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Nobody Else - Take That

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Take That / Audio CD released 1997-08-30 at Rca

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2012 19:42
      Very helpful



      Not as good as some of their other albums, but not so bad.

      Nobody Else is an album from one of the UK's most cherished pop acts. When Take That were formed in the 1990s they formed one of the tightest bonds in pop music despite their manufactured beginnings. There's been many bands that have tried to imitate the formula of Take That, including Westlife and Boyzone. This was their last album with Robbie Williams until 2010 when they released their album, Progress. Back then, Take That had a lot of things that appealed to the masses. The maturish lyrics could appeal to older audiences. Their looks pulled young teenagers in. Their dancing pulled people in, and also their music. This album was the first peak of the band's career but also the drop when Robbie left after the album was released and the band as a foursome decided to split up on a high with a greatest hits CD and a Beegees cover. Their break up caused an outrage to the point suicide lines needed to be set up.

      The album is pretty much your standard pop album with great songs and not so great songs. Their talent, hardwork and loyal fanbase was what kept this album going. I think you'd be mad to think that this the best album from Take That, although it does contain some of their best singles, inclduing Back For Good.

      I think this album gives a slice of nostalgia because you can tell it's a 90's album but it also had a twist of 70's and 80's soul. The first album encorparated some 80's vibes, but it sounded stale. Nobody Else mixes the sound of the first two albums together. A good example of this is the opening track, Sure. Sure is a strong 90's soul pop track. It's a nice track especially the vocals, but I've never been that keen on it.

      Back For Good the worldwide hit/ballad that many people will remember for it's romantic heartache theme, humble strings and gentle nature. It's quite simple compared to the bigger ballads, but thgat in no way means I like it any less. I think Gary's never sounded better on this song. I still think years on that this song sounds just as great as it did years ago. The atmosphere is relatable and there is a great balance between the music, vocals, lyrics and rhythm.

      Every Guy is a cheesy R&B track. I think the introduction to this is horrible and overly sweet. Of course as we eventually get into the chorus, the song isn't so bad. I don't think it's awful, I just don't think it suits Take That because I think they've grown out of that stuff. Jason Donavan fans might enjoy the track though.

      In track four, Take That show off their disco twist in Sunday To Saturday. It's a love song that promises commitment and how romance isn't a teenage game. The sort of thing a lot of girls want to hear. "It's a Sunday through to Saturday love." I think it's good song that has a nice slow rhythm. I think the trumpet solo is a cool edition to the track. I'd love to see them perform this track again because I think their voices have the right maturity for the song.

      Nobody Else is a song that could have really been a big single for them. It's a soulful ballad with a very dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics are a bit cliche, but I've got to hand it to Gary, he knows how to write a decent song. I'm surprised it's not got as much hype as some of the non albums track by Take That.

      Never Forget is also one of their popular songs. Again the lyrics were written by Gary Barlow but it was Howard who took the lead vocals. It carries on with the dreamy atmosphere. It's a very personal song that's covered by a lot of songs. This song has a wonderful message that will be relavant for many more generations to come. I think it gives a good message to people because it tells people to never forget their roots and enjoy whatever sucsess you have, but don't let it get to your head. It's a grand song from start to finish.

      I think the Hanging Onto Your Love sounds very sensual, but I think it feels very americian, unlike their later albums which feel very British. It contains some interesting whistle notes, which I presume are from Gary. Seriously, can you imagine Robbie Williams singing like Mariah Carey? It would be as horrific as his attempts to rap. Yeah those whistle notes are definatly from Gary. I didn't like it as much as some of the other tracks because the chorus annoyed me.

      Holding Back The Tears has a very pure introduction. I love the violins, harps and synthesizers on this song and I think the percussion makes it sound better. It's got that nice dreamy atmosphere that reminds you of the 90's. I think this song is very simular to A Million Love Songs Later because it's got Gary Barlow's stamp all over it. I think this is more of a Gary Barlow song than a Take That song because I think this feels very personal because Gary put a lot of emotion on this song. I love thee

      I hate it that the next track sounds so generic, boring and repetitive. Hate It, has this really dogedy production which sounds even more weirder because it's so polished. Take That and R&B does not compute! They should give this song to Britney Spears, that would make it better. The beat sounds so familiar to Hanging On To Your Love.

      We're coming close to end of the album and I've noticed that there's a pattern going on with this album, ballad, dance, ballance dance, ballad ... Robbie Williams rap. It dosen't exactly follow the pattern exactly, but it does give me that feeling. Lady Tonight kills the album's pattern and flow. I was tricked into thinking we were going to get another sweet ballad that's going to be dominated by Gary because of that enchanting introduction. Then we hear Robbie rap which is distracting. Despite the tedious raps, this is actually a nice energetic feel to it.

      The album concludes with the super-cute Mark Owen taking lead vocals on a track called The Day After Tomorrow. As I expected, the album was going to end on a ballad if we're following the pattern I noticed. I had a feeling the atmosphere would again be dreamy and soulful, but what I didn't expect it to be as etheral as it was. I think it's a really beautiful song and it's amazing. Gary's lyrics plus Mark's voice equals gems for me.

      Babe, a song from their album Everything Changes, but it's also included in the Americian version of this album also has Mark on lead. Babe and The Day After Tomorrow has the same level of beauty. I feel that this is song could be a prequal to Babe because Babe showed a story about being reuniting with a lost love and finding he has a song and The Day After Tomorrow is about weather he should tell her he loves her today or after tomorrow.

      I think that this is a decent album. It's got an interesting mixture of dreamy pop, soulful ballads and quirky R&B. I think most Take That fans will love. I personally would reccomend this album although I think that Take That have released much better albums in their career. If you're curious about Take That's older stuff, I'd reccomend The Platinum Collection which includes all their first three albums with bonus tracks which if you do the maths, will be more cheaper than buying the albums seperatly on amazon.


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        28.02.2008 00:12
        Very helpful



        Take SOME of that, but leave the rest

        Nobody Else is an important album for Take That fans. Until their recent reformation without Robbie Williams, it was their last album. Produced in 1995, it contains some good songs, three of which made it as singles: 'Sure', 'Back For Good', and 'Never Forget'. Most of the other tracks on this album are of an okay standard. I believe the final track on the album, 'The Day After Tomorrow', to be the best one on there. Yet the rest are not as good, and seem out of sync with the the group's previous high level of standards. In particular, I am not keen on 'Hanging Onto Your Love' and 'Lady Tonight'.

        These are the tracks:

        1. Sure
        2. Back For Good
        3. Every Guy
        4. Sunday To Saturday
        5. Nobody Else
        6. Never Forget
        7. Hanging Onto Your Love
        8. Holding Back The Tears
        9. Hate It
        10. Lady Tonight
        11. The Day After Tomorrow

        This is not Take That's best album. Many of the tracks seem to be there simply because there needed to be enough to release an album. It seems as if 1995 was a good time to stop. I am glad they reformed recently, and their hits and album since they got back together have been testament to what a good move that has been. Although they are ten years older, their music currently has more energy than 'Nobody Else'.

        This is an average album, but I would rate it lower if it did not contain three hits and two other songs which I consider of a high standard. The rest are fillers, and are quite frankly a disappointment. It must be remembered that at the time of this album being made there was great turmoil between Robbie Williams and the other four, and this is perhaps reflected in the quality of the music.

        It seems to be a very good idea for Take That to have reformed, as otherwise their last production as a group would have been this, and would not have done them justice.

        The album is available for £5.47 from amazon.co.uk brand new.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Sure
        2 Back For Good
        3 Everyguy
        4 Sunday To Saturday
        5 Nobody Else
        6 Never Forget
        7 Hanging Onto Your Love
        8 Holding Back The Tears
        9 Hate It
        10 Lady Tonight
        11 Day After Tomorrow

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