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Night Songs - Cinderella

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3 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Hard Rock / Artist: Cinderella / Import / Audio CD released 1995-12-12 at Import Music Services

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2012 17:35
      Very helpful



      Songs that make you wish it was the 80's forever.

      "Night Songs" is the debut studio album by American glam rockers, Cinderella. It was released in 1986 on Mercury Records and produced by Andy Johns. The line-up for the album was Tom Keifer (vocals/guitar), Jeff LaBar (guitar), Eric Brittingham (bass) and Fred Coury (drums).

      Cinderella exploded onto the glam scene with bluesy undertones that gives them a distinction from the competition. Their music is heavier than most glam, for a start, and the use of blues adds a whole new dimension to their style. Most of the songs on this album have a dark feel to them which adds an air of mystery and depth.

      Title track, "Night Songs" begins with tolling bells that set a haunting tone that lasts through the song. With heavy riffs and lots of synthesiser, it is a perfect blend of darkness and glam. Surprisingly, the lyrics are about a truck driver who needs music to keep him going through the long nights, and not about something that might be lurking in a horror film.

      Pounding drums and a heavy guitar rhythm are the perfect backdrop for Tom Keifer's vocals in "Shake Me". The drum intro lets you know you are in for a great song.

      "Nobody's Fool" is a heavy power ballad, and unlike so many power ballads, it isn't sappy and lovey. It is an 'I love you but you need to treat me right' message. For a power ballad, it really does rock.

      One of my favourite albums of all time, "Night Songs" is a must for your collection if you are a fan of 80's music, or a fan of blues rock. Although it is a debut album, it has the quality of seasoned pros.

      1. Night Songs
      2. Shake Me
      3. Nobody's Fool
      4. Nothin' For Nothin'
      5. Once Around the Ride
      6. Hell on Wheels
      7. Somebody Save Me
      8. In From the Outside
      9. Push Push
      10. Back Home Again

      My rating: 9/10


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      19.05.2010 00:28
      Very helpful



      A worthy debut from underrated 80's rockers

      As fashion no-no's go, the 4 chaps gracing the cover of Cinderella's debut album (Night Songs) are right up there.... enourmous hair, spandex, cowboy boots and pouting to camera :-) The look ridiculous of course but luckily its the quality of the music that counts not what the were wearing at the time.

      Released in 1986 it would be easy to think that Cinderella were just another of the many rock-by-numbers poodle haired bands that were doing the rounds at the time. Although they were never destined to have Bon Jovi scale success, they did have an edge over many of their contemporaries... something that was not lost on Jon Bon Jovi - for it was him that helped get them their first record deal after seeing them perform in a club in Philadelphia.

      Although definitely not their best album, the signs of their extra edge are evident. "Shake Me", "Nothing for Nothin" and "Somebody Save Me" are great foot tapping rock songs and, slowing the pace right down, "Nobody's Fool" is ballad of genuine quality. In fact it was this song in particular that helped drive the success of the album, it eventually reached number 3 in the US.

      Over their next 3 studio albums (Long Cold Winter, Heartbreak Station & Still Climbing) Cinderella grew more and more mature musically with some truly great songs... frontman Tom Keifer is a genuinely talented singer/songwriter/musician. Sadly the music world left them behind somwhat... don't let that put you off though - there is some great rock and roll to be had here. Well worth checking out :-)


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      14.04.2010 21:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      average glam metal record

      There's a lot of snobbery in music, unlike film. It mainly comes from people who think we should 'like' a certain band or a movement. Certainly this is the case with someone like Lady Gaga or The Arctic Monkeys, both of which acts are not at all on my radar, but you could be lambasted for saying you don't like them. This is irritating because when you say to someone you quite like 80's glam metal act 'Cinderella' you are more likely than not to get beaten up.

      Cinderella are basically a real version of Steel Panther. And if you don't know who Steel Panther are, they are a mickey-take band who have taken the 80's glam rock style to new comic extremes. Cinderella were helped along the way by Bon Jovi who they initially supported. Cinderella are deeply uncool these days - but I recently picked up their first album for a listen to.

      Night Songs is just about what you might expect from the garish album cover. Its a collection of hard rock hits in the vein of Bon Jovi. Its a decent effort, but apart from the ballad 'Nobody's Fool', the album is littered with pretty rudimentary rock songs. It sound so similar to other bands of the time it's hard to make out anything original.

      I like the album cover and the general campness of the whole operation, but really the album needed to rock a little more than the polished product that they have come up with here as their debut LP. I believe their second album 'Long Cold Winter' was a much more polished album and included probably their best song 'Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)'

      All in all Night Songs is a pretty rudimentary affair that could be considered average in a long line of glam metal acts from this period. If you are interested then get the album from play.com for £7.99 including postage.
      1. "Night Songs" - 4:12
      2. "Shake Me" - 3:44
      3. "Nobody's Fool" - 4:49
      4. "Nothin' for Nothin'" - 3:33
      5. "Once Around the Ride" - 3:22
      6. "Hell on Wheels" - 2:49
      7. "Somebody Save Me" - 3:16
      8. "In from the Outside" - 4:07
      9. "Push Push" - 2:52
      10. "Back Home Again" - 3:30


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Night Songs
      2 Shake Me
      3 Nobody's Fool
      4 Nothin' For Nothin'
      5 Once Around The Ride
      6 Hell On Wheels
      7 Somebody Save Me
      8 In From The Outside
      9 Push Push
      10 Back Home Again

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