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New Trends Sounds: Classics, Remixes & Beyond - Todd Edwards

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Genre: Dance & Electronic - House & Garage / Artist: Todd Edwards / Audio CD released 2004-11-22 at I

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 16:45
      Very helpful
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      Todd does it yet again!

      Todd Edwards is an American music producer (and part-time singer) that predominantly produces UK and US garage music. New Trends Sounds: Classics, Remixes & Beyond is the follow up to the original New Trends Sounds album. This was released in November 2004 while the original was out in May of the same year.

      This cd was a mixture of some new material, some older material and some remixes of his classic tracks. The album is in the form of a mixed cd, the songs run seamlessly from one to the next. The DJ mix was done by Todd Edwards himself.


      01 Who You Are (Original Version)
      02 Heaven (OE Version)
      03 Are You There? (Alternate Alive Remix)
      04 Hold On To Me (Compound Remix)
      05 Shut The Door (UK Vocal Remix)
      06 The Prayer (Original Version)
      07 Scrubless (Original Version)
      08 Be A Friend (God Calling Remix)
      09 Radio Thing (2004 Sectors Remix)
      10 Winter Behaviour (2004 Main Version Remix)
      11 Stop The Fighting (Original Mix)
      12 FOT (Always By My Side Version)
      13 Perfect Love (Original Mix)
      14 I Hear Him (Listen Remix)
      15 Wishing I Were Home (Original Mix)
      16 Never Far From You (2003 Playback Remix)
      17 Never Ever Far (Development Remix)

      As far as Todd's work is concerned, I am completely biased, I think the man is a borderline god, everything he has ever done has been, at worst, great, at best, amazing. This is no different.

      The powers that be at i! records (Joseph Ventola and George Calle) decided that, based upon the success of the original New Trends Sounds, a follow album should be released and so the 'Classics, Remixes and Beyond' album was born. Featuring some of Todd's better work of that period, its a high quality album with some excellent tunes.

      'Shut The Door' is probably one of Todd's most sccessful tracks, here we have the 'UK Vocal Mix' which was produed specifically for the UK market. The original was released in 2000 on the 'Locked On' record label. The vocal on this talks about putting your sins behind you and being thankful to God and Jesus for their sacrifice. Deep. You can easily ignore the message here and dance your behind off as the beats and bass are funky as you like. Great tune.

      'Scrubless' is an instrumental version of Todd Edwards' remix of 'TLC - No Scrubs'. Surely you get that play on words? Anyway, the backing track is great but once you've heard the fully vocalled mix, it feels as if something is missing from this version.

      'Wishing I Were Home' brings back great memories for me. Being American, Todd does not make many appearances in the UK but a few years ago he was here and DJ'ed at a club not a million miles from my house. I had to go. He played a special remix of this song (that, it breaks my heart to say, is still unreleased) as his intro. Listening to this song takes me back to that night and gives me goosebumps. What a song. I just wish I knew where that vocal sample came from!

      'The Prayer' is a typical Todd Edwards chunky 4x4 track with some interesting sound effects. The vocal, however, is of someone reciting the Lord's Prayer. It sounds like it would be awful but I can assure you, it's not terrible. Just be open minded and you'll be ok.

      'Winter Behaviour' was released in 1997 on the 'Sunday Flavaz' label. This album contains the excellent 2004 Remix. Todd has done a great job of updating this but it just does not seem to be as great as the one released seven years prior. It has a more beefed up drum pattern and deeper bass but the simplicity of the original wins through.

      To be fair, each track on here it good, some are better than others but I would recommend you open your mind and take a listen. Some of Todd Edwards' songs are available on youtube and various other online sites so, what are you waiting for? Go and take a look!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Who are you (2004 version)
      2 Heaven (2004 Edit) (Unreleased track)
      3 Are you there (Alternate alive mix)
      4 Hold on to me (Remix)
      5 Shut the door (UK Vocal mix)
      6 The prayer (Unreleased track)
      7 Scrubless
      8 Be a friend (God calling rmx)
      9 Radio thing (2004 rmx) (Unreleased track)
      10 Stop the fighting
      11 Winter behaviour (2004 rmx) (Unreleased track)
      12 FOT (Always by my side version)
      13 Perfect love (original)
      14 I hear him (listen rmx)
      15 Wishing I were home
      16 Never far from you (2003 rmx)
      17 Never ever far (2004 development rmx) (Unreleased track)

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