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Pandemonium: The Singles Collection - BWO

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3 Reviews

Genre: Dance & Electronic / Artist: BWO / Audio CD released 2008-09-01 at Shell

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    3 Reviews
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      03.10.2009 09:46
      Very helpful



      If you're looking for a new pop/rock/electronica band, BWO are for you

      Bodies without Organs are a Swedish (nothing like Abba though) electronic pop group, with a distinct sound that's almost impossible to describe. In a way, their music wouldn't seem out of place on an 80s compilation, with it's grand, overblown choruses and very camp videos. However, don't let that put you off.

      Pandemonium, while sold as a "singles collection", could have been titled as their greatest hits album. From the sci-fi styled Living in a Fantasy to the pop ballad We Could Be Heroes, this album covers all musical tastes. One thing the album can't do, but Youtube can, is show you the videos. Honorable mentions go to Sunshine in the Rain (check out those cockroaches...) to the afore-mentioned WCBHeroes, you just know they put almost as much effort into their videos as they do into thr tracks themselves.

      Track List, durations and personal rating and comments for memorable songs.

      1. The Bells Of Freedom(3:25) 7.5/10 A solid opening song, high tempo and showing all of the musical styles that BWO use, nicely packaged into one song. It does sound a bit too much like Chariots of Fire (track 6) during the chorus, though.

      2. Lay Your Love On Me (2:59) 7/10 Fast music, slow (and very cheesily rhymed) lyrics... but it seems to work well. Not a favourite, but easy enough to listen to.

      3. Barcelona (3:45) 7/10 The first sci-fi track on the album, with bizarre echoing. Not to be mistaken for the Freddie Mercury version, but I think he'd approve.

      4. Sunshine In The Rain (3:30) 9/10 The song that caught my attention and make me look further for BWO stuff. Great stuff.

      5. Give Me The Night (3:09) 9/10 Another sci-fi style, annoyingly catchy chorus that you could end up humming to yourself all day.

      6. Chariots Of Fire (4:09) 6/10 Starts off like it's going to be a pretty slow one, but the chorus kicks the track into the kind of speed you'd expect. Reminiscent of the opening song on the album.

      7. Open Door (3:29) 8/10 A welcome shift of styles, this is the first real ballad of the album. A song to daydream for a few minutes to (in a good way. Not recommended if you're driving).

      8. Gomenasai (3:27) 7/10 The song with the most random title on the album (pronounced Go-Men-A-Sigh), this is good, but nothing special. A nice way to bring the tempo back up after Open Door.

      9. Sixteen Tons Of Hardware (3:30) 4/10 Not a fan of this. They've taken the sci-fi aspect a bit too far. And as an aside, 16 tons isn't very heavy for "15 supersonic tanks", made of "galvanised steel". 15 cars would weigh more than that...

      10. Will My Arms Be Strong Enough (4:16) 9/10 Operatic start to one of the best songs on the album, and strong opera backing track throughout. Also, another one to think about while you're listening to it.

      11. We Should Be Dancing (3:34) 4/10 After the previous high of WMABSE, this is a pretty poor track. There's nothing particularily good about it, and the album would flow better without it.

      12. Temple Of Love (3:25) 7.5/10 Another song with pretty bad rhyming in the verses, but the sheer catchiness means you'll still sing-along to it if you're in the mood.

      13. Living In A Fantasy (3:39) 8/10 Another sci-fi track, but much better than Sixteen Tons. Another chorus that'll be with you for the rest of the day.

      14. We Could Be Heroes (4:24) 9/10 Thought provoking, great video

      15. Voodoo Magic (3:41) 6/10 Nothing special, heard it all before on the album

      16. Let It Rain (3:30) 8/10 Pop-y dance track, welcome quality increase after Voodoo Magic, but ending a bit... cut-off.

      17. Conquering America (3:20) 8/10 Very electronic, good tempo increase after the last few offerings.

      18. The Destiny Of Love (3:50) 9/10 Probably the slowest track on the album, but all the better for it. Another thought-maker.


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      09.08.2009 04:36
      Very helpful




      It is a shame that BWO (Bodies Without Organs) have never achieved the success that they deserve here in the UK. Huge overseas, particularly in Sweden, the group is the brainchild of Alexander Bard, formally of Army Of Lovers. Bard is the bald headed chap, vocals come courtesy of adonis Martin.

      Their music is best described as outright pop, with a dancey edge. It is all very polished though and benefits from superb production. Thsi collection gathers 18 of their biggest songs.

      'Lay Your Love On Me' is a surefire pop stunner, an anthemic chorus and so much energy behind it. Martin's vocals are keenly delivered with a youthful exuberance. The kind of track which should win Eurovision.

      'Sunshine In The Rain' is wonderful, with a lively chorus and knowing lyrics like 'when you're in Berlin Im doing London.' There is an acute disco feel to the song and it's very catchy. Equally as fun is 'Chariots Of Fire' with a rousing chorus, you can imagine holding wands aloft to it and marching around a stadium.

      'Sixteen Tonnes Of Hardware' is a choice cut, with a perfect pop verse and a thrilling chorus which will get under the skin. 'Give Me The Night' is one which will make you head straight to the dancefloor, with a strong rhythm and powerful hook, the group know how to make melodies which just lift and lift.

      'Will My Arms Be Strong Enough' is more subdued, but just as memorable, thanks to a gushing display of emotion from Martin. His vocals are spot on throughout the album, but the star here is Bard, who has created a mini pop masterpiece, by salvaging everything that was good about Abba, mixing it with disco, a hint of funky house and some top notch production to ice it all off.

      If you like pop music, do check them out.


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      30.04.2009 12:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      It's like Steps with huge Elizabethan Collars, fantastic!

      BWO are fronted by the annoyingly pretty Martin Rolinski, with Marina Schiptjenko on laptop/keyboard/backing vocals, and Alexander Bard, backing vocals, laptop, keyboard and producer.

      If you're a Eurovision fan you might remember BWO (Bodies Without Organs) from 2006, flying the flag for Sweden singing 'Temple of Love.' If not, you might remember their feverishly catchy single 'Sunshine in the Rain' that was out in the UK last year.

      BWO are a very unique sounding band compaired to the UK charts, bringing out songs that have twangs of Pet Shop Boys or Erasure. Definitely one of my favourite bands, but sadly an acquired taste music wise. To me this 18 track album was worth every penny, and a great first album for someone getting into BWO as you have all of their great singles, Chariots of fire, Gomenasai and Sixteen tons of hardware. All wonderfully cheesey in their own right.

      The tracks on Pandemonium:
      1. Bells of Freedom
      2. Lay your love on me
      4. Sunshine in the rain (The song they seem to be 'known for' in the UK)
      5. Give me the night
      6. Chariots of fire
      7. Open door
      8. Gomenasai
      9. Sixteen tons of hardware
      10. Will my Arms be Strong Enough
      11. We Should be Dancing
      12. Temple of Love
      13. Living in a fantasy
      14. We could be heroes
      15. Voodoo magic
      16. Let it Rain
      17. Conquering America
      18. The Destiny of Love

      Each track is filled with great Electro-pop beats, fantastic lyrics (not to mention the accents!) with killer chorus that you can't help but sing along too.

      It's great album to pop on your iPod when you're cleaning, baking, or walking into town, or to blast out the stereo when you're driving (tried this in my boyfriends car but he switched it off, like I said acquired taste!) I normally have it on in the morning before work, gets you in a great mood for the day - although I wouldn't recommend bouncing up and down when you're putting eyeliner on. Painful, not to mention messy.

      After listening to a BWO album, the one thing you're really left thinking is 'Alexander Bard is a Genius!'

      You can download this album from iTunes for £7.99, which seems to be the best deal if you don't mind just having it on your computer rather than a 'hard copy'


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Bells Of Freedom
      2 Lay Your Love On Me
      3 Barcelona
      4 Sunshine In The Rain
      5 Give Me The Night
      6 Chariots Of Fire
      7 Open Door
      8 Gomenasai
      9 Sixteen Tons Of Hardware
      10 Will My Arms Be Strong Enough
      11 We Should Be Dancing
      12 Temple Of Love
      13 Living In A Fantasy
      14 We Could Be Heroes
      15 Voodoo Magic
      16 Let It Rain
      17 Conquering America
      18 Destiny Of Love

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