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One Man - Tank

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: Tank / Import / Audio CD released 2002-09-30 at Universal

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2009 19:37
      Very helpful



      Great album.


      If you have regularly read my music reviews over the last few months then you will know about my plan to review some of my favourite artists albums, basically all the albums I own from the chosen artist. Following on from my recent reviews of Tank's Third album Sex, Love & Pain and his debut album Force of Nature I have decided to review his second album entitled "One Man" This completes his discography for now as he is due to release a new album later this year which I will of course be reviewing at a later date.

      **One Man**

      One Man was released in 2002 as Tank's second album release, Whilst It reached number five in the R&B Billboard Chart. At 383,295 copies it has sold just under half the amount that his debut album Force of Nature which has sold 655,034 copies. Whilst Tank may not boast the kind of sales of some of his peers he has built a strong reputation within the industry and has worked with a number of the biggest R&B singers including Ginuwine and Tyrese who joined Tank in a group known as TGT.

      1.) One Man

      This track is a tender ballad which shows Tank's Impressive vocal ability particularly well with an emotive song about One man's quest to do right for their woman. His vocals are laid back yet expressive and this results in a very good opening track indeed.

      2.) Cake And Ice Cream

      This is a sexy track with a great bassline and Tank's vocals flowing quickly through the track, This has an R Kelly flavour and is about using food in the bedroom if you know what I mean. A very seductive track which has a great melody and some fabulous vocals from Tank.

      3.) Unpredictable

      This is a fantastic ballad which has an usually soft beat that works suprisingly well alongside the electronic sounds. Tank's vocals blend well with the backing vocals and result in a very good track which has a nice flow and is one of the smoothest tracks on One Man.

      4.) I'm The Reason

      This is a fantastic slice of R&B which benefits from a fantastic electric guitar part. If you are wanting one track to find the appeal of Tank then listen to his vocal delivery on this track and you will no longer wonder. A fantastic tender ballad about admitting you are to blame for a relationship ending.

      5.) I Still Believe

      This has a lovely string intro and then the beat comes in. This is a fine slice of smooth R&B. Tank's voice is more relaxed on this track and proves that he has the vocal range to go from a smooth gentle vocal to what he is more known for. One of the best ballads he has ever done. Fantastic.

      6.) It's Not That Hard

      To be honest I was not really that into this track first time round but after a few listens got more into it, It's by no means the best on One Man but it sure isnt a bad track and will have it's appeal to many but for me there are much better tracks on the album.

      7.) Club

      This is a particularly catchy track with an immense bass hook that is so funky that it forces you to tap your toe to the beat. A slice of hip hop that is a guaranteed club hit if it was released by someone more well known. Again showing Tank's vocal versatility.

      8.) No One But Me

      This is a very good track which has a nice flow and showcases his vocals well. Not quite up there with the best on the album but a very good ballad indeed and one that should have great appeal to any R&B fan. A very good effort.

      9.) So Many Times

      This has a different sound to most of the album with a hip hop beat and acoustic guitar, This track sounds like a Jagged Edge track. Another track that has a great flow and has a beat that would go down well in a club. A nice change to the rest of the album.

      10.) My Place

      This is a very seductive track which has a nice flow and again showcases Tank's fantastic voice. Not one of the top tracks on the album but it is very hard to find many faults with it. Better than Nelly's My Place if you remember that single featuring the fine voice of Jaheim.

      11.) Close

      This is a fabulous ballad which features Tank again in fine vocal form. The gentle beat is joined by Piano and double bass to create a superb backing. His voice is one of the most flowing I have ever heard and this is a great example of the quality he has vocally. Superb track.

      12.) No Why

      Tank's vocals acompany a gentle beat and gentle guitar strings. This is a really laid back ballad which again showcases his vocal talent with a smooth emotive tone. Another great ballad on the album and easily up there with the best of his career to date.

      13.) Better Man

      This is a fantastic ballad which opens with a dramatic orchestral part and then the shuffling R&B beat comes in. Yet again Tank's vocals move superbly through the song and this results in a fantastic track which is about a particular relationship making you a better man.

      14.) Supa Sexy

      On This track He even goes so far as to quote the master Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" on "Supa Sexy". Not as good as the great Sexual Healing but it's a decent enough midtempo track but it does not sit well alongside the majority of the album.

      15.) Take It To The Club

      This is another track which would be a huge Club hit if it had been recorded by another more well known R&B artist. Take it to the club is A track with a superb flow and a very catchy beat and one that again showcases the range of Tank's vocal talent and music.

      16.) Serious

      Now here we have the last track on the album and it ends the album on a good note with a very good ballad which is up there with some of the best on the album and again showcases Tank's voice to great effect. This track is A great way to end the album.


      There we are, Sixteen tracks and over 1000 words to do this review. On summing up this is a very very good album indeed which when you listen to it makes you wonder in amazement why he isnt as well known as the likes of NeYo and Chris Brown who have become huge stars without having particularly great voices. Well rest assured Tank does know how to sing.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 One Man
      2 Cake And Ice Cream
      3 Unpredictable
      4 I'm The Reason
      5 I Still Believe
      6 It's Not That Hard
      7 Club
      8 No One But Me
      9 So Many Times
      10 My Place
      11 Close
      12 No Why
      13 Better Man
      14 Supa Sexy
      15 Take It To The Club
      16 Serious

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