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Olly Murs - Olly Murs

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6 Reviews

Artist: Olly Murs / Audio CD released 2010-11-29 at Epic

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    6 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 04:06
      Very helpful



      A good mix of music on the Cd

      =Olly Murs - Olly Murs=
      Olly Murs came runner up in the 2009 X Factor, but has done well for himself since, this is his 1st abbulm self titled Olly Murs.
      Olly is a singer songwriter, and was signed to Epic records and Syco Music in early 2010.

      I purchased mine from Amazon, it is still available from there.

      Pre-album relase Olly had 2 singles released from this album.

      This album was released in November 2010.

      1)Change Is Gonna Come
      2)Please Don't Let Me Go
      3)Thinking Of Me
      5) I Blame Hollywood
      6) Ask Me To Stay
      7) Heart Of My Sleeve
      8) Hold On
      9) Accidental
      10)Love Shine Down
      11)Don't Say Goodbye
      12) A Million More Years

      =My Thoughts=
      This was a brilliant debut album, Olly really put his heart and soul into this album, and all the songs have a similar feel to them, very upbeat, cheeky chappie personality coming out across the music, but without being intrusive on the song.

      =My Favourites=
      I do have to confess that I have a favourite, it is "please don't let me go", this was his debut single and reached number one. This song just seems to sum everything up, and brings about the feelgood factor, which I feel that we have been missing out for a while.

      A brilliant album from a talented singer.


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      21.03.2012 01:38
      Very helpful



      Surprising fantastic debut album from Olly Murs.

      Olly Murs first came to our attention on the X-Factor where he came runner-up to Joe McElderry. It seems that not winning came as a blessing in disguise for Olly. After the show had ended he was signed up by a record label and the following summer released this first self-titled album after his first single "Please Don't Let Me Go" reached number 1.

      Mur's personal is a lovable cheeky chappy from Essex. And I think his personality is reflected on this album. Unlike many males singers, Olly doesn't churn out the dreary ballads and nor does he claim to be somebody he's not. He know's he a pop singer who's loved by everyone from Grannies to young girls.

      Thealbum has that reggae-pop vibe throughout. Music lovers will be aware of his hits "Please Don't Let Me Go" and "Thinking Of Me" which you'll either love or hate. There are several other songs on the album which are worthy of a mention too. "Busy" was another single by Olly, although didn't reach the same success as his first too, it's a great pop number (and is often used on a famous retail advert). If you liked these three singles then you should definatly check out the album, songs that are simmilar include "Accidental" and "Love Shine Down" (the latter had the potential to be a single in my opinion.

      If you are looking for something a bit more slow paced then the album has several ballads. "Heart On My Sleeve" was released as a single but "Ask Me To Stay" is a lot better. Other worthy mentions are for "Don't Say Goodbye" and "A Million More Years". If classic pop ballads are your thing then you should definatly check out these four tracks.

      Other tracks worthy of a mention are the opening track "Change Is Gonna Come" which builds up to a fantastic chorus. Also "I Blame Hollywood" has a dare I say "Buble" vibe to it.

      In summery, who would have thought that an X-Factor contestant could establish themselves as a successful Pop star and not even win the show. Murs has proved that you don't need to win it to be a success. This is probably one of the most classic pop albums in my collection. There isn't really a bad song on there, if I had to pick my least favourite then I guess "Hold On" would be it, but aside from that all the other songs are at least an 8/10.


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      21.06.2011 14:37



      Something for everyone

      I've loved Olly since he first auditioned on X-Factor and was convinced he would win. So I was disappointed when he lost out to Joe McElderry in the final. However, that was only the start of things for Mr Murs and like many others from the X-factor process (such as JLS) he has gone on to do extremely well - better than the man he lost out to in fact!

      I got this album at Christmas and really enjoyed listening to it but it was once I saw Olly live earlier this year that I really started to appreciate some of the less known album tracks. Since then the CD has been on practically every day when i'm getting ready for work!

      There's something for everyone on this album - there's fast catchy numbers such as Thinking Of Me, Busy and Accidental alongside beautiful ballads such as Ask Me To Stay (which is my fave song on the album).

      It's an album that doesn't really have a bad song on it (unlike some albums where there's 2 or 3 good singles and then 10 mediocre album tracks), which I think says a lot and Olly's cheeky Essex boy persona is the big selling point that sits nicely alongside the great songs.

      My husband really enjoyed seeing Olly live and likes the album too and I think that says a lot about the music!

      It's down to £4.99 online now and is well worth buying if you like quality pop :-)


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      31.01.2011 12:14
      Very helpful



      Worth buying

      Olly Murs ; Olly Murs.

      For those who don't know who Olly Murs is, he is the runner up of X-Factor 2009.
      He was born 14th May 1984 in Essex and before X-Factor he was an advisor in a call centre.
      I do not watch X-Factor but I do like this guy, he has a great voice and shows enthusiasm in his work. I actually, in my own opinion, think that Olly Murs is better than Michael Buble.

      His first single off this album was 'Please Don't Let Me Go.' Which reached number one in the charts beating Katy Perry's song, Teenage Dream, which I think is a great acheivement...nearly everyone loves Katy Perry, me included.
      After that he released his next single, 'Thinking Of Me.' which I think came 4th in the charts.
      When the album was released it hit Number two in the Album Charts.

      *Change Is Gonna Come : 3:46
      *Please Don't Let Me Go : 3:24
      *Thinking Of Me : 3:26
      *Busy : 3:00
      *I Blame Hollywood : 3:09
      *Ask Me To Stay : 3:35
      *Heart On My Sleeve : 3:29
      *Hold On : 3:05
      *Accidental : 3:22
      *Love Shine Down : 4:06
      *Don't Say Goodbye : 3:36
      *A Million More Years : 3:36
      The Best Tracks

      ==Personal Opinion==
      Please Don't Let Me Go
      It was the first track I heard off the album and though I found it got a little bit repetitive on music channels I still loved it. It's upbeat and catchy, most of the tracks on this album are. His vocals in this track are pretty amazing, If you haven't heard it, you're missing out.

      Thinking Of Me
      Again, upbeat and catchy. It's an excellent track and I can't seem to stop listening to it. The simple piano melody in the back with the bass and drum beat really gives this track that oomph. When this one comes on the TV, the volume is always turned up. Everyone loves it.
      The Ukulele in this track is excellent, it's the first thing I noticed when I first listened to this track. The vocal tempo is steady but kind of bouncy. It's an attention grabbing track lyric-wise. This is my favourite track off the whole album, I listen to it every day.

      I Blame Hollywood
      This track reminds me of Michael Buble, the lyrics are similar to something he would do, with the piano and beat in the background. But with Olly's vocals the whole thought of Michael Buble disappears. It's a great song, even my sister likes it.
      Love Shine Down
      The vocals to this track are flawless, that includes the female backing that comes in half way through the track. The beat and acoustic rhythm are what make this track. My second favourite off the whole album, by far.

      I got this album for Christmas off my Mom, so what ever she paid for it was worth it, I listen to it regularly, have it on my iPod too. Probably the best thing I got to be fair.
      If you are looking to get this album, you can get it for from

      The album cover is Olly and his name in red letters. It's fairly okay, could be a bit better as it isn't very attention grabbing.
      I think there are a lot of things in store for Olly and that we only just got a taste of what he is capable of. If he releases a new album at some point, and I'm sure he will, it is going to be 10 times better than this one, even though this one is amazing already.
      Though he was runner up on the X-Factgor he has done more than the actual winner so far, so technically Olly is the winner.

      Thanks for reading


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        31.12.2010 12:49
        Very helpful



        Wasn't expecting this, a lovely surprise! A fantastic début from Olly Murs!

        ~*~*Olly Murs, Olly Murs*~*~

        This Christmas I received a lot of lovely presents as usual, including a bunch of lovely CD's (so expect the majority of my upcoming reviews to be of these!). It gives me great pleasure to share with you my opinion of Olly Murs' debut album, which I received as a gift...

        ~*About Olly*~

        Don't worry, I know that reviews are, as they should be, meant to be based on the product itself, so this isn't going to be some Wikipedia copy-and-pasted tripe, it's just going to be some quick background information about the artist that I know off the top of my head...
        Olly Murs' is a solo artist who many of you will know from 2009's X Factor, where he lost to Joe McElderry in the final. He was famed for his quirky dance moves (um, incorporating the Thriller dance into a jazz song, anyone?), his ridiculously tight trousers, his collection of trilby hats and for seeming like a genuinely lovely, down-to-earth kind of guy. As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of an Olly fan, and I backed him all the way through to the final, so understandably I was a bit gutted, but not overly surprised, to be honest, when I watched Joe win The X Factor.

        But coming second on the UK's biggest singing competition definitely isn't a bad thing. Olly was signed to Epic record label immediately (the same company that signed previous X Factor runners up JLS) and began working on his album, which came out in November 2010.

        ~*Album Artwork*~

        The album artwork is simple and clear, nothing too special. It features six full length photographs of Olly (with his trilby, naturally) and "Olly Murs" printed in large red letters across the cover. The album sleeve contains lyrics to the songs and a double page of thank you's from Olly.


        Undoubtedly, the most important part of the album! I am going to go through each song, giving it a rating, but before I do I must say I am immensely impressed by the consistency of the tracks on this album. I think many people were expecting him to come out with a poor Robbie-wannabe sounding album, but Olly has proved them wrong and produced an excellent, quirky, light album packed full of catchy tracks. Olly's vocals are simple and very unique, meaning that just within the first line you can tell it is him (yes, I know it would be pretty obvious if you're listening to an album titled "Olly Murs", but still!). A well-balanced mix of reggae pop, ballads and catchy tunes make this album a must, in my opinion.

        ~*Change Is Gonna Come*~

        This song is a smooth, reggae style pop song. I would definitely describe it as a "grower", as the first time I listened to it I wasn't all that impressed, I thought it was pretty mediocre, however having played it through a few more times I actually really enjoy listening to it now. It is something I would listen to around the house on my speakers, or in the car, rather than actually playing it specifically as a single on my iPod. Olly's vocals are extremely recognisable and the blend of instruments used work really well together. I imagine this as a light, almost summery song, very easy listening and uplifting without being boring, but still not outstanding.

        Rating - 7/10, definitely not one of the best tracks on this album, but still very good!

        ~*Please Don't Let Me Go*~

        Please Don't Let Me Go was Olly's first single from this album, and was very successful - beating Katy Perry to the No.1 spot in the Official UK Charts in early September 2010. I personally loved this song from the first time I heard it on the radio, and even after months of it being extremely overplayed on the radio, music charts and my iPod, I still really enjoy listening to it as part of the album. The lyrics are basic but catchy, and the song has a great beat which sticks in your head for ages. The song doesn't exactly challenge Olly's vocals but he sounds great throughout. The lyrics are all about Olly pleading to a girl he loves for her to stay with him, which may sound all whiny and pathetic, but the song is actually another very light, breezy reggae sounding track, not at all a slow ballad. Again, I would describe this as a summery track, it certainly reminds me of summer days, maybe a barbeque party...(sorry, going off on a tangent here dreaming about summer when I can hear the icy wind whistling outside my bedroom).

        Rating - 8.5/10, a very sensible choice as a first single, breezy, refreshing and a great taster of the album!

        ~*Thinking Of Me*~

        I love this song! It's a real feel good, catchy tune. His performance of this on The X Factor was my favourite guest performance of the series (although possibly on a par with Take That and Michael Buble), as it showed off his ability to sing (very well) live, while conveying his sweet, likeable charm, doing a few dance moves and just generally putting on a great show - urm, Cheryl Cole, you may want to take note... The song itself peaked at No.2 in the charts, falling short of the coveted No.1 spot due to the X Factor charity single. Personally, this song is a standout on the album because of it's catchy beat, fun, quirky lyrics and Olly's down-to-earth, cheeky-chappy charm that really shines through on this particular song - for example, when Olly sings "but if I remember right you like a pinch of spice", where you can almost hear the cheeky smile he will have undoubtedly have had on his face whilst singing! Again, although his album wasn't released until November, in my opinion these first three tracks are all very summery and breezy. The lyrics are clever and believable, and in general this song is one of the (many) highlights on the album.

        Rating - 9.5/10, a particularly catchy track which grows on you until you just can't get it out of your head!


        A much slower pace than the first three tracks, this takes a much more laid back, simple approach in the first verse, and then really speeds up in the chorus with an added drum beat, which continues into the rest of the song. Personally I don't think this song is a particular stand out, however saying that I would still say that it is extremely lovely to listen to, another which I would describe as a "grower". It is something I enjoy listening to as part of the album, definitely not one which I would skip, but also not one that I would add to my main playlist on iTunes, unlike some of the other songs on this album. Again, (and I really do apologise as I feel I am repeating myself a lot on these explanations), an upbeat, uplifting song. I do realise I seem to be using the same sort of words to describe these songs, but I think that although they are all of the same style, they all have their own little twist, or quirk.

        Rating - 7.5/10, pleasant enough, but to me it doesn't measure up to some of the others on this album!

        ~*I Blame Hollywood*~

        With a steady, cheerful beat that grabs you straight away, and sweet lyrics about a lost love, and how "Hollywood" spins a tale and makes it impossible for real life, or love, to measure up to, which he still manages to turn into a cute, clever, catchy song. I particularly like the chorus, which just makes me sing a long every time (oh dear...). I can really see this being released as a single, and doing extremely well in the charts. A similar blend of instruments are used throughout many of his songs, and Olly's voice can be heard clearly above them all, as I've said before, his voice is extremely unique and although it isn't the most powerful voice in the world, it is an amazingly unique, pleasant voice which really suits the happy, reggae-pop tracks on this album, in particular this one. I would say this was another of my album highlights, on a par with Thinking Of Me.

        Rating - 9.5/10, a great, cheerful song which I imagine would do very well as a single, too.

        ~*Ask Me To Stay*~

        This is the first ballad on the album, and thank goodness for that, as now I can use some different adjectives! The song begins with a piano playing, and then Olly's voice begins to sing, slowly and almost soulfully, I think you can tell that there's general emotion in this song. Olly's voice actually shows off a bit of variety, there's less of the short, almost "talking" vocals used, and more prolonged notes. Saying that, he still manages to make this seem more uplifting and interesting than other ballads, it's doesn't sound like a Robbie knock off at all. My favourite part of the song is the bridge, with the crashing drum beats which I think really adds to the emotion of the song. This song was a pleasant surprise upon first listen of the album, as it was nice to see that every single song wasn't going to be a summery upbeat track, having said that it is not one of my absolute favourites.

        Rating - 8/10, a good ballad which I really enjoy listening to, but doesn't compare to some of the later ballads...

        ~*Heart On My Sleeve*~

        Another ballad, although I prefer this one to Ask Me To Stay. It is the slowest track on the album so far, and I particularly love the title of this song. The lyrics are lovely without being anything too showy or outstanding, but I think the simplicity only adds to the song. Also, I think his voice takes on a different tone in this song, more raw and emotional than I have heard before. The instruments in this song are much less prominent than they have been in previous songs, which makes focussing on Olly's voice even more pleasant. This song is neither particularly happy nor sad, just a pure ballad. The lyrics are about him trying to convince a girl that his love is genuine and that he means what he says, and that he wants her to stay with him. It's a lovely song which I love listening to, and the more I listen to it (and believe me, I've played it an awful lot just during the duration of writing this review to try describe it in the best way possible!), the more I like it!

        Rating - 9/10, a lovely ballad with some heartfelt lyrics and beautiful vocals from Olly.

        ~*Hold On*~

        After two ballads, this song was a big change, with its synthesised chant at the beginning, and faster tempo. The verse's are "crammed" with clever lyrics, meaning that there's an awful lot of lyrics jammed together that don't quite make any sense if you think about them, they are all a bit disjointed and random, however somehow it all works. I was a little unsure about this track until I heard the chorus, which I absolutely loved. It's so basic and simple, but something about it's positive message "hold on, you're gonna' get through this" was really what I needed to hear after having a bit of a knock back just after Christmas (altogether now; awwww!). From the chorus onwards, this song just got better, I really liked the bridge and even the whistling that accompanied it! It's just such a happy, positive song that makes you feel so good about yourself, but I have realised you definitely have to let it play through a few times to enjoy it fully!

        Rating - 8/10, a hidden gem, in my opinion, and one that I think I will only enjoy more and more as I play it!


        Another catchy song, this time about Olly trying his best to woo a girl without her realising that he's "twisting fate to make believe it's all accidental". I love the lyrics to this song, as they make so much sense whilst still being very different and "normal", as in, no OTT flourishes, you could actually imagine a guy hearing this and having done very similar things to try get a girl! The song itself is incredibly catchy - it sticks in my head for ages, and it's so cheerful and cute, basically just more typical Olly. I could imagine this doing very well as a single, and to be honest, having reviewed the other similar tracks on this album I don't really see what else I can say about this song without repeating myself even more than I already have! It's one of my favourite up-tempo songs, not quite up there with Thinking Of Me or I Blame Hollywood, but pretty close!

        Rating - 9/10, really enjoy listening to this, a really sweet, realistic and catchy song!

        ~*Love Shine Down*~

        These last three tracks are my three favourites from this album - I love them. The first; Love Shine Down, is a perfect mix of one of Olly's more up-tempo tracks and a ballad - it incorporates the cheerful accompaniment and steady beat with more emotional lyrics and a slower track. The lyrics are great and a welcome addition to the song is the female vocal that joins the song nearer the end...the blend of her and Olly's voices work brilliantly and it adds a new angle to the track, making it stand out even more in the album. I have played this song over and over on my iPod and I still haven't got bored of it, which is a great sign, as sometimes things just don't measure up after the first listen. It's romantic whilst still being typical Olly-style, e.g. simple, light hearted and fun.

        Rating - 9.9/10, picky, I know! At first listen, I thought this would be my favourite song, but the next track just stole it for me!

        ~*Don't Say Goodbye*~

        I love this song so much! At the beginning, the song sounds distinctly similar to the start of many Glee songs, particularly "Keep Holding On", with the backing vocals (fellow Gleeks, you'll know what I'm on about...everyone else, just keep smiling and nodding!). The tempo of the song is very slow and relaxed, but Olly's vocals are earnest and seem so genuine. This song is about clinging on to a relationship that's hanging by a thread, and trying to start again. It's the best ballad on here by far, and I can just listen to it on repeat for ages! My favourite part of this song are the lines "But we fell so hard and it felt so right, so don't let it all end here tonight," and the chorus is really beautiful too. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it, it wasn't a "grower" like some of the other songs on this album, I just clicked with it straight away. The backing vocals (I can't really describe it, but it's like a choir singing "a-ha-ha, a-ha-ha", urm, no, not laughing like a maniac, but without comparing it to Glee I just can't really explain, guess you'll have to give the track a listen to find out what I mean!) add to the simple beauty of the track, and I just simply love it!

        Rating - 11/10! If I haven't managed to get across to you yet - MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE TRACK!

        ~*A Million More Years*~

        After getting so transfixed by "Don't Say Goodbye", I thought that the final track would be a disappointment, but it really wasn't. It is the slowest track on the album, and at the start it sounds a bit "soppy", especially compared to the style of the other songs on this album, however as soon as Olly started to sing I was once again pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, it is the perfect ending to the album; soft, subtle and very lovely indeed. That unique tone in Olly's voice is more prominent in this song which makes what could be a bit of a plain ballad very modern; he successfully puts his own twist on it. It's maybe more of a typical "X Factor" style of song than the others on this album, but rather than that being a hindrance, I see it as a lovely surprise and, as I've said, perfect ending. I would be disappointed if all the songs on the album were similar to this, but as a one-off it works very well and again shows Olly's capability to pull off many different styles. Yet again, this track is one that has made its way onto my main playlists on my iPod and on iTunes. My favourite lines are "Now I'm missing you so much, loving you so much it hurts, and its never gonna' let me go...".

        Rating - 10/10, my second favourite song, and a lovely finish to the album!

        ~*Overall Opinion*~

        As you can see, there isn't one track on here that I don't like, I mean; of course I have preferences, but who doesn't? What makes this album so special is the originality and the consistency of the tracks - Olly has managed to make his own mark on the music business and has managed to use the X Factor as a leg up, rather than letting the X Factor cultivate him into their idea of what Olly should be. This is very much "Olly's album" - he helped write the songs and was very involved, and I think the album reflects that. There is also a perfect mix of ballads and up tempo tracks, and I know I've banged on about this quite enough, but I will just point out once more the fact that the lyrics are so likeable and catchy without being anything fancy. I'm sure I've pointed out in previous reviews that the lyrics of a song mean a lot to me! Although the tracks are similar, they are at the same time all very individual. I think this album is packed with future hits, and I would be confident in saying that (bar Leona Lewis, maybe) Olly Murs is the best thing to come out of The X Factor.
        "Olly Murs" is available in all the usual places - supermarkets, HMV etc, as well as Amazon and iTunes and all other online retailers, for around £7.99.
        Whilst Olly's music may not be for everyone, I personally found it a refreshing, uplifting album and have a lot of respect for a genuine, normal guy who's done very well for himself. I wish Olly all the best in the future, and have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Mr. Murs!


        Sorry if this review is a little rusty - I haven't reviewed in what feels like so long, I'm still trying to find my feet again! Thanks very much for taking the time to read this review, and I'll be posting some more up soon!
        Take care, all the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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          28.12.2010 23:18
          Very helpful



          Much better than I expected! Great catchy tunes!

          I didn't really watch much of last year's X Factor, although I do remember watching a couple of episodes of the 'live shows'. What I do remember though, was how Olly, who came second in the show, annoyed me. I just didn't like him and was glad when he came second.
          Roll on, a few months and Olly has had two singles out and an album. I have seen him on a few television shows, as well as his own documentary, and now I really like him, and cannot believe how I could of not liked him while he was on The X Factor! I think he is such a nice and charming guy and I love his music, and so I bought his album.

          Olly Murs is the debut album from Olly Murs (who else?!). The album was released in the United Kingdom on 29th November 2010 and so is very recent. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £8.95 which I think is excellent value considering that the album is only two weeks old.
          ~* Songlist *~
          1)Change Is Gonna Come 2)Please Don't Let Me Go 3)Thinking Of Me 4)Busy 5) I Blame Hollywood 6) Ask Me To Stay 7) Heart Of My Sleeve 8) Hold On 9) Accidental 10)Love Shine Down 11)Don't Say Goodbye 12) A Million More Years

          Wow! What a cracking debut album this is! After hearing this, I believe that Olly should have definitely won the X Factor (sorry, I didn't take much notice of you back then Olly!). There are so many great songs on here. In fact I do not think that there is one that I dislike. My favourite has definitely got to be the song which was his debut single (and reached number one), 'Please Don't Let Me Go' as it is just so 'cheeky' and catchy and I think that it kind of represents Olly's 'cheeky chappy' kind of personality. Other songs on the album which stand out for me include 'Busy' and 'Million More Years'. When I am listening to the album, I like every song so much that I don't have to 'skip' any tracks, and can easily listen to it all the way through.

          I love the album's whole 'feel' as it is such a jolly CD and is certain to put you in a great mood! I love the funky beats as they just instantly make you want to smile. It's a perfect album for Summer ; I could imagine driving to the beach, with this playing loud. It's so unique and really reflects Olly's personality! I hope that Olly will be around for a long time! Judging by this album he definitely should be. I think that he will be much more successful than Joe McElderry who won the series!

          I really enjoyed this album and would definitely recommend it.
          Thanks for reading!
          December 14th 2010
          xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 So You Want To Be A Boxer
        2 Change Is Gonna Come
        3 Please Don't Let Me Go
        4 Thinking Of Me
        5 Busy
        6 I Blame Hollywood
        7 Ask Me To Stay
        8 Heart On My Sleeve
        9 Hold On
        10 Accidental
        11 Love Shine Down
        12 Don't Say Goodbye
        13 A Million More Years

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