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The Very Best Of Now Dance

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5 Reviews

Genre: Compilation / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2005-09-26 at Virgin TV

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    5 Reviews
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      05.04.2012 13:51
      Very helpful



      A decent dance pop album

      I love dance music, hence why I bought this compilation a few years ago.

      This compilation features a number of "light" dance tracks that aren't as hardcore as the dance tracks you would find on albums such as Clubland. This CD set focuses on more dance pop and is aimed at the younger generation as opposed to the older generation. The album features hits from the 90s and early 2000s. I have to admit that a few of the songs were new to me but after playing the album a few times the songs began to grow on me, especially when I began to remember the words!

      The album is a mixed album with artists such as Kylie Minogue, N Trance, Fragma, Corona and Yazz. There's a few one hit wonders on here, although they ARE fantastic songs and this album overall is a fantastic album to play at a party. MOST of the songs are well known and I was impressed at the number of chart toppers on the discs. It takes me back to my youth, especially hearing "What Is Love" by Haddaway!

      It's three CDs of quality dance pop and this compilation is really cheap to buy now. I originally paid £14.97 for it but I have played it over and over again as it is really enjoyable to listen to. It also makes a great driving album.

      A great collection of modern dance pop.


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      20.10.2010 22:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great album

      The Very Best of Now Dance is a 3 CD collection of classic dance anthems originally released in 2005. I bought it after listening to it in a friend's car: we had hours of fun singing along to all the tracks on the way home after a day out!

      The first disc is made up of contemporary (at least at the time) pop-dance anthems. Included are such gems as Toxic by Britney Spears, Don't Stop Movin' by S Club 7 and Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis Bextor. The songs on this CD would have made a great accompaniment to any teenybopper's birthday party (probably not so much now - tastes have moved on!), but there are some slightly more 'grown-up' (I use the term in the loosest of senses) tracks on here too, such as Don't Call Me Baby by Madison Avenue (well my dad liked it), Castles in the Sky by Ian Van Dahl and Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz. Even on this one disc there is a versatile range of songs.

      Disc 2 consists chiefly of early 90s dance anthems, and consequently is my favourite disc! Classics such as The Only Way is Up by Yazz, Rhythm of the Night by Corona and No Limit by 2 Unlimited are great fun and brilliant to dance to (I don't actually recommend dancing to them in a car!). Not forgetting Don't Give Me Your Life by Alex Party, a brilliant track, and The Key, the Secret by Urban Cookie Collective which is uplifting and catchy. There are some different tracks on this CD, however, including U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer (so bad it's good!), Chain Reaction by Diana Ross (sounding quite odd compared to other tracks on the disc), and Hey Baby by DJ Otzi, which was a staple of my 6th form college parties!

      The third and final disc also contains some classics, namely Dreamer by Livin' Joy (possibly my favourite early 90s dance track ever), U Sure Do by Strike and Set You Free by N-Trance. However, this disc is my least favourite as I'm not too keen on many of the tracks that come later, such as Hey Boy Hey Girl by The Chemical Brothers, I Wanna Be U by Chocolate Puma and Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay which I find a little boring and repetitive.

      This 3 CD box set is available from third party sellers at Amazon, from around £14 for a new copy to under a quid for a used one. If you like dance music I strongly recommend this (well, it's more pop than dance really I suppose, not hardcore dance music), as it's very good value for money with over 60 tracks and there's a great variety of music on here.


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        04.02.2009 14:20



        decent dance

        You can't go wrong with the Now albums and their venture into the realm of dance has been successful. This album groups together some of the biggest dance hits off the Now Dance albums.

        On this album:

        I was thrilled to to see three discs here which really gives the album a chance to cover all bases. There are euro dance numbers in the form of DJ Sammy's number one hit 'Heaven' and Ian van Dahl's 'Castles In The sky', there are some pop dance numbers in the form of Sophe Ellis Bextor and S Club and there are some old skool classics like N Trance and Baby D.

        It would take a while to go through every single track as there are three discs, so I have picked out three highlights and a lowlight:


        * Fragma 'Toca's Miracle': A spirited and trancey number with soaring vocals, a number one hit and a bit of an anthem
        * Blackbox 'Ride On Time': Italian dance at its best, that pianoline will grab you everytime
        * Soul 2 Soul: 'Back To Life': A smooth and rhytmic soulful workout with great vocals from Caron Wheeler


        *Dj Otzi 'Hey Baby: A novelty hit that is not realy dance, more throwaway pop

        Verdict: There is pretty much something on here which will please anyone looking for party music


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        09.01.2002 01:54
        Very helpful



        Yet another compilation album that we have been treated to. With the name though I took somewhat a bit more interest in this album, as I personally prefer the dance genre of songs myself. At first glance from the track list though quite a few on CD 1 looked like the standard chart released tracks that you may already have but on CD 2 there were plenty that I did not seem to recognise. After standing there for ten minutes thinking it over I decided to buy this one. Once again though I was left wondering why they claim this to be a 2002 compilation when it was released back on the 22nd of October 2001. I thought that this CD must be a bit better than their standard series and almost could not wait till I got home to try it out. Still the value of it is ok as you are getting 44 songs for only £13.99 so you save quite a bit in fact compared to buying singles. Here is what I think of this album as it stands. Track Listings Disc: 1 1. Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue Ok this song we all know by now and even though it seems to feature on every compilation album that I have saw still is a good little song. Must admit with its catchy tune it is one of Kylie?s better releases. 2. Little L - Jamiroquai This is another of those cool funky style dance songs that Jamroquai produces. Not my favourite style but this is a good song on it's own and it does deserve credit for that. Not one that I would dance to though but is still nice to hear. 3. Romeo - Basement Jaxx This group has been around for years and has had some great songs but recently they have been few and far between. This is a bit of a better song with a nice bouncy style tune it, one of those that you will have your foot tapping along to it before you know it. Seems to be popular for the ladies to dance to this one in the clubs. 4. Flawless - The Ones This is not too bad I suppose but no
        t one of the songs that I think too much of. I do not like the electronic voice much at all and one that I would skip by but it will appeal to some people. It still has quite a good tune to it but not one that I think will be remembered. 5. Let's Dance - Five This is just the same as the chart released version and is just about the only one of few songs that this group have been produced that I really like. It has a nice fast beat to it and good lyrics even though it is more sung like a rap at times it goes well with the tune. Deservedly so that this one done well in the charts. 6. Hey Baby - DJ Otzi Oh my they have put this on a dance album it should be you?ve been framed as far as I am concerned as this is just a big joke to me. Not something that I will listen to by choice. 7. It's Raining Men - Geri Halliwell This is quite an old track for a 2002 comp as well but I suppose for a revamped old tune it is ok. Mainly due to the tune I think though and the fact that Geri wore a skimpy costume helped to sell this one. Not too bad and bearable but I find her voice sounds a bit rough to me in places. 8. Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl This is a lot more like what I expect to hear on a dance album. A faster high paced tune and I must admit I liked the spiritual style lyrics in this track. Saying that this is not maybe a song everyone would like and is more likely to do well with the younger generation but I still like this all the same. 9. Set You Free (Rob Searle Mix) - N-Trance Yet another mix of this song for us. I must admit that this is a good song but just how many times are we going to see this get released. I heard this song years before it was ever released in the charts on some old rave tapes that I think I still have so by the time it made the charts it was old news for some people then. Now it may still sound good to some whom may not have heard it as much I fo
        r one am a bit sick of getting it constantly thrust back out every year. 10. You Are Alive - Fragma feat. Damae Fragma has got a lot more recognised recently. She also used to perform for the old school rave generation but at least she is producing all new work and not re-releasing the same old stuff. This is sung slowly with a nice beat to it and is another song that I like a lot. If you know anything about her as well you can see just how much weight she has lost in this video as well. 11. Electric Avenue (Ringback Remix) - Eddy Grant Another old classic song that has been re-released. Still at least it is in the same feel with only the music mainly being changed. Still feels a bit plain for what I would class a true dance song but probably a lot of people will like this one. 12. Loving You (Ole Ole Ole) - Brian Harvey And The Refugee Crew This is another slow song that shouldn?t truly be on a dance album. It is like a mix of genres and is not one that I think much of, as it seems to stand out far too much for this album. 13. Too Close - Blue This is just like the chart released version of the song so it is a bit better than the album version that is a bit slower. Still I find that this song is more of a slower funkier song than anything else is. Not too bad I suppose but I still feel that this group has a long way to go before they will make any real impression. 14. Eternal Flame (Blacksmith R&B Rub) - Atomic Kitten I liked the original edition of this song but this very slow funk version feels awful to me. It almost destroys what was a great song for the girls and is terrible in my eyes. I will not ever listen to this version again because it lets down the song I first heard and liked. 15. Not Such An Innocent Girl (Sunship Radio Edit Feat M.C. RB) - Victoria Beckham I never thought much of this song in the first place and this again is another awful rem
        ix. This does the original song an injustice as well. Strange how much some songs seem to sound a whole deal better when you hear an awful remix of the track. Another letdown. 16. Thinking It Over - Liberty At least we have another half-decent song to listen to. This is more like a normal chart pop music song though than a dance track to it as it has a strong funky R&B feel to it. Still compared to the last two it is a relief to the ears. 17. Stuck In The Middle With You - Louise This is another song that I like, once again it is not quite a dance song and is another remix of a classic but at least she has done this with a bit taste and tried to stay to the original feel to this song. Not that much has been changed which appeals more to me. 18. Whole Again (Whirlwind Mix) - Atomic Kitten Once again we have a dreadful mix added. The chart released version was great I thought and even though this has not been too badly treated when you know the origonal so well this seems a bit disappointing and seems just too much like a poor copy. 19. Love Is In The Air - Milk & Sugar vs. John Paul Young We all will know this more from the tv ad than for any other reason and it may just be my copy but the quality of this album went right down as this came on. It sounds more like a poorer quality vinyl recording than a CD when this came through so I skipped it by. 20. Do Wah Diddy - DJ Otzi One again OHHHHHH my Dj Otzi. Well I knew they were on but it does not mean that I will have to listen to them. Maybe this was ok as a bit fun but that is as far as it goes. 21. Baddest Ruffest - Backyard Dog What this is doing on a dance album I do not know as this is Ska music by all accounts. More like the old days of Bad Manners revisiting us. Well I suppose some people may dance to this but you would definitely have to be drunk I think. Disc: 2 1. 19-2000 (Soulchild Re
        mix) - Gorillaz Even though this is a remix this one is still quite similar to the chart version, it is just a bit slower and is still not too bad though to listen to. I still prefer the radio mix better though. 2. 2 People - Jean-Jacques Smoothie This is more like what you expect on a dance album. Although the song is slower it is the tune that carries most of it. Still this is a slower version and not the faster dancier version that I know and is definitely more like a CD filling track than anything else. 3. Digital Love - Daft Punk This done ok in the charts but is too Kraftwerky for me too like a great deal. Still it is not the worst that this album has to offer. 4. Chase The Sun - Planet Funk This is more of a chillout feel of song to me. I do not know what she is singing though as it sounds in a foreign language to me. Still it is quite a relaxing tune and not too bad. 5. I Wanna Be U - Chocolate Puma This again is a funkier R&B style of song in my eyes. I did not recognise the name till I heard the track. Not too bad but not one that is one that I will be listening to a great deal. A bit plain again for what is meant to be a dance album. 6. I'm So Crazy - Par-T-One vs INXS What is this doing on this CD. It is an awful song to me and I will apologise to anyone that likes it but this is more like a really freaky rock song that you expect to hear on the early seventies rock films like Tommy or something. This does not belong on this album at all. 7. Young, Fresh n' New (Timo Maas Remix) - Kelis This track is still a bit flat for my liking though it is a lot better than some I have heard already. The track listing gives this as being a remix so I would not mind listening to the normal version to see what that is like as I have not heard this before myself. 8. Star 69 - Fatboy Slim Fatboy has had some good songs released bu
        t this is not one of them in my book. The lyrics and tune is just too repetitive like a broken record continually playing the same bit over and over again. 9. It Began In Afrika - The Chemical Brothers I have never been much of a Chemical Brothers fan but for some reason I liked this tune a bit. The lyrics however are quite dull, as they also are just the same words over and over again. Not the best but listenable I suppose. 10. Right On! - Silicone Soul This again is another slow funk style of song that belongs maybe more on an R&B album than this one. Another plain track that is simply there to fill up space in my opinion. 11. Touch Me - Rui Da Silva This has featured on many of the compilation albums that were released late 2000 or early 2001 and is just too old in my opinion for a track on a 2002 compilation. This makes me feel that this is a bit of a rip off as you at least expect newer releases on this album. It has done the circuit too many times to really be enjoyable. 12. The Real Life - Raven Maize Another song that I never knew by name, as it is one that made its fame from having parts of it featured on a Tv advert. Still it is a slow song that has that slow music that verges on more of a chillout style song. Not one that sounds good enough for me to like though. 13. Muzak - Trisco This is another slow song that just does not feel right. Again the quality of the recording sounds a bit poor here too me. The song itself is again plain and has nothing that inspires you in any way. The second CD is sounding worse by the minute for me. 14. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas Again this is another slow track that you expect to hear on a chillout type album. It has a dancy feel but very laid back so much so that I would have no problem falling asleep if this was playing if I noticed it was playing at all. 15. Never Enough - Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin <
        br>This belongs on maybe Now 48 or something but not here. Too old and is one that by now you would have heard so often you will not really be bothered about it at all. 16. In Praise Of The Sun - Mr. Joshua presents Espiritu This is more like what I would expect to hear as an album filler on a dance album. Not one of the best released but at least it has had an attempt made on it too sound like a half-decent dance tune. Still it reminds me quite a bit of Enya?s style too me. Still it is not too bad. 17. Island - Orinoko Again we go back to the lower grade feel dance tunes. At least these are more like what you expect from these compilations. You get normally a bunch of good tunes with some lower grade tunes thrown in too fill the album. On this CD however these lower grade tunes on the whole are better than most that are on it. 18. Everytime You Need Me - Fragma feat. Maria Rubia Wow at last on this second CD we are treated to a song that you can truly call a dance tune. Although it is a second tune that we are treated to from Fragma this does still have a nice tune and a nice song to go with it. By far I would say that this is the best song that CD 2 has to offer anyone. Considering that my copy of this song is missing it almost makes up for it. Still this seems a bit slower that the radio version to me but it is still bearable. 19. Out Of Control (Back For More) - Darude Darude had a massive hit with Sandstorm and even though this is still a decent attempt it is not their best. However it is one of the best that this CD has by far when it comes down to it. 20. On The Move - Barthezz Once again we have a remix that is poorer than the radio version. Another dissapointment but at least with this one there is not that many changes and the tune mainly is left alone. It is still a nice bouncy style of tune that can almost make you feel like moving after hearing most of this CD. <br>21. Dreams - Miss Shiva This CD seems to be getting better again as this is once again more what you expect to hear. A bit slow in places but quite a decent tune that is almost pleasant to hear. Whether due to it?s own merits or the relief from the monotony of this CD I am not sure. 22. Like This Like That - Mauro Picotto This has very limited lyrics again but at least the tune is quite good even though it sounds a bit too much like Jean Michael Jarre. Still it is easy to listen to and quite pleasant. Another one that is worth being on this compilation. 23. Suburban Train - DJ Tiësto DJ Tiesto does a lot more Trance than anything else and hailing from the continent his style is slightly different but not too bad. I already have six of his albums myself and will be calling it quits with him myself unless he brings out some improved work as a lot of his tracks seem to sound too familiar too each other. Considering that he is releasing about an album every year must leave him with little time in my opinion to put a lot into developing new music. Summary After listening to disc 1 I had mixed feeling because I bought this album, as there were some songs that I really liked on it. After listening to it though I felt let down a bit due to half of the songs being poorer quality remixes which left me feeling a bit sick. It does have some good tracks on it however and more than likely I will forget about it after burning a few mp3?s from it and make up myself a single disc of the tracks that I actually like. Playing CD 2 left me feeling feeling like I had just wasted my money. It was nothing like you expect to hear from any dance album. A poor grade release that seems to me that was released purely and simply for sales with the build up to Christmas coming. I can honestly advise not buying this CD as it is not worth the money. All in all this album too me is too poor in v
        alue to have any use except as an extra decoration. Many of the songs listed that you may have liked were remixes and maybe it should have been called Now Dance 2001 the Remixes as this is too bad to be a true 2002 compilation. Too many songs left something to be desired to get any real enjoyment from them.


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          08.12.2001 03:33
          Very helpful



          Considering the album came out in the year 2000 and now it’s nearly 2002 this opinion may have come late. But better late than never that’s what I always say. As an avid dance fan, I went armed with my Xmas music voucher in my town of Bury St Edmunds. I came out with this album, Now Dance 2001. Although not original I thought It’d suit my tastes of music down to the ground. With 43 tracks and a wide variety of tunes, this album looked to be right up my street and it didn’t disappoint. Anyway here is my attempt to describe the songs on the album, with probably the lowest amount of musical knowledge in the world. Oh well its worth a try… CD 1 (THE POP SIDE) 1 – SPICE GRILS – HOLLER 2 – BRITNEY SPEARS – OOPS I DID IT AGAIN 3 – MODJO – LADY (HEAR ME TONIGHT) 4 – SPILLER – GROOVEJET 5 – MADISON AVENUE – WHO THE HELL ARE YOU 6 – FATBOY SLIM – BIRD OF PRAY 7 – AZZIDO DA BASS – DOOMS NIGHT 8 – ARCHITECTS – BODY GROOVE 9 – BOMFUNK MC’S – FREESTYLER 10 – ROBBIE WILLIAMS – ROCK DJ 11 – KYLIE MINOGUE – ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS 12 – SONIQUE – IT FEELS DO GOOD 13 – MOLOKO – THE TIME IS NOW 14 – MOBY (KELIS) – HONEY 15 – GRACE JONES VS FUNKSTAR DELUXE – PULL UP TO MY BUMPER 16 – MADISON AVENUE – DON’T CALL ME BABY 17 – GERI HALLIWELL – BAG IT UP 18 – TOM JONES & MOUSSE T – SEX BOMB 19 – TRUE STEPPERS – OUT OF YOUR MIND 20 – MELANIE B – TELL ME 21 – BILLIE PIPER – SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE 1 – SPICE GIRL – HOLLER * * It’s the Spice Girl attempt at being street and although it appealed for a while, its sales sunk like a lead di
          ngy. The R’n’B theme got mixed with pop and it didn’t work all too well. A pitiful two stars from me. 2 – BRITNEY SPEARS – OOPS I DID IT AGAIN * * * More of a poppy tune for a dance album but apart from the awful – ‘I love you!’ - bit in the middle you can’t say that you never sung along to it. Or was that just me...? 3 – MODJO – LADY (HEAR ME TONIGHT) * * * I have to say that I wasn’t keen on this record than maybe I should have been. It displayed all the classics of a great song but it didn’t do it for me. Although since it isn’t on every 5 minutes on the radio it is rising in my estimation… 4 – SPILLER – GROOVEJET * * * * * Just a fantastic record! With a tune you could dance along to and lyrics you could sing along to it was always bound for stardom. Lyrics sung by the brilliant Sophie Ellis Bextor added a bit if class but the track was enough to make it a hit. As soon as you hear those first few chords you have to get up and dance around. Go on admit it, we all have! 5 – MADISON AVENUE – WHO THE HELL ARE YOU * * * The follow up to the smash ‘Don’t call me baby’ wasn’t as good, but it had a charm which made us maybe mumble along to. Not bad but a bit boring and not as fun as the first song. 6 – FATBOY SLIM – SUNSET (BIRD OF PRAY) * * * I’ve never really been a fan of Mr Cook and to be honest this song didn’t really do it for me. However, it’s not too bad and pleases most dance fans. Actually this video and the beginning is quite disturbing. 7 – AZZIDO DA BASS – DOOMS NIGHT * * * This is quite an obscure song. Looking at the title you may say, you’ve never heard of this song but put it on and you’ll know you have. It’s an instrumental with some rather
          bizarre – and only French inspired – keyboards riffs. Wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’. 8 – ARCHITECHS – BODY GROOVE * * * Normally I’d give this song four or possibly 5 stars but unfortunately this album only features a rather poor remix. I love the original – the ‘Architechs and Nene bit at the beginning is great – but since the radio version isn’t on I cant rate it highly 9 – BOMFUNK MC’S – FREESTYLER * * * * * I predicted this song to be big a long time before it came out as I had heard it as a number 1 in several other countries. And I wasn’t wrong. It got to number 2 and became only the 2nd Finnish act to get into the top 10 – after Darude which was released a few weeks before. I love this song. You can’t help but sing along and just have fun when it’s on the radio. Fantastic! 10 ROBBIE WILLIAMS – ROCK DJ You will notice I haven’t given this awful thing they call a ‘song’. Am I the only one to think he can’t sing to save his life! His voice is so lifeless and gravelly. Macy Gray gets away with her trademark growl but Robbie, sorry! 11 – KYLIE MINOGUE – ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS * * * This song has grown on me as I’ve had it on this album. It very poppy and I think it is much better than the number 1 Spinning around – although ‘Cant get you out of my head’ is much better. Not bad. Falls under the wont turn over category. 12 – SONIQUE – FEELS SO GOOD * * * * I got sucked into the hysteria surrounding this song. I wasn’t keen at first because I didn’t really like it the first time it came out, but with time I really liked it and really deserved a number 1 spot – shame she isn’t doing any more music. 13 – MOL
          OKO – THE TIME IS NOW * * * * I actually prefer the second song from Moloko to the first one ‘Sing it back’. The distinctive voice of Roisin Murphy enhanced a great track into a star one. 14 – MOBY (KELIS) – HONEY * No! I respect the original instrumental but Kelis’s voice behind it meant it never gelled together. They never recorded the track in the same country let alone the same room. Disappointing. 15 – GRACE JONES VS FUNKSTAR DELUXE * * This is usually a track I miss but I have to say digging up an old Grace Jones track and putting a beat behind it may be a good idea but it didn’t work in theory. Then again it was never going to be as big as Ms Jones’s hair – or ego for that matter! 16 – MADISON AVENUE – DON’T CALL ME BABY * * * * * I have to say that I really liked this song. No not in 2000 but in 1999 when it first came out and reached a pitiful 35 in the charts. For ages I wanted it to be released for ages and when it did it went to the top – who liked it first? Although it may be a feminist tune it is still fantastic with a danceable tune, disco element and singable lyrics. A sure fire hit – even if it took a second release to do it! 17 – GERI HALLIWELL – BAG IT UP * Enough said! 18 – TOM JONES – MOOSE T – SEX BOMB * Horny was a great track. This isn’t! 19 – TRUE STEPPERS – OUT OF YOUR MIND * * * Oh come on it wasn’t that bad was it? Although I will admit that Spiller was the better track and deserved the number one, this wasn’t all that bad and better than the previous song from True Steppers. Vikki Beckham and Dane Bowers did well and worked well together but they did work the vocoder into overdrive. 20 – MELANIE B – TELL ME * * * Another Spice Girl
          offering and probably the best of the 4 tracks. I liked the R’n’B flavour and she did sing it well. Not bad but like Kylie goes into the wont turn over pile. 21 – BILLIE PIPER – SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE * * Billie – because we want to – Piper never did anything for me and this track didn’t change a thing. Ironic that it’s at the bottom of CD1… So there is the first part of my op. Oi! Stop groaning! Hope you like what I’ve written so far and your not falling asleep at the computer… CD2 (THE PARTY SIDE) 1 – STORM –TIME TO BURN 2 – DARUDE – SANDSTORM 3 – YORK – O.T.B 4 – DELERIUM – SILENCE 5 – PLANET PERFECTO – BULLET IN THE GUN 2000 6 – ELEMENT FOUR – BIG BROTHER THEME 7 – FRAGMA – TOCAS MIRACLE 8 – ANGELIC – IT’S MY TURN 9 – AUROURA – ORDINARY WORLD 10 – ALICE DEEJAY – THE LONELY ONE 11 – MELANIE C – I TURN TO YOU 12 – SUREAL – YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY 13 – FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – THE POWER OF LOVE 14 – CRW – LOVIN’ 15 – LOCK ‘N’ LOAD – BLOW YA MIND 16 – MARC ET CLAUDE – I NEED YOUR LOVING 17 – WATERGATE – MERRY CHRISTMAS MR LAWRENCE 18 – PAUL VAN DYK – TELL ME WHY 19 – BASEMENT JAXX – BINGO BANGO 20 – SCOTT AND LEON – YOU USED TO HOLD ME 21 – K-CI & JOJO – TELL ME IT’S REAL 22 – TRU FAITH – FREAK LIKE ME 1 - STORM – TIME TO BURN * * * * * It’s a tradition that instrumentals fail to do well but this great track proves them wrong. Apart from the whispering repeating of ‘It’s time to burn’ this song neve
          r fails to get me tapping my foot or actually up and ‘swinging my hips’ – Urghh! What a sight! 2 – DARUDE – SANDSTORM * * * * * The instrumental revival of 2000 brought this brilliant track from Darude from Finland. It had no words but still reached number 3 and gets the mantle of my favourite track on this album. When it’s on you can’t help but turn it up loud and get dancing! 3 – YORK – O.T.B * * * * I never knew Chris Rea could be good. This track from York reached number 4, as it was the ultimate summer anthem. The aptly named title, O.T.B (on the beach) meant you had to mumble the words to. Just a great song. 4 – DELERIUM – SILENCE * * * * * This closely follows Darude as my fave song on the album. Although rather trancey the gothic and beautiful voice of Sarah McLauchlan made the song brilliant. You just can’t help but crank up the volume and annoy the neighbours! 5 – PLANET PERFECTO – BULLET IN THE GUN 2000 * * Oh its another year but as we head towards 2002 we haven’t heard the ‘Bullet in the gun 2001’ yet. Every year there always seems to be a new version of this song on the radio. And each time it doesn’t get any better. 6 – ELEMENT FOUR – BIG BROTHER THEME * * * * * Yet another instrumental, the fantastic theme to the equally fantastic program ‘Big Brother’ is another tune at the top of my list of faves on this album. Another trancey tune it is probably my third favourite on the album. 7 – FRAGMA – TOCAS MIRACLE * * * * It seems very odd that I and my brother owned both the original two tracks. Toca Me by Fragma and I need a miracle by Coco got mixed together and made this ‘Tocas miracle’. A sure-fire number one ensued (as well as a funny video in which none of the women could kick a
          ball properly). I liked it and never got tired of hearing it. Funny how illegal pirates can make a good record? 8 – ANGELIC – IT’S MY TURN * * * I’m not sure but I think this is Judge Jules’s wife so it was bound to be released. Not bad but a bit of a bland tune. It’s nothing special but not too bad. 9 – AURORA – ORDINARY WORLD * * * I didn’t really like the original but I prefer this version – any Duran Duran fans needn’t leave a comment. By having a woman sing it, they transformed the song. However, it got a little boring when they kept plugging it on the radio, so I lost interest. 10 – ALICE DEEJAY – THE LONELY ONE * * It’s fair to say that Alice Deejay have gone down the road the Vengaboys went. Like the late Vengaboys (Ha Ha) had a good first dance single and so did Alice Deejay. Better off alone was one of my fave tunes of 1999 but has since then lost the plot. This song tried to regain ground but I usually turn it over if it comes on. By the way have you noticed that the other 2 – non singers – keep changing in each song? 11 - MELANIE C – I TURN TO YOU * * Oh yes, another Spice Girl. After her R’n’B, rock and pop she turned to dance – or rather insane trance. Supporting some rather drastic hair extensions which Sharon from Eastenders ones look sane. The song wasn’t too bad to be fair but it wasn’t good either. I preferred ‘Never be the same again’. 12 – SUREAL – YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY * * * This gets lyrics sung by the woman who was with 'Urban Cookie Collective' I quite like this song and it quite catchy. 13 – FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – THE POWER OF LOVE * An old song being re-mastered. Enough said really! 14 – CRW – LOVIN’ * * * This is a tune which you know but you dont know who its by. Not bad but not great either. A good club tune to chill out too as its a little slower than the rest. 15 – LOCK ‘N’ LOAD – BLOW YA MIND * * * * Despite the ‘fake audience’ in the middle this song has the get up factor and can’t help but turn up the volume. The repetitive lyrics are said in quick succession and although it’s a song that would have been better if it was released in 1997, I still like it. The best song of the 2nd half of the CD. 16 – MARC ET CLAUDE – I NEED YOUR LOVING * Marc Et Claude – or rather Marc Romboy – released this song again in another remix. Originally done by ‘Baby D’ – I think – it doesn’t do anything for me as I put it down as a slow dance tune. 17 – WATERGATE – MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. LAWRENCE * * * We have all heard of Japanese music and its traditional chimes and this song featured it all as well as a nice beat behind. Rather good. 18 – PAUL VAN DYK – TELL ME WHY * * * * I actually rather liked this song. I was never a keen St Etienne fan but their vocals and input made them popular again. A great sing mixed by a great DJ. 19 – BASEMENT JAXX – BINGO BANGO * * * I am a big fan of the Jaxx boys and although this song isn’t as good as some of their previous songs but it is still a positive and up beat tune. 20 – SCOTT AND LEON – YOU USED TO HOLD ME * * This a more of an R'n'B song which only seems to be making up the numbers as we reach the end of the album. 21 – K-CI & JOJO – TELL ME IT’S REAL * * This song falls onto the annoying pile. The song was plugged several times on Vibe FM so by the time I got this album I was sick of it! Another song with a vocoder overl
          oad. 22 – TRU FAITH FT DUB CONSPIRACY * * The last song on the album is rarely played as I usually turn the CD off by the time I get to the end of the album. Another song which you know but don’t know who it’s by. So there you go. It may be a year late but if you can get hold of this album on the cheap buy it. If it’s not there, there is another Now Dance album for the 2001 songs. Called Now Dance 2002, I own it and would have written about it but the category isn’t up yet. If you like this op (and you can tell me in a comment) I’ll write another… Thanks! BODIE


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
          2 Toxic - Britney Spears
          3 Don't Stop Movin' - S Club 7
          4 Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
          5 Call On Me - Eric Prydz
          6 Out Of Touch - Uniting Nations
          7 Falling Stars - Sunset Strippers
          8 Lola's Theme - Shapeshifters
          9 Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue
          10 Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller
          11 Make Luv - Room 5 & Oliver Cheatham
          12 Shine - Lovefreekz
          13 Heaven - DJ Sammy & Yanou
          14 Castles In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl
          15 Addicted To Bass - Puretone
          16 I Like The Way - BodyRockers
          17 Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
          18 Flashdance - Deep Dish
          19 Shot You Down - Audio Bullys & Nancy Sinatra
          20 You Can Do It - Ice Cube & Mack 10/Ms Toi
          21 Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
          22 Superstar - Jamelia
          23 Roc Ya Body - MVP

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 Only Way Is Up - Yazz
          2 Ride On Time - Black Box
          3 Rhythm Of The Night - Corona
          4 What Is Love - Haddaway
          5 It's My Life - Dr. Alban
          6 Freed From Desire - Gala
          7 No Limit - 2 Unlimited
          8 Don't Give Me Your Life - Alex Party
          9 Toca's Miracle - Fragma
          10 I Luv U Baby - Original
          11 Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) - Rozalla
          12 Key The Secret - Urban Cookie Collective
          13 Saturday Night - Whigfield
          14 Hey Baby - DJ Otzi
          15 Chain Reaction - Ross, Diana
          16 We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Jermaine Stewart
          17 I Wanna Be The Only One - Eternal & Bebe Winans
          18 Take A Chance On Me - Erasure
          19 Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
          20 U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
          21 Rhythm Is A Dancer - Snap

          Disc #3 Tracklisting
          1 Set You Free - N-Trance
          2 Let Me Be Your Fantasy - Baby D
          3 Dreamer - Livin' Joy
          4 U Sure Do - Strike
          5 Moving On Up - M People
          6 Red Alert - Basement Jaxx
          7 Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
          8 One More Time - Daft Punk
          9 I See You Baby - Groove Armada
          10 Hey Boy Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers
          11 Pump Up The Volume - MARRS
          12 You Got The Love - Source & Candi Staton
          13 Back To Life - Soul II Soul & Caron Wheeler
          14 Good Life - Inner City
          15 Temptation - Heaven 17
          16 Flawless - Ones
          17 I Wanna Be U - Chocolate Puma
          18 Seven Days And One Week - BBE
          19 Bellissima - DJ Quicksilver
          20 Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay

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