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No More Idols - Chase & Status

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3 Reviews

Genre: Dance & Electronic / Artist: Chase & Status / Audio CD released 2011-01-31 at Mercury

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    3 Reviews
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      13.03.2013 04:46
      Very helpful



      The best chase and status album - in my all time top 5!

      First of all I would like to openly admit that Chase and Status are one of my favourite dance producers/DJs and this album is the reason because of it when I review an album I would write out the track listing and would pick out a few special tracks which I enjoy however with this album there is not one bad track and I would love to share my thoughts on them all.

      If you have never heard of chase and status it is very hard to nail them down to one type of music I suppose it is a mix of Dance/Dubstep/Drum&Bass and RnB - if this is your kind of thing and you have not heard them yet then I think they are definitely worth checking out!

      No More Idols - Chase and Status

      1 - No Problem // If you ever need a way of opening an album then this is it! Starts off with African Bongos and a voodoo vocal which builds until a drop of dubstep and drum and bass unbelievable track! My favourite on the album by far!

      2 - Fire in Your Eyes ft. Maverick Sabre - One of the things which you will find with this album is that there is a lot of collaborations and if you have heard Mavericks voice he hails from Ireland and with this track it is slow a bit of break beat but sends shivers down your spine, great record.

      3 - Let You Go ft. Mali // There are a couple of tracks on here with such a great vocal which build up to a massive dance drop and this is one of them Chase and Status have deffinately picked the right people for these songs!

      4 - Blind Faith ft. Liam Bailey // Probably the song off the album that got the most mainstream success and this is the other track with a belting vocal.

      5 - Fool Yourself // If you like going in with the drum and bass this is for you heavy track, starts off slow with a massive drop big tune to play in the clubs!

      6 - Hypest Hype ft. Tempa T // This is where Chase and Status fuze two genres together being dub and grime massive support from DJs such as Zane Lowe on this turned out to be a huge track and when I saw them live this was one of the best songs which they performed.

      7 - Hitz ft. Tinie Tempah // They go back away from the dub/dance roots of the album with some rapping and hip hop with scratching just shows the immense talent of these guys!

      8 - Heavy ft. Dizzee Rascal // Think Old Skool Dizzee with this track and his original grime days lots of swearing but brilliant all the same.

      9 - Brixton Briefcase ft. Cee Lo Green // Cee Lo is someone who you wouldn't expect on a dance record but it really works with this slow dance but with real meaning, and if you listen to the lyrics talks about Brixton where Chase and Status come from.

      10 - Hocus Pocus // Drum and bass representing here bit off beat though wouldn't really know what you would call this but still a great track!

      11 - Flashing Lights // This was released as a single from the album and probably one of the first songs to get commercial dubstep play in 2011, awesome song.

      12 - Embrace // Chase and Status can also play instruments and they demonstrate it in this song however unfortunately I think this is the weakest song on the album.

      13 - Time ft. Delilah // Delilah is an underground vocalist starting to get a bit more mainstream play, this is a fantastic slow track which builds into drum and bass and my second favourite song on the album.

      14 - Midnight Caller // Minimal sounds used here powerful vocal and is a nice song to slow the album down towards the end.

      15 - End Credits ft. Plan B // THE perfect way to end an album great lyrics, smooth guitar and breaks down into drum and bass.

      That is the track list if you havent figured it out by now I love this album! In my all time top 5. Good work chase and status you can buy this now for a few quid if you are into this music then go and get this album and please let me know what you think of it!

      Thanks for reading!


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      01.11.2012 14:05



      An album which caters to many tastes

      If you've been keeping an eye out, or even just listening to the radio on random occasion in the UK, you probably know or have at least heard of Chase and Status as they've had their tracks popping up all over the place recently and not to mention a hot favourite at festivals!

      But if you are one of the few people who are oblivious to Chase and Status, I'll give you a quick summary and background. They are a duo consisting off Saul Milton and Will Kennard (but honestly few people know their real names) and they've hit the electronic music scene in 2008 releasing their debut album which was very popular in the Club scene. But not long ago they released a tracked called "End Credits" featuring Plan B which blow into the charts, I am sure you've heard it. Since then they followed the success with another 2 chart hitters "Let it Go" and "Hypest Hype", which are all featured in "No More Idols".
      Chase and Status have also done numerous remixes of songs which become successful an example being White Lies - Death (Chase & Status Remix), which was released on UKFDubstep (YouTube) and has been featured in films and video games.

      Chase and Status have rightfully risen to the top of electronic music charts and done so by solemnly producing good music which is loved by everyone and not just fans of Dubstep or Drum and Bass and this makes Chase and Status one of my favourite musical talents of this generation of music.
      Enough of the history lesson and down to the album breakdown.

      ===No More Idols===

      The album is your basic 15 track album available on CD hardcopy or from iTunes download, from which you get a bonus video called "Chase and Status - Live" or alternative you can purchase the Deluxe Version which comes with numerous tracks recorded Live from the HMV Forum and additional videos too. But either way you receive all the songs in the album.

      First thing I'd like to mention is that this album for everyone to give a go, there is something for everyone to enjoy, featuring a combination of fantastic artists like Plan B, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, White Lies and Clare Maguire, each track brings something new to the table each time, and they all vary so much.
      The album starts off with a track called "No Problems", which kicks it off with a reggae style rap in an African voice, which is as unexpected as it can get but kicks up with some bass and a catchy tune at 0.35, and this gives you a good idea of what this album is all about, giving you a taste of something different, and personally I loved it all, each track gives you something new, it doesn't follow any kind of rules.

      I'm sure a lot of people bought this album for the chart hitters such as "Let You Go", "Blind Faith", "Hypest Hype" and "End Credits", but they don't stand out at all, as you discover such marvels as 'Hitz' featuring Tinie Tempa, who happens to again delivery another banging rap track.
      But with the many things which have me put this album on Loop in iTunes, 1 tracks which I find a bit of a lemon among the oranges is Hocus Pocus, which is a Grime/Dubstep track, that is slightly to different for this album.

      Overall I can't speak more highly of this album, it compares to Immersion by Pendulum in its structure of being so different, but yet addictive. If you at all enjoy or have recently hurt a track by Chase and Status or even by any of the Drum and Bass/Dubstep greats such as Pendulum, Nero, Flux Pavilion or an Example Remixed track, you will no doubt enjoy this album, and even if you haven't you'll enjoy it even more as you're discovering the next generation of music!!!


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      30.08.2011 18:37
      Very helpful



      Great album

      No More Idols is the second album by Drum & bass/Dubstep duo Chase and Status. The album has 15 track including hit singles such as Let You Go, Blind faith and End Credits. I've been a big fan of Chase and Status ever since I brought there first album More Than A Lot and when I seen this album in HMV I had to buy it. This album takes a big step forward from there last album as they have collaborated with big artists such as Tinie tempah, Ceelo Green, Plan B, Dizzee Rascal and many more.

      Heres a quick track listing of the album:

      1. NO PROBLEM - Fast paced, jump up, ravey Drum and bass.

      2. FIRE IN YOUR EYES ft MAVERICK SABRE - A rocky/dubstep track with lyrics from Maverick sabre

      3. LET YOU GO ft MALI - Starts off with the vocals and then kicks in the electronic Drum & Bass at the drop.

      4. BLIND FAITH ft LIAM BAILEY - Great dubstep sound and vocals with an extra Drum & Bass beat.

      5. FOOL YOURSELF ft PLAN B & RAGE - Starts off with a slow quiet beat then explodes into a loud fast paced Drum & Bass beat.

      6. HYPEST HYPE ft TEMPA T - Big heavy Drum and bass with vocals from Tempa T

      7. HITZ ft TINIE TEMPAH - A DnB Hip Hop sound with vocals from Tinie Tempah.

      8. HEAVY vs DIZZEE RASCAL - A heavy/Grimey track from Chase and Status and Dizzee Rascal

      9. BRIXTON BRIEFCASE ft CEELO GREEN - Has a slow dubstep sound with Ceelo Green on vocals

      10. HOCUS POCUS - This more of an old skool Drum & Bass track and is similar to some of the tracks from there first album More Than A Lot.

      11. FLASHING LIGHTS ft SUB FOCUS & TAKURA - Starts off with a slow paced dubstep sound with vocals from Sub Focus and then in the second half of the track the pace speeds up.

      12. EMBRACE ft WHITE LIES - One of the slowest tracks on the album.

      13. TIME ft DELILAH - Starts off with just the vocals then builds up to a Drum & Bass beat.

      14. MIDNIGHT CALLER ft CLARE MAGUIRE - Has a slow paced Dubstep sound with vocal all the way through the track.

      15. END CREDITS ft PLAN B - Has fast paced Drum & Bass with vocals from Plan B.

      I enjoyed all but 2 tracks on the album which were EMBRACE and MIDNIGHT CALLER as they were very slow paced and boring. Every track is different as it has different artists from different genres.

      Overall it has a mix of good sounds, bass, lyrics and artists from different genres and no matter what genre your into your gonna love at least one of these tracks. 4/5


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  • Product Details

    "Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 No Problem
    2 Fire In Your Eyes (feat. Maverick Sabre)
    3 Let You Go (feat. Mali)
    4 Blind Faith (feat. Liam Bailey)
    5 Fool Yourself (feat. Rage; Plan B)
    6 Hypest Hype (feat. Tempa T)
    7 Hitz (feat. Tinie Tempah)
    8 Heavy
    9 Brixton Briefcase (feat. Cee-Lo Green)
    10 Hocus Pocus
    11 Flashing Lights (feat. Takura; Sub Focus)
    12 Embrace (feat. White Lies)
    13 Time (feat. Delilah)
    14 Midnight Caller (feat. Clare Maguire)
    15 End Credits (feat. Plan B)"

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