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New Woman: The New Collection 2005

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Released: 22 Aug 2005 / Label: Virgin TV

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2012 11:31
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      New Woman CD Album 2005

      My mum has a huge collection of CD's and quite often I will go through her CD collection and borrow a few when I feel like listening to something slightly different to what I've got on iTunes. I get bored of the same songs on the radio all the time and quite enjoy a mixture of different songs and music. My mum had many various artists CD's so I thought I would plenty in her collection to listen to.

      The CD
      = = = =
      The CD I am reviewing is the new woman 2005 CD. There are actually a few CD's in this collection which stars from 2000 and goes right up to 2006. All of these CD's are by various artists and contain a good range of different songs, some by popular well known artists, and others by earlier 80's singers/brands. The CD I am reviewing has a total of 2 discs, disc 1 has a total of 19 tracks and disc 2 has 20 tracks. On the front cover of the CD case it tells you that the music includes songs by John Legend, Charlotte Church, Lee Ryan, Destiny's Child, KT Tunstall, Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5 and lots more. On the back of the case it gives you a full listing of each song on each disc. There is a small leaflet inside the CD case which tells you some information about each track and the New Woman magazine which you can purchase from most good shops. This CD appealed to me as I like a lot of the artists which are featured on the CD and there are a few of my favourite songs on here as well.

      CD One:
      1. Maroon Five: She Will Be Loved - For those of you who know Maroon 5 you will know this is one of their much earlier hits which is quite slow, but you can tell this track is by Maroon 5 due to the distinct voice that the lead singer has. This is a nice song with lovely words.
      2. KT Tunstall: Other Side Of The World - This is a favourite song of mine that I actually listen to on a regular basis and is on my ipod. KT has a beautiful voice and this is definitely one of her best songs that she done. You can hear the guitar throughout this song along with some drums.
      3. John Legend: Ordinary People - This song is by a great man, whom many people will have heard of. This song is quite slow and is about someone in love with a girl whom has made mistakes.
      4. Jem: They - I didn't recognise the name of this song, but as soon as it started I knew what it was. In this song the chorus which starts of with 'I'm sorry, so sorry' is very catchy and I found myself singing along to it after the first chorus.
      5. Lee Ryan: Army of Lovers - Lee was a singer from the boy band Blue and attempted at going solo. This song isn't too bad and Ryan does have a fairly strong singing voice. This song is quite slow and has a love feel to it.
      6. Joss Stone: Don't Cha Wanna Ride - This is a beautiful song by Joss Stone, and she has a very distinct voice. This song is slightly more upbeat and has a quite chilled out feel to it.
      7. Katie Melua: My Aphrodiasiac is You - I don't think this is one of Katie Melua's best songs and I did actually skip this song after a minute.
      8. Kelly Clarkson: Since U Been Gone - This is another one of my favourite songs on this disc. This song starts off with a good steady beat but gets faster as Kelly sings the chorus. This song is very catchy and I found myself singing along to the chorus.
      9. Charlotte Church: Crazy Chick - This is a bit too cheesy for me and I didn't like this song at all. I know Charlotte Church can do way better than this and I was a little shocked to hear her sing something so upbeat. She sounds very deep when singing this song which I was surprised by.
      10. Caesers: Jerk It Out - A lot of people will know this song, as it has been used in many adverts. This is much more upbeat than some of the other songs on this CD. I like this song and think it makes a particularly good work out song when I'm at the gym.
      11. Phantom Planet: California - This was actually used for the theme tune for the US TV Series The OC which some of you may be familiar with. I really like this song, as when it builds up to the chorus it becomes slightly rockier and the sound of drums becomes very clear.
      12. Natalie Imbruglia: That Day - This isn't a song I am very familiar with. The lyrics to the song are quite fast and you can just about make out some of the lyrics she is singing. I didn't think much of this song and much prefer her earlier stuff.
      13. Athlete: Wires - Yet another favourite song of mine which is quite slow but has strong instruments such as drums and a piano in the background, especially during the chorus. This is another song also on my IPod.
      14. Youssou N'Dour feat. Neneh Cherry: 7 Seconds - Everyone must know this song. This is a beautiful song and is one of the longest on the disc at just over 4 minutes long. I could quite easily listen to this song a few times a day. The singers both sound beautiful together.
      15. Dido: Thank You - Many of you will recognise this song which Eminem used in one of his hits called 'Stan'. This song shows us how beautiful Dido's voice really is.
      16. Will Young: Friday's Child - As soon as this song starts you can tell it's by Will Young as he has a very distinct voice. This is an ok song and is more of a chill out song.
      17. Heather Small: Proud - Many of you will know that Heather Small is originally the female singer from M People and she has a very strong voice. Some people may recognise this song as it has been used in some adverts and also some series of X Factor when the contestants get told they have been put through to the finals. This is a lovely song and becomes more upbeat the more it gets into the song.
      18. G4: Bohemian Rhapsody - In my opinion no-one can do this song better than Queen, so I actually skipped this song.
      19. Eva Cassidy: Imagine - This is another song many people will know which was originally sung by John Lennon. This is a very slow song and what I would say is very lovey dovey. Eva Cassidy does how-ever have a beautiful voice and sounds great singing this song.

      CD Two:
      1. Destiny's Child: Lose My Breath - This song takes me back when I first started going clubbing. This is a song you would have typically heard in the clubs about 8 years ago. This is a good song and I still like it after all these years.
      2. Jennifer Lopez: Get Right - I'm sure everyone will have heard of Jennifer Lopez and this was one of her good singles which I believe did quite well in the charts. This is definitely a song that not everyone will like, but it is very catchy and a great song to dance to.
      3. Amerie: 1 Thing - This is a song I got bored of when I used to go clubbing, this song used to get played a lot as I believe it reached number 1 when it came out. This song is again quite upbeat, but America does have a fantastic voice which goes well with the song.
      4. Jamiroquai: Feels Just Like It Should - I hate the start of this song and personally find it annoying. It just sounds like a racket to me so I skipped this song, before he even has chance to sing.
      5. Justin Timberlake: I'm Lovin It - I was never much of a Justin Timberlake fan anyway, and the annoying thing about this song is that it is rather catchy, but does remind me of the McDonalds advert due to the 'Ba da, da da da I'm Lovin It' in the song.
      6. R.Kelly: Ignition - This is another very catchy song on this CD and I found myself singing along to it a little. The song is very repetitive though which can be a little annoying.
      7. Usher: Burn - This is a reasonably nice slow song, and one of the best songs that I think Usher did. This is slightly slower song and is a great slow dance song.
      8. John B feat Dirt McGirt: Everytime - I don't actually have a clue who the people are who is singing this song. This song isn't too upbeat and is quite gentle and more of a chilled out song. The sound of a piano can be heard throughout the song.
      9. Lemar: Another Day: - This is a slow song and is actually quite beautiful. This is a lovely love song and has some beautiful lyrics.
      10. Frankie J feat. Baby Bash: Obsession (No Es Amor) - I have no idea who the people are who sings this song either. This song is quite nice and gentle, with a powerful male voice.
      11. Natasha Bedingfield: I Bruise Easily - This is a lovely song with some beautiful lyrics. The chorus to this song is very catchy.
      12. Backstreet Boys: Incomplete - Everyone knows the backstreet boys, right? This isn't one of their best or well-known songs but is ok if you like listening to a bit of cheese!
      13. Martika - Toy Soldiers - I hate this song, it sounds like a group of children singing it at the beginning and then goes into this woman's voice which isn't particularly brilliant. . . the bad thing about this song though is that the chorus is again very catchy!
      14. Beverley Knight: Keep This Fire Burning - I am a fan of Beverley Knight anyway and I wasn't disappointed when I heard this song. This is a little more upbeat than the last song and is a nice song.
      15. Kylie Minogue: Giving You Up - I can't say that I'm a huge fan of Kylie Minogue anyway, so I have to admit that I did actually skip this song!
      16. Kelly Osbourne: One Word - Kelly sounds very deep in this song, but it goes well with the music and is actually quite a nice song. It gets a bit more upbeat during the chorus.
      17. Audio Bullys feat. Nancy Sinatra: Shot You Down - I remember this song being played in the clubs a lot when I first started going clubbing, and to be honest I just find this song slightly annoying due to them trying to make this song into a dance song. Although I don't particularly like this song I believe it did very well in the charts when it was released.
      18. M.V.P: Roc Ya Body "Mich Check 1, 2" - Another very annoying song and another dance song that used to get played in the clubs a lot, which may be why I don't like this song.
      19. Sunset Strippers: Falling Stars - An old song, re-released as a dance version, but does it work? Unfortunately it does and it's really, really catchy. As much as I hate to admit it I always feel like getting up and dancing when I hear this song.
      20. Dancing DJ's vs. Roxette: Fading Like A Flower - This song is just awful and doesn't work. I would highly advise you to skip this track. Another song turned into a dance song which actually doesn't work!

      = = = = = = = =
      You can purchase this from Amazon for as little as £3.92 which is for a brand new copy.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      Like with many compilations CD's I always find that one disc is always better than the other. I personally think Disc one is so much better than disc two. The 2nd disc has much more dance style music on it and music which used to get played in the clubs when I first started going clubbing. I don't like the dance version of some of the older songs and think they sound awful. I normally only tend to play CD one when I listen to this CD and tend to skip the tracks that I don't like. I am actually going to find the other CD's in the New Woman collection, as I know my mum has them somewhere. If you like a variety of music then you will probably like this CD but it may be best to pick a few of the songs you really like and download them on from iTunes. I personally wouldn't buy this CD, as I don't need to as my mum has it but I probably wouldn't have purchased it anyway due to the amount of the songs I dislike on it. Overall a good mixture of different songs, and I enjoyed bopping along to a few of the tracks.

      (review also on ciao)


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