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Nature's Harmony: Music for Relaxation

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Genre: Easy Listening - Chill Out / Various Artists / Release Date: 2007 / Music Label: Fastforward Music

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2012 16:17
      Very helpful



      Not for me really!

      Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact that I am not a calm bod at all. I get stressed out really easy, really lack confidence at times and I find it really hard to chill out. I live in the heart of a noisy town centre, my neighbours, though I get on with them are noisy as hell all day long and most of the night, I have a loud fan that goes on and off through the day an night below where I live and is something to do with restaurant down there.

      Add to that stresses with money and the likes I have recently been diagnosed with M.E on top of an eating disorder, a thyroid condition and a spinal problem. I suffer with lethargy terribly though can't wind down very easily and anyone who knows about the above conditions I have listed, particularly the M.E there is only really alternative treatments available opposed to a magic pill that can fix it.

      This has led me on a sort of path to enlightenment. I have suffered the effects, undiagnosed for many years and now, finally I have been accepted under the NHS for help and alternative treatments and so on.

      I have in the past dabbled with Bach flower remedies, popped vitamins and minerals and really have mainly found them a waste of my time and my money. Some things help for minor irritations but nothing is going to stop me from feeling anxious when my neighbour almost blows up my flat with his amp or his drunk mate tries to get into my flat at 4am when I'm home alone believe me!

      Not being able to often hear my tv in any room in my flat at the moment I got myself a little portable dvd player with headphones and decided to get some relaxations dvds and cds, to turn full pelt up in my head if need be to drown other noise out and to try to calm my nerves and this was one I found on Amazon and I bought this in good condition from Amazon for the total of £1.26 which I thought was a bargain and if it didn't work, well I hadn't lost much!

      Believe me I am not hippy. I have never been one for listening to dolphin music and the likes and this was the first of this type of cd I had ever bought!

      The Cd:

      Well the cd lasts for about 100 minutes and was released in 2002 by Fastforward Music LTD. The cover is nice enough with a young lady looking what I called zenned out (peaceful) with a nice sunset behind her and we are simply told that it is Nature's Harmony.

      What this is made up of is 6 'New World' compositions as follows:

      1: At one with nature (10.25)
      2) Peace and quiet (10.16)
      3) Letting go (10.07)
      4 Total Harmony (10.07)
      5) Fruits of the forest (10.25)
      6) Ancient knowledge (10.18)

      You can of course listen to the the cd as a whole but each track you can listen to as a single if you prefer, handy if you have a favourite piece of course and find one in particular relaxing.

      Track One:

      This one sounds like a waterfall in a rainforest to me, with a bit of rain thrown in for good measure against music. It makes me want to pee if I'm honest though the echoey background is quite soothing once you get into it. The track never changes tempo so there are no surprises when you listen to it that jolt you out of your meditation or restful state, like I find a couple of the other tracks on here do.

      Track Two:

      This is absolutely beautiful and is actually just a very long peace of piano music with no nature sounds or anything on it. It lasts ages repeating itself with again no sudden surprises on it at all. I find this one really, really calming to listen to at any time of the day and when I first heard it I thought it must come from a film a something. There's just something quite haunting about it and romantic and although I am not keen on the rest of this album I have to admit I am glad I bought it just to own this beautiful track.

      Track Three:

      This starts with a range of stringed instruments and then gives way to mainly piano and notes that sort of felt like they were being played random at first but then getting into a rhythm and tune. It harmonises nicely, again gives no surprises so you can simply relax to it.

      Track Four:

      Starts with an almost techno feel to it with really odd noises and birds that although this track is called total harmony stops me feeling as relaxed as the previous tracks made me feel. This has a lot of echo on it, all sorts of instruments I can't identify and bird song throughout with a bit of a rainforest feel and water.

      Track Five:

      This starts off again with birdsong and the sound of waves lapping at the shore which does, to me feel relaxing and calming, but only after a while. It keeps these sounds up with piano and what I think is an oboe and it goes nowhere with random notes and for me this track turns itself up an down which I really don't find relaxing at all!

      Track Six:

      Haunting and slightly dramatic at first listen I didn't like this track and again felt if had no place on a relaxation cd such as this however this one is called 'Ancient knowledge', rounding off the relaxation you should have by now of experienced so I feel this track is meant to round the process off and uplift you somewhat. This to me felt very Tudor in style, slightly playful with a flute piercing through it against the piano and mainly this is a musical peace with no random sounds of nature thrown in and again its a track you can follow so it soothes slightly than being all over the place.

      My Opinion:

      This was the first cd of this type I bought but not the last, though it did almost put me off purchasing this type of cd to be honest again. Track 2 and 6 are nice enough but I find it hard to relax with birds chirping away and water splashing about. Alot of the tracks I found too echoey, especially on headphones (yes they are really good ones as well by the way) and some tracks with the random notes had the opposite effect of relaxing me and I found myself jumping up and feeling a bit startled!

      This is not a cd I would recommend. There are far, far better out there. It does bore me which at bedtime particularly is a good thing but not to sleep, just to listen to something else!

      Worth a go if you really like the sound of this one from my review (lol) and can be picked up on Amazon new for just a couple of quid but I wouldn't advise it to be honest and say save your money and try something else!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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