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Music - Michael Ball

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2 Reviews

Genre: Easy Listening / Artist: Michael Ball / Audio CD released 2005-10-17 at U.M.T.V.

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    2 Reviews
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      14.02.2012 23:48
      Very helpful



      Not one I'd go out of my way to buy!

      Ok I have a confession to make right here and right now. I love Michael Ball. To me the man is a God (mainly a sex one lol!) and I simply adore him. To me he just can't make a wrong move. From musicals to presenting I'm infatuated by him and I am the proud owner of any cds and dvds that come out...much to my friends ridicule...but I have loved him for years now even though people do think its a little more acceptable now I'm the grand old age of 37 to appreciate him!

      This cd was released in 2005 by Universal and includes 12 tracks (the first one is a simply a prelude...music). Oddly no runtime is stated on the case or on the cd itself though.

      The Songs:

      1) Music (Prelude)

      Michael simply sings about music being his first love and it lasts 1.06 minutes and he sings about this with real passion and to me this track simply introduces us to how he feels about this album if that makes sense and how he generally feels about music and his career.

      2) The Show Must go On:

      Can Michael pull off such a famous Queen song? In my opinion yes actually he can in his own impeccable style. The music on this track is simply wonderful and his voice so sublime, smooth but questioning in places where need be. I didn't think for a second as a huge fan of Queen that even I would like this one but surprisingly he really does pull this one off!

      3) Fields Of Gold:

      This song is one of my all time favourites....ever. Once again the music is is lovely, it really flows and this song really suits his voice so well. I always prefer Michael singing songs from musicals. This song originally was sang by Sting and then covered by Eva Cassidy. I remember the first time I heard this sang though was by Nadine Coyle from girls aloud and being blown away by it. I like this version but for me doesn't beat Nadine's version even though I love this man!

      4) You Raise Me Up:

      Another cover of course, as all the songs on this album are and once again this is a song that really suits Michael's voice really well. The music is nicely played out and not so loud you can't hear the main attraction...him. Again though I have to be fair that although I appreciate his version of this it isn't my favourite I've ever heard and wouldn't miss it if he hadn't included this on his album.

      5) Everlasting Love:

      Oh dear. Ok at the best of times I hate this song! He does it justice to be fair to him. The music again is great and he has a sexy vibe singing this and hits every note really well but I have to be honest I hate the beat of this one and skip it if I have the album on every time I listen to it!

      6) Bridge Over Troubled Water:

      The first time I ever heard this was by Hearsay and I loved it. Prior to that I'd never heard of it to be honest. He sings this so slowly, slowly than they do anyway and he sings it with real emotion, almost breathless. I play this every tbreathlessime I feel down actually and I really love it!

      7) And I Love You So:

      Again before Michael sang this its a song I'd never heard of it. If you like Michael singing musicals best (as I admit to) this nice slow number you may appreciate. With no real chorus to it, this shows off every ability of his voice possible. I love him singing this and its a sort of haunting song.

      8) Desperado:

      This song was originally (and to the best of my knowledge) released by the Eagles to which Michael is quite a fan of. It never made a single but has been covered by many people. Once again Michael shows off his wonderful voice to a song I really don't like all that much at all. Compared to other versions I have heard of this song this is slower but nah...Michael...sorry my darling you sound great but the song is naff and you shouldn't have put this on the album in my humble opinion lol.

      9) Life On Mars:

      I so love this song! It starts off so serious and sounds like a weird love song and then goes on about life on Mars, really you can interpret this song and the lyrics any way you want to though. This again, is one of my all time favourite songs and Michael......he once again sounds so passionate without shouting his way though it like so many singers and bands actually do nowadays (oh dear I suddenly sound so old lol).

      10) I am So Loved:

      This song to me has a gospel feel to it and has plenty of female backing on it. Not a favourite of mine once again I'm afraid though he sings it nice enough...as usual.

      11) Sometimes When We Touch:

      Another song he really does justice to. He can really show his range of his voice on this one. He hits every note perfectly!

      12) Music:

      I do believe music was his first love. I remember in a dvd once (I cant remember which one!) he talked about going to an Abba concert and touching Agnethas hand and him till this day still being in love with her so this track kind of plays homage to that in my mind. This goes from slow to really beaty with electiric guitars going on and then in the middle of it gives way to a softer sound and him singing once again. Its a fine track and I like the composition of this one very much indeed.


      Ok I own all of Michaels cds to date and this isn't a favourite of mine sadly. I can understand him branching out and moving on from musicals and wanting to cover different material and to not be stuck in a rut but these tracks, well they must be personal favourites to him...but not to me sadly. If you like the tracks and you like him then maybe those two things will gel together for you but to me no they just don't. I think he should stick to what he's best at and some of these tracks are just...well crap! I'm just being honest lol

      Available on Amazon and a variety of other places, if your collecting his stuff and like the tracks listed buy it if not...well he's done better albums believe me!


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        30.12.2005 22:51



        Sex and Song what more does a girl need?

        This is the latest instalment from Michael Ball. His silky voice sings some more quality tunes in a way only he can.

        1: Music (prelude)
        2: The Show Must Go On
        3: Fields Of Gold
        4: You Raise Me Up
        5: Everlasting Love
        6: Bridge Over Troubled Water
        7: And I Love You So
        8: Desperado
        9: Life On Mars
        10: I Am Loved
        11: Sometimes When We Touch
        12: Music

        Granted he is merely covering some quality songs but he has added one of his own to see if we like it. "I AM LOVED".

        Personally I think that is a great idea, why waste money and time releasing a complete album of new unheard tracks that may flop when you can combine classic covers and gently introduce the public to your new material.

        Michael excels in all he sings he has such an eclectic voice that at some point I would say that there has or will be a some that he will sing that everyone will say that was quality.

        Available in HMV, Virgin, Woolworths, Amazon, & Ebay as well as most supermarkets. Reasonable price £9.98 possibly cheaper on the internet.

        Sit back and enjoy as I did he's so smooth and Sexy


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Music (Intro)
        2 The Show Must Go On
        3 Fields Of Gold
        4 You Raise Me Up
        5 Everlasting Love
        6 Bridge Over Troubled Water
        7 And I Love You So
        8 Desperado
        9 Life On Mars
        10 I Am Loved
        11 Sometimes When We Touch
        12 Music

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