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Outta This World - JLS

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2 Reviews

Artist: JLS / Audio CD released 2010-11-22 at Epic

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2014 08:07
      Very helpful



      A great album!

      I quite like JLS. I will admit that at times I think that they are quite cocky and so I do find this annoying at times, although I have to agree that they are a very talented bunch, and I like how passionate they are about music. When I heard that they had a new album out, and especially after hearing their single 'Love You More', I just had to buy their album.

      Outta This World is the second album from 2008 X Factor runners up, boyband 'JLS'. The album was released in the United Kingdom in November 2010 and so is very recent. You can buy a copy of this album from Amazon for a price of £8.99, which I think is good value for money.

      1)The Club is Alive 2) Eyes Wide Shut 3)Outta This World 4) That's My Girl 5) Work 6) I Know What She Like 7) Love You More 8) Other Side Of The World 9) Better For You 10) Superhero 11) Love At War 12) Don't Talk About Love 13) That's Where I'm Coming From 14) The Last Song

      I love this album! It's full of catchy tunes! There are a lot of different musical genres on here : pop, RnB, ballads. dance and electro pop. There are songs to suit each kind of mood, whether you are at a party, or whether you are chilling out, and also to have playing in the background, while you are doing the household chores. My favourite songs are 'Love You More' , 'I Know What She Like', and now I love 'The Club Is Alive' even more than before. I didn't like the song 'Work', as I thought that it didn't reach it potential, and to me it seemed like nothing more than a 'filler'.

      I think that the boys have great voices ,and can really sing! I particularly love Aston's voice, and he can hit all kinds of notes with ease. I think that Marvin's voice is very soft, and suits the ballads, although sometimes his 'velvety' voice does annoy me a little bit. I would prefer if the other two boys (JB and Ortise) would sing a bit more, as from what I have heard, they can sing very well.

      The lyrics are certainly thought-provoking, although they seem to be repeating the same message (coping without the one you love) in most of the songs, just arranged in different words. One thing which I didn't like about the lyrics ; to me they sounded far too cheesy and I think that maybe they were playing on the whole 'we're sweet guys' kind of thing , just so that their girl fans will swoon over them even more.

      When they band said that their sound had changed with this album, compared to their last album, I was a bit concerned. Although, I do think that this change is definately say that this change is for the better, and therefore this album is a lot better than their last album.

      I would definately recommend this to all JLS / boyband lovers!

      Thanks for reading!
      March 2014
      xd-o-n-z-x (CIAO & DOOYOO)


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      16.01.2011 15:01
      Very helpful



      Poor album that deserves no stars to be honest but as I like JLS, I'm being generous with 2 stars!

      Product information
      Audio CD (22 Nov 2010)
      Number of Discs: 1
      Label: Epic
      ASIN: B003O84QSM

      1. The Club Is Alive
      2. Eyes Wide Shut
      3. Outta This World
      4. That's My Girl
      5. Work
      6. I Know What She Likes
      7. Love You More
      8. Other Side Of The World
      9. Better For You
      10. Superhero
      11. Love At War
      12. Don't Talk About Love
      13. That's Where I'm Coming From
      14. The Last Song

      JLS (Jack the Lad Swing) were the runners up of X Factor 2008, coming second to Alexandra Burke. The boys were hailed as the best boyband ever seen on X Factor and soon secured a record deal in spite of not winning the competition.
      'Outta This World' is the eagerly awaited follow up to their extremely successful debut album 'JLS' and contains number one single 'The Club is Alive' and new single 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

      Best track
      The best track is 'Eyes Wide Shut' by far and this would have been a much more deserving lead track than 'The Club Is Alive'. This is a cool, fun dance track with an extremely catchy beat that sounds like something from a Calvin Harris single. In fact this is the boys next single and I can see it heading straight to number one.

      I also quite like 'Outta This World', which starts off a bit slow but soon picks up. The chorus is simply a repetitive 'She's out of this world' but the bridge, verses and beat are catchy.

      Worst track
      There are so many tracks on here which I dislike that choosing a worst track was tricky but if I had to choose, it would have to be 'I know What She Likes' which is just a clichéd mess.
      I think it's the fact that JLS try and sound cool with their deliberate abbreviations and Americanisms e.g. 'I know what she like' (Is it so hard just to say 'likes'?) and 'we stroll down the Broadway, me and my shorty'. It's just awful and outdated. Does anyone really speak like this?

      'That's my girl' is also pretty terrible. Pointlessly auto-tuned practically the entire way through and following the same formula as 'I know what she likes', with cringe worthy American slang about my girl being 'bad' and 'off the hook'.

      These two tracks are so bad that after a only few listens of each, I actually cannot bring myself to listen to them in full any more. Honourable mention should also go to 'The Club is Alive' which was the boys first single from this album. I'm mystified as to how this track still manages to be completely dull and unimaginative despite the rather bizarre sample taken from The sound of music.

      What I dislike about it
      This whole album is like one big, boyband cliché, complete with unimaginative, safe lyrics and constant talk of 'loving my girl', 'missing my girl', 'that's my girl' etc....you get the picture.
      A few examples of the most predictable and cringe worthy lyrics are 'throw your hands in the air and say yeah, yeah, yeah' and 'the look that's in her eyes has got me memorised'. Hardly ground-breaking stuff is it? And it's hard to believe that this album was released in 2010 when these kind of lyrics wouldn't be out of place in a 90's track by Boyzone.

      The songs are practically all about the same thing. There's no deviation from pining for an absent girl, or being happy with a current girlfriend. I understand that JLS have a target audience of young teenage girls, who like to listen to these songs and imagine that Aston and Marvin are singing to them (lets face it, I used to do the same thing with Lee and Duncan from Blue when I was 14!) BUT this is still no excuse for the complete and utter laziness in subject matter and lyrics in my opinion. Fellow X Factor contestant Joe Mcelderry's surprisingly good and innovative debut album is an example of somebody not just using their good looks as an excuse to churn out a bunch of outdated love songs. JLS take note!

      I do like JLS but I just wish they'd aimed for something a bit more original here and not fallen into the typical boyband mould of unimaginative, predictable pop. Unfortunately they're at that stage of popularity where they could just about release anything and it'd still sell in its millions and in my opinion, this album proves that.

      Finally, the already lame tracks are ruined by a constant overuse of auto-tune that just isn't needed and isn't cool in any way. JLS proved that they can sing by coming second on the X Factor (OK so it was mainly just Aston singing...but still) so why is the constant auto-tune necessary?
      One of the worst offenders here is the truly awful 'That's my girl', which is bad enough as it is and no amount of auto-tune can mask such awful lyrics as 'she's the baddest thing I seen in the world'.

      What I like about it?
      Much like JLS's debut album, it's fairly easy to listen to and perfect background music. The songs might follow a clichéd, typical boyband formula but this kind of stuff sells and is often catchy if you can allow yourself to look past the awful lyrics!
      'Love You More' is a typical example of this. I would expect this kind of track on an early Westlife album yet much as I hate to admit it, it is catchy and fairly pleasant to listen to and shows that the boys are strong enough to carry a song without auto-tune.

      I've got no doubt that young JLS fans will still lap this up. I mean at 21, I'm not exactly the core JLS target audience. If you don't like this then maybe a younger sister, cousin or niece might?

      Where to buy?
      Well if you've got any sense then you wont buy this anywhere! But in most shops it retails around the £8/£9 mark, which isn't too bad considering you're getting 14 tracks here (even if there's only about 4 decent ones in that 14!).

      Now from reading this you may be under the impression that I'm a music snob and JLS hater...I can assure you that I am neither! I actually really liked JLS's debut album which I felt was the right mix of pop and slightly cooler R&B, which reminded me very much of Blue, my favourite boyband back in the day. Their follow up album honestly feels like a regression, where the boys have spent too much time trying to be cool but failed miserably.
      This is a really poor album that I wouldn't recommend to anyone over the age of about 15!
      The songs are completely dull and the lyrics are stupid, a little bit egotistical and predictable.
      Save your money and download 'Love You More', 'Outta This World' and 'Eyes Wide Shut' instead.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 The Sound Of Music
      2 The Club Is Alive
      3 Eyes Wide Shut
      4 Outta This World
      5 That's My Girl
      6 Work
      7 I Know What She Like
      8 Love You More
      9 Other Side Of The World
      10 Better For You
      11 Superhero
      12 Love At War
      13 Don't Talk About Love
      14 That's Where I'm Coming From
      15 The Last Song

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