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Music Music Music - John Barrowman

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Genre: Easy Listening / Artist: John Barrowman / Audio CD released 2008-11-24 at Epic

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    3 Reviews
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      09.08.2009 21:00
      Very helpful




      I was pleased to see John break into the top fifteen in the official UK singles chart last week with 'I Made It Through The Rain.' Thanks to a campaign by Chris Moyles, enough people went onto Itunes and downloaded it. John is a pleasure to watch onscreen and his music should also be respected. Alas, he does not have the same following in the music industry that he does on television.

      'I Made It Through The Rain' is a cover of a Barry Manilow song and John manages to make it his own. His voice is perfectly posed to deliver the sentiment of the song and although it is hidously sickly, his rich enveloping vocals power through the song with all the grace of a flamingo dancing in a lake.

      'I Can't Take My Eyes...'lacks the classic sheen that the Williams' original has, but John manages to keep the tempo up and keep the mood swinging. It is ideal to play at the start of a wedding.

      'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' is rather ghastly, one of those gruelling songs that everyone has to endure some point in their lives. Fine vocals, naff choice of song though. Head instead to 'Right Here Waiting For You,' as John dusts off an old Richard Marx classic and brings it up to date. He lacks Marx's roughness but delivers.

      'Uptown Girl' is a poor choice. Already done by Westife, this did not need another cover version and Barrowman adds little to the original. The album culminates with 'I Know Him So Well'. Sadly, the song just isn't the same without those two washed up crows singing it, despite a pleasing turn from John, the song is best faded out quickly.

      13 songs on here, useful to have to give to mums for birthdays or to play in those guilty 'I need a Barrowman fix' moments.


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        07.08.2009 16:39



        Wow, Wow, Wow - What A Voice!!

        John Barrowman started off doing Theatre and in some ways he has come back to this era in this Album. There are songs such as "I made it through the rain", "Both Sides Now", "I know Him So Well" and more up-to-date Classics such as "Uptown Girl" and "You're just too good to be true".

        John Barrowman has a wonderful, soothing, sensuous, rich, warm and classic voice. In fact he has helped me through a lot with this Album.

        I would definitely recommend this Album, I have listened to it over and over again and when I have played it to other's. they have agreed with me that it's wonderful.

        If you have never heard of John Barrowman then I would recommend that you start with this Album - You won't be sorry that you did, believe me!! If certain songs on this Album don't make you cry then you're a stronger person than I am!!


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        17.07.2009 19:51
        Very helpful



        A brillaint album for your collection

        == John Barrowman ==

        John Barrowman is an all round entertainer. Born in Scotland yet living for the most of his life in Canada John has become a big star on both stage and screen. He is a well-loved personality and is frequently found on daytime TV shows. He didn't however come to my attention properly until he appeared on Dancing on Ice a few years ago. I immediately warmed to his personality and when I caught him in Torchwood not so long afterwards he smooth yet though Captain Jack Harkness persona appealed from the start.

        Since discovering him on Torchwood I have since sought out other things that he has been a part of and keep an eye out for his TV appearances. I purchased John's last album after seeing him perform one of the tracks on TV and it was hearing a friend of mine play one of the tracks from this album that made me shoot out and buy it.

        == Music, Music, Music ==

        Music, Music, Music was released on 24th November 2008 and is made up mostly of cover versions of popular songs. The album peaked at number 35 in the UK but personally I feel that it deserved much higher positioning.

        == Track Breakdown ==

        === Track 1 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You ===
        This track is a brilliant one and really catchy from the word go. The backing music is very showy and suits the Barrowman showman personality and voice down to a tee. The lyrics themselves are decent and are sung exceptionally well with a great deal of power. In my opinion though there isn't as much emotion behind the song as I have come to expect from Barrowman although it is still extremely pleasant to listen and a fun track to open the album with.

        === Track 2 - What About Us? ===
        This is a track I am very fond of and one that I find myself listening to over and over. The backing music has a punchy beat and an interesting beginning but for the main simply does it's job and backs up Barrowman's vocals, which are strong, clear and consistent throughout. The lyrics themselves are lovely to listen to and are sung in a laid back yet emotion packed way that endears you towards both artist and track at the same time.

        === Track 3 - You'll Think Of Me ===
        This track is another one that I really like listening to. I had never heard it before purchasing the album and Barrowman's version of the song is therefore the only one I am aware of. The backing music is rather interesting to listen and provides a distinct difference between this track and the last one. The lyrics are also interesting to listen and Barrowman once again sings them to the best of his ability. The entire track Is full of emotion and power as well as being a rather uplifting one despite it's topic.

        === Track 4 - I Made It Through The Rain ===
        This is another track that I had never heard until I purchased the album and again another one that I really like listening to. Unlike the previous track this one has a more downcast mood but is similarly impressive to listen to. Barrowman's vocals are consistently strong and the emotionally written lyrics are sung with conviction showing great vocal talent and flexibility.

        === Track 5 - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me ===
        I think the song itself is a brilliant one but must say that Barrowman's version isn't one of my favourites. He sings the song well and hits all the right notes and the right times and with a lot of power and emotion too but something is missing. I can't quite put my finger on what that something is but it must be something significant as this track is my least favourite on the album so far.

        === Track 6 - Right Here Waiting For You ===
        This song is another one that I was fond of before listening to the Barrowman version but unlike the previous track is one that I really enjoy listening to. The music to this track is iconic and everyone seems to know the song when it starts and I think that it what makes this song in so many ways. Barrowman himself definitely does the song justice and performs the song with a great deal of emotion pouring into the lyrics. He hits some very nice notes and seems to know instinctively when to add power to the vocals and when to let his delicate tones filter through.

        === Track 7 - Uptown Girl ===
        I have loved this track every since Westlife sung it for comic relief and therefore I wasn't sure whether hearing John Barrowman sing it would do it for me but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The track contains the vocals of Barrowman, Keith Jack, Daniel Boys and Ben Ellis, the latter three all being contestants on 'Any Dream Will Do', which was co-judged by John. The vocals on the track are all consistently strong and the fun personalities of the singers seem to shine through the lyrics.

        === Track 8 - Both Sides Now===
        I really do like this track, as I think that the chorus is extremely catchy and the verse lyrics rather poignant in many ways. Like a couple of the other tracks on the album I had never heard this track before but now it is one of my favourites. Barrowman's vocals are extremely powerful throughout and emit passion and emotion from the word go. Simply the track is beautiful to listen to and definitely worth a place on any play list.

        === Track 9 - Angel ===
        This I must say that this is my least favourite track on the album and one that I will admit to skipping when I listen to the album. The song itself is a beautiful one but for some reason Barrowman just doesn't seem to be able to carry it off. He sings with emotion and power but some of the notes just don't sound right -they're not out of tune or anything but something is certainly off in my eyes. By no means though is this song dreadful to listen to, I'm simply saying that it isn't one that I'd personally choose to play.

        === Track 10 - I Know Him So Well ===
        This is my favourite song from the album and is a duet with Daniel Boys. The song is simply sublime and both men sing the outstanding lyrics with radiating emotion. Barrowman's voice is powerful and strong, whilst Boys' is more delicate and subtle. Boys however still holds his own against the showman and gives a classy performance well worthy of credit. In fact I must say that it is Boys' solo verse that I enjoy listening to the most although this may be because I think the lyrics here are stronger. Whatever both vocal performances compliment and contrast each other wonderfully a make certain that the song is a real gem to listen to.

        === Track 11 - I Am What I Am ===
        This is an amazing track in my opinion and really suits the Barrowman personality. In many ways it is rather autobiographical and can be read this way if you want to. However you choose to listen to it however it is one show-stopping track. At some points Barrowman sings near enough unaccompanied and this really highlights the depth and breadth of his vocal talents. As the song progresses the emotion and musicality that he transfers to the vocals is outstanding and make this song a top-class one.

        === Track 12 - From A Distance ===
        It's official - I adore this song. I always have done and always will do and Barrowman's version of this beautifully poignant and emotive song has definitely reinforced that. He sings From A Distance with such delicacy and intimacy yet transfers great power to the vocals that make them so memorable to the listener. I wasn't sure he could do this song for me but he certainly has done a tremendous job and the song remains one that I am eternally fond of.

        === Track 13 - I Know Him So Well [Solo Version] ===
        The fact that I have given this track full marks after saying that the duet version of this track was my favourite on the album I feel is simply a testimony to the strength of the duet version, which if I could have given more marks I would have. This version however is similarly beautiful to listen and stunningly performed by Barrowman. He showcases his vocal talents in a way that is his alone but unfortunately for this track the version with Boys just has a little bit of sparkle and a greater uniqueness than this one. It is though sill more than worthy of a 10/10 score.

        == Final Opinion ==

        I hope that my final album score of 119/130 proves that this is one album that I am particularly fond of. The mix of power ballads, catchy show tunes and more delicate pieces makes this album a real pleasure to listen to and the addition of vocal performances from the 'Any Dream Will Do' boys makes this a superb album. I wouldn't have minded if Angel hadn't been included but the others would have been surely missed had they not been included.

        If you are a fan of any of the original versions of these songs, a John Barrowman fan or simply looking for a CD full of easy to listen to and powerful tracks then this album is certainly one for your collection.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 What About Us?
        2 Can't Take My Eyes Off You
        3 You'll Think Of Me
        4 I Made It Through The Rain
        5 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
        6 Right Here Waiting For You
        7 Uptown Girl
        8 Both Sides Now
        9 Angel 4:30
        10 I Know Him So Well
        11 I Am What I Am
        12 From A Distance
        13 I Know Him So Well

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