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On Your Radar - The Saturdays

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3 Reviews

Artist: The Saturdays / Audio CD released 2011-11-21 at Polydor

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    3 Reviews
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      09.11.2013 21:01
      Very helpful



      A Fab album!!

      Wooo! I am happy because The Saturdays are back with a brand new album - On Your Radar is the name of it. It was released in the United Kingdom in November and so it is really recent. The album is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £4.99 which I think is excellent value for money, especially as the album is brand new.
      ~ * Track Listing * ~

      1) All Fired Up 2) Notorious 3) Faster 4) My Heart Takes Over 5) Get Ready, Get Set 6) The Way You Watch Me 7) For Myself 8) Do What You Want With Me 9) Promise Me 10) Wish I Didn't Know 11) White Lies 12) Last Call 13) I Say Ok 14) Move On You
      ~ * What Are The Songs Like? * ~

      Notorious - When I first heard this song back in the summer, I thought 'you can hardly call that a song', but I really love it now! It's so catchy!!
      My Heart Takes Over - A lovely upbeat ballad- what the Saturdays do best. Vanessa shines here.

      For Myself - Not too keen on the verses, but like the chorus.
      White Lies - good upbeat song!

      ~ * What Do I Think? * ~
      Well, The Saturdays didn't leave us waiting long for this album, as it doesn't seem that long since they released their last one. So was it worth the wait? On first impressions, I was a bit disappointed as I thought that their other albums (especially their debut album Chasing Lights) was so much better. Although, I have to say that this album is growing more and more on me; I seem to like it more every time I listen to it.

      I think that The Saturday's have really found their style; this album has a more 'dancey' sound as well as their usual R n B / Pop sound. I think that this dancier version suits them much better; their sound is unique. You can always tell a Saturdays song.
      One thing I like about this album is the 'attitude' it has. It's all about girl power which is great. It sends out a great message about being independent. I also think that the songs on this album are easy to connect with.

      The lyrics are interesting and some of them are really thought provoking. Some of them even make me laugh; for example in the song 'Notorious', the sing 'I'm a gangster on the dance floor'.
      Overall a good album which I would recommend. It would make a perfect stocking filler for music fans.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2013


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      09.06.2012 01:30
      Very helpful



      In most places an amazingly upbeat sing along album!

      So I have reviewed a Saturday's album before, but I wasn't expecting to get another one in my collection - but I'm a bit of a sucker for something catchy. Don't know why I'm like this all of a sudden though - only person that is complaining is my other half, though for now 4000 miles away he does not have to listen to it so he can't complain. This is only one of my many guilty music pleasures at the minute you'll begin to see some more as the weeks go on.... They're secret though so don't tell him!

      ~*~ The Saturdays ~*~

      The Saturdays are an all-girl group formed in the UK in 2006, under Fascination Records; the band currently consists of; Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White, Una Healy, Mollie King and Rochelle Wiseman. Frankie and Rochelle, being two former band members of S Club Juniors, if you remember them - I remember being about the same age as them and being really jealous I was at school when they were out singing and dancing. Anyway I digress, The Saturdays have had nine UK top ten singles, out of the ten they have released, and with two albums under their belt - this being the third studio album from the girls though to be fair there is so much material from the girls you'd expect this to be album number four or five not three! Though there are a few EP's floating around with material on from the girls.

      On your radar is an album the girls say they have written mostly themselves, so this time round it's a little more their own material than it has been previously. The tracks Notorious, All Fired Up and Heart Takes over have been released from this album with varying success across the UK and Irish charts. Since this album has been released, the girls have dealt with drama, such as Frankie going to rehab after a break-up, Rochelle getting engaged and having had hen parties recently, and also Una getting engaged after announcing she was pregnant and having had her little girl. They have been quickly getting back on the scene with new single 30 days which will be coming from an up and coming new album I'm hoping!

      ~*~ Track Listing ~*~

      All Fired Up
      My Heart Takes Over
      Get Ready, Get Set
      The Way You Watch Me
      For Myself
      Do What You Want With Me
      Promise Me
      Wish I Didn't Know
      White Lies
      Last Call
      I Say Ok
      Move On U

      ~*~ Keeping this on my radar! ~*~

      ~*~ All Fired Up ~*~

      This song was one of the first songs if I'm honest that made me want to listen to the rest of this album. I'm not even really sure why - I think it's just ridiculously catchy, and was played a lot when it was first released so got in my head and stuck there. It's so basic lyrically it's just one of those songs you feel the need to dance to, and if you drive past me listening to it at traffic lights I will be doing the dance routine to this song. Purely just because I can, and the fact this song just asks you to dance; musically it's all synthesised as you might expect really, but it's definitely a dance track. No doubting that, but as I said it is really catchy and if I hear it come on I can't resist it no matter how much I try. Given that the song is old in the grand scheme, it was on music channel the other day and I still had it on full blast singing at the top of my voice. It's a good pop/dance track that kids like at discos so they can have a little dance to it, to adults in clubs having a drunken dance. The video also sticks in my head, with the dancers in silver body suits... I think this song is one that will be sticking around for a long time yet!

      ~*~ Notorious ~*~

      This is bad, I think even after just reviewing two tracks I've turned into a pop/dance music junkie, this song is another one that's so ridiculously catchy that I loved it from the first time I heard it... Whoops! Ah well another one for full blast in my car then I think, this one has a bit more to it lyrically, but it's still majority repeated - and musically still very synthesised, but it's just a bit of a sexy song really. It's another song that makes you want to get up and dance, if there is one thing the Saturdays are good at is the catchy tracks to get you going, this song and the first track are great because as singles they're songs you already know from being overplayed on the radio and it brings you into the album. As for the vocals, it's the same on every song, unless you see who sings it in the videos then you can begin to distinguish vocals, even though it's very easy to see who gets the most exposure vocally in this track - which probably isn't that fair to be honest considering in the right song they all have their strengths in singing ability.

      ~*~ Faster ~*~

      So this song is a little bit slower, and really I don't dislike it I just wish it was a bit more energetic - it's quite a high tempo song it just feels like it lacks something that the previous two tracks have. I think because it feels like the same song repeated twice, to make one song it gets a bit on my nerves. Like I say I don't dislike it because I can listen to it, I just don't really like it all that much - because it goes on and on repeating the same thing, and it's over exposure of one voice in particular that annoys me. Not saying that I dislike Vanessa's voice, it just annoys me on this song, because lyrically she sings the same thing over and over, and this song is getting boring just listening to it. I'm sure someone else listening to it would really like it I just can't put my finger on what annoys me about it. I think it's too much harmonizing, and then back into the 'fasterfasterfasterfaster' that seems to appear every ten seconds, especially as the song ends and it fades out with it - feel they could have done something a bit more with the song than they have, it has potential that they just don't quite fill with their repetitive vocals... Sounds like I don't like it after all, it's alright for the first few listens and then after that - you will get bored of it I think.

      ~*~ My Heart Takes Over ~*~

      I can't make my mind up if I like this song or not, when it first came out I think I did, but because it was a slower song I'm now not so keen, I'm not much of a girl for a ballad personally. I mean it showcases some very good vocals, which if they were kept up live they would be amazing, but you've always got Vanessa making stupid 'oooo' noises over the top trying to accentuate the lyrics and it just isn't needed. Bonus with this is that, it can be found online acoustically, meaning actual real instruments in a track - which is nice, because the majority of their tracks are synthesised to the death. As I say it is very slow, and very much a break up song, which is ok if you're in that state of mind and depressed about breaking up with someone - and need that pick me up to know you're not the only girl that has had to listen to her heart over her head and all that romantic stuff - but if you're looking for a track to make you feel good and get up and dance and smile, this is not the song to do it. I actually skip over this track because it was played to death on the radio and music channels and I can no longer stand to listen to it unless I'm forced....

      ~*~ Get Ready, Get Set ~*~

      When I first heard this song I was totally and utterly obsessed with it, and to be honest not a lot has changed I still whack it up full blast when I'm listening to it, and think the girls missed a trick not releasing this song because it would have gone down a treat in the clubs. It is that upbeat and happy, and it makes me want to sit in my chair and dance, and when I'm in the car I will sing it really loud, although the vocals are a tiny bit out of my range. It is such a good song, and the girls suggested that some of the songs on this album are a bit sexy, and well this one is, without going into too much detail it definitely put me in the mood to do something I wouldn't from any other song - it even made me e-mail my other half, and explained to him that this song was so good, he'd hate it, but I love it and that when he was home to be careful around me if this song was playing. It's a song is obviously about sex, and to be honest you can't deny it when you hear it. Which in my opinion you should listen to a lot because it is addictive; it's been played to death on my iTunes and currently is being played really loud though my earphones! It's a total club track that would go down brilliantly with a bunch of drunken people dancing, though I dread to think what the outcome might be if it was played in a club in my home town everyone's frisky enough in there. Thankfully it's not a song that you can distinguish much in the way of vocals it's just a well sung song, with a great beat behind it that I absolutely love to listen to!

      ~*~ The Way You Watch Me ~*~

      This song has someone new in it... Travie Mccoy, from Gym Class Heroes is featured on this track so he brings a bit more of an urban element to it, it's another upbeat track and at first I didn't really like it all that much but as I have listened to it a bit more, and realised it's more about female assertiveness I quite like it. It's just nice to have a bit of something different from just having the five of them singing about something you're probably not all that interested in! I really like this track for that reason, it's nothing special really, but it's another track they probably could have put out to get themselves known in the states with having the influence of the American artist. He really does bring something different to this track, it feels a bit of a summery track actually - but it's still one you want to sit and sing along to, because it's got a good vibe, that's not interrupted by music that's a bit over the top or vocals that overshadow anything. It's generally a good pop track.

      ~*~ Do What You Want With Me ~*~

      This is another track that starts quietly with the tinkling of a piano, and lulls you into a false sense of security as within thirty seconds the high beat dance track kicks in behind the vocals and gets you moving again. The title of it to me with my filthy mind made it seem like a really sexy song, and then when you listen to the lyrics, it is quite dirty - I hope younger listeners aren't getting the same kind of thoughts from this song. I like the fact that in this song, its majority harmonised vocals and those that aren't, and are Vanessa 'oooo'ing again are technically blurred out into a really quite bizarre noise but hey it makes the song far more listenable. Only problem for me, even though I really quite like this song, is that I swear it is the same verse and chorus over and over for three minutes. It's a good track, and again is very much a dance track, with the exception of a few songs I defy anyone to put this album on and not at least move slightly while listening to it. It's another catchy song, I spent a whole shift with it in my head before now, and I can still listen to it happily, it doesn't get as boring as some of the other tracks on the album will do.

      ~*~ Promise Me ~*~

      This song is a dance track from right at the beginning with the horns going on in the first ten seconds; you'd forgive yourself for thinking you were in a rave from that beginning! From the name you'd think it would be another sloppy love ballad, but it's actually a really good song for slapping a lad round the face with, it's very much a well look what you've done to me, now see what you're missing out on kind of track. Everyone in the band seems to get a bit of a go in this song which I like, as it means for a change there is no lead singer, and makes it more of an enjoyable song to listen to - that and the combination of the music it feels like you could have a mini club in your car, well I do in mine, especially when I have friends in my car - we all get singing along! It's not a challenging song that makes you think too much about it, but it will definitely get everyone moving and enjoying it. It's such an in your face men song, it is so good. I didn't think I liked this song as much because it's not been played that much on my iTunes compared to the others but it's actually one of my favourites from this entire album.

      ~*~ Wish I Didn't Know ~*~

      Hello and welcome to another Saturdays soppy love song, about missing someone so much, but they've upset you that you want to cry a lot. It's about wishing you could gone back in time to get an ex back, even though they're with someone else because you miss them so much. Let's face it girls most of us have been there before, and well sometimes it's good to sing about it to get it out of your system. This song is quite upbeat considering it's a bit of a sadder song of theirs, it's nothing to rival the past few songs but it's not going to leave you sad and unmotivated for the rest of the album, it's just a bit of a welcome break from being hyper and dancing around the room. As usual we get the warbling and oooo's all over the place - but they're not all from Vanessa this time so they can be forgiven, but it's not a song I listen to every time I listen to the album because I like to think of the Saturdays as a band that are quite happy and energetic, and I can listen to them when I'm feeling really happy and dance around the room, or the car when I'm listening to them.

      ~*~ White Lies ~*~

      Anddddd we're back on the dance tracks, you don't get much of a rest with these albums, and they throw you all over the place with tempos these girls. Though don't get me wrong this song is so good, that as soon as it comes on I do get dancing and singing. It's all about a girl letting a guy know what she's really like, which well they find out anyway let them work it out for themselves. It's strange to hear a song with girls admitting they are in the wrong, but it works for them. Especially with top vocals from Una, it stands out as one of the better songs on the album - even though it's very heavily synthesised backing as usual. It's one that will stick in your head, because it's not that repetitive for a change, the chorus is of course but the rest isn't as bad as some of the rest on the album. Though it does make me want to get up and start dancing about from half way in - because it gets in your head, and just won't go away, guarantee I'll be singing it in my sleep tonight - but that's not a bad thing. Well it's not when no-one else is in your bed anyway!

      ~*~ Last Call ~*~

      Now I'm not going to lie this is one song on this album I really don't like. Its back to Vanessa taking over the lyrics again and it's slow and it just grinds on me. It's all about a break up and it's just oh I don't like it, makes me slightly depressed - but you do get a few different vocals to mix it up a bit. Though can't really complain it's one of the most stripped down songs on the album, because it's mainly the piano with the occasional, string instrument dropped in for good measure. Lyrically it's about getting stuck on someone who you've broken up with and you can't not talk to, so struck a chord with me personally when I first heard about it, but now it just bores me after all the excitement of the past few tracks it's a bit sad - but will be ideal for those nights that you are feeling a bit glum and need music that mirrors that feeling.

      ~*~ I Say Ok ~*~

      Finally in the penultimate track of the album we've kicked it up a notch again, and it's to a good level to get you out of the glum from the last track and back on your feet again. It's a bizarre topic for a song though if I do say so myself, but it's about dancing, and being happy about being ugly - but liking yourself, I suppose it's a bit of a self-esteem song really. So good for the younger audiences I suppose, making them realise it doesn't matter what they look like as long as they're happy with themselves. Though there is a bit of swearing in this song, which is unusual for them maybe they're growing up a bit and wanting to appeal to a wider audience I don't really know; but it's a good upbeat song, that wouldn't be out of place again in a club. It's got a good beat behind it, and I can happily listen to it over and over, it's one of my favourites on the album and listening to it right now I'm nodding my head - so not to make the chair I'm sitting on squeak. It could have done with being a potential single as well just because of the message it gives out really, a good chance for the girls to promote themselves as role models.

      ~*~ Move On U ~*~

      The last track on the album and it's a great high to end on - about picking lads up on a night out, probably not the best message to being giving out to children, but it's all about getting up and dancing, and making a move. It is such a feel good track I genuinely can't stop listening to it, it's the most listened to track of mine on the album, and it makes me wish my other half was here so I could act on it - because it makes me want to go out with him. It's got easily learnt lyrics, which before would have annoyed me but with this song I really like it, because the music more than makes up for the fact the lyrics are a bit less imaginative. Yes it's a dance beat again, but it's so bouncy it makes me want to get up and dance, more so than the other tracks - it has a great section where it fades out and back in again; which makes me move a lot, I can't rate this track highly enough. Just feel sorry for my fella when he gets home if I've been listening to this on my way to meet him on his base!

      ~*~ Download These ~*~

      Get Ready, Get Set
      White Lies,
      And Move on U!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~
      This is available from all good music stockists, I downloaded mine from Amazon for £5 at the time because it was on offer but it does vary depending on how popular the girls are in that particular week. Check out the new and used on Play.com and Amazon for the best deals, and try eBay if you're looking for a bargain... Though why anyone would want to get rid of this album is beyond me, (minus the slower tracks!)


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        19.03.2012 00:24



        A must buy for any pop princess. Like myself ;)

        When Girls Aloud went on their break there was a big girl band sized hole in my left, which was soon filled by these girls.
        There is alot of media interest too, and when I first head Notorious it was in my head for days. It was a new direction for the band, and a good dancy tune.
        Then, All Fired Up was released, which took me back to the Sats more 'traditional' pop songs they have released, yet someone with a more up to date twist.
        By this time I was hooked and simply had to buy this album and I have no looked back since!
        It is in my car CD player and the album has a song for every mood, and is so good to sing along to with so many sing a long songs, especially White Lies, which is my personal favourite.
        The collaboration with Travie McCoy in 'The way you watch me' shows that they are able to work with other artists and make a memorable track, unlike some other bands, in which the track seems to fill space.
        'Move on U' is another favourite of mine, a feel good song, which I can't help but sing a long to, and have a cheeky dance.
        As I was saying, this CD is in my car, and I have not had one person ask to change it over, like I have to ask in other people's cars. In fact, my boyfriend (6ft tall, rugby player, manly man haha) loves this album and earlier on I even overheard him singing the lyrics when he thought I wasn't around...
        Over all, this is a fantastic album, which will have everyone singing along to!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 All Fired Up
      2 Notorious
      3 Faster
      4 My Heart Takes Over
      5 Get Ready, Get Set
      6 The Way You Watch Me
      7 For Myself
      8 Do What You Want With Me
      9 Promise Me
      10 Wish I Didn't Know
      11 White Lies
      12 Last Call
      13 I Say Ok
      14 Move On U

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