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One Day Remains - Alter Bridge

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7 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Grunge / Artist: Alter Bridge / Audio CD released 2004-09-20 at Epic

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    7 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 00:51
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Strong first album from Alter Bridge

      Whilst the majority of the music I listen to would be considered to located somewhere in the genre of metal, I do like to occasionally stray away into a little bit of rock too (huge leap I know!). One band I particularly like is Alter Bridge, an American band whose line-up is essentially the original line-up of Creed but with a different singer - Myles Kennedy of Mayfield Four. One Day Remains is Alter Bridge's first album.

      Of course, one would assume borrowing so heavily from Creed's line-up that surely their sound must parallel that of Creed too. Well, maybe they do to some extent, after all Mark Tremonti's guitar work is a significant element in the song writing of both bands, but to write them off as mere Creed clone would be wrong. For the guitar work is edgier, the vocals pack a heavier punch and the overall sound is much fuller and richer than anything Creed ever pulled off!

      Opening track Find the Real opens with gritty heavy riff but leads into the verses quickly. The chorus is strong at catchy, the whole track has a very careful mix of elaborate guitar phrases and classic rock vocals, as such is works excellently as at no point does the track seem over indulgent in the talents of the individual band members, just working side by side for some great song writing.

      Title track One Day Remains continues on this path. The guitar motifs are insanely catchy, and really hold a strong pace throughout the track. It never stops moving. The vocals just soar above the accompaniment and the energy just doesn't stop. First single Open Your Eyes is toned down somewhat in comparison to the previous tracks. Things slow down a little bringing a more sensitive sound to the album yet the chorus throws the power back in there, it's pure single material, a good track, but by no means the best on the album.

      Burn it down, begins with a mellow opening with almost a very slightly bluesy feel and whilst that doesn't last, the mellow nature of the track certainly does. That said, it's a surprising full track and it does gradually build up as the song progresses. Truthfully I feel this song is probably a little long and doesn't have the pushing power to justify the length it is even with the build up.

      Metallingus brings back the heavier feel. The guitar has a grittier, thicker sound and the riffs are more pounding. The vocals also take a slightly grittier and darker sound in moments, alternating between that and the clearer sound that the album makes you familiar. It's a good track, but the verses just don't have enough strength to match up to that of the chorus, it's doesn't sound wrong, just not as strong as it could have been.

      Broken Wings slows down things for a moment. It's simple and calm, yet very melodic and emotive. The sound builds up and becomes ever more powerful, it's got quite a classic rock song feel, and is probably my favourite track on the album for its fantastically rich sound.

      In Loving Memory, is an even more emotional track, the vocals take the lead here and it's deep and powerful - it's the lighter (or mobile phone these days!) track of the album. Down to My Last picks up the pace again, with a very clear and clean sound. It's well chosen for the tracks it follows; it's not too heavy and contrasting to feel too much too soon, yet still brings back the thicker sounds the album begins with.

      The full on heavier nature of the album returns in watch your words. The delivery of this track is almost angry, yet there's clever use of contrasting calmness in the vocal bridge, this track certainly packs and punch, though the guitar solo section I feel is a little dragged out.

      Shed My Skin is another one of those oh-so-powerful chorus tracks. The verses are good too it's just the way the chorus soars over everything and deliver such a strong melody that makes it memorable alongside that sing-along ending. The aptly named The End is Here finishes off this album nicely with a slightly melancholic tone in the verses with a generally rather sinister sound. It's powerfully delivered and ends the album on a high note.

      I think the length of this album is just right, any more tracks and it might have started to drag a little. The album and song writing is very strong, it's just the style is rather full on and I feel it could be a little draining if this was any longer in length. Overall this album is just right in everyway, a pleasure to listen to!


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        09.03.2010 02:22



        I love Alter Bridge, I always knew Scott was holding them back.


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        08.03.2010 18:54
        Very helpful
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        If you havent heard them yet, now is the time.

        Ok, here is another bash at a music review!

        Alterbridge are one of my favorite bands, which I found through wrestling as they are the group that perform Edge's theme tune, which is actually on this album. This is my favorite album of theirs, and it truly shows how great their music is. Alterbridge are made up of mostly old band members from a group called Creed, and a new singer. I was a fan of Creed and was quite sad when they split, so this is the next best (if not better) thing.

        One day remains was released in September 2009, had 1 disc and is released on the EMI label. There is a total of 11 tracks on this CD.

        The first track is entitled Find The Real and this song has an awesome intro to it, nice and heavy with a good modern edge, and the lead singer has such an awesome voice, he makes the song sound even more amazing than it already does. I love singing along to this song, makes me feel happy and alive.

        The second track is the title of the album, One Day Remains. I quite like this song, as its a catchy tune with good lyrics and is quite chilled. Nothing special or amazing, but still a good song nonetheless. It is good to listen to, but nothing as good as the rest of the album.

        The third track is called Open your eyes, and is a song about the modern struggles of society, life and war and the lies that are spun to society to cover these problems up. I love this song, it has some great lyrics and rocky but with a calm, relaxed feel to it. If you listen to the words, the man is speaking sense to us all. It has a beautiful backing tune, with a great guitar riff.

        The fourth track on this album is Burn it down, which in ways is very similiar to find the real, and I don't really have much of an opinion on it, other than its an ok song. I feel this was more of a filler song, rather than anything else.

        Metalingus is the fifth song on this album, and is the first song I heard from Alterbridge, as this is WWE Superstar Edge's entrance music/theme tune. An awesome song with a mixture of styles thrown together that works really well, and I always have to sing along to this tune, it's awesome. The lead singer shows some true talent on this song. The drum beats in this song are awesome, especially right at the start. The guitar riffs are amazing and I really love this tune.

        Sixth, we have broken wings. A sweet song with a good tune and melody, but to me this song is nothing too special, but nice to listen to all the same. Nice to relax too. I find this song is good to have playing in the background when I have friends over, or when I am reading a good book.

        The seventh track is In Loving Memory. This is a truly beautiful song, with touching words and a lovely sentiment to it. This song is about a person who has passed away, yet is still missed and loved every day, and the pain is still present about them passing. This song is so nice, has reduced me to tears and was used as the Tribute song to Chris Benoit when he sadly left this world. I think most people can relate to this song in one way or another.

        Eighth we have Down To My Last, which is an emotion filled song which is sung so well, and it catches your attention as a listener. It flows nicely and isn't too heavy a tune, so you could easily relax and chill out whilst listening to this track.

        The ninth track is called Watch Your Words, which is a good tune, I just don't rate it highly myself. I wouldn't skip past it, but I would not pay my full attention to it. Has some great guitar riffs and the song is sung very well, it just isn't anything great to me.

        Tenth is Shed My Skin. This song has some great lyrics and some really great musical talent to it, a testament to the bands talents and skills. I do like this song, but I do not feel it is as great as it could have been.

        The final track on the album is called The End Is Here. Quite an apt name for the end of the album I thought. This song is quite placid and calm, but still with a rock edge to it. This may be just me being used to heavier rock though. The lyrics are good and the band play this well.

        This album can be bought on Amazon for less than £10, and is worth the price you pay, as it really is a great album from a great band, and I can only hope that they bring out more albums like this for many years to come. It is a great album, and I feel that if you have not listened to Alterbridge before, then this is a greta album to start with to listen to their music.

        *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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          24.11.2009 04:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A fantastic mix of emotions.

          Alter Bridge are a four-peice rock band from Florida.

          One Day Remains was recorded and released in 2004.

          The Album starts off with a very powerful guitar riff that sounds thick and meaty in texture; this gets the album off to a good start. When the vocals come in they are powerful yet meaningful, sung by the great Myles Kennedy.
          With Mark Tremonti on the lead guitar there is no surprise that there are plenty of little guitar licks throughout the song. The guitar solo itself, while being a usual Tremonti solo isnt mainly focused on 'shredding'. It was more of a melodic solo.

          Another great listen on the album is the third track Open Your Eyes. Another great opener with guitar and drums which then hollows out in the verses while Myles sings with great emotion and softly. As the song progresses to the chorus the guitars and vocals slowly build up. When in the chorus the guitar suddenly kicks in again giving much more power but it is equally matched by the vocals sung with great power.
          A great feature in this song is the very powerful and moving bridge where the vocals are simply 'oohs' and 'wooahs' starting soft and mellow and building bigger and bigger until eventually leading to a world famous Mark Tremonti shredding guitar solo, which amazes even the best of guitarists! Whilst a quick licked shred solo it is still in taste with the song however.

          A contrast song on the album is In Loving Memory. Whilst this song still holds a lot of emotion it is mainly kept in clean throughout with a lot of guitar picking. The song is simply about missing a loved one who has passed away. The verses are sung beautiful and shows true emotion, whilst the chorus show raw power in the vocals.

          Overall the album is a fantastic mix of emotions. With many upbeat tracks that keep you energetic, there's plenty of tracks you can stay mellow to and just chill out with, whilst some touching you deep.


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            31.01.2009 11:01



            A great album from a great band, no faults at all!

            Alter Bridge have been my favourite band ever since I heard they had risen from the ashes of one of Americas best selling bands - Creed. It is basically Creed minus Scott Stapp which is not a bad thing- particularly with the addition of an immense vocalist called Myles Kennedy who used to sing in a band called the Mayfield Four.
            Their first release was One Day remains and for a debut album it is phenomenal. They are a heavy yet melodic band with meaty guitar riffs which are incredibly powerful for a one guitar band. It is not surprising that it was rumoured that Myles was asked to sing for Led Zeppelin as his vocal range could match that of Robert Plant. They toured with this album a few times and were great live. I would say Open Your Eyes is the most known song on the album but My favourite is a ballad called In Loving Memory which was written by Mark Tremonti the guitarist after the passing of his mother - a real tearjerker, particularly live.


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            04.05.2008 21:35
            Very helpful



            A fantastic debut album by one of America's best kept secrets!

            It's fair to say that I like to listen to some very unusual bands that are certainly not mainstream in their country of origin, let alone here in the UK.

            It's also fair to say that Alter Bridge are not a well known band which to me, is a great shame.

            Why, I hear you cry? Well, it's simple; the talented four piece's first album, 'One Day Remains', is spectacular, ranging from gentle rock ballads to hardcore head banging tracks and songs of hope even in the darkest hour of a persons day.

            One of the most amazing things about the band is lead singer Myles Kennedy (formerly of Mayfield Fours) voice; powerful yet extremely tender, his singing helps you to focus on the place where main song writer, guitarist Mark Tremonti, was when creating lyrics for each track. Myles has an incredible way of channelling these thoughts to really reach out to the listener.

            I should also point out that while three of the band members are formerly of Creed (Mark, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums) that they are promoting themselves as an entirely different band.

            And I - for one - can totally see the difference.

            Track 1: Find The Real (4.43 minutes)
            Starting the album off in style, 'Find The Real' is a song of hope through desperation. With everything kicking off with a blaze of guitars and drums, Myles' voice helps to add to that, rather than breaking it down. This song reminds me a lot of someone talking to themselves; it may not make too much sense if you only listen to part of it.

            Marks out of 10: 9 - A brilliant way for the album to begin, setting the tone for a very edgy, rock album.

            Track 2: One Day Remains (4.06 minutes)
            The guitar by the exceptional Mark - with a sound very similar to metal legends, Metallica - this track follows a similar tone to it's predecessor although they are completely different. The 30 second intro really helps to get you into the track.

            Marks out of 10: 8.5 - Another strong and unforgettable track.

            Track 3: Open Your Eyes (4.58 minutes)
            This was, in fact, the first song I'd ever heard from the band and the first thing I remember about it was how struck I was with Kennedy's husky vocals. 'Open Your Eyes' demonstrates just how varied his vocals can be from soft to quite loud.

            Marks out of 10: 9.5 - Every time I hear this I get goose bumps.

            Track 4: Burn It Down (6.11 minutes)
            The pace slows down significantly for this next song. 'Burn It Down' seems to be the confessions of a drunk; someone telling themselves that they need to turn their lives around for the better. This track works really well; the careful riff and Kennedy's voice fuse at the one minute mark with a gentle drum beat to add a little rhythm.

            Marks out of 10: 8.5 - The narrative on this song is awesomely beautiful.

            Track 5: Metalingus (4.20 minutes)
            After what some would describe as quite a depressing track, the onslaught of all rock instruments galore makes 'Metalingus' one of the album's best and most popular tracks. Most commonly known as WWE Superstar and current World Heavyweight Champion, Edge's, theme tune, this one is a sure fire favourite for anyone listening to the band for perhaps the first time.

            Marks out of 10: 9.5 - One word; Amazing.

            Track 6: Broken Wings (5.07 minutes)
            'Broken Wings' goes back to a similar formula that 'Burn It Down' had; a slower ballad that does grow into an epic rock song. Another fantastic guitar riff starts this one off and really sets the mood effectively.

            Marks out of 10: 9 - Perhaps put on a little too soon after 'Burn It Down' but brilliant in it's own right.

            Track 7: In Loving Memory (5.40 minutes)
            As you can probably guess from the tracks title, this is the bands dedication to a friend who died. Although it may seem pretty generic, I actually like it; it's a good honest track that anyone going through a bereavement period would be able to identify with.

            Marks out of 10: 8.5 - Tragic yet beautiful.

            Track 8: Down To My Last (4.46 minutes)
            Probably one of the weakest songs on the album, this song is all about moving forward and not dwelling too much on the past. Sang and played very well.

            Marks out of 10: 7.5 - Some people may be a little tired of this kind of track by the time it comes round to this one.

            Track 9: Watch Your Words (5.26 minutes)
            A very unusual, distorted sound sees the beginning of this track. This is one of the harder, rockier songs that 'One Day Remains' has to offer. This comes now under your typical Alter Bridge track.

            Marks out of 10: 8 - Myles' vocals are particularly good in this one.

            Track 10: Shed My Skin (5.08 minutes)
            Possibly a track that doesn't get as much credit as it should. 'Shed My Skin' sounds, to me, like an awesome live track; reflective without being depressing yet rocky without lacking meaning.

            Marks out of 10: 9.5 - The lyrics are powerful and get stuck in your head - one of the albums amazing gems.

            Track 11: The End Is Here (4.58 minutes)
            Aptly titled and aptly played. Perhaps not one of the most memorable tracks but one that you certainly should listen to as the band are craftsmen in their field, showing that they can sustain a track such as this one.

            Marks out of 10: 8 - The album ends on quite a high!

            The folded up sleeve includes lyrics as well as thanks by each of the band members, Myles, Mark, Brian and Scott although all of this is pretty hard to read considering the font used by the designers.

            The artwork along fits in very well with the albums songs; a jagged yet masterpiece of the 'Alter Bridge' as well as a picture of all of the band members. I think it also sets a really good tone for the album because, in itself, the artwork is quite unique which is what I do honestly consider Alter Bridge to be. This album is, to me, a huge step away from Creed and I think the artwork shows this.

            At the moment, 'One Day Remains' can be purchased from internet shops for about £8.99 for a brand new copy which is a fairly good price for an American album that is scarcely seen in most high street shops, or at least not in vast quantities.

            Whilst I don't see it to be a problem, I can see that some people may complain that the album only contains eleven tracks which, to me, is a pretty standard amount. However, the album lasts 55.23 minutes in total and is really a case of quality over quantity.

            Lets put it this way; if one day really did remain, this is one of the albums I would certainly be playing!

            (Note: Previously written and displayed by myself MizzMolko on Ciao).


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              06.07.2005 02:26



              Good Variation, Powerful Anthems, Mark Tremonti

              After the diminish of Creed, it was only a matter of time before the members were seen again and while Scott Stapp plans his solo career, Mark Tremonti & co. have other ideas.

              Alter Bridge's debut album 'One Day Remains' signals the dawning of a new era, with plenty of variation in the process. Tracks such as 'One Day Remains' and 'Metalingus' allow you to feel the power surge that Creed tracks such as 'Bullets' provided, whereas 'Broken Wings' is a powerful rock anthem and 'In Loving Memory' is a beautiful tribute to Tremonti's mother.

              All in all, the wide-ranging vocal technique, adaquete bass playing and drum fills as well as some extraordinary guitar work from Mark Tremonti allows Alter Bridge's debut album to be an aspiring piece of work that will be played for years to come.


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 Find the Real
              2 One Day Remains
              3 Open Your Eyes
              4 Burn It Down
              5 Metalingus
              6 Broken Wings
              7 In Loving Memory
              8 Down to My Last
              9 Watch Your Words
              10 Shed My Skin
              11 End Is Here

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