the song develops there's a few strings but the song is still very intimate and it only benefits the overall quality of the track. This is Thea Gilmore at her best and is a fine example of her talent. Just a beautiful song delivered with grace and poise.

      12.) Mexico

      This is a slow track which again showcases her emotive vocals. It's simplicity results in a very strong track which has a lovely relaxed feel and some really nice touches. Thea's vocals are perfect for the overall feel of the song and the way the music and her vocals combine to emote is really excellent. This is another excellent track. Good stuff indeed.

      13.) Wondrous Thing

      This is a nice end to what is an excellent album, This is another slow ballad which has some subtle instrumentation and Thea's voice again shines. It's a fine end to the album as it sums up perfectly the mood of much of the album. A perfect way to end the album. Good stuff indeed.


      This is not Thea's best album but the fact I have still awarded five stars shows you that it is still a very fine album indeed which features a couple of her best ever tracks. It's an album that will please those who are already fans and also bring a few new fans to her work due to it's beauty, musicianship and overall quality. I really believe she should be a huge artist and although she is becoming more well known all the time, she is still not half as well known as she should be. Go and change that!


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