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Our Version Of Events - Emeli Sandé

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8 Reviews
  • Lots of Songs on the album
  • Such a lovely person
  • I scratched it from overplay!!!
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    8 Reviews
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      23.05.2014 17:41
      Very helpful


      • "Lots of Songs on the album"
      • "Such a lovely person"
      • "Amazing voice"
      • "Beautiful songwriting"


      • "I scratched it from overplay!!!"

      These versions of events have helped shape mine, This album is my Kind of Love

      I am not a big lover of most songs these days, they are either too simple are too clever and slow with not enough attention on the vocals. This album has a mix of uptempo-happiness-cleverness and some slow songs which could have gone either way, great or bad, the result was , the best album I own, above adele''s debut as this album has the tempo and the earth shattering voice to give meaning to it, my favourite song for the writing is "River" as it it made me think yeah rivers help you find the see and "If your too big to follow rivers, how you ever gonna find the sea" which is a really humbling song, just like "Read All about it PIII", Clown made me cry, the sheer emotion delivered is unbelievable, the way that I felt like that too , ive been taken for granted before and laughed at because of who I am, so I should embrace and, show them that even though "I''ll be your clown", "Go head and laugh" , I''m better.No wonder why Elton John himself congradulated her despite her being rejected by a "Talent spotter" Gary Barlow. All the songs feature lyrical greatness and a show if this is the first what''s to come. Which I think is the issue, this is such a high, how can it reach further, If you haven''t bought it, buy it,ideally from a trusted main retailer otherwise it doesn''t count official to any chart of success, already sold 2.1 Million which is nothing compared to how good it is, It''s so good I need to buy it twice as I''ve scratched the CD from listening to it too much, still on my favourite songs playlist after 2 YEARS! Album 2 you have a lot to live up to


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      22.01.2013 09:53
      Very helpful



      Emeli Sande cd

      Ever since I saw her perform at the Olympics I have been in love with the beautiful voice of Emeli Sandé. So much so that after that performance that had my husband and I mesmerised we went out and bought her album. It's definitely my favourite album of 2012 and so it seems of most of the country as well because according to an article I read, "In September 2012, Our Version of Events became the best-selling album of 2012 in the UK overtaking Adele's 21. Upon release of the album, the album debuted at number-one on the UK Albums Chart and remained at the top spot for five non-consecutive weeks. the British Phonographic Industry certificated the album 2× Platinum, making it the fastest selling album by a British recording artist since Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream in 2009.

      Emeli's voice is very smooth and soft but also has such a powerfulness to her. I would describe her sound as very soulful with quite a bit of R&B and some rap as well. Its a very hip cool album and one I can listen to at any time of the day really.

      What I like about the album is that each song is more than just a song, its a story too, there is a message in each song, a lot of love songs and some upbeat some slow so each one sounds different to me and

      Stand out songs for me are Read all About it which is a duet that she does with Professor Green and is loosely based on his quite hard life by the sounds of it.

      Suitcase is a really sad song. It's got a wonderful melody to it but its wonderfully sad. Emeli sings about a girl who sees her boyfriend with a suitcase and he is telling her that's its too late. The lines, "I can't stop my heart leaving through the door, I can't unpack my heart 'cause he won't look at me anymore." Such sad words and you can feel the emotion in her voice when she sings these.

      Clown is the newest song from the album that she has released and I think its a song about her struggle with the music industry and her road from a medical student in Scotland to where she is today. It has a really poignant line it in for me, "I'd be patient if I had the time." How true of all of us is that line in this crazy world.

      The rest of the album is as follows:

      1. "Heaven"

      2. "My Kind of Love"

      3. "Where I Sleep"

      4. "Mountains"

      5. "Clown"

      6. "Daddy" (featuring Naughty Boy)

      7. "Maybe"

      8. "Suitcase"

      9. "Breaking the Law"

      10. "Next to Me"

      11. "River"

      12. "Lifetime"

      13. "Hope"

      14. "Read All About It (Part III)"

      Definitely a must have album in my opinion.


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        08.08.2012 23:11
        Very helpful



        A very talented young woman who can sing, write and make it seem effortless.

        Who is Emeli Sande?

        A soulful, elegant voice with a variety of tracks to keep your interest is what I would describe this debut album from Emeli Sande. You may or may not have heard of her, depending upon your interest in today's music scene. She is Simon Cowell's favourite songwriter right now - so she must be doing something right, but what?

        I first remember her as the cheeky lady who featured on Chipmunk's Diamond Rings. It was quite a catchy song back in 2010, although I never thought for a second she would be one of my favourite artists. She released her debut album, Our Version Of Events in February and some of the biggest hits off it include Heaven, Next To Me, and My Kind Of Love. She also featured on Professor Green's Read All About It, which went to Number 1, but she has done a version on her album, which I think is absolutely fantastic and is perhaps even better than the original!

        Aside from her music, she is just twenty five years old, so hopefully we'll have plenty of music from her yet. Sande is from Scotland and surprisingly she completed four years at medical school before dropping out - at least she's a clever musician!

        How Did I Come Across "Our Version Of Events"?

        I've liked Emeli Sande's music ever since I first heard Heaven, her debut solo single. I wanted to wait until she had released a couple more though, because I have fallen for that before where you hear a song and buy a rubbish album. After she released Next To Me and My Kind Of Love, I realized that her music was my type and I started looking around at prices, and reading reviews. The reviews were mostly good, but the prices were staying quite high for a debut album.

        I'm a member of Maximiles, the site that rewards you when you take surveys etc. Each survey is normally worth about 150 points and a CD you can get for 2000 points. I normally get sent 2-3 surveys per week, but I either miss them or don't qualify. About every six months I have enough to get a new CD, and this time I decided to get Our Version Of Events by Emeli Sande. They order it for you through Amazon, Play or HMV ( I presume whichever is cheapest), and then send it to you brand new. So I got mine free.

        Prices, Where To Buy and Artwork

        Despite being released in February it is still keeping it's price at about £6 or £7, with free delivery, usually, if you buy online. I imagine you would be able to get it used on Amazon or Play for cheaper.

        I love the artwork for Our Version Of Events. It's very dark, lots of greys in there. It has Emeli Sande looking up towards the sky. I think it's simple but it stands out and you can easily see who it is without having to zoom in to search for a name.

        Is The Music Any Good?

        I think it's a really good album, where the tracks work well together. I like the way she hasn't put all of her hits at numbers 1, 2 and 3 and filled the rest with air - it's all good quality stuff. There is variety, emotion, excellent songwriting, and you feel that she is telling the truth. Plus... what's more she can actually sing! I know ridiculous for a singer! Here are a few key tracks that you might want to keep an eye out for:

        A good opener, catchy and soulful. The chorus makes the song but I also like the lyrics to the verses. One of my favourite songs on the album.

        Next To Me:
        I find Next To Me uplifing and inspiring - I almost get the impression that Sande is trying to give herself that same comfort. There's a line somewhere in the song " I know there's no need for me to panic" - which suggests she's trying to calm herself down.

        My Kind Of Love:
        I love this song. The verses are like she is talking to a boyfriend or an ex boyfriend and then the chorus just explodes into an uplifting, musical version of a comforting hand on your shoulder that says everything will be alright.

        Read All About It ( Pt.III)
        This is so different to the original but in many ways better. I think hearing Sande sing the Verses and the Chorus is much better - plus the words are very powerful. See what you think.

        Would I Recommend It?

        Yes. Without knowing what I do now, as in not having listened to it - I would not pay nearly £7 for it. However, because it is such a good album with such soulful, sad yet at times energetic themes running through it, I would pay that. I'm even more thrilled that I got it for free, so that is why it has a 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.


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          19.05.2012 11:52



          One of the best albums of 2012

          I bought this album after borrowing it from a friend. I was instantly impressed.

          This is a very powerful album which I would describe as pop with a touch of RnB. The album is fourteen songs long and it was released this year. The reason I like this album so much is that every song is simple yet amazing. There are no fillers on this album, it's just great song after great song. The songs are easy to relate to. They are wonderfully written and they show off Emeli's strong yet beautiful voice. You never tire of hearing her voice as this girl is full of talent. Emeli really is an amazing female vocalist.

          I love My Kinda Love which is a great upbeat pop number. Emeli sings this song perfectly well and it's a very enjoyable listen. It's a very catchy song and I can relate to it. It has a touch of Gospel to it and it sounds like something Mary J Blige would release. I also like the use of the piano and the song has a gorgeous melody. Another song that stands out to me is Read All About It which is a perfect RnB number. I love the twist that Emeli puts on her songs and she does remind me of female artists such as Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Emeli is definitely up there with the best. I have only mentioned two songs in my review but the rest of the album follows the same theme. Next To Me is perhaps the most well known song on the album. It's perhaps the most "poppy" song too. Next To Me is extremely catchy and it's a feel good song. It's one of those songs that you can't help but singalong to.

          Would I recommend this album? Oh yes, it's polished, it's well produced and it's perfect.


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          11.03.2012 17:00
          Very helpful



          Debut album from Scottish singer songwriter Emeli Sandé disappoints slightly

          Back in August I heard a song which impressed me on first hearing. The song was "Heaven" by Emeli Sandé. I was so touched by the song and it's fantastic production I decided to seek out more information about the performer.

          ~~Emeli Sandé~~

          Sandé hails from the Aberdeenshire village of Alford and famously studied medicine at Glasgow University before deciding to pack it in and opt for a music career. She has worked with many performers as a writer behind the scenes including artists as diverse as Susan Boyle and Alicia Keys. Simon Cowell has proclaimed her his favourite songwriter - a proclamation I must admit worried me slightly.

          "Heaven" was a number 2 hit for Sandé, and she followed it up with Daddy, and also managed to get a number one single collaborating with Professor Green on "Read All About It".

          ~~Our Version of Events~~

          I am not kidding when I say I have been waiting for this album for months. The release date was put back a few times but it was eventually released on 14th February and I bought it that day.

          I love Sandé's voice - it's a powerful instrument and while it's not completely distinct she can convey emotions very well with it. Occasionally she does remind me of other singers although it's fair to say there's nothing to be ashamed of having a voice that puts this listener in mind of both Beverley Knight and Corinne Bailey Rae in places.

          "Our Version of Events" opens with "Heaven" and it's easily the strongest song on the album. I had hoped this wouldn't be the case but then I had to remind myself that songs as special as "Heaven" don't come along every day.

          The song has a backbeat vibe which is obviously inspired by some of the more ambient dance music out in the early 90s...Massive Attack in particular. The lyrics are heartfelt and ponder how life sometimes gets in the way of whatever good intentions you may have.

          The problem with this song being lead single is it really isn't representative of the album at all - if you are expecting more of the same you will be disappointed. Instead of producing more radio friendly pop like this, Sandé has stuck with a more piano backed sound.

          There are lots of ballads on this album and some work better than others. "My Kind of Love" and "Where I Sleep" are pretty forgettable. The only real saving grace is Sandé's voice on both.

          When she gets a ballad right however, Sandé is spot on. "Mountains" has an inauspicious start but builds up into a soaring and inspiring chorus. This song doesn't strike you immediately and does need a few listens to really appreciate the vocals, the lyrics and the sentiment behind the song. When Sandé does inspirational - as on "Heaven" - she really hits the spot.

          "Clown" is another song which needs a few listens to kick in - it's generally a piano backed song but there's excellent use of strings instead of backing vocals which add a real sense of beauty to the song. "Maybe" strikes me as a potential single - in spite of its blandness. It has that radio friendly sound that stations like Smooth and Radio 2 love but I find the most interesting thing on this ballad to be Sandé's voice, which is almost theatrical in places. She has a truly soulful instrument but sometimes adds a touch of the coy which changes the sound altogether and on "Maybe" she throws in some faux disdain which works very well.

          This singing style appears again on "Lifetime", which is a more uptempo pop song. The sentiment is a positive one which considers what is permanent and what is temporary in life. I prefer this track to "Maybe" because it has a positive vibe in both the music and the lyrics - when Sandé does uplifting she's at her best.

          That sound comes through loud and clear in the single "Next to Me" which shows Sandé's ability to create a hook you can't get out of your head. The song is uptempo with a hugely impressive arrangement which makes great use of both piano and percussion but the star of the show is Sandé's almost gospel vocals. The lyrics are wonderfully ambiguous too and can be interpreted either as a love song or as something altogether deeper.

          I wish I could say something more positive about "Daddy" which was Sandé's second solo single release but it leaves me cold and I must admit I was so disappointed when I heard this following the joyous wonder that was "Heaven". It's all very well crafted as a pop song and certainly the chorus does stick in your head and the dark lyrics match the production which gives the song a hint of drama but for some reason the song just doesn't touch me at all.

          It's not the only song with dark lyrics on the album and certainly "Hope" touches on themes which seem to have touched Sandé personally - if you look you can see references to the Arab Spring for instance - I guess you could call it her take on "Imagine", right down to lyrical references about her being a dreamer. It's very introspective but the sincerity does touch thanks to Sandé's delivery.

          The album closes with Sandé's solo version of "Read All About It". I had hoped this would include some of the production values of the duet with Professor Green but instead it's just a piano backed ballad version and for all the soul in Sandé's voice it lacks the passion and anger of Professor Green's rap - and I say that as someone who doesn't really like Professor Green much.

          I think that sums up what the problem is with "Our Version of Events". Too many songs have far too simplistic construction and while I enjoy hearing songs which have simple accompaniments such as "River" with the piano and "Breaking the Law" with acoustic guitar there's a sense that both songs if fleshed out with a richer sound could have been far, far better. Because so few of the songs have that richer sound much of what remains sounds very samey unfortunately.

          The CD inlay booklet contains all the song lyrics and has a page full of credits which is very hard to read along with the page full of thank you's from Sandé but if you can read them carefully she does reference some of the song lyrics in there, which is a nice touch. No doubt, of course, those lyrics have been in her head some time!


          Overall I am a little disappointed with "Our Version of Events" - perhaps my expectations were set too high for it due to the fact "Heaven" was as close to perfection as you can come musically. However if I am honest it's down to the fact I feel Sandé seems to have found a musical rut and got stuck in it.

          Another issue could well be the use of too many producers. Sometimes this works - for instance Adele's "21" made excellent use of multiple producers - but there's a sense that Sandé has perhaps overruled some of the producers or perhaps been in awe of others - Alicia Keys produced "Hope" for instance and you can almost hear her in the song.

          It's a pity that "Heaven" producer Mike Spencer wasn't able to work on a few more songs on the album as I feel his touch may well have improved the overall sound of the album and given it less of an acoustic and ergo rather similar, sound. As it is much of the pop sensibilities I had been expecting on the album simply aren't there.

          I do really like Emeli Sandé's voice however and it's her voice which will ensure this album isn't one I'll quickly forget about. When she gets a song right, it's brilliant and on this debut I am willing to overlook the fact as she's still learning and growing as an artist. Because of that I will probably be just as excited about her second album but I hope that she adds more of a pop twist to what she produces...and moves away from the bland ballad that sadly blights "Our Version of Events".

          ~~Track List~~

          My Kind of Love
          Where I Sleep
          Daddy (ft Naughty Boy)
          Breaking the Law
          Next to Me
          Read All About It (Part III)


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            29.02.2012 09:56
            Very helpful



            Emeli Sande's debut album


            Hailing from up in Scotland, Emeli Sande is a singer-songwriter who turned up unexpectedly a few years back. She got her leg up in the game by mingling amongst the UK's urban scene and was soon a featured guest on hit singles by some of the game's biggest names (like Professor Green, Wiley, Chipmunk). In this time, she spent her time writing for artists from here to America, clocking up smashes around the world. However, once she'd hit it big with a solo tune of her own, it was only a matter of time before she'd drop a longer body of work, so that her artistry could be admired for all its worth. "Our Version of Events" dropped early in 2012 and hoped to give her discography a strong first start.

            *Good Points*

            She has a voice from heaven. Conveniently, she has a few songs which appear to be from there too. One of them in particular - entitled (as you guessed) "Heaven" - declares this more than any other, as she battles Naughty Boy's raging Breakbeats with an inspiring vocal performance. She's able to capitalise on this end of her music with a few other tracks in that vein (like "Clown" and "Daddy") and it paints her as one of the country's finest voices and one of the leading songwriters too. The album is heavy on the powerful blasts of her voice over low-tempo instrumentals and it'll keep the Adele demographic satisfied.

            *Bad Points*

            Although she may rely on ballads, it also becomes one of her weaknesses. Because it's her strength, Sande ends up overdoing it and the project becomes a bit tiring from all the epic, drawn-out tunes. When tapping right into the listener's emotions for such a long period of time, it's easy to get bored of it, if you don't often delve into this side of music too often. Even with Naughty Boy taking care of much of the production, he keeps things mellow and so tunes like "Hope" (which is produced and partly written by Alicia Keys) gets buried in a mass of yawn-inducing tunes. It's a shame because there's some gems in here, but you won't be able to listen through it in one go and remain engaged.


            "Our Version of Events" isn't a perfect album, but it doesn't claim to be. Emeli Sande shines as a vocalist and that's all that counts (for now anyway). It's early stages, after all. There's no need to overplay the album's weak points as it's still a release which you should own, but if you're looking for a project with the lasting power of Adele's "21", then it doesn't quite hit the mark. You'd have to put its inconsistencies down to it feeling rushed, but it's clear that Sande's got the golden voice and is very much capable of making more quality many in the future. More than anything, it's an incentive to hold out until album #2 turns up and she (hopefully) grows into the artist that she'd destined to become.


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            27.02.2012 22:23
            Very helpful




            ~ * Our Version of Events * ~

            Catchy songs - example of this 'next to me'
            Our Version of Events is the debut album from British singer-songwriter Emeli Sande. The album was released in the United Kingdom in February 2012 and so is very recent. The album comes under the R 'n' B and Soul genres. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £7.97 which I think is great value for money, especially as the album is brand new.

            ~ * Track Listing * ~

            1) Heaven 2) My Kind of Love 3) Where I Sleep 4) Mountains 5) Clown 6) Daddy (feature Naughty Boy) 7) Maybe 8) Suitcase 9) Breaking The Law 10) Next To Me 11) River 12) Lifetime 13) Hope 14) Read All About It (Part 3)

            This song is full of catchy numbers; one example of this is the songs 'Next To Me', which is actually Emeli's most recent single. It's very quite jazzy yet has a bit of soul and R 'n' B thrown in with it. A really catchy song which is hard to get out of your head once you have heard it.

            There are songs to suit all tastes on this album; genres of music include: Pop, R 'n' B, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop. So as you can see, no matter what genre you listen to, there is something on here that you will like.

            I think that all are the songs on here are good, however one song which I think deserves a special mention is the last track; 'Read All About It'. This is such a gorgeous song with a beautiful ballad and this song really shows of Emeli's voice. I actually prefer this version as it's much more slower and I think that the song sounds even better slower.

            Another song which stands out for me is 'My Kind of Love' such a powerful song; vocally, musically and lyrically. I enjoy listening to the thought-provoking lyrics.

            Suitcase is another song I like; it's quite simple. I wouldn't say it is the most 'in your face' song but it does have a beautiful musical arrangement.

            I love Emali's voice; it's very strong and powerful yet she can sing softly really beautifully too. She ahs a lovely soulful voice; it's also very unique. She is a fantastic singer! Not only can she sing, but she also writes her own songs; that's what I calla true star!

            I am really impressed with album! Emeli is a breath of fresh air to the music charts - I really cannot believe how brilliant she is, and she is only 23/24! She is definitely one to keep an eye on!

            I would definitely recommend this album!

            Thanks for reading!
            February 2012
            Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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            16.02.2012 23:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A must have!!

            Emeli Sande is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Born Adele Emeli Sande in 1987. She took on her middle name due to the huge success of Adele. Although this debut album has only just been released (13th Feb 2012), Emeli Sande has been in the background for some years. Its now her time to shine. She has previously written tracks for Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle and Tinie Tempah, just to name a few.

            We first heard Emeli sing when she appeared on Chipmunk's 2009 track "Diamond Girls" and soon after on Wiley's "Never Be Your Woman". However it wasn't until last year I feel anyone took notice. Until she featured on the Uk number 1 "Read All About It" with Professor Green.

            Emeli has recently been announced as this years Brit awards Critics Choice award winner,She is also up for another Brit next week for British Breakthrough artist.

            This is a 14 track album, featuring already released singles Heaven, Daddy and Next To Me. Sande was involved in writting all the tracks. The album is mainly of RnB/ Soul genre. Track listing is as follows.
            1. Heaven
            2. My Kind Of Love
            3. Where I Sleep
            4. Moutains
            5. Clown
            6. Daddy (feat. Naughty Boy)
            7. Maybe
            8. Suitcase
            9. Breaking the Law
            10. Next To Me
            11. River
            12. Lifetime
            13. Hope
            14. Read All About It (pt. III)

            The stand out tracks for me are Heaven, Daddy, Maybe, Next To Me, and Read All About It (pt.III). However I wouldn't say there is a bad track on here. These stand out more for me, yet overall it really is a album full of strong tracks.

            Heaven: Was the first solo single release from Sande and went to number 2 in the uk charts. This track has quite a dance beat and is really easy to get into. The lyrics are punchy and original. Sande's vocals are distinctive, clear and so powerful.

            My Kind Of Love: Is a slower track than Heaven, yet in no way shape or form less powerful. It tells a beautiful story through the thought-provoking lyrics. Sande' really shows expression through her vocals here and the song gives me goosebumps.

            Where I sleep: Again a slower track, yet so heart warming. I think the lyrics in this song are so beautiful and I feel alot of people will really connect with this track. Sande's vocals again are consistently great.

            Mountains: This is probably my least favourite track on the album, although that being said its still a great track. I just feel its a bit too slow, I keep wanting it to get to a key change and become more powerful. Lyrics again are fantastic. There is also a beautiful instrumental piece at the end of the song.

            Clown: Slow track, with beautiful lyrics. This song is almost accoustic and really shows off just how amazing her vocals really are.

            Daddy (feat Naughty Boy), this was the second single release, not doing as well as track Heaven. This is my favourite track on the album. This track is more upbeat. I love the lyrics in this track. Its one most people will be able to relate to. We've all been in those relationships were we should leave but can't help but go back. Its a really memorable track, and I always sing along.

            Maybe: a close second for me to Daddy. Love this track, its a mid tempo track . About trying to make a relationship work, Lyrics again are just amazing, she really has a lyrical talent. Heartwarming and catchy at the same time. I feel this track is one people will connect with as can relate to the lyrics.

            Suitcase: a slower track, with sad yet beautiful lyrics. I love this track yet doesn't have the same punch as some of the other tracks on the album, I don't think it will be one that people skip ahead to. Sande has such an expressive vocal in this track you really believe everything she sings.

            Breaking The Law: again a slow tempo track that is accoustic sounding. The lyrics are so original, about doing anything for someone. I love how Sande doesn't need fancy digital effects or loads of instruments going on in the background, just her and a guitar is so beautiful.

            Next To Me: Third single release. Think this was a clever third release. A catchy track with a much more upbeat feeling to it, the lyrics seem to me to be about a good guy. Its rare we get a track that is speaking highly of a relationship. When you're happy with your man this is a good track to smile too.

            River: A slower track that has a beautiful instrumental intro. Has a much softer tone to it, and is a bit of a change from the rest of the album. I know i keep saying it but the lyrics to this track are again beautiful and thought provoking. They are lyrics that people will interpret differently, which I feel is a good thing as people will take different things away from this track to suit there own circumstances.Perhaps a little too slow for some.

            Lifetime: This track is quite different to all other tracks on the album. Has a more upbeat rhythm, yet we hear a total different side to Sande's vocals. There are bits where it sounds like she is almost talking, it may sound strange but I urge you to listen to this track yourself as it is still fantastic. It perhaps isn't as memorable as some of her other tracks in terms of lyrics but its still a great track.

            Hope- A slow tempo track, but with a more political take on the lyrics. Its unlikely to be released as a single as it isn't the most catchy song on the album. I think it was put on the album more as a message and way of expressing her feelings on an important matter.

            Read All About It (Pt. III) A much slower version of the track, is similar to what Rhianna did on her album with the Love the Way You Lie track. A much softer take on the song yet still as powerful, with the chrous the same as the original track people will be able to get into it straigh away. I love this track, really makes me want to sing and shout till all the words dry out.

            Overall a fantastic album, I cannot recommend this album enough. I look forward to see what the future has in store from Sande.


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