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New Values - Iggy Pop

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2 Reviews
  • new sounding iggy
  • A few strong songs
  • a weaker iggy album in my opinion
  • some very strange songs
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    2 Reviews
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      14.08.2015 19:53
      Very helpful


      • "new sounding iggy"
      • "A few strong songs "


      • "a weaker iggy album in my opinion"
      • "some very strange songs "

      Iggy Pop's new values an album full of strange songs

      Iggy pop released new values in 1979 and after the release of lust for life ihad real high hopes for this album when I stumbled across it at a car boot sale. So I am to say that this album was a great disappointment in my opinion but contrary to say it is still a good album by the crazy man that calls himself Iggy.

      Track 1:Tell me a story : The opening to the album is a good opener but it is nothing amazing in my opinion. It has some real good lyrical content and musically it has a Blondie come Tom petty attitude to it. The best thing about this track is it still has the great Iggy voice on it.
      Track 2: New Values : the title track to the album and in my opinion again this is a dissapointment the biggest highlight of the track is the Iggy screaming and a great instrumental part mixed with some distorted speaking\space sounds good but not what I was hoping for.

      Track 3: Girls : this album continues to get worse in my opinion with this track being one of the worst. Overall it has good lyrical content but the production on the track just doesn't work in my opinion a let down of an Iggy pop tune.
      Track 4 : I'm Bored : again this has great tongue and cheek lyrical content but yes the track is boring and doesn't really go anywhere another let down in my opinion really sorry Iggy but this track with more aggression would of been amazing or maybe with some David Bowie production.

      Track 5: Don't look down : this is one of the only tracks on the album I liked as it had an early new York scene feel on 1973/74 Iggy and Bowie tracks some nice lyrics and a smooth female backing vocal on this track which make it rather special.with some nice strings and horns with backing from the Alfonso Sisters. Best track on the album by far.
      Track 6 : The endless sea: an opening of repetitive drumming and the sound of the sea makes for a very dull song in my opinion as it doesn't fit with the rest of the album but if you get into it it ain't that bad till Iggy starts singing an absolute devastating track in my opinion its nearly the worst he has recording in my opinion.

      Track 7 : five foot one : this is an interesting song with some nice guitar riffs and some funny lyrics with some very crafty songwriting from Iggy on this track. Not his best but another one of the slightly better tracks on this album.
      Track 8 : How do ya fix a broken part : a chilled laid back Iggy number nothing special in my opinion again. A clear broken hearted song with that weird songwriting again overall not a strong song to repetitive in places in my opinion

      Track 9 : Angel : again this is another love song dark in Iggy style very much Bowie influence on this track with the backing vocals giving this track something special which is desperately needed on this album this track is a pleasant surprise every if it does have some disturbing imagery
      Track 10 : Curiosity : nice intro to this track very new York dolls in style throughout a great song in my opinion this is the best on the album a true song about drug taking with this clear piano throughout with some great lyrical twists again one of the only good tracks on the album

      Track 11: Africa Man : this song makes no sense and it is rather weird a hard track to get my mind around.
      Track 12 : Billy is a runaway : Good intro to this track has a clear rock and roll feel to it mixed with the classic new York scene feel a great end to this album which is nearly saved by this highlight of the album as it has all the best components you associate with Iggy

      Overall I would only recommend this to Iggy purists as a filler album as it Is well below par for Iggy in my opinion.


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      10.02.2009 18:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If you like Iggy Pop you will want to check this out.

      Track Listing

      1. Tell Me A Story *
      2. New Values
      3. Girls
      4. I'm Bored *
      5. Don't Look Down
      6. The Endless Sea *
      7. Five Foot One *
      8. How Do Ya Fix A Broken Part?
      9. Angel *
      10. Curiosity *
      11. African Man *
      12. Billy Is A Runaway

      Bonus Tracks

      13. Chains
      14. Pretty Flamingo

      * = my favourites.

      'New Values' was released in 1979 and produced by Iggy's old sparring partner from the last days of the original Stooges, James Williamson. Williamson strips away the cold detached iciness of Pop's 2 previous 'Berlin' albums with Bowie, 'The Idiot' and 'Lust For Life', and restores the raunchy punk rock feel of the classic Stooges albums. For this reason, the album has long been a favourite with fans of Iggy, though it has never got the commercial recognition that it deserves.

      After his deal with RCA records went sour, Iggy moved on to Arista records where he produced 3 albums. This is perhaps the strangest period in his recording career with 'Soldier' and 'Party', the 2 albums after this, containing some very odd stuff. Most of it not very good, but you could never label Iggy boring or unwilling to try new things, and for those reasons it is worth checking out those albums if you can get hold of them.

      'New Values' is the place to start though as we find Iggy inspired again by working with Williamson and also talented musician Scott Thurston who provides a lot of the guitar and keyboard work on the album. You will find two absolute classics on this album; firstly 'I'm Bored', which I first heard on a beer commercial a few years ago and couldn't figure out who the song was by. After some searching I tracked down who it was and that the song was on this album. To be honest that is as good a reason as any for buying this album. The other classic that reveals itself on first listen is 'Five Foot One' an amusing take on Iggy's short height.

      The album is full of great songs, although there is that 'thrown together' feel that you get with all Iggy Pop albums. There is definitely some disposable stuff here, like 'Girls': 'I love girls, they're all over this world!'. The band he has with him, which includes Klaus Kruger on drums and Jackie Clark on bass, alongside Williamson and Thurston, is never less than tight and totally focused. Which means that although the songs occasionally falter lyrically, they are always musically assured.

      My favourites on the album include; 'Tell Me A Story' [the great snarling opening track] 'I'm Bored' [total classic], 'The Endless Sea' [a weird sort of dub/Doors epic], 'Five Foot One' [amusing], 'Angel' [a southern rock ballad worthy of Lynyrd Skynyrd or the Stones 'Sticky Fingers' era], 'Curiosity' [a quick Stones style raunchy work out] and 'African Man' [well.....you just need to hear this!]. So that's 7 tracks out of 12 which I would burn to the Ipod....I reckon that's a bit of a lost classic isn't it?.

      The other 5 tracks on the album are not particularly 'bad' as they provide a sort of backdrop to the good songs, which sounds like a strange way of describing it but I don't know how else to!. They are perhaps a bit more disposable.

      The two bonus tracks add little to the album. I did enjoy 'Pretty Flamingo' but it does sound a bit too much like the song with the same name by Manfred Mann!. Buddha Records did a fine job of remastering this in 2000 and the sleeve notes provide useful information about the background to the recordings.

      In a way its possible to see this album as Iggy Pop's first 'true' solo album, as 'The Idiot' and 'Lust For Life' were so dominated by Bowie's tastes of the time. 'New Values' sounds like Iggy striking out on his own, choosing to work with his old punk cohorts with both brilliant and chaotic results.

      Available for just under £6 currently on Amazon, or download if you're that way inclined.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Tell Me A Story
      2 New Values
      3 Girls
      4 I'm Bored
      5 Don't Look Down
      6 Endless Sea
      7 Five Foot One
      8 How Do Ya Fix A Broken Part
      9 Angel
      10 Curiosity
      11 African Man
      12 Billy Is A Runaway
      13 Chains
      14 Pretty Flamingo

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