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Nellyville - Nelly

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    8 Reviews
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      12.08.2008 00:38
      Very helpful



      a CD by Nelly, with 20 tracks including some bonus tracks and funny role plays

      This CD is one of my favourite Nelly CD's and was published in 2002. The CD has 20 tracks and I love 80% of the tracks. This CD really inspires me as Nelly was involved in writing the lyrics of every song on this CD and also got involved in raping every song on the CD. This probably made him my favourite rapper (and because he's good looking as well).
      I bought this CD more than five years ago in HMV for £10 when they had some special offers, however you could possibly get this CD for less nowadays as it's been around for a long time.

      For those who don't know Nelly, he is basically an Black amerucan rapper who lives in the States. He has been involved in rapping for many great years. When he started rapping he used to wear a white plaster on his left cheek. This was a sign to his friend who was in jail to inform him that he's thinking of him, which I think is cool. He doesn't wear it no more because the friend is out of Jail now. Nelly still raps nowadays, but seem to have calmed down, as he's now on top and has achieved many of his goals.

      1 > NellyVille [4:15]
      I must say this is one of those tracks I never played twice on this album although it is the introduction, you would possibly expect it to be the best track (or one of the best). There is nothing wrong with the beat, I actually like the way the electric guitar plays when he's raping on a verse and the way it smoothes out when he sings out the bridge. The chorus is the only thing that puts me off, the way the voices harmonize together on the chorus does not pull me onto the dance floor at all, not even mentioning the non-rhythm sounds of his voices shouting in the background.

      2> Getting it Started [1:51]
      This is just a role play of La La and Cedric. La La is a girl who visits Cedric to get the nellyville CD from him. The thing is Cedric is drunk and can't remember were he put the CD and the girl is kind of tripping in the background saying Cedric smells like baloney etc. It all ends when Cedric goes out to buy the NellyVille CD as the girl really wants the CD.
      This may only be less than two minutes long, but it's rather entertaining, their black American accent makes it all kind of funny when listening and I also like the piano melody that plays in the background through out the role play, sounds even better when the drum bass comes in.

      3>Hot In Here [3:48]
      This was one of Nelly's biggest tunes that made him hot in the music industry. I personally enjoy this song, even though it was produced years ago. This song is laid back, it's not exactly a song you would dance to although in the video they are all dancing at a party, maybe you could dance to the ending of the song as the tempo increases and you can hear the bass guitar more often, giving the song that danceable rhythm. I always play this when I am browsing the internet or just chilling on my bed. Maybe if it had some drum bass in it, I would hit the dance floor and dance like no one is looking. I really like the beat although it has lots of minor keys in it and the way it contrasts with his voice. The lyrics are really good, although there are a few swear words.
      The song is basically talking about how hot the room is, therefore the girls want to take off their clothes.

      4 > Dem Boyz [4:34]
      This song is about Nelly and His boys. Nelly raps the first verse which is about 25 seconds long and his boys raps the rest of the song. They are basically talking about random thing and how they feel about some girls and how they live their lives in the hood. I actually love this song, possibly because it has a lot of drum bass in it, and the chorus is harmonized voices of Nelly that repeats smoothly to make a great chorus. The ending of this song is unnoticeable as it quickly changes to the next songs which blends in perfectly.

      5 > Oh Nelly [4:02]
      This is one of the songs I like dancing to, as its got a drum and bass all the way. Its basically telling some people out there who might be Nelly haters to go and ride with Nelly, as Nelly is going to and about to change the 'game'.
      The beat of this song is really good, I think the producer knew so too as he gives the listeners an extra 15seconds of instrumental listening.

      6 > Pimp Juice [4:52]
      Nelly's voice really changes in this song in a good way though as it sounds all laid back although I kind of hate it when Nelly kind of screams on the Chorus and in some verses through out the song. Nelly is singing to all those girl who want his Pimp Juice. The song is not one of my favourite as I don't really like what he is singing about, the beat is lame and sounds rather boring. There is a lot of electric guitar in this song, so if you like listening to electric guitars, this could be your song.

      7 > Air Force Ones [5:04]
      This is the original air force ones song not the remix. I however prefer the remix rather than the original song. This is possibly because I don't like the intro of the original and the way his other boys rap in this song. This song they hardly sing the chorus, which I totally love, in the remix they play the chorus more often. This is one of the longest tracks on this CD. If you listen to this track and don't like it, try listening to the remix.

      8 > In The Store [1:40]
      This is the continuation of the role play. Cedric is now in a shop looking for the Nelly Ville CD for his Sexy girl (La La). He's already been to a lot of shops but the Nelly Ville CD is sold out everywhere. He's now trying to haggle with the store keeper to see if he can download the CD, but the shopkeeper can only offer him the clean version. Cedric tries to explain the situation but it's not getting him anywhere. The role play continues, and it does make me laugh all the way, it's mainly Cedric's desperation talk that makes me laugh this time.

      9 > On The Grind [4:45]
      This is another dance song full of counter melodies and once again the electronic guitar is involved so as brass. The tempo of this song is rather fast when comparing to the other tracks, therefore Nelly raps faster making it hard to understand what he's saying, but he's mainly talking about how he has time on his hands. This song also features King Jacob who gives a thick texture to the song as his voice is rather thick and he raps slower than Nelly.

      10> Dilemma [4:49]
      This is one of Nelly's greatest hits that put him on top in the music industry with help from Kelly Rowland who also features in this song. Nelly is talking about his love for a girl who just moved into his hood, although the girl has a man. It's a dilemma because the girl also likes Nelly, but she doesn't want to leave her man.
      I mainly love this song because it's laid back and strings as part of the beat which I love. The way Nelly's voice sounds when he raps, really gets me going specially when he sings the bridge. If you've never heard of this song, you have to try it out, it's a great song with different genres. If you like drum and bass, this song also has a remix of drum and bass which sounds great as there is more bass and the tempo is faster.

      11 > Splurge [5:09]
      This is a laid back song which you can't really dance to unless you like slow dancing. I do like the chorus of this song, as Nelly's voice contrasts with each other. He talks about people who think that they know Nelly but 'really' they don't have a clue. The producer also use different instruments in this song, can't really tell what kind of instruments but they are not too loud.

      12 > Work It [4:22]
      Most of you probably know this song as it's got a video and features Justin Timberlake. The song is kind of funny as Nelly and Justin are up to no Good and wants all the girls to work it. Justin really makes the song interesting with his accapella voice on the chorus and the way he jumps in randomly through out, making it a good sing-a-long.

      13> Roc The Mic (remix) [4:18]
      If you know or like the original you will love the remix as it features Freeway, Nelly, Murphy Lee and Beanie Sigel. These boys are raping telling us that they got what it takes to Roc the mic. I like this song very much as you can hear the lyrics clearer than some of the tracks on this CD and of course the way the bass repeats through out the song. I usually used to play this when I played basketball, because it kinda drove me in knowing that I got what it takes to play the game.

      14 > The Gank [4:48]
      I must say this is the song I hate the most, you might be surprised to know that it's because there is too much bass which repeats over and pver again through out the song. The acoustic guitar melody does not help either. The song is all over the place, when I listen to the song I feel like I've wasted minutes of my life. The song is kind of funny when Nelly stops singing because he can't go on as a girl has ran away from him and took some of his things.

      15> ''5000'' [2:11]
      This is basically a role play of boys talking about $5,000 and they just start laughing for some reason. I kind of find it boring as they just laugh and talk till the end, but you do end up laughing at the way these guys are laughing. This time there is no beat in the background just boys laughing at some cash.

      16 > #1 [3:18]
      I have to say we have now reached our final destination. This is the song I love the most in this whole album. This song really inspires me, in telling me that I am one of a kind and I'm number one even if people try to make excuses in the things I do. though the song is explicit at some point.
      Everything in this song is perfect, you can understand what Nelly is saying, the bass really stands out and the chorus has top lyrics. There is a point when the beat picks up in a way that it makes me dance like no one is looking. However, I must say I enjoy the remix of this song as well as it features other rappers who talks about their life stories and how they made it to number one.
      If people are trying to drag you down, you should try listening to this song.

      17 > CG 2 [4.32]
      This is one of those songs you would want to play in the drive way, it sounds so cool how Nelly raps over the beat with some African drumming also included. The chorus, is slightly the same as one of the songs on his album (the dirty version). This is actually the continuation of the song, although the beats sounds totally different, and also the people who rap in the song. The song basically talks about how the boys used to MC back in the days, and how they got involved with the police because of speeding. The producer also gives us a few seconds in the end to listen to the beat, which sounds alright, but maybe better if he took out the hooting sound.

      18 > Say Now [5:42]
      This is a bonus track which has a long instrumental intro. The song is rather boring maybe its because of the beat as it plays in minor keys but has a piano playing in major, which makes it sound weird. I've never really listened this song to the end, it totally puts me to sleep and it also happens to be the longest track on this CD.

      19 > '**** It Then' [1:38]
      The role play continues, Cedric goes back to the apartment and the girl is tripping because Cedric took his time and he brought back the Clean version of Nelly Ville. They keep on fighting using some swear words including the F & N word, it's pretty funny. In the end the girl leaves but she trips on the stairs and drops.

      20> Stick Out Ya wrist [3:53]
      This is another bonus track on the CD to dance to. The song has some female vocals on the chorus but when Nelly raps you can hardly hear what he is saying, but I still like the way it sounds.

      I would definitely recommend this song to all those rap, Hip-Hop and RnB lovers because this CD has different flavours. Unlike other Cds this song does not have an repetition of beats possibly because it has different producers whom all have different flavours. As someone who has done Music production and has also produced her own stuff I would say this CD is exceptional as it's hard for people to like 50% of a CD that has 20 tracks.
      Moreover, with this CD it has a VIP backstage pass to Nelly's site which lets you access exclusive Nelly stuff, I myself have been on the site and I must say I was pleased (telling you about his site is another review). The booklet that comes with this CD does not have the lyrics of any of the songs on this CD, if you want the lyrics you would have to go on the internet and search for them.
      If you are one of those people who gets offended by swear words, you shouldn't listen to this CD as it has some swearing in some of the songs.


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        27.07.2008 12:50
        Very helpful



        Nelly's second album

        Released in 2002, "Nellyville" is the second album from the pop rapper, Nelly. As with his debut album, "Country Grammar", Nelly takes influence from his surroundings of St. Louis to come out with a Mid-Western style of rap which takes on a lot of the elements of the Dirty South and also a range of other musical genre. From here Nelly directs his music to the mainstream crowd rather than the Hip Hoppers as his lyrical talent doesn't compare to what is expected of someone in this style, so he is left categorized as a pop rapper.

        1. Nellyville

        You should recognise this as it plays at the beginning of one of the biggest singles from the album, "Dilemma", but only the few few seconds of it. Nelly introduces the album as if he is welcoming you into his world in quite an inviting way, but it did little to effect me at all. I can't say that it excited me to hear what was going to come from the album. In fact, it annoyed me as Nelly raps in the tonal form, which people should tell him doesn't work.

        **Two Stars**

        2. Gettin' It Started (Skit)

        3. Hot In Herre

        I think that this track was the first track to compete with the populairty of his debut single "Country Grammar", possibly out-doing it as it topped charts across the globe. Everyone should know this big club track from him which told everbody to undress as they listen to it, and it does have this effect on you with the dance rhymth to it. Although it was one of his more popular ones, it still wasn't clse to being a favourite of mine as the power was in the production and energy, more than the raps.

        **Four Stars**

        4. Dem Boyz

        You have some tension-building whispered chanting at the start of this one to create an uneasy atmosphere, but once you get tinot the track, all of the build-up results in very little. I was extremely disappointed by it after doing so much to get you feeling under pressure, and then the raps you lose all of the momentum which he has going.

        **One Star**

        5. Oh Nelly

        I think that this one, as "#1" later on, has some sublminals directed towards the Hip Hop legend KRS-One, who ade comments towrds him in the past, however apart from a couple of flukily decent attempts at lyrcism, this track is poor as he says that as a boy from the country boy, he is going to "Change the game around", but he isn't seeing it from a position where he can claim to be in control of Hip Hop (and never will be). Some of the rhymes here are terrible as he resorts to spelling out his name (it's 2002 Nelly, come on).

        **One Star**

        6. Pimp Juice

        This is a smooth track from Nelly as he gets his pimp on. Really I think that Nelly was just trying to fit in with other rappers bying trying to spin up some controversy, which he did as it was claimed that it glorified prostitution, but I wouldn't say it's really this, it's more him just expressing hw good he is with the girls. Nelly sings this song rather than rapping it, and has he comes with a falsetto (far out of his range), it was quite painful to hear, but I enjoyed this display of his swagger.

        **Three Stars**

        7. Air Force One

        As one the new album, "Brass Knuckles", where Nelly expresses love for Air Jodan shoes, here he shows his emotions for his first love in sneakers; the Nike Air Force One. When you can relate to feeling this way towards shoes, then you will easily be able to get into this track, which has the St. Lunatics speak on thier favioute 'flavour' of AF1. After hearing this, and then goign out to buy some, you will find yourself shouting out "Give Me Two Pair".

        **Four Stars**

        8. In The Store (Skit)

        9. On The Grind

        The only good thing which I could appreciate here was the beat which has you swaying along to it, but apart from this, it is very uneventful and don't really hold the theme ogether well, so much so that I didn't know what he was really focussng upon. As a result, it was very simple with Nelly and King Jacob rapping about random things whcih come top their minds.

        **One Star**

        10. Dilemma

        This is one of the mos tpopular tracks from nelly, but I tend to beleive that it's the non-Nelly fans who prefer it rather than the ones who follow his career, as it's not a typical thing which he comes out with. this is his duet with Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny's Child, and he presents his R&B style here to maximum effect.

        Although I didn't really feel it as much as most, considering it got into the top 10 of ever country where it was released, but I can appreciated it inhow Nelly comes up with a track on a scenrio which he has got into where he has fallen for a girl who is already in a relationship.

        **Four Stars**

        11. Splurge

        As this album is the second for him, and he went out on a risk buy releaing the first one with so little finacial support, here he talks about how he is finally able to spend, spend, spend, on whatever he wants with so many singles on his back in such a short amount of time. When he come from nothing, and got to this stage in his life, he had to express his excitement about having so much money to live off, and he does it in a tolerable manner.

        **Three Stars**

        12. Work It

        This is a excellent collaboaration between Nelly and Justin Timberlake, one that should be consdiered that club alterantive to "Dilemma" in terms of how Nelly gets the aid of another R&B singer to aid him in coming with a quality track.

        This is also helped out Justin in getting his name up in a differnt way as he was trying to break out of his boyband days here. He comes with amazing melodies during it, and the veteran producer Scott Storch comes ith a funky beat to make it come together well.

        **Five Stars**

        13. Roc The Mic (Remix)

        I was entirely unaware of the original to thiss one, but I now know that it's a remix of a Beanie Sigel and Freeway tune. I suspect that this was included, with such guests in order to attract a proper Hip Hop crowd to hims musci, but I don't thik that this was really enough, as both Nelly and Murphy Lee sounded like amateurs in comparison to the equality of the other East Coast pair.

        **Three Stars**

        14. Gank

        I just haven't got a clue what this one is about, as a result I couldn't ge titno it at all, and as Nelly also decided to encorporate the sounds of the region, with a little country thrown in here, it just ade a larger barrier for me to tackel in order to appreciate it in any way.

        **One Star**

        15. 5000 (Skit)

        16. #1

        Waiel "Wally" Yaghnam produced this track, one of the singles from the album, and it was very differnt to the rest as it shows off the influence which rock has had on Nelly's music with the melodic gutoiar riffs. However, the lyrics do not dwell on this, instead focus on his expressing how he sees himself as on the top of his game, leading peopel to beleive that it's a direct diss back at KRS-One who did not appreciate his pop style of rap.

        **Three Stars**

        17. CG2

        This is a remix to his hit single which launched his career, "Country Grammar", but I wouldn't rally advise you to bother gettign the album just for it, because there are so many poor tracks that it's just not worth it. It doesn't really have that many simialritis to the original apart from the melodies of the chrous, and here he just speaks on how he has progressed since the last album.

        **Two Stars**

        18. Say Now

        Nelly really loses it here on the final track of the album, it was just a terrible display of his raps. At times in this he has issues with just abou everything, most of whcih could be altered with a little effort, and so it just sounded a mess as he goes into the singing style and does it in an odd off-beat fashion, which doens't work at all.

        **One Star**

        19. F**k It Then (Skit)

        Apart from the singles, there is absolutely nothing worth listening to on this album, so I would advise you to pick out the ones which you enjoy out of those because you are really not likely to find anything else in the album at all (apart from the hilarious skits by Cedric The Entertainer). This one is the worst of the Nelly albums so far, which is surprising when you discover that it sold so well (peaking at #1 in the Billboard Charts).


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          26.11.2007 22:31
          Very helpful



          With lame music tracks like AIR FORCE ONES, Nelly takes off with a CRAP album!

          (Note: I originally posted this review on www.epinions.com in my ID name - dr_kdj_primo ©.)


          Ok, first of all, I have to admit, I had this fecal PU*SYVILLE album, SMELLYVILLE....err, sorry I mean NELLYVILLE album since July 2002. As you will see from the title of my review, I am not feeling this sh*t. The album smells miserably, but before I break my pencil in disappointment to write in detail, let me spit a story of what happened back in UK 2001 / 2002:


          There were a lot of underlying factors:

          Firstly, it was Nelly's debut single and album, both titled 'COUNTRY GRAMMAR' that drove me to purchase 'NELLYVILLE'. You see back in 2001, all my friends as well as others (e.g. my sister) talked about Nelly and his Country Grammar. So, I watched his single on MTV Base and KISS channels, listening to the beats and lyrics. His flow, lyrics and unique style was raw and fit with the catchy beats. So it made me think he was destined to be one of those modern storytellers (even if the beats were somewhat commercial) to release good albums in the future like possibly 'NELLYVILLE'.

          (For more details on 'COUNTRY GRAMMAR' stay tuned for my forthcoming review on 'THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF NELLY')

          Call me MAD now if I associate real Hip Hop / decent commercial Hip Hop with Nelly, but I believed he kept it real back then!. So did some of my bloods (slang term for friends - Hip Hop fans) who bought the debut single that launched Nelly's career.

          Secondly, I thought having watched #1, Nelly was back on track with his modern storytelling of what it takes to be a popular rapper (though it offended KRS-1 - see later).

          Thirdly, a lot of fans of rap music including myself (and some people I knew personally) in the UK thought 'NELLYVILLE' was going to be somewhat better than 'COUNTRY GRAMMAR'. In other words, with new subject matter forming the building blocks of decent hip hop and away from those disgusting half-bare women and pop video nonsense.

          Fourthly, 'NELLYVILLE' reached No. 1 on Top of the Pops, beating every other rapper in the game of the charts (yeah you name it Eve, Styles etc.).

          This FOURTH factor you have read, is my biggest mistake for buying this album. I just thought that if an artist reaches No. 1, the album is perfect but - SCREWING!, ALAS! - I made a stupid mistake. I don't even want to admit I got suckered in, because real hip-hop experts are going to think I'm Nelly's brother, I'm a St lunatic, fan of pop rap and sh*t like that.

          (I hope my friend, Dean doesn't read this bit. I know how much he hates Nelly and he will spit GANGSTARR stuff on me if he knows I listened to Nellyville!)


          For being a long-term fan of GOOD HIP HOP since 1993, whether COMMERCIAL or UNDERGROUND, I feel really embarrassed for wasting £12.99 on an album that is mostly sprinkled with corny party beats, lame singing and unoriginal subject matter. Even Jason "Jay E" Epperson who was the producer behind some good beats on that interesting Country Grammar single is a major disappointment on this second release. He is the main contributor to the horrendous production on 'NELLYVILLE' with a flurry of whack beats (see later). Since 2002, I never touched 'NELLYVILLE' again. Nowadays, as I see this man's face pop up on music channels and throw away the respect I had for him, I have had a lot of things to rap (say) about him (also, I could not register on http://www.epinions.com (or dooyoo.co.uk) until 2004 because of modem problems). However, there are 1 or 2 tracks where I will be fair on Nelly as will be seen later.


          For each track, are detailed events of the small good things and big nonsense I heard in back in 2002.

          1. NELLYVILLE (4:15 min)

          The beats produced by Waiel "Wally" Yaghnam (in co with guitarists, TJ Oster and Steve Eigner) are not bad and they start off briefly like an introduction to a movie. The beats then switch to a modern Texas guitar-style feel and are laid back. Nelly has a voice that fits well with the beats of the track.

          In terms of Lyrics or subject matter however, it is only when Nelly yells out some nonsense in his shaky high-pitched voice, that this track with a safe beat is ruined:

          'Welcome to Nellyville, where all newborns get a half-a-mill'
          Sons, get the tan DeVille, soon as they can reach the wheel
          And daughters, get diamonds the size of their age - help me out now
          One year get one carat, two years get two carats
          Three years get three carats, and so on into marriage
          Nobody livin average, everybody jang-a-lang....'

          Nelly is trying to introduce us to his hood where young girls study at Nellyville to become qualified hoes. That is, girls who study jewelleries and diamonds and then become heavily dressed in them on their half-bare bodies.
          As if it's something to look forward to in future. Then Nelly talks about carats of gold, more gold and YET MORE GOLD! He is trying to teach us that girls will grow up to become GOLD DIGGERS marrying RICH PIMPS (like him or his St Lunatic clan). The subject matter of this track then switches to big acres in jacuzzis, big cars, big cribs and sh*t like that:

          '....Nellyville - 40 acres and a pool
          Six bedrooms, full bath with a jacuzz'
          Six-car garage, pavement smooth
          Both front and back deck 'nough room to land a jet....'

          So this is the crap rap theory that Nelly has written for what will happen in 'Nellyville' is it? Nonsense! Yet in the hook, Nelly and his St Lunatics clan, sing and babble about how they can't explain all the rubbish that goes on in 'Nellyville'.

          '....There's no.. way.. I.. I could explaiiiiin....'

          This Cornell Haynes (real name) - or rather, corny Nelly with a plaster on his face and his St Lunatics are a bunch of hypocrites.

          Rating: 3/10

          2. "GETTING IT STARTED" (1:51 min) (featuring Cedric the Entertainer and LA LA)

          (Not a music track)

          If there is one thing I have always hated about Nelly's album, dating back to the okay 'COUNTRY GRAMMAR', it's Cedric the Entertainer is in herre!
          He sounded like an idiot when he polluted the skits of 'COUNTRY GRAMMAR'. On 'NELLYVILLE', his guest appearance remains bad whatsoever, kind of smelly like the Nellyville album itself.

          Anyway "GETTING IT STARTED" opens up with a visitor ringing Cedric's crib. Cedric opens the door to a girl named LA LA. A pimp style conversation takes place in the crib with Cedric pouring the champagne and playing lame music in the background.

          LA LA says "....You smell like baloney....". Yeah, Cedric stinks alright.

          Right here comes the pathetic part. LA LA makes it clear that she will not have s*x with Cedric unless she listens to Nellyville that she will use to feed her physical energy. I guess she is in LA LA land right now!!!! So Cedric pops out to go to the store. Sigh!

          Rating: Not applicable

          3. HOT IN HERRE (3:48 min)

          I first knew this track when I watched the video on MTV Base and Kiss channels. These are the opening lyrics sung by Nelly:

          'Hot in.....
          So hot in herre.....
          So hot in.....'

          When lyrics are yelled out like this, it is not surprising real rap listeners will run away when they experience the rest of this track or video. Here are more of Nelly's smelly lyrics:

          'I was like, good gracious a$$ bodacious
          Flirtacious, tryin to show faces
          Lookin for the right time to shoot my steam (you know)....

          ....I need you to get up up on the dance floor
          Give that man what he askin for
          Cuz I feel like bustin loose and I feel like touchin you
          And cant nobody stop the juice so baby tell me whats the use....'

          '....like girl I think my butt gettin big....'
          (Nelly shouted out this phrase, BIG TIME!)

          Ok let me try and imagine if this verse has any meaning like real Hip Hop. So what is Nelly getting at? Is he trying to show some feces from his butt or wait for the right time to shoot his fart or gas off in public? As for the rest of the above verse, does Nelly seriously think a sensible girl will just get on that dance floor? Only to be smothered in diarrhea and other sh*t dripping like juice from Nelly's bum as he himself shakes his warm body?

          Really, Nelly what is the use with smelly lyrics like these? What's the deal for a poor girl to get her face hot, looking at your big stinky butt?

          Now to focus on the beats delivered by the Neptunes. Just awful and corny. A DJ producer, whether commercial or underground just can't use a 1980s style beat like this for hip hop. I don't even know if this is better for R'n'B. But that does not matter because it's fit for Nelly who likes to scream off his (and others) clothes in St Louie!

          I cannot believe this track had the ability to reach as high as No. 4 in the charts.

          Rating: 1/10

          4. DEM BOYZ (4:34 min)

          The production made by Jason "Jay E" Epperson is plain wack. It has a Texas-style rhythm like the one on NELLYVILLE but "Jay E" has constructed them in the wrong fashion from start to finish. All the instrumentals that Jason employs STINKS and little effort has been put to improve the wack rhythm of the beats. The beats are rushed, being composed of retarded synths, annoying drum loops and dumb bass lines that sound silly to my eardrums. Jay E's production also sound like they were produced on a toy, Casio keyboard fit for a 4 year old (more like those awful beats I remember on Bravehearts - 'Buss my Gun').

          The lyrics written by Nelly and his Midwest cats (Big Ali, Murphy Lee, Kujyan and Big Ali) are loaded with rotten subject matter that are extremely ignorant and insulting.

          Nelly sings with stupidity against his haters about how he has the right to take pictures with any female who comes up to him for publicity:

          '....From white girls name Anna, to old ladies name Nanna
          They hold'n up they banners, and run'n wit they cameras
          Can I get a flick you damn right miss
          (Can I take a hit) here boo like this....

          ....From Prada to Vokal, the Tics are too versatile
          Can't worry bout certain sounds, that come out these haters mouths....'

          Is Nelly trying to sound like Eminem on 'The Way I am' with that last phrase. Nelly just can't get angry like that because he messed up his own credibility of Hip Hop in the first place.

          Then in the next verse, Murphy Lee raps about
          (1) His brother, Kujyan dresses like a pimp in different colours
          (2) Nelly has the longest chains around his neck
          (3) Big Ali throws out money (like they grow on trees)
          (4) Murphy Lee and his crew make girlies throw their pants off and everybody screams for their music!

          Murphy Lee's quality of rapping is EVEN worse than Nelly's as he just can't seem to spit two-syllables, YET ALONE multi-syllables. I mean, he double rhymes simple words like '....I am....' or '....pimp....' with '...limp....'. Wow, excellent job Murpy Lee! You have good talent for being horrible at rhyming.

          Kyjuan and Big Ali talk about looking cool in rich clothes and shoes. Need I say more about their subject matter over the last two verses? The lyricism from Kujyan and Big Ali are exceedingly laughable upon my visual examination as these Southern, SEWAGE RATS don't know how to make words rhyme. Kujyan and Big Ali should spend more time rapping in the f*cking TOILET with a toilet roll in their hand!

          Besides the poor excuse of lyrics, the flow of Nelly and his St Lunatics clowns are awfully drab and pierce my eardrums like an ICE pick. Murphy Lee's delivery over the crappy production from Jay E fares as the WORST.

          This track is evidence that Nelly and all DEM BOYZ (i.e. St Lunatics) are obnoxious to the ears of all undergound, rap listeners.

          Rating: -0/10

          5. OH NELLY (4:02 min)

          OH NELLY! You really F*CKED up this time! Nelly has just managed to unleash a sequel to 'Ride Wit Me' but this time it is a horrendous filler. Unlike 'Ride Wit Me' which was real and decent, this OH NELLY track is messy and sloppy in every aspect from lyricism to production, to subject matter (hang on.... what the hell is Nelly's subject matter?). First of all, Nelly is apparently lost about what to rhyme about. So he thought he could simply string together some words (from the toilet) and some other leftovers from 'Ride Wit Me' to update his formulas on the previous hit single. Here is one of Nelly's wack lines together with a sloppy chorus:

          '....I'm gettin p*ssy, with Tissy, Missy and Irene....'

          'Skurrrrt, oh! (Gon' break it down)
          Oh Nelly! (Gon' change that game around)
          And I bet (y'all really gon' hate him now)
          Why don't you come ride with me? Oooh-wee!'

          Listening to this track, I can tell Nelly is struggling with constipation to live up to his creativity on 'Ride wit me'. Even then without listening, just look at this '....I'm gettin p*ssy, with Tissy, Missy....'. This line demonstrates corny Nelly at his laziest with simplistic rhyme schemes. Nelly must be struggling with his flow as if he's getting tired or running out of steam. It must be the weight of the feces piling up in his bowels. Look at the chorus written by Nelly (and Murphy) and see how messy it is.

          Nelly really has the audacity to say '....If what you spittin ain't hittin then - check your aim....' because he has missed the point so far throughout this album. In the second verse, Nelly sings:

          'First name Nelly, last name Nel
          First letter C, last letter L
          Six hundred fly by, what the hell?'

          WHAT THE HELL! Oh Nelly! If this plastered cat wants to update his formulas, he'd better take some lessons from Guru of Gangstarr. Like Guru said on Put up or Shut up, '....I'm the reason that your aim is missed....'

          As for the beats produced by "Jay E", crap, hideous, lame, uninspiring and seriously ugly. The beats are so overproduced they give me a headache and because of this, I have never been able to sit through this OH NELLY track. Jay E uses bass lines that sound like owls or evil nocturnal birds from the dirty south, HOOTING like ghosts after midnight. I guess this is what makes NELLYVILLE a scary place for backpackers who listen to underground Hip Hop.

          It is a shame because 'Ride Wit Me' had a cool beat delivered by City Spud (who is buy the way, a better producer than Jay E but on of the WORST emcees of St Lunatics).

          Rating: 0/10

          6. PIMP JUICE (4:52 min)

          This track is even worse than the previous OH NELLY! It was the last single off Nellyville. The producer behind the beats is JASON "JAY E" EPPERSON and as usual the beats are wack and too radio-friendly. Beatwise, it's so obvious that this track is aimed at hoes and pimps living dirty in prostitute clubs. The beats came originally from Staple Singers but it is cheap and nasty in herre. That especially goes for the video of Nelly's pimp juice that I once witnessed on Kiss channel. The beats are so awful, I just can't tolerate the whole 4:52 minutes of the track. I haven't inherited the genes for this. But I am sure Nelly himself, for being black, has inherited all the DNA he can to accept pimp juice beats!

          As usual, smelly Nelly is annoying in his lyrics. The lyrics (or verse) make no sense at all:

          'Pimp juice - oooooooooh-ooooooooh-hoooooooo
          I think I need to let it loose (might think I need to let it loose)
          Let her loose, let her loooooose
          She only want me for my pimp juice (that's all she want me for f'real)
          Not my pimp juice, I'm talkin new pimp juice
          I think I need to cut her loose (it's time for homegirl to recognize)
          Yes I do, yes I doooooo-hoooo....'

          '....Oooooooooooooooh, sh*t, that's how we do it baby
          "Every day like this?" Seven dayy-ayyys....'

          Do you see these juicy lyrics written by Nelly? I make a scientific examination on this and there is not even a small bit of creativity or meaning in there. This is why I get an immense headache when I hear nasty rhymes like these with pimp juice madness. It's not real hip hop. Not even good, commercial hip hop and yet the commercial industry will consider Nelly to be some new kind of rapper with new ideas.

          Rating: -0/10 (note that -0 is worse than 0 in my ratings)

          7. AIR FORCE ONES (5:04 min)

          Nelly links up again with his pimp fanatic, Lunatic friends to continue the ignorant sh*t they produced on DEM BOYZ. When I first listened to this I could not understand what they were getting at or what point they were trying to make. This is because Nelly and the rest were mumbling their words. All I could really hear was 'Air force ones and I need two pairs' in the hook (i.e. chorus). So I just assumed the subject matter of the track focused on pairs of aircrafts and soldiers playing air forces in the air.

          I later realised what the track focused on when in 2003, I tuned into the KISS Channel. By chance I just saw the video of AIR FORCE ONCES released by Nelly with the St Lunatics. All these clowns could rap about was how to buy boxes of trainers, wear trainers, tie up laces and sh*t like that. WHAT a RUBBISH, STUPID and UNCREATIVE idea from stinky Nelly and the St Loo-natics ( that's not a typing error)! The title of the track is about craving for air-filled footwear like Nike Air Max. I like Nike, but the sports company doesn't deserve to be embarrassed by Nelly like this. Well, having watched this f**ked up video, I regarded this track to be even crappier than either PIMP JUICE or HOT IN HERRE since 2003. This AIR FORCE ONES is more rotten than a pile of dustbin rubbish with pigeons' droppings.

          The beats are corny and tedious. They sound like a cheap quality video game flavoured with south-coast fried, commercial seasoning or additives (i.e. extra lame beats). One of the additives is the sound of a CD that spins repeatedly in a faulty CD ROM and this continues throughout the rhythm of the beats from start to finish. The beats are enough to induce irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's disease.

          Guess who produced these annoying beats. TRACKBOYZ! I am sure some Hip Hop fans are familiar with Trackboyz, since these commercial, south-coast producers contributed to J-Kwon's joker album. JOKERBOYZ would be a better name for these producers. Who needs laxatives, when the Trackboyz's hideous production scheme can stimulate severe diarrhea and cause VIOLENT bowel contractions in rap listeners (as well as override constipation).

          The beats together with the uninspired flow of Nelly and his St Lunatic mates make the whole track skippable.

          This track appeared to be the fourth single after DILEMMA (see later).

          Rating: --0/10

          8. "IN THE STORE" (1:40 min) (featuring Cedric the Entertainer and LA LA)

          (Not a music track)

          As usual it's just that Cedric acting like an idiot again. He is running from store to store trying to find that ridiculous Nellyville album by Nelly. Why can't he just look for Moment of Truth (by Gangstarr) instead? He should use that classic album to knock real Hip Hop sense into that stupid LA LA girl

          If Cedric is looking for a commercial, Hip Hop album, I suggest he go and buy Eve's Scorpion to sting lady sense into LA LA.

          Rating: Not applicable

          9. ON THE GRIND (4:45 min) (featuring King Jacob)

          I will admit I like this track better than the previous ones for the following reasons:

          (1) Nelly does not seem to rhyme rampantly about sex or pimping.

          (2) Nelly's voice and flow is at a constant level (like on 'EI') and actually manages to ride the mediocre production

          The subject matter of this track is similar to that of DEM BOYZ in that Nelly is calling out against his haters again. Only this time those wack St Lunatics (especially Murphy Lee) are absent. Because of this, I prefer ON THE GRIND to DEM BOYZ. Nelly (along with King Jacob) try to sound more like Jadakiss and Nas in trying incorporate metaphors and street words in their lyrics to describe their enemies. But how good are Nelly and King Jacob's lyrics? I will examine their verses closely:

          [Nelly - verse]
          'They actin like they really want it with me
          Trust me they don't really want it they just want to be seen....

          ....No chokin or bleedin this ride is for free
          No matter what u got your dying for free
          Automatically I'm focused like 35 millimeters'

          [King Jacob - chorus]
          'Why is they yackin like they f**kin with these? (I don't know)
          Why is they stuntin like they holdin the keys? (tell me)
          Them type of people don't be holdin no heat (naw)
          Then how the f**k they gon be rollin with me (uh)
          Dude how the hell you ain't gonna waste yo time (wait yo time)
          Yo mouth gonna f**k around and gonna waste yo time (ey)
          I don't them ni**a that ain't gonna grind....'

          From a lyrical standpoint, this is less obnoxious than DEM BOYZ. Then again the level of lyricism from both Southern cats are still appalling before my eyes due to their SIMPLISTIC nature. Nelly double-rhymes 'free' while King Jacob relies on double-line rhyming, showcasing just how UNTALENTED he is. Other weaknesses of ON THE GRIND reflect the fact that Nelly's punchlines and use of metaphors are absolutely disgraceful and simplistic. Furthermore, Nelly's lyrics are monosyllabic and repetitive for the entire track (well what can you expect from the ST Lunatics).

          Another problem I have with ON THE GRIND is the production.
          The beats are overproduced and sound like a poppy video game that has somewhat malfunctioned. Again, Jason "Jay E" Epperson is the producer and that's just the inevitable.

          Rating: 2/10

          10. DILEMMA (4:49 min) (featuring Kelly Rowland)

          As I stated earlier in my review this is where I really decide to go easy on Nelly (I only go easy when an artist makes a creative effort on a good track). This time, Nelly (with the help of Kelly Rowland) creates a good sequel to 'Luven Me' on 'Country Grammar'. My reason for this opinion centres on the fact that DILEMMA sounds similar to 'Luven Me' from a lyrical standpoint in the following ways:

          (1) In DILEMMA, Nelly turns down his voice for a laid back, passionate flow as he did on 'Luven Me'.

          (2) As everyone knows, when DILEMMA was released as the third single, the Nelly's subject matter is limited to one decent woman. Not a group of stupid hoes. The 'Luven Me' track (which was not released) had that similar subject.

          While Nelly is a step up in quality on this compared to his preceding tracks (especially that HOT IN HERRE single!), I like DILEMMA particularly because of Kelly's input. Her vocal skills are very interesting. Furthermore, I am also a fan of good R'n'B to some extent (like that from Destiny's Child). Sample:

          [Kelly Rowland - chorus]
          'No matter what I do, all I think about is you
          Even when I'm with my boo, know you know I'm crazy over you
          No matter what I do, all I think about is you
          Even when I'm with my boo, y'know I'm crazy over you'

          [Nelly - verse]
          'Check it, check it, check it, uhh
          I met this chick and she just moved right up the block from me
          And uhh, she got the hots for me the finest thing my hood done seen
          But oh no, oh no, she gotta a man
          and a son, doh'ohhh, but that's okay
          Cause I, wait for my cue and just listen, play my position
          Like a shortstop, pick up e'rything mami hittin
          And in no time.. (no time) I..
          I plan to make this wah-one mi-i-ne.. and that's for sure....'

          Notice the difference upon careful examination of Nelly's lyrics and compare with his previous ones about girls. Without 'jewelleries', 'diamonds', '$$$$ - cash' etc., Nelly is not insulting the girl's intelligence.

          The beats produced by Bam and Ryan Bowser for suga shack entertainment are a beautiful listen. In every aspect, this track deserves to reach No. 1 in the charts even if it is 100% commercial.

          (I would have rated this 10/10 but it gets frustrating when successful tracks are overplayed 24:7 - 24 Hours 7 days on the radio, MTV Base etc.)

          Rating: 8/10

          11. SPLURGE (5:09 min)

          Nelly's brief run of good tracks (i.e. 9 and 10) ends with mediocrity as this plastered man speaks about cars, money and all that crap. I don't want to rap in detail to describe the ignorant lyrics Nelly wants us to hear because it is no different from what I heard from tracks 1, 3, 4 and 5. One thing I do understand from the verses is that Nelly is having fun being silly with money. Here is a small sample of that Nelly stupidness:

          '....You think you know me but you really dont (You dont even know)
          But I, I'm feelin good about myself, so I, I splurge a lil' hell
          You see the money and
          The cars and diamonds and you....'

          The trumpet-like beats delivered by Jason "Jay E" Epperson for Fo' Reel Entertainment are definitely SPLURGE - in other words sloppy, stinky and mucky (like human feces). The theatre rhythm on the squalid beats is meant to make the atmosphere of the track sound like a show presented by Nelly. But the rhythm is just not working and it is used wrong. Because of this, I couldn't be bothered to sit through 5:09 minutes of the track.

          I am glad this SPLURGE trash did not pop onto the TV screen as a single.

          Rating: 2/10

          12. WORK IT (4:22 min) (feat. Justin Timberlake)

          The disagreeable odour left by Nelly's built-in commercialism continues to diffuse through the buttocks....

          WORK IT is a very bad track, just like the video for which it became the fifth single. The beats? From beginning to end, A - Z, the beats are too over-synthesized, glitzy, jiggy, pop and radio friendly. They are just as irritating as that pimp juice beat I heard back on track 6 and are enough to stimulate muscular bowel contractions, causing sudden diarrhea. The beats are not the worst on the album but very bad. I am sure anyone reading this review may have figured out the name of the producer (Ja* *) responsible for this SMELLY disaster.

          Nelly's hook (below) is awful and stinks terribly:

          [Nelly - chorus]
          'Baby Show Something
          Don't say nothing (Don't you say a word)
          I just want to
          See you work it (Come on baby work it for me)
          That ain't frontin
          Show me something (Let me see it girl)
          I just try to
          See you work it (I just wanna see you work it for me)'

          CORNIEST OF ALL IS THE VIDEO. The actual concepts of the video are as follows:

          (1) Nelly and Justin Timberlake live royal like Tim Henman (i.e. British Tennis Player) with a posh house and huge tennis court. Tennis courts are packed with brainwashed women running Half-NAKED and NUDE but CENSORED, using BREASTS to play TENNIS. (WHAT THE....?!?!?!?!)

          (2) Both artists attempt to cut a sample of 'Trading Places - 1983' movie. Nelly acts like Randolph but forces it and fails. Justin Timber-FAKE fails the role of Mortimer.

          (3) There are yet MORE naked women playing with Nelly on a snooker table like putrid, smelling rats!

          (4) Did I catch a glimpse of MURPHY LEE and KYJUAN in the background? Standing above the hedges, watching Nelly and Justin? Yes, I saw them moving in excitement!

          I have a friend who is a big fan of the South Coast group, Ca$hmoney and not even he could stomach this TRASH.... *ahem* .... music track - if that's what Nelly calls it (or other 'NELLYVILLE' tracks for that matter).

          Once again readers, Nellyville is a dangerous place for backpackers to visit. Backpackers and even commercial rap listeners will experience tropical sprue if they catch disease from Nelly and his St Lunatics crew!

          Rating: -0/10

          13. ROC THE MIC-REMIX (4:18 min) (featuring Freeway, Beanie Sigel and Murphy Lee)

          The quality here is a lot better than the previous track but mainly features Freeway and Beanie Sigel (as I like them better than St Lunatics). The style of rapping delivered by these Roc-a-fella members are typical ROC stuff. Even Murphy Lee, (though generally worse than Nelly) raps good for his standards. But I'm not convinced he wrote his lyrics by himself.

          As for Nelly, haphazard again. Nelly shouldn't have pretended to be Jay-Z and attempt to recreate the Nelly vs KRS One counterpart of Jay Z vs Nas. Just look at this diss below. It sure isn't a clever construction of metaphors and punchlines:

          '....Like K - "Know" one here even said your name
          R - You really feelin guilty bout somethin mayn
          S - Sad to see you really just want just
          One - more hit please please!
          You the first old man who should get a rapper's pension
          No we ain't system call this mic invention....'

          And he didn't rap this, he SUNG it. With a basic, ABC type diss like this and that singing, Nelly sounds moronic and he sets himself up for danger posed by KRS-1 who answers back with superior lyrics in response! KRS-1 shooks Nelly (i.e. kills, checkmates etc.) on 'Ova Here' in response to the cowardly diss and wins!

          For a moment, I thought this track would be released. But then again, it couldn't because it is a diss to KRS-1. (Remember what happened when Tupac released a diss against Biggie back in 1997.)

          The beats are good and suited to hip hop (whatever the style except pop rap). They are produced by Just Blaze for ROC and is not surprisingly, better that "JAY E's".

          Rating: 4/10

          14. THE GANK (4:48 min)

          More like 'Life STANK in the TANK', judging by the way this track gets off from the beginning. You see, Nelly puts Lord have mercy in his lunatic singing, because a girl left him for broke. Consequently, Nelly feels he can't cope in life, without huge stacks of cash, cars and everything and so he just can't go on. He even pauses to cry about the situation to his St Lunatic mates halfway through the track.

          Has Nelly ever read about 'Jesus Christ' in the Bible? Jesus and the Lord God will teach Nelly that money ain't everything. Nelly should listen to Nas on 'Last Real N**ga Alive' and watch how the 'Street's disciple' uses his sublime power to put 'Lord have mercy' in his rap. Lord have mercy on you Nelly, for stringing together ignorant lyrics on a guitar beat.

          The beats which are guitar driven is decent but it's not what I'm feeling. The fact is, it's aimed at fans of meaningful, adult pop music. Since I am a hip hop fan, the beats don't appeal to me.

          Rating: 3/10

          15. "5000" (2:11 min)

          (Not a music track)

          This is just a track of wasted 5000 laughs by Nelly and his dirty St Lunatics crew. These South Coast cats are laughing mad for no reason and I guess that's how they got their name - ST LUNATICS.

          Rating: Not applicable

          16. #1 (3:18 min)

          This track is technically the first release from 'NELLYVILLE', though it was originally a soundtrack for 'Training Day - O.S.T.' Nelly shows flashes of the brilliant form I witnessed back in 2000 / 2001. But I don't consider him to deserve that number 1 status right now. Nevertheless, he spits some tight, gritty rhymes here about anyone who dare tries to brawl with him. Nelly sounds like a street rapper on this track, both when I read his verses (off internet sites) and listen to them on CD. It is a little similar to 'Never let em C U sweat' lyrically but it is more commercial and lacks guest appearances. The video I watched in February 2002 confirms that Nelly continued that 'Country Grammar' phase back then. The atmosphere of the video was dark and street wise but cool and decent.

          One weakness however is this part of the verse:

          'Hey yo I'm tired of people judging what's real Hip-Hop
          Half the time you be them ni**as who's f**kin album flop
          (You know) Boat done sank and it aint left the dock
          (Cmon!) Mad cause I'm hot
          (He just) Mad cause he not
          You aint gotta gimme my props....'

          These are the lines that called out KRS One (though Nelly was not expecting this) and resulted in the KRS One vs Nelly. Nelly shouldn't have rapped these words, because it insults not just KRS One but also Dead Prez, DJ Premier, Guru, Krumbsnatcha, future underground rappers etc. For owning a collection of Gangstarr CDs, I have to agree that in recent years, real Hip Hop artists haven't quite blown up on the scene. But there's nothing wrong with real Hip Hop because it is a reflection of true HUMAN NATURE (especially in the ghetto).

          So this is my word Nelly - it's not fair to criticise real rappers just because they can't sell the juice. It is all these nonsense from pop-rappers (like J-Kwon, P. Diddy etc.) that grow like weeds in the music industry and are being bought by music fans. It's preventing real-rap from putting sense and nutrition in fans minds. #1 shouldn't have been appropriate for track title either as I don't consider Nelly to be the best rapper (IT's OBVIOUS IN MOST PARTS OF MY REVIEW). Plus also as KRS ONE who released 'We're still #1' has better knowledge of hip hop. The title could have been better named above #10.

          Nevertheless the verses are catchy throughout and I especially like Nelly's flow in the hook:

          [Nelly - chorus]
          'I-Am-number one
          No matter if you like it
          Ready take this sit down and write it
          I-Am-number one
          Hey hey hey hey hey hey
          Now let me ask you man...
          What does it take to be number one?
          Two is not a winner
          And 3 nobody remembers (hey)
          What does it take to be number one?
          Hey hey hey hey'

          The modern guitar beats produced by "Wally" for Fo' Reel Entertainment are catchy and fit perfectly with Nelly's flow.

          Rating: 7/10

          17. CG2 (4:32 min)

          After a good track, Nelly drops out the WORST brown sh*t on the album. Nelly tries to create a sequel to his brilliant 'Country Grammar'. Just as he tried to create the sequel to 'Ride Wit Me' on track 5, he F*CKS up the second time. Nelly takes leftovers from 'Country Grammar' and chemically combines it with new sh*t to produced a disorganized CG2.

          CG2 is practically a genetic clone of OH NELLY. In other words CG2 is simply a filler with messy beats, sloppy flow and baby lyrics. Plus, there is wack guest appearance by those St Lunatics. Adding St Lunatics to the equation does virtually nothing to save the remake of country grammar as these lunatics have even LESS talent than Nelly himself. Nelly also sings '....zoop, zoop...zoop, zoop, zoop....' and it stinks of rotten cabbage. Then there is this piece of smelly sh*t Nelly wrote:

          'Errry, gaga, they call me Dada
          The rookie wanna signin' bonus for that pu nada
          But my, salary cap won't allow me to give a nada
          I guess she be a free agent until she find anotha....'

          Do you see the words Gaga, Dada, nada? This is one reason why I say CG2 is a filler with baby lyrics. Nelly also struggles with his rhythm. Big Ali and those other lunatics smell and suck period.

          To add to the frustration, the beats produced by "Jay E" sound childish.

          This and the 'zoop, zoop, zoop...' poop lyrics give me a stabbing headache.

          Rating: --0/10

          18. SAY NOW (5:42 min)

          The beats from "JAY E", are cheesy and boring. It's basically a combination of different musical instruments including pianos and guitars.

          Nelly must have associated himself with so much hoes for most of the album that he has forgotten his original fashion of storytelling. In the verses, Nelly talks about problems in his city (e.g. guns, gang warfare etc.) as if he is Nasir Jones. Then in the hook, he sings about HOES coming out to play. RUBBISH storytelling here! Hoes don't solve the problem and they make anti-social behaviour worse on the streets (especially in the UK). This is why so many hip hop fans can't stand this SAY NOW track. Here is the hook:

          [Nelly - chorus]
          'Say now (say now)
          Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
          Say now (say now)
          Can you hoes come out to play now? (play now)
          Say now (na na na na)
          Can you hoes come out to play now? (na na na na na na na na)
          Say now (na na na na)
          Can you hoes come out
          Na wait a minute na wait a minute na wait a minute na'

          When Nelly writes and sings this hook, it's like he had sex with a hoe and got infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Worse than that, the chorus is bitterly infectious to anyone listening to it, no matter how gentle Nelly sounds here. Nelly also sounds like he has hoe addiction and must seek counseling in the music industry to get back to the basics of storytelling. Here is another reason why:

          'They mean the same to me like Biggie to C's
          Like Easy to E's, Tupac to overseas....'

          If Biggie or Tupac come out of their graves and see how Nelly quotes their names, I am sure they will shake in embarrassment. SAY NOW is Nelly's own humiliation and I think it's better Nelly SAYS NOTHING about legendary rappers.

          Rating: 2/10

          19. "**** IT THEN" (1:38 min) (featuring Cedric the Entertainer and LA LA)

          (Not a music track)

          Cedric runs back from the store with that stupid Nellyville album. LA LA whines like a spoilt Rugrats girl:

          "....get the Nellyville CD, How hard was dat? / .. / the clean version? What!?...."

          LA LA storms out and Cedric cries about losing her.
          F*ck these clowns!!!! I'm out!

          Rating: Not applicable

          20. STICK OUT YA WRIST - BONUS TRACK (3:53 min) (featuring Toya)

          A CRAP bonus track. As soon as I hear this, it stinks of feces from the toilet, just like HOT IN HERRE. If only there is an air freshner to neutralise the stench of bad lyrics that spreads throughout NELLYVILLE - even for this damn BONUS TRACK. STICK OUT YA WRIST has stupid party rhymes by Nelly, a retarded hook and guest appearance by Toya and garbage beats by Jason "Jay E" Epperson. The chorus from Toya / Nelly and input from "JAY E" repeat every 5 times for 3:52 minutes like a daily defecation.

          [Toya - chorus]
          'Hey Mister
          Stick out ya wrist, how many in this
          Stick out ya chest, are those baguettes
          I need to see how deep them pockets get
          Let me see if all that sh*t you talkin really legit'

          [Nelly - chorus]
          'Ok, now let me see ya do it baby
          Don't be afraid go now
          Don't be ashamed of how ya do it baby
          Just go ahead and make yo mama proud....'

          As you can see, Nelly's and Toya's chorus are absolutely terrible. Nelly uses the word 'baby' twice in three lines, revealing just how laughably bad his rapping skills can be. Toya's attempts at using simple metaphors and similes (e.g. baguettes) are poorly done and just....STINK PERIOD!

          Now I'll carefully examine the fecal contents of the pop-rap beats. Jason Epperson a.k.a "Jay E" laces a stupid production for Fo' Reel Entertainment that he supplies for STICK OUT YA WRIST. This putrid production consists of stupid bass lines that for some odd reason.... sound like subliminal farting noises were incorporated into it. Furthermore, "Jay E" (because he sucks as a producer), decides to throw in bubblegum sound effects that are scattered in disorganised fashion over the horrible bass lines.

          Overall this bonus track sounds like it was recorded in the 'Hoes and Pimps' music studio, somewhere in the dirty south.... particularly, NELLYVILLE!

          Rating: --0/10

          Now that I have waited 3 years to write my review 'NELLYVILLE', I can finally flush this album down the toilet. It's getting smelly in herre. I also need to get an air freshner to clear off the offensive, smelling gas that Nelly and DEM BOYZ left behind in the bathroom.


          Even at this stage, there are a lot of opinions I can express about Nellyville. The credits can be awarded to this album with respect to DILEMMA and #1 because of the decent combination of lyrics and beats. ON THE GRIND and ROC THE MIC-REMIX also deserve credibility to some extent. But these are the only tracks that have some freshness in them. The other 16 out of 20 tracks (including the skits) are all garbage. Therefore, the NELLYVILLE album stinks rotten and the stench of the 16 egg-rotten tracks completely masks the pleasantness of DILEMMA especially.

          Another experience I have already learnt is that no second album is going to top the very first magical one. Look at the urban history of Nas, Raekwon, DMX - even Talib Kweli. So it's inevitable that NELLYVILLE is a no good follow up to COUNTRY GRAMMAR.

          Finally, I think that if Nelly really considers himself a Hip Hop artist, then he should leave his in-house producer, "Jay E". It seems like "Jay E" created his production in Nickelodeon studios or perhaps off a simplistic computer program on a Commodore 64 computer (anyone remember playing those in the 1980s).

          He should place his trust more on Waiel "Wally" Yaghnam to deliver the beats for 'Fo' Reel Entertainment' production. The reason being that "Jay E's" production is rotten, supporting lame, party songs while "Wally's" production is suited to true urban music (or decent music).


          Best beats: DILEMMA and #1
          Worst beats: DEM BOYZ, OH NELLY, AIR FORCE ONES, CG2 and STICK OUT YA WRIST (Bonus)

          Best Video: DILEMMA and #1
          Worst Video: AIR FORCE ONES, PIMP JUICE and WORK IT

          Overall rating for album: 2/10

          Total marks = 31, 16 music tracks * 10 = 160

          31/160 = 1.9/10 = 2/10 = 1/5 = 1 star


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            29.01.2003 17:28
            Very helpful



            [ [Background] ] Nelly is a rapper unlike any other. His style is like a hybrid of rapping, singing and chanting. Nellyville is his second album and the follow up to Country Grammar. This is his first major hit on this side of the Atlantic. Nellyville is a concept album, but that's not something you would guess from the album design. Sometimes I can't remember whether I'm holding an inlay card or a mini-catalogue for Nelly's own clothing line Vokal! In fact, there are many references to Vokal throughout the album, but I suppose that's just the nature of hip-hop. [ [Music] ] ~~ Nellyville ~~ This track sets the scene for the whole album. It's a description of Nelly's Utopia where "all newborns get half-a-mil" and with "blocks with no gun-bling". This is nice up-tempo track that serves as a good introduction to the album, its concept as well as Nelly's unique style. 8/10 ~~ "Getting' It Started" ~~ "That right there gets me real loose" This is the first interlude, and doesn't feature Nelly. Cedric the Entertainer is trying to seduce La La. Unfortunately, she wants to hear the Nellyville album, but he doesn't have it. Cedric goes to the store to try to get it... 9/10 ~~ Hot In Herre ~~ "I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off" Hot In Herre was the first single and introduced the world to repeating letters in song titles (think "Dirrrty"). This is an excellent track about getting down in a club. It's a great song to dance to with a very catchy beat and instantly recognisable chorus. 10/10 ~~ Dem Boys ~~ "I'm tryna be a millionaire, I bet I am, I bet I am" Dem Boys has a good chanting chorus. It is the most laidback track so far and features Murphy Lee, Kyjuan a
            nd Ali. I usually tent to skip over this track. 6/10 ~~ Oh Nelly ~~ "Your record sales started slippin' and Nelly to blame" This track is a major improvement on Dem Boys with a brilliant chorus featuring Murphy Lee. The beats are infectious and the rapping is top notch. 8/10 ~~ Pimp Juice ~~ "You ain't from Russia, so b***h why you Rushin'?" This became my signature tune in work last summer as I used to sing it all day long. It's an excellent original track where Nelly sings/raps in a falsetto style. It has a brilliant repeated line "You wanna put your feet on my rug". Hilarious. 10/10 ~~ Air Force Ones ~~ "If the shoe is on the shelf you should have some man, you cannot sit up and tell me you that you have none, man, you may not have three or four but you got one, man!" The third single in America, but it seems Air Force Ones is going to be over-looked here. The beats are excellent, the lyrics are hilarious and the chorus is extremely catchy. Basically, the track is all about devotion to the Nike Air Force brand. It features (again) Kyjuan, Ali and Murphy Lee. 10/10 ~~ "In the Store" ~~ "You gotta help a brotha out!" This is the second interlude and is a continuation of the first one. Cedric is trying desperately to get a copy of Nellyville, but they are all sold out expect from one "Clean Version". 10/10 ~~ On The Grind ~~ "Ain't got nothing on my hands but time" On The Grind is a great track featuring King Jacob. The chorus is really likeable. 9/10 ~~ Dilemma ~~ "No matter what I do, all I think about is you, even when I'm with my boo" Dilemma was the second single and Nelly's biggest hit to date
            and features Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child. To be honest I was never a massive fan of this song. I loved Nelly's rapping but found Kelly Rowland's part uninteresting. I now find it even less interesting, since it has been played non-stop on the radio. Saying that, it's still a great slice of sugarcoated RnB. 7/10 ~~ Splurge ~~ "I'm feeling good, it's only right, I deserve to spread good luck through all my peeps" I'm just hoping that this will be a single and it is excellent! It is so catchy that the whole song feels like a chorus. It's all about Nelly describing how he deserved to splurge a little since he has worked very hard to get where he is today and doesn't want people to hate on him because of it. 10/10 ~~ Work It ~~ "She 5'5", brown eyes, in stilettos" I've got a feeling that this will be the next single. It's another excellent upbeat track and features Justin Timberlake. Nelly's rapping is excellent and Justin does a great chorus in a falsetto voice. 10/10 ~~ Rock The Mic (Remix) ~~ "I got what it takes to rock the mic right" To be honest I haven't heard the original of this track, so I can't comment on whether or not this is an improvement. Despite that I can tell you that this version is great. It's only downfall for me is that it does not feature Nelly as much as it should, being it his album and all. However it does feature Murphy Lee, Freeway and Beanie Sigel. 8/10 ~~ The Gank ~~ "Lord, have mercy" Quite a different track because it features an electric guitar throughout. Nelly uses his falsetto voice again on this, along with his usual distinctive sound. Not one of my favourite tracks on the album. 7/10 ~~ 5000 ~~ A strange interlu
            de that's actually quite hard to here - a skip-over track 3/10 ~~ #1 ~~ "What does it take to be #1?" This was already released as a single in 2001 as it was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Training Day. It's an average mid-tempo track and a surprising choice for a single. 7/10 ~~ CG 2 ~~ "Hit the mall, and shop 'til we fall" This track is a follow up to Nelly's first album, Country Grammar (Hence the name CG 2). It's very much in that Deep South style of CG too. Quite a good track and features Ali, Kyjuan and Murphy Lee (believe it or not!). 8/10 ~~ Say Now ~~ "Good bye bad nights, hello good times" Again, quite a different track as it features a piano and an electrical guitar solo. It also probably the slowest track on the album. I personally think that Nelly's style doesn't really suit slow tracks. 6/10 ~~ "**** It Then" ~~ The final interlude (outro is you discount the bonus track). Cedric has arrived home but now La La is angry because she's been waiting so long and has had to watch all the trashy talk shows. When she finds out that Cedric got the clean version she's gone! 10/10 ~~ Stick Out Ya Wrist ? Bonus Track ~~ "Stick out ya wrist, how many you missed?" This is a brilliant final track featuring Toya (who had a huge hit in the US with "I Do" last year). The only problem with this is the chorus is very short and doesn't really show off Toya like it could. 8/10 [ [Verdict] ] Nellyville is an excellent value-for-money album. With twenty tracks in total (16 songs) all of which are high quality, it's better than your average album. The lyrics are hilarious and not all about hating and gun-culture like many hip
            hop albums. Surprisingly, the three main interludes are really funny and I still laugh at them almost a year on. It's a fun album that is up-tempo and great to dance to. I would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed Nelly's singles. I'm moving to Nellyville! [ For more information, please visit www.nelly.net ] P. S. Sorry for keepin you so long! Hope it was worth it! As ever, please leave a comment


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              11.01.2003 00:40



              nellyville is a great album by nelly with all of his best songs on it andit is well worth the money that it costs! after hearing ride wit me i loved it then i heard hot in here and i though nelly was just getting better and better. Then his best song dilemma came out and this has got to be the best he can get thanks to help from kelly rowland he has added this song to his album and he has sold millions of copys i mostly bought it for dilemma but theres a lot more great songs on this album this is one of my favourite albums.


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                29.12.2002 03:21
                Not Helpful



                • NONE

                Nelly is a decent artest in his new album, nellyville, there is beats and rappin they r wicked!!!on the album there are two hit singles one called /hot in here/ which is a very catchy beat and got into the charts, the lyrics were written byCharles brown and Nelly.The video is people in a hot building taking off there clothes. His second single on the album features Kelly Rowland and is called dialemma it is a love song between them, in the video kelly moves into the street and they fall in love it is my favourite track on the album, his other album is cool aswell, try and get hold of the cd it is amazing i swear!!!!! Please try and read some more of my reviews! THNX!!!!!!!!!


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                  11.10.2002 17:20
                  Very helpful



                  on first impressions of listening to this album, i thought, 'wait, did i buy country gramma or nellyville?' Yes its true, they are very alike in sounds, especially the cleverly crafted country gramma two, with slight word change but pretty much same concept. this album is brilliant, from the massive choone, 'Hot in herre' to the smoochy rnb ballad, 'dilemma' with kelly rowland from destinys child. dilemma has just been released and i think it's going to be a big seller and possibly launch nellyville into the top album spot. dilemma is very addictive and its a track on the album that you knew he HAD to release. then theres work it with justin timberlake.....do i spot some commercialisation? i think so! however, it's still a good tune, and justin shows his vocal range is still up to scratch! roc the mic remix is BRILLIANT! its got a wicked b-line and the lyrics are good too. the skits are hilarious. the story unfolds throughout the album, of a man running around like a blur-a***d fly to get the nellyville album for his missus, then in the end he finds a store that has it.....THE CLEAN VERSION!!!! so he takes it home and, need;ess to say, his missus, being a woman hits the roof! she then falls down the stairs as she storps off and he does a bit of a spoof-tribute to n*sync with a somewhat amusing rendition of, 'gone' overall, its a good album, a bit commercial, and poppy, but, it seems to have worked with his fans! i'd say buy it, u'll be glad you did, even if only for the skits!


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                    13.08.2002 01:19
                    Very helpful



                    After hearing Hot In Here and having heard other tracks from past times I decided to buy Nelly’s latest album ‘Nellyville’. I am very glad I did and got it in my local Tesco store for just £9.99. The album has 20 tracks on it and is definitely worth the money I paid for it. My favourite track is number 10, which is called Dilemma. It features Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child and I think it would do well if Nelly released it. Track 1: Nellyville: This is just an intro really to the CD. I still listen to it though because it is quite good even though it’s just an intro. It lasts 4 minutes 15 seconds. It basically just introduces you to nellyville and tells you all about the place ‘nellyville’ Track 2: “Gettin’ It Started” This track features Cedric The Entertainer and La La and is just a talking track. It is of two people male and female who are going to get it on if they can but all she wants is Nellyville but the man doesn’t have Nellyville and has to go and buy it. This track only lasts 1 minute and 51 seconds and flows onto the next track. Track 3: Hot In Herre: This is as far as I know the only track that has been released lately. I can’t remember when #1 was released but I’m sure it was. It lasts 3 minutes and 48 seconds and I think is a great track to get ready to go out to. You’ve probably heard it but it is basically about a party and that ‘It’s getting hot herre, so take off all your clothes’ I think this is one of my second favourite songs off the album. Track 4: Dem Boyz: This track is 4 minutes and 34 seconds long. I think this track has quite a good beat to it and I think it’s fairly good. Nelly, Murphy Lee Kyjuan and Ali wrote the lyrics. I think that this is a good track for a party to get people to dance in groups. Track 5: Oh Nelly: Again this track would sound good at a party and
                    is quite good. It lasts 4 minutes 2 seconds long. I think like the rest of the tracks on the album this song is good to listen to loudly in your room and gets you in the mood for going out and having fun. Track 6: Pimp Juice: This track is another of my second favourite ones. It has a good beat to it and the different parts flow into each other well if you know what I mean. This track is 4 minutes 52 seconds long. Track 7: Air Force Ones: This is a very good track as well, in fact I like all the tracks on this album really apart form the talking ones, they bug a bit. This track is 5 minutes 4 seconds long. Track 8: “In The Store”: This is another talking track and lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds long. This one features Cedric The Entertainer and La La and is about the man trying to buy Nellyville “In The Store” but the store man doesn’t think that he has it. He then realise he has the clean version and the man buys it. Track 9: On The Grind: I know it sounds stupid but I think this is a good track to do your hair to, don’t ask me why I just do. It lasts 4 minutes 45 seconds and features King Jacob. Again this has a good beat to it and I think you can sing along to this track. Track 10: Dilemma: This is the best track on the album and as I said at the start, Nelly would do really well if he released it. It features Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child and has a very good chorus. This song does her voice justice and she should be really proud of it. Track 11: Splurge: This track is 5 minutes and 9 seconds long. I think this is a very good and maybe shouldn’t have been put next to Dilemma in order as compared to Dilemma it isn’t as good. Track 12: Work It: This track features Justin Timberlake from Nsync and is quite good. It shows that yet again (Girlfriend) Nelly and Justin have produced a good song together. This track lasts for 4
                    minutes and 22 seconds. Track 13: Roc The Mic-Remix: This track has Freeway, Beanie Singel, Nelly and Murphy Lee in it and lasts for 4 minute and 18 seconds. This track sounds like it would be good if performed on stage with each person taking the mic when its their turn. Track 14: The Gank: This song starts with people talking and then a beat is introduced, then Nelly starts the track. It lasts for 4 minutes and 48 seconds. This an okay track but it isn’t my favourite, as it goes on a bit. Track 15: “5000”: This track is just people talking and laughing really. This lasts for 2 minutes and 11 seconds. I tend to skip this one and track numbers 2, 8, 15 and 19 as they are mainly talking. Track 16: #1: This track is 3 minutes and 18 seconds long and is basically Nelly rapping saying how he’s number 1 and saying what does it take to be number 1?I quite like this track and am sure it was released a while back. It’s quite catchy if it gets in your head though. Track 17: Cg 2: This track lasts for 4 minutes and 32 seconds. It is mainly rapping and has a good beat like many of the other tracks on this album. Track 18: Say Now: This track is 5 minutes and 42 seconds long and I quite like this track, even though it goes on a little bit. This track takes a while to get ‘into it’ though. Track 19: “**** It Then”: This is another talking track which I don’t listen to really. It is 1 minute and 38 seconds long. In this track the girl is having a go at the man for taking so long to get Nellyville and only getting the clean version. Track 20: Stick Out Ya Wrist: This is another of my second favourite tracks. It is a bonus track and features Toya. This lasts for 3 minutes and 53 seconds. It has a good beat and is quite catchy. Overall this album is very good and is worth buying. I brought it for only £9.99 and it’s
                    worth every penny. I don’t like the tracks with just talking and skip them when they come on but apart from that I listen to the whole album.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Nellyville - Nelly
                    2 Gettin' It Started - Nelly, Cedric The Entertainer
                    3 Hot in Herre - Nelly
                    4 Dem Boyz - Nelly, St. Lunatics
                    5 Oh Nelly - Nelly, Murphy Lee
                    6 Pimp Juice - Nelly
                    7 Air Force Ones - Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, Kyjuan
                    8 In The Store - Nelly, Cedric The Entertainer, La La
                    9 On The Grind - Nelly, King Jacob
                    10 Dilemma - Nelly, Kelly Rowland
                    11 Splurge - Nelly
                    12 Work It - Nelly, Justin Timberlake
                    13 Roc The Mic - Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Nelly, Murphy Lee
                    14 The Gank - Nelly
                    15 5000 - Nelly
                    16 #1 - Nelly
                    17 CG2 - Nelly, Ali, Kyjuan, Murphy Lee
                    18 Say Now - Nelly
                    19 F**k It Then - Nelly, Cedric The Entertainer, La La
                    20 Stick Out Ya Wrist - Nelly, Toya

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