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Music Rox - Moshi Monsters

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Artist: Moshi Monsters / Audio CD released 2012-05-28 at Sony CMG

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2013 14:58
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      An EXCELLENT CD for Moshi fans

      Moshi Monsters - Music Rox

      Moshi Monsters is a reasonably new craze for many children at the moment, my little girl included. Children are able to go online and play with their moshling in games and activities with their friends, collect Moshi Monster figures, play card games and many more things. One of the newest additions to this craze is the Moshi Monster's very first CD album. There are two types of the CD out at present, though each have the exact same music. The only difference is that the limited edition CD comes complete with 1000 Rox to use online, and a virtual gold disc for the child to put in their room. This limited edition CD costs double the price of the normal one and in my opinion hardly seems worth it. We bought our little girl the normal CD for £5 and you are looking at £10-£12 for the limited edition one brand new. There is no point buying the limited edition CD second hand unless the Rox codes have not been used as they can not be used twice as far as I know.

      Anyway, with all that said, let me take you into this unique world of Moshi Monster bands!


      Whilst I certainly do not pretend to know everything there is to know about Moshi Monsters, I am gradually learning through the help of my daughter as there is simply no way to avoid her chat about this craze at the moment! I am sure that I am not the only parent whose house is filled with talk of unusual little beings with even more unusual names!!

      This CD album contains 18 tracks as well as a special bonus track at the end. Each track varies in length, with the CD running for approximately 45 minutes in all. It is produced by Sony Music and can be found in many retail stores both in the high street and online. It can also be bought straight from the Moshi music store; http://www.moshimusic.com

      Also within this CD is a booklet insert with the words to every song, and trust me - you will need this if you have a hope of learning the words that your child will be able to pick up so easily!

      The songs run along a few different genre's, though I would say that most have a more rocky theme to them, hence the 'Music Rox' title.

      "Moshi Monsters, number one, Moshi Monsters, crazy fun"

      The first real track on this CD is by the Moshi MonStars and has fast become one of my daughters favourite tracks on the CD, and if I am honest, I quite like it too. Five main Moshi's sing this tune and are introduced at the beginning of the song. The track reminds me of a fun childrens theme song you find at a caravan site such as Pontins. It is extremely upbeat and a great opening song which is known as their theme song. This track is actually mainly the second track on the CD as it runs straight on from the first which is the introduction part, so in fact it is better to look at the track list as being one shorter than it states.

      "Gombala Gombala Wallawalla Hoohaa"

      The third track is by the band 'Big Bad Bill and the Woolly Blue Hoodoos' and is named 'Go do the Hoodoo'. (I said that there are some unusual names in the world of Moshi Monsters!). This track takes on a jungle theme which you can quite imagine a weird ritual happening in the midst of the trees. It even talks of lotions and potions and hexes and spells! Again, this song is very upbeat and one my daughter loves. A lot of the words are nonsense words though the Chorus is in better English!

      Track four is another introduction part where a Moshling is 'attempting' to sing and not succeeding! Another random track which leads on to the next song.

      "Moptop Tweenybop Shimmyin and Shakin"

      Track five is by 'MopTop Tweenybop' and is named 'My Hair's Too Long'. This one my daughter likes, though in my opinion is perhaps not one of the best on the CD. The Chorus is catchy after a while, though that's about all it has going for it. Of course, it is aimed for children and my daughter has a better opinion of this track than I do. It is a slower song through most of it with some mild child-like rap in parts.

      Track six is another connection part of the CD where you hear the band getting ready for their next song. This can barely be called a track as it is all of five second long.

      "Stitch! Drool! Seams! Zommer! Hey"

      Track seven is by 'Zommer' and is named 'Rock Like a Zommer'. This track takes on a more upbeat and rock-like feel to it than the previous track. It has a slight feel of a live performance to the tune and is another one my daughter loves to dance too. Again, the wording is very unusual though most is in what you can term as English words so children will pick the words up easily.

      "Jollywood Jollywood jolly good Jollywood"

      The eighth track is by 'Bobbi SingSong' and is called 'Welcome to Jollywood'. This track takes on the feel of a Bollywood tune (hence the title) and is very upbeat and catchy. In parts of the song you will find certain words which you are able to follow almost dance instructions to, so I can see this becoming a Moshi Monster Macarena in the future!

      Track nine is another in between track which takes on a radio interview with Missy Kix who sings the next track. Although these inbetween tracks are bitty, they do lead into songs and bring the songs together well.

      "I just wanna boogie, party and sing"

      As already mentioned above, Track 10 is by 'Missy Kix' who is an undercover Moshi who can sing! The track is named 'The Missy Kix Dance'. Again, this is a very upbeat dance track which has the feel of an American teenage programme you often find on channels such as Disney.

      Track eleven is another joining track by the evil Moshi of the next track.

      "Strageglove, Strangeglove, they call him Dr. Strangeglove'

      Track twelve runs straight on from the previous track and is by 'Dr. Strangeglove and The Glump Generation' whom I know to be the nasty Moshi's of the Moshi world. Due to this, my daughter doesn't like this track as much as the others though there is nothing scary in the song named 'The Doctor Will See You Now". It has the feel of a mad scientist trying to take over the world and is quite short compared to other tracks though quite a funny one (in my eyes anyway!).

      Track thirteen, yet another lead in track, takes place in a dentist which leads perfectly into the next track;

      "Stomp to the beat here's a sweet candy beat"

      The "Sweet Tooth Stomp" by 'Sweet tooth" is track fourteen and my daughter loves it. I haven't worked out where her love for this one is due to the song itself or the fact that it is about sweets though! Another upbeat dance song with some great words which I have even found myself singing even after the song has ended much to my little ones amusement!

      "They're so cute, They're so cool, Got me acting the fool"

      Track fifteen is by the well loved Moshling; "Poppet", one of my daughters favourite Moshi's. The Track is called "I heart Moshlings" which introduces a number of Moshlings within song. In parts, it almost feels like the song 'Im a Barbie Girl" which is a little annoying a tune on my part, though my daughter loves it. The song is a slower break to the more upbeat rocky tunes that has come before and if you can get part the 'Barbie' feel to part of it then you will find it to be quite a sweet little tune.

      Track sixteen is yet another lead on track though this one is quite good and is like a movie preview for something like Superman!

      "Up and away, saving the day, shout out Hooray!"

      The beginning of track seventeen starts off almost like an army drill as the song gets into 'Super Moshi March' by the 'super Moshi's' Like the first real track, this has the feel of the childrens entertainment song at holiday camps. It is very upbeat and I can see this one fast becoming a structuralised dance song for children.

      Track eighteen is technically the final song on the CD and is sung by all the Moshi's on the album, and is aptly named 'The Sha La La Goodbye Song'. It has quite a bit of talking over the music which is very funny, though the song does not actually have many words in itself apart from what you see in the title. It is a lovely candles-in-the-air type song and a lovely one to end the CD.

      Of course, there is the bonus track at the very end so it is not quite goodbye from the Moshi's yet! This bonus track does not feature in the booklet though is another of my daughter's favourites especially as she got this CD for Christmas. "Moshi Twistmas" is a perfect song and very Christmassy though in the true Moshi Fashion. I think this is the second most played on the album by my daughter!


      For the lower cost of the normal CD, this is an amazing buy for Moshi fans. My daughter is five years old and absolutely adores it. Of course, she may not have liked it as much if it had not been Moshi Monster, though she has played it over and over again since Christmas day and we often find her singing and dancing around her bedroom. I have played it in the car a few times for her, though there is only so much I can take of the madness of the Moshi's. Saying that, though, I do find the songs brilliant on this CD and the vast differences in the songs are just wonderful. There are some great themes and the tracks are full of laughter and smiles.

      I completely recommend this CD for all Moshi fans young and older. My daughter loves it as does my nine year old sister, and it is not too bad to listen to for adults too (not that I have the choice!). An excellent buy!

      Track Listings
      1. Dialogue - Opening Night
      2. The Moshi MonStars - Moshi Monsters Theme
      3. Big Bad Bill And The Woolly Blue Hoodoos - Go Do The Hoodoo
      4. Dialogue - Trouble With The Tweenybops
      5. Zack Binspin - Moptop TweenyBop (My Hair's To Long)
      6. Dialogue - For Those About To Rox
      7. Zommer - Rock Like Zommer
      8. Bobbi SingSong - Welcome to Jollywood
      9. Dialogue - Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix
      10. Missy Kix - The Missy Kix Dance
      11. Dialogue - Behold, the Glumpatron 3000!
      12. Dr Strangeglove And The Glump Generation - The Doctor Will See You Now
      13. Dialogue - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Slurp!
      14. Sweet Tooth - Sweet Tooth Stomp
      15. Poppet - I Heart Moshlings
      16. Dialogue - There's Only One Hope
      17. Super Moshis - Super Moshi March
      18. Every Moshi - Outro (The Sha La La Goodbye Song)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Moshi Monsters/Opening Night - Moshi Monsters
      2 Moshi Monsters/Moshi Monsters Theme - The Moshi MonStars
      3 Moshi Monsters/Go Do The Hoodoo - Big Bad Bill And The Woolly Blue Hoodoos
      4 Moshi Monsters/Trouble With The Tweenybops - Moshi Monsters
      5 Moshi Monsters/Moptop TweenyBop (My Hair's To Long) - Binspin, Zack
      6 Moshi Monsters/For Those About To Rox - Moshi Monsters
      7 Moshi Monsters/Rock Like Zommer - Zommer
      8 Moshi Monsters/Welcome to Jollywood - Bobbi SingSong
      9 Moshi Monsters/Moshi Radio Meets Missy Kix - Moshi Monsters
      10 Moshi Monsters/The Missy Kix Dance - Missy Kix
      11 Moshi Monsters/Behold, the Glumpatron 3000! - Moshi Monsters
      12 Moshi Monsters/The Doctor Will See You Now - Dr Strangeglove And The Glump Generation
      13 Moshi Monsters/Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Slurp! - Moshi Monsters
      14 Moshi Monsters/Sweet Tooth Stomp - Sweet Tooth
      15 Moshi Monsters/I Heart Moshlings - Poppet
      16 Moshi Monsters/There's Only One Hope - Moshi Monsters
      17 Moshi Monsters/Super Moshi March - Super Moshis
      18 Moshi Monsters/Outro (The Sha La La Goodbye Song) - Every Moshi
      19 Moshi Monsters/Moshi Twistmas - The Moshi Monsters Jingle Crew

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