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Mutilation Mix - Insane Clown Posse

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Nu Metal / Artist: Insane Clown Posse / Single / Audio CD released 2004-04-13 at Psychopathic

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2008 16:33
      Very helpful



      Great Insane Clown Posse compilation

      'Mutilation Mix' is the Insane Clown Posse's 1996 'Greatest Hits (that never were hits)' album. This was originally released in the build up to the 4th Jokers Card, 'The Great Milenko', as a independent release on Psychopathic Records, used to make ICP some quick cash before they signed for the Disney owned Hollywood Records and promote Milenko.

      Unlike most ICP albums there isn't much of a story behind this one, so I'll just give a small background to the group.

      Insane Clown Posse are a duo (Violent J and Shaggy 2Dope) from Detroit who rap a style of music called Horrorcore rap - basically a horror film in a song. They do not rap about the devil and the majority of people targeted in their songs are bad people themselves, racists, corrupt judges, corrupt preachers etc, while the lyrics are fuelled by their own personal experiences of these types of people.

      ICP are perhaps most famous for their 6 Jokers Cards albums - The Carnival of Carnage, The Ringmaster, The Riddle Box, The Great Milenko, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, and The Wraith (Shangr-ila and Hells Pit versions). Each card represents a different face of the Dark Carnival each bringing it's own message and warning for us to change the bad things in our life 'before the end consumes us all'. The JC saga would stretch 12 years, from 1992-2004

      Each album is 'dedicated to the butterfly', for years ICP would not talk about this until the release of the Wraith Shangr-ila and Violent J's autobiography. The story goes that when J was a child he and his brother (Jumpsteady) were visited in their room by the biggest, most beautiful butterfly they had ever seen, they caught the butterfly and put him in a jar with air holes in the top, hoping the butterfly would chill with them for the night and they would let it free in the morning. Morning came and of course the butterfly was dead so J and his brother decided there and then they would make it up to the butterfly one day. The dedication is their way of doing so, while the butterfly also represents the innocence of youth to ICP.

      The Album

      1. Request #1

      All these requests are real answerphone messages people have left ICP. The first is from ICP's long term buddy Nate the Mack.

      2. Cemetary Girl

      A track quite simply about necrophilia. J's girlfriend has died, he's having a breakdown and seeing a therapist to no avail so he decides to dig's his girlfriend up. For a second he realises what he's doing but then the craziness takes over again and he's popped open the coffin. The beats are melodic and fitting of the subject matter, while the raps are well paced and fit nicely. I love the subject matter and rhymes.

      Choice lines

      I watch my baby, I hit the top of baby's coffin. I'm thinkin' well she's better off inside if she died.
      Nah, she needs me. I can tell my baby wants me. 'Cuz every night at 2:15, my baby haunts me.

      My baby stares me in dirty and wrinkled clothes.
      And now I notice, the maggots chewed off all her toes.
      The earth has been rather cruel to my darling sugar.
      Is that a bug up on her face? Oh, it's just a booger.


      3. Clown Luv

      This track is possibly the most normal sounding rap song you will ever hear from ICP. Apart from the obvious shouts for 'Clown Luv' there are no lyrics in here that can really be compared to other ICP songs, it would be easier to compare to a Dre or 2Pac song than anything else. The beats are an excellent, upbeat gangster track from Mike E. Clark and suits 2Dopes voice well. The song was a local radio hit in Detroit.

      Violent J's autobiography states that J often mock's Shaggz for a line in this song, 'To busy doing other things like hangin' with my mob', which J claims sounds like 'hangin' with my Mom', I have to agree with him lol.


      4. Wagon Wagon

      A fairly laid back sounding track, this story behind this one is about a wagon that is driven by the Ringmaster (one of the Jokers Cards), everyone on the wagon are dead and anyone picked up by the qwagon are soon to be dead. This one is a huge favourite of ICP fans everywhere but for me it's nothing special.


      5. Request #2

      Message from Esham.

      6. Psychopathic

      Produced by Esham for $500, the story goes ICP were to make a song with local Detroit rapper Awesome Dre but when they got to the studio their hero and biggest influence Esham was there, they started talking, explained Awesome Dre was to work with them for $500 at which point Esham told them to give him the $500 and he's record with them which they did in a heartbeat. ICP soon found there was a theme with Esham - give him $500 and he'd produce or rap on their songs, with Psychopathic being one of the first he produced.

      This track is basically about how the ICP are 'Psychopathic', and also how street gangsters are created by society. I love this one, the beats are menacing (a trademark of Esham) even if you can tell they put this record together without being signed and with their own scrapped together cash. A Juaggalo classic.

      Choice lines

      Yeah, I've always been a psycho
      I'll throw rocks at stray dogs
      Build crackhouses out of Lincoln logs
      I cut class, said I was a faker
      You was in school, I was home watching Green Acres
      Now I'm all up in your face
      You can barely hear the rap with all that bass


      7. Southwest Strangla

      Originally the Southwest Strangla was supposed to be on the 'Shaggz the Clown' album, although this was never released due to problems clearing the samples. This track is 2Dope solo rapping as if he's a serial killer who kills people by choking them, called the Southwest Strangla. This is in my top 5 all time favourite ICP songs, the story telling is excellent and I love the subject matter, 2Dopes rapping suits tracks like this. The intro at the start is a real news broadcast (with the voice pitch turned up a touch) from Detroit local news about a plane that crashed on the Detroit freeway only to be looted and pillaged by the locals, stealing the luggage and the dead passengers belongings - a nice touch that adds to the song well. The full, fresher, 3 verse version can be found on 'Forgotten Freshness vol.1'.

      Choice lines

      I got the southside scared, cause I'm weird
      I was a freak in the 2nd grade I had a beard
      I sit alone in the back of the art class
      And draw necks with a big red dash
      I never thought I'd be a lunatic
      A disgrace, I dropped out a mental case
      I quit school, but I never left the hall
      I grab kids and drag 'em in between a wall
      Hear 'em scream, echo through the gym class
      You hear me choking b*tches up in the wind shaft
      They call me, The Ghost of the Bad Lands
      But I'm really just a killer, with big hands
      Allow me to squeeze your neck dear
      Until your brains pop dead out your f*cking ear
      Burry it in my back yard With a twisted spine broken bones
      ...Cause I'm the Strangla


      8. Never Had It Made

      Love the music to this one, the changes in the beats are top notch considering this was another of the tracks released before they were signed and also another track they paid Esham $500 to produce. Its a pretty gangster song with the ICP storytelling about a kids journey through school where he's bullied all the way through, at first he has ambitions to do well and get a good job but all the beatings take effect on him and he ends up a homeless, murdering, lunatic. Great song.


      9. Chicken Huntin' - Slaughterhouse Mix

      A rock remix of the Chicken Huntin track from previous jokers card, The Riddle Box. The premise of the track is ICP going around murdering racists or 'chicken hunting'. The beat's are top notch and fit in even better than the original's with the subject matter, while the lyrics are ICP's usual comedic gold, turning the subject of murder and slaughter into somewhat of a light-hearted joke.

      The story is that when Jive signed ICP they wanted them to do a remix of this track but when ICP heard the beat's they hated it and produced this one themselves. The video for this track is worth checking out, and is filmed at a live performance. Apparently ICP performed the original version once to film this, much to Jive's annoyance who wanted several different shots and ICP to perform the new version of the song several times which ICP refused as their fans wouldn't know the new version and they were not going to perform a song more than once at a concert fans had paid to see.


      10. I Stuck Her with my Wang

      This track feature Shaggy 2Dope's twisted version of a love song. It's one of my favourite tracks, the lyrics are extremely offensive at times, but this is the Insane Clown Posse expect nothing less. Violent J sings the chorus on this one, in another musically twisted track with carnival sounding, slow beats.

      I'm not going to put any of these lyrics in here lol.


      11. The Loons

      A song that I really like. The story is Violent J is a lunatic killer who's travelling to his next victim, whilst looking back at things he's done (although there is no remorse in his raps), while the chorus counts down his journey from 'I'm the neck cutter and I'm 3 blocks away', to 1 block away. This is the type of song ICP would replicate many times in different forms and stories with great success, a classic.

      Choice lines

      Watch me as I duck and I dash through the night
      I can see the shadows of the moon in my butcher knife
      Pretty little world has created this monster
      See me living with a dead body in a dumpster
      Laughing in your castle but I can't cross your moat
      But then I take a boat and cut your f*cking throat


      12. Red Neck Hoe

      The music to this one sounds like a country barn dance tune with scratches and cuts over the top and obvious ICP twist. The track is basically an attack on red necks Americans, a favourite target of ICP after Violent J spent some time living in the south and was appalled at the bigotry and racism he saw. The song is one of the more famous ones from Carnival of Carnage, featured former band member and 2Dopes brother - John Kickjazz, and would be later re-made by ICP and Twiztid for the 'Psychopathics from Outer Space vol.1' album.


      13. Request #3

      Message from Charm Farm.

      14. I'm Comin' Home

      A fairly emotional song (for ICP) see's J and Shaggz rapping about going home to Detroit and living life the way they used too (slightly exaggerated) before they had any money (not that they had much at this point, but they had more than when they didn't have jobs). The beats are well produced, slow and dirty, with the raps well paced. Both members really pour their heart and soul into this song and it really shows, with it being one of a small selection of ICP's songs that makes me feel a little emotional, I'm not 100% sure why but it does. Fantastic song.


      15. Super Balls

      The premise of this song is ICP are super heroes, they aren't superman but they'll gladly help any women who can't get any. The secret of tracks like this is not to take it to seriously and just sit back and laugh. The beats are a laid back rap tune with some keyboard work in there, the raps are just plain funny and delivered with ICP's usual hilarity, while the chorus sounds like several women with high pitched voices singing. This song became a favourite among ICP fans and spawned the 'Super Balls' T-shirt which is still available today.

      Choice lines

      So, who's next, the b*tch with the rubber eye
      It won't shut, and now she can't find a guy
      It scared everybody off, so I guess my duty calls
      B*TCH!!!!!!!!!! Call me Super Balls


      16. The Stalker

      This is one of the better known ICP songs from Beverly Kills. In case you haven't already guessed the premise is Violent J stalking a girl he went out with. In the track the lady is telling her therapist about her experiences. He tries everything he possibly can to get her but ends up being shot in the face by her. The beats are pretty good on this track with a bouncy but dark sound and some good organ work filtered and distorted in there, with 2Dope shouting/singing part of the chorus. This is the only track from this album ICP performed live on the 2 occasions I saw them in concert. At the end of the track there are some real answer phone messages from a guy that was stalking Violent J's girlfriend at the time, which proved to be the inspiration for this track.

      Choice lines

      I think that ditso likes me, yeah,
      She tells you to f*ck off with such class!

      I've been hawking for about 2 weeks,
      And I ain't even got a f*cking kiss on the cheek,
      She with some f*ck face!
      I'm gonna put that college boy in a neck-brace!


      17. Wizard of the Hood

      The classic and legendary 'Wizard of the Hood' song that would alter be developed into a whole concept album by Violent J with the Wizard of Oz story told gradually track by track in an urban setting and J searching for a way home. This is the original song though, this one has pretty minimal music but makes full use of everything they do use, its a dark track with a great story.


      18. Skitsofrantic

      This song is basically about both members of the ICP's mental health being pretty crazy, they are seeing things, going through extreme paranoia etc. It's a pretty funny song with a beat I'm having difficulty describing but its the kind you only hear with ICP. The subject matter seems to me to be ICP's take on the Geto Boy's gangster rap classic 'My minds playing tricks on me', which is quite possible as they name them as influences to their music.

      The music was originally used on the 1993 song 'If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em' which ICP didn't like so they re-used it for Skitsofrantic. If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em' was eventually released on 'Forgotten Freshness 4'.

      Choice lines

      Leave me alone, get the f**k on,
      Skitsofrantic to the bone, when I'm home,
      I hear people walking in the other room,
      Cooking up chicken, chilling in my kitchen,
      Try to drive home, someone's in the back,
      Whisperin words, breathin on my neck,
      Flickin my ear, I know they're right there,
      But I can't see em in my mirror, uh!

      Sittin in my room, everything's dark,
      I think I heard somebody fart,
      Now how can this be, ain't nobody home but me,
      And somebody's trying to turn the key, hello?
      I'm losing my mind, f**k all you hoes,
      Pulled out an axe and take off my clothes,
      Paint my face like a wicked clown,
      I'm down, straight skitsofrantic!


      19. 3 Rings

      Originally from Shaggy's solo EP '2Dope F*ck Off!', 3 rings feature both a solo verse from both members of ICP followed by a joint verse. The song is a parody of people coming to visit a circus freak show ('Come at once, and come and indulge yourself in our own twisted amusement of Another's misfortune, Yes ladies and gentlemen, Enter our three ring show of freaks'). The beats are fun and bouncy while the raps are again filled with twisted jokes ('And what's the big deal about my neck, Just because now and then I like to let it stretch up a couple feet to get a better sight, Is that any reason to scream and run in fright?'), making this one of my favourite songs. The speeded up voice at the start is Violent J, while this is one of the songs where amendments had to be made to the lyrics before re-release on 'The Riddle Box', but this is the original.


      20. Request #4

      Message from Harm's Way.

      21. Murder Go' Round

      A decent track with brilliant production, it truly is a major achievement by producer Mike E Clark, he manages to mix carnival sounds with rap beats to such an effect that it could only be a ICP song, no-one else would make a track like this. Great beats and lyrics.


      22. Request #5

      Message from Daddy X of the Humble Gods, who would later become the Kottonmouth Kings.

      23. Southwest Song

      A laid back track that I do like but its cut to less than 2min on here so its difficult to really get a feel for it as just when your getting into it, it finishes. Worth checking out and a good one to chill to.


      24. Fuck Off!

      F*ck Off is a bouncy, carnival beats sounding tune which has some very funny lyrics and some fantastic scratching and cuts. Although from 2Dope's solo project Violent J is also on this song for a few lines until 2Dope tells him -

      (J) - I got another funky rhyme, so lemme kick it...
      (Shaggz) - NAH, F*CK OFF BITCH, THIS IS MY RECORD!!!

      This is a great track with some genuinely laugh out loud lyrics, whilst also sending out a shot at fellow Detroit rapper Kid Rock who the group had fallen out with after their success (at the time) dwarfed Kid Rock's in Detroit.

      Choice Lines (shot at Kid Rock)

      I walk up like a mental case,
      And start throwin' left hooks at your face,
      I won't mix no rap with rock-n-roll,
      Like somebody else I know,
      Bitch boy, you can suck my nut sack,
      And after that, you can kiss my ass crack.


      25. The Dead Body Man

      This track was a success on local radio in Detroit and Dallas and marked the first real commercial airplay the band would receive. A classic horrrcore rap song, this was originally featured on 'The Terror Wheel' EP and later on 'The Riddle Box' jokers card.

      The track is about a guy who collects dead bodies to hang out with like others would do with friends. The news cast intro is hilarious, while the beats are heavy and slow, a triumphant song that spawned a lot of rap music trying to sound like this in Detroit (not commercial stuff though). The verse's are wonderfully put together and couldn't be more fitting to the music. This song made ICP mini celebrities in their home town (Detroit) and would be covered by people on ICP's Psychopathic Records and featured on the soundtrack to the Samuel L. Jackson and Jeff Goldblum movie 'The Great White Hype'. To this day this is one of my favourite ICP songs ever.

      10/10 (If I could give it more I would)

      26. Cotton Candy

      This is one of the very first songs I ever heard from ICP, on a 4 track single which also had 'Hall's of Illusions', 'Southwest Voodoo' and 'The Smog' on, a great selection of tracks to introduce anyone to ICP.

      The subject of this track is basically ICP and their boys chasing girls, talking about female felatio, and describes how J and Shaggy like their women, Shaggy is a touch more refined and doesn't believe in oral pleasure, J on the other hand doesn't care and is up for anything and everything. The song starts with a man and a women hilariously talking to each other when they are about to get down to business ('Whats your name handsome?', 'Why Miss Virginia a pleasure to meet you, oh my your all naked too!'...), then kicks straight in to 2Dope's verse, followed by J singing the chorus, then J's verse. The music is a funky rap tune with some wicked effects added in there and a slowed down sample from 'Carnival of Carnage' in there for good measure. The lyrics are some of the most offensive (too some, not me) ICP have written and are very funny IMO.

      I do love this track, being a rap fan since I was 11 I've heard loads of tracks with this type of subject so hearing ICP's take on it and their usual hilarity is just brilliant.


      27. 17 Dead

      Produced by local Detroit rap legend and named influence to ICP, Eminem and Kid Rock, the man know as Esham. Esham originated Acid-rap (similar to horrorcore) which ICP loved and twisted into their own style of music. The song is basically the story of Violent J killing 17 people in a violent rage which he seems to forget about when he wakes up in the morning and find the bodies, although they do not bother him and he continues. The beats are very much like a standard rap song that has been put together effectively but at a low cost (as much of the album sounds), rough sounding but good none the less.

      The end of the track features 3 short verses by each member and also one of the 2 appearances Greez-E made with ICP.

      Choice lines

      Well, ya know Violent J's kinda wicked
      If there's a booger in my nose I'm a pick it
      And flick it in your eye like you ain't jack
      And stomp my boots on your nut sack

      I'll be running with the carnival until I'm eighty
      And tonight I'm going out with the fat lady
      I strip the b*tch down to the nitty gritty
      But I ain't saying sh*t about a wooden t*tty

      And Greez-E -

      Well, ya know I'm coming straight from the trailor park
      That's me out front working on the Skylark
      I'm waiting on a check, I don't cut the grass
      And my woman's got babies falling all out her a*s


      28. Request #6

      Message from Tim Dogg.

      29. The Neden Game

      One of the 3 banned Disney songs. The track is played as a game show, think Blind date with an evil twist, with the 'lucky' lady asking 2dope and Violent J questions one at a time, with them answering in hilariously offensive ways until they are flat out arguing and insulting each other. The music is a pretty basic beat for much of the song but give the game show sound perfectly, and too be honest this song is all about the comedy not the music. I never fail to laugh when I hear this song. A ICP classic.


      30. House of Wonders + Mike Clark Bitchin'

      A great track to finish the album, the story to HOW is about a carnival freak show attraction only once inside all sorts of bad things happen to you and you become the freak show. Very carnival sounding music and very funny lyrics. The song finishes with another answerphone message, this time from producer Mike E Clark getting angry because they owe him money, funny stuff.

      Choice lines

      Don't try to run, chickie-poo, I'm just gettin' started
      I'll beat your head in with a brick until you're half-retarded
      Remember that ugly girl you laughed at at the prom?
      Don't try to laugh now, b*tch, you look like her mom


      Overall a 10/10 for me for this album, this is one of the best mixes of ICP songs you could ask for, although some songs are shorter than the originals.

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