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Nb - Natasha Bedingfield

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Natasha Bedingfield / Audio CD released 2007-04-30 at RCA

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    4 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 12:11



      soulful, melodic and intelligent pop!

      N.B. made me grow on Natasha Bedingfield even more. A truly intelligent album, this is brilliant pop and in my opinion deserves real recognition! Natasha states that the songs included on N.B. explore the many different stages in a relationship, and this couldn't be more of a true statement. 'I Wanna Have Your Babies' was the hit from this album, as well as 'Soulmate'. However when I actually bought the album and listened to the other tracks I was in no way disappointed. This is what I take from the meanings of the songs from this album:
      How Do You Do - about meeting somebody and having the courage to introduce yourself
      I Wanna Have Your Babies - About not being able to tell somebody how into them you are
      Soulmate - About being lonely and not being able to find the one
      Who Knows - About being unsure about where a new relationship is going, but falling in love with somebody and not knowing what is going to happen
      Say It Again - About being totally smitten with somebody
      Pirate Bones - Unsure about wether somebody is genuine or not
      Backyard - About past memories of an old love
      Tricky Angel - Meeting somebody and being surprised of your feelings for them
      When You Know You Know - About knowing you're with the one
      (No More) What If's - About ignoring the 'what if' and taking chances on somebody
      Not Givin' Up - About a failing love you won't give up on
      Still Here - About being surprised about somebody still being there for you
      Smell The Roses - About how happy life is
      - As you can see, this album from natasha exudes personality and also attitude. Natasha has a lot to say and this is an album you can really sit back to and interpret the lyrics. Many instruments are used including piano and drums. This album really shows that Natasha is a blonde with something to say! The whole album is tuneful, and Natasha has an upbeat nature and personality which made me like her even more. Natasha even does some rapping in her track, (No More) What If's, which shows her attitude clearly. If you want a pop album with a lot of soul and rhythm that you can really interpret, buy N.B.!


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      05.02.2009 20:07
      Very helpful



      Second album by Natasha Bedingfiled

      Recently i have found myself, revisting these brillant albums that the Bedingfield's gave us so excuse me for going a little overboard reviewing them, i think this is one of the underrated ones - am i the only person who likes this, it sold just under 100,000 copies but it's Natasha doing fun and serious pop music all in one that i like.

      How Do You Do, is a fab opener to any album. I love the style and think maybe that should have been the first single. I Wanna Have Your Babies - am i only one who likes this? love that chorus! Soulmate, is lyrically and musically great - atcually it's f**cking underated in the UK, i cant believable people and Radio 1 didnt see the good side of it because it deserved to be Number 1. At that point it was no longer cool to buy a Natasha Bedingfield album and that's why this album failed in the UK and so did the single. Who Knows is very similiar to a later song called Pirate Bones, but i love the chilled out vibe from both and the chorus's are really mystical nad likeable. Say It Again, another single - i like the song but i dont think it did much for the album because it was just ''nice'' you needed something that would stand out and make people take notice at that point, and i think the song to do that would have been ''Not Giving Up'' - fab fab fab, that is so US that if she ever does it alike with What If's with Estelle, it'll be all huge in the US and the UK missed out on a right star.

      When You Know You Know and the Interlude is pleasant, but i would rather tehy wern't on the album. Still Here and Smell The Roses? brillant bonus tracks, pleasant and real nice sounding.

      A Fab second album, i'm stunned 1 million people would buy the same album from Leona Lewis with a different picture on and 2/3 new songs and the UK public would not see the brillance of this great record. If i where to hand out a gong for Best album i'd give it to this, because i love the vibe and the diversity of the songs. It's not as fun as the first records which was very expierimental, this is more mature and grown up but as good as the debut record. I dont undestand why this failed in the UK, would be interested in your comments as to why?


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        02.08.2008 13:55
        Very helpful



        A good pop album thats enjoyable to listen to

        I love this album,its definately catchy,poptastic and just fun and enjoyable to listen to from start to finish. From more catchy upbeat tracks like I wanna have your babies, to the more laid back and melodic track soulful,this album has it all.
        It takes you through a wide variety of emotions and feelings which for me really makes an album even better to listen to.

        This album was release in 2007 and I feel it was a good follow up to her debut album Unwritten released back in 2004.

        I honestly feel Nb, shows a more mature and progressive side to Natasha Bedingfield,it shows more of her talent as a singer and performer,even though some if not all of the tracks sound a bit manufacture they are still easy and enjoyable to listen to.

        In my opinion Bedingfield is definately underrated and an undervalued artist/singer.

        The track Listing for the version of the album I have got is:
        1. How Do You Do?
        2. I Wanna Have Your Babies
        3. Soulmate
        4. Who Knows
        5. Say It Again
        6. Pirate Bones
        7. Backyard
        8. Tricky Angel
        9. When You Know You Know.
        9.2. I Think They're Thinking (interlude)
        10. (No More) What ifs
        11. Not Givin' Up
        12. Still Here
        13. Smell The Roses


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        22.07.2008 02:39
        Very helpful



        A very worthy purchase.

        After the astonishing debut that was Unwritten, this would be the album that would cement whether I would become a true Natasha fan or not.
        Initially I was disappointed with this sophmore album, but after I gave it a real chance and a few more listens I really began to fall in love with it.

        The album's lead single 'I Wanna Have Your Babies' was a silly single to come back with, and probably contributed a great deal to the era failing so badly commercially.
        The album's second single 'Soulmate' is the album's best song in my opinion, a real power ballad where Natasha shines both lyrically and vocally, it has real longing and desperation in it.
        The album overall shows what a real talent Natasha is, both as a songwriter and vocally she has a rich and soulful voice.
        The majority of the album's subject matter is relationship based, but these are all subjects we relate to in every day life and show how in touch with human emotions and suitations Natasha is.
        For lyrical depth, 'Pirate Bones' is a must, which emphasises how you shouldn't follow a path in live because someone forces you to.

        Other highlights are 'Say It Again', a mid-tempo/ballad with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 providing backing vocal duties, 'How Do You Do?', a quirky number about seduction, 'Who Knows', a catchy pop track where Natasha questions if she's ready to be serious or not, 'Backyard' which is a "where have all the good days gone" type song, '(No More) What Ifs' which chronicles how she's cleared her head in regards to her feelings for someone, and 'Not Givin' Up', the poppiest track on this album produced by Danja (the producer of Britney's Blackout album).

        In summary, this album can be fully appreciated after repeated listens and is rewarding, lyrically it is deep but Natasha manages to take her own quirky spin on the subjects. The only real fillers on this album are 'When You Know You Know' and 'Smell The Roses'.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 How Do You Do?
      2 I Wanna Have Your Babies
      3 Soulmate
      4 Who Knows
      5 Say It Again
      6 Pirate Bones
      7 Backyard
      8 Tricky Angel
      9 When You Know You Know
      10 I Think They're Thinking - Interlude
      11 (No More) What Ifs feat. Eve
      12 Not Givin' Up
      13 Still Here
      14 Smell The Roses

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