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Paramore - Paramore

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Label: Atlantic

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    4 Reviews
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      01.10.2013 18:54
      Very helpful



      Not worth the money

      Paramore - Paramore
      Fuelled By Ramen

      I honestly don't even know where to start with this one. I used to love Paramore quite a lot, but I guess that changed quite rapidly. Personally, this album is not worth getting in my opinion, there are about 3 good songs on it and even then they're not totally great to the point where I want to put them on my iPod, no thank you. I'd rather use the space for something else!
      It's such a shame, because they used to be really good, and do put on a good live performance, but I'm thinking that Hayley Williams is getting a bit big of herself, she has been for a while.
      Members -
      Hayley Williams
      Taylor York
      Jeremy Davies

      Track Listing
      'Fast in My Car'
      'Grow Up'
      'Interlude: Moving On'
      'Ain't It Fun'
      'Part II'
      'Last Hope'
      'Still Into You'
      'interlude: Holiday'
      'Hate to See Your Heart Break'
      '(One of Those) Crazy Girls'
      'interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore'
      'Be Alone'
      Being disappointed with this album, makes it somewhat hard to review, because there is literally nothing for me to say about this. So I will start with the few tracks that I can just about bear.

      'Now' - Of course, this track was the first one I heard due to the fact that they have a video out for it, and in all honesty the first time it was on in my house, I wasn't listening to it I was questioning what the hell is going on with Hayley Williams' hair...it looks like a toddler had cut her fringe! How awful. The song itself is okay, it has a trace of the Paramore that I love, but you can hear the mainstream feel creeping its way in, which is never good. The vocals are good! Hayley does have a very nice voice but it is being wasted. I do much prefer just listening to the drums of this track, very catchy. But other than that, it's just a song that I would listen to when it is on the TV or radio.
      'Last Hope' - I do admit that I like this track. It has an indie feel to it and that mainstream vibe has slipped away for the moment. Hayley's voice does shine here, but I think that is because it is a slow acoustic song, she always does well with them ones. It is the kind you would expect to hear in a romantic movie, that part where they always end up heartbroken for five minutes. The tempo picks up about 2 minutes in and it certainly keeps you listening.

      'Still Into You' - The other track with a video, the only reason that I had heard it. I'm not overly fussed about this track but at least it has a catchy feel to it, what with the vocals and beat. The video is pointless and reminds me of something Katy Perry would do. (Don't take that part the wrong way! I love Katy Perry!) But it just doesn't seem to suit this band and I cannot seem to tear my eyes away from Hayley's god awful hair when this video comes on! But again, at least the track is somewhat catchy, eh? The lyrics are good, but the quality just sounds like it could be better in certain parts. Around 2:55, that part should not exist, Hayley actually sounds atrocious trying to reach them high pitched notes!
      And that is it for tracks that I can actually stand to listen to! Now I could sit here and ramble about each individual track but then I would just end up repeating myself. The album seems to have gone mainstream in my opinion, they aren't like they used to be (Paramore, that is). When I listen to them now, I don't feel like I'm listening to messages from the band to the fans. They aren't doing it just for the music like they claim to be, anymore. No, they are doing it for the same reason as most others and that is for the money and when that starts to happen, that is when you start hearing things from different artists that sound like something you have already heard before.

      I don't recommend this, as it personally is not worth the money, however that is just my opinion. You would have to listen to it yourself first to see if it is your cup of tea!

      Also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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      16.07.2013 20:09
      Very helpful



      Something for everyone but not everything for someone.

      Paramore are a band who could have easily crumbled in the last few years. Original guitarist and drummer Zac and Josh Farro left unceremoniously in 2010 with a rather nasty online message about their bandmates. Bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York were left to pick up the piece with the extroverted yet pint sixed frontwoman Hayley Williams. Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen (longtime bassist for Beck and Nine Inch Nails) who previously produced albums for M83 and Neon Trees. Also new on board was drummer Ilan Ruben who's drummed for Nine Inch Nails and more recently Tom Delonge's Angels and Airwaves.

      Their fourth record is a lot brighter and happier than be expected considering the very recent traumas, opening tracks 'Fast In My Car' and 'Now' are the perkiest, most youthful songs you might ever hear outside of Glee. Some of the best moments comes from three short interludes that feature just Hayley and a ukulele, 'Moving On,' 'Holiday' and 'I'm Not Angry Anymore' are sweet and showcase what soul William's voice contains, perhaps it's just a shame these tracks aren't longer as they stick out more than the four minute songs do.

      While their sound may not have grown up their lyrics have both 'Part II' and 'Hate To See Your Heart Break' show a maturity that many of their peers have yet to find within their music. There is a little bit of something for everyone but maybe not everything for someone here. 'Daydreaming', 'Anklebiters' and 'Part II' have the youthful attack of the Paramore we've known and loved since 2005's 'Emergency' while the epic eight minute closer 'Future' takes a leaf out of Biffy Clyro's book with its four minute musical prog rock solo which may go over some of their pop punk loving fans heads. There are great shows of creativity, musicianship and lyrics here but it's Hayley William's voice that is on showcase here, the light and shade of the vocals hold this album together and are the reason they are still standing when many other pop rockers have come and gone.


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      16.05.2013 18:10
      Very helpful



      The fourth studio offering from Paramore

      Paramore have been one of my favourite bands for quite a long time now, and somehow I've been out of the loop when it's come to new music so I seem to have missed out on a lot of new artists and albums. However thanks to twitter and following lead singer Hayley Williams on the site I've not missed out on this album - it seems to be the only one I've not missed out on, and I'm pleased I haven't because I'd feel like a pretty shockingly bad Paramore fan if I had done. I had pressure to get this album from not only myself, but my Dad as well in his forties he's got a thing about Paramore, I think to be honest it's his love for Hayley but he's never going to admit that because she's not much older than me!

      ~*~ Paramore ~*~

      Well Paramore are;

      Hayley Williams - vocalist and leading lady! That for those of you, who are not aware or familiar with Paramore, she featured on B.O.B's track Airplanes!

      Jeremy Davis - Bassist in the band, and married to a British actress by the name of Kathryn Camsey. Jeremy has previously left the band in the early days, but re-joined as a permanent member just before album number 2!

      Taylor York - Guitarist in the band, and only became a permanent member of the band back in 2007, so he's somewhat of a newbie!

      ~*~ Track Listing ~*~

      1. Fast In My Car - 3:42
      2. Now - 4:10
      3. Grow Up - 3:50
      4. Daydreaming - 4:31
      5. Interlude: Moving On - 1:30
      6. Ain't It Fun - 4:56
      7. Part II - 4:41
      8. Last Hope - 5:10
      9. Still Into You - 3:36
      10. Anklebiters - 2:17
      11. Interlude: Holiday - 1:09
      12. Proof - 3:15
      13. Hate To See Your Heart Break - 5:09
      14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls - 3:32
      15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore - 0:52
      16. Be Alone - 3:40
      17. Future - 7:50

      ~*~ How Does It Sound? ~*~

      ** Fast in my Car **

      Hollowed out and filled up with hate, all we want is you to give us a break

      This song is a great solid opener to an album, it shows a happy go lucky side to the band - gives you a cheery start to the album and hopefully keeps you open minded for the rest of the album. The song is really catchy though, and I can guarantee at some point after listening to this song that I will be singing it, the other day it was actually while I was driving my car - as cliche as that sounds! The great thing about it sticking in your head, if you like to know all the lyrics to the songs you listen to is that it won't take you too long to learn all the words! The lyrics sound like a bit of a two fingers to the world, and a leave young people alone we're not all out to ruin the world. This song is very much how I expected this album to sound - it's not too far from Paramore of the past really. As I expected Hayley's vocals are brilliant, I know they are edited but to be honest on live videos I can't say she sounds all that different. There is a great mix of instruments in this track, enough guitars and drums to keep everyone happy, and enough electro to make it sound modern. There is a brilliant guitar riff in the middle, which when it fades out the vocals that kick in sound very much like something from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. A great way to start an album with another 16 tracks to go you're in for a great ride!

      5 stars a song that starts the album well and sets you up for over an hour of good stuff!

      ** Now **

      I'm bringing my sinking ship back to the shore, We're starting over, or head back in, There's a time and a place to die but this ain't it

      This is the first single from the album, and the first few times it was played on Radio 1 I somehow managed to miss it. So when I did get around to listening to it I wasn't all that sure about it to start with, so a couple of listens down the line I did realise that I actually liked it. This song is very guitar based, which is brilliant because it gives it a great starting place for the rest of the song. The thing is though with this song it is different to some of the older Paramore tracks - to be fair it's not too far from what fans are used to, it's easily identifiable by Hayley's voice, but the lyrics talking about the future and the coals were all a bit different to what I was expecting not disappointing at all - just showing a bit of progression. This song is a grower - not what I would have picked as a first single but it's equally not a bad son at all; and it does get in your head. You can't really hear much more than guitars, they aren't massively overpowering but this song is definitely a strong one - it's a change to the norm but a good progression vocally and Hayley is as good as always.

      4 Stars, a good song but not the strongest as a first single, but definitely a grower!

      ** Grow Up **

      Some of us have to grow up sometimes, and so, if I have to I'm gonna leave you behind

      The third track on the album which is another upbeat track - three in a row can't be doing too badly. The lyrics really speak to me at the moment actually, as it's all about realising who your friends are and realising that it might be time to grow up and leaving people behind - and realising that some people in your life really need to do the same. Although the lyrics are incredibly repetitive it works because it puts the song in your head. I like the fact though that this song has minimal amounts of elector in it - which is great because it's one of the many tracks that showcase Taylors amazing talent. It is more like the Paramore from Riot than anything like previous track 'Now,' it's a varied album already even by track three. I'm not sure what the backing of the track is but it sounds very family to another song that's previously been released but not by Paramore. This song really feels like it's slowing down from the middle onwards - not sure if I like that aspect though it doesn't feel really that fitting to the rest of the track it sort of plateaus out. It's still a really catchy and melodic song and I like it!

      4 stars for a song that continues the up tempo theme even though the ending doesn't quite feel like it fits

      ** Daydreaming **

      I wanna get out and build my own home, On a street where reality is not much different from dreams I've had - A dream is all I have...

      The beginning to this song sound like something The Killers would produce not a bad thing though just an observation from listening to far too much music. Now this track is very slow to get going - which compared to the previous few tracks it's a bit of a shock to the system. The lyrics are really dreamy, talking about being able to daydream about the things in life we want, but them only ever being day dreams - well that's my life in a sentence at the minute. This song for a change is a bit more drum heavy than the others which I quite like because it brings a little bit of something different to the song. The only problem is it sounds like Hayley's vocals are struggling to be heard over the top which is a shame because it's always good to hear the lyrics not just the backing track. As the song comes to a close it actually gets really listenable, the guitars seem to pick up from nowhere and give us a nice tension building minute leading to a good strong end to the song. It's a good track just probably a bit of a comedown from all up-tempo songs that preceded it - after a few listens it does grow on you though, so give it a chance all the vital elements to make a good song are in there somewhere.

      3 stars, a good song let down by a drop in tempo but redeems itself by the end!

      ** Interlude: Moving On **

      Let 'em spill their guts, Cause one day they're gonna slip on 'em

      Well this was a bit of a random track when I first heard it, I thought maybe it's a bit early for an interlude but apparently Paramore thought differently - this is a very relaxed section to the album also not very long. Starting with just Hayley and a Ukulele - which to start with made me giggle, but these interludes are a good way to gauge the level of the relationship in this album, the interludes seem like milestones if you catch my meaning. The vocals are echoed, which I didn't notice to start with just thought my computer was playing up; lyrically it's literally about moving on, there's nothing hidden in this track it does what it says on the tin. It's an odd song, and compared to what you're used to with this album by this point it's a bit of a shock, but don't worry normal service is soon to be resumed.

      5 stars for the sheer randomness of this song, even at a minute and a half long I like it!

      ** Ain't it Fun **

      You're not the big fish in the pond no more, You are what they're feeding on

      This song just happens to be one of my favourite on the album and when you hear it you'll more than understand, it's so upbeat and summery it makes you smile, such a good feeling song. It's a bit of slap in the face to someone who really has gone from being the big cheese in their lives to being the bottom rung of the ladder and having to do things for themselves - I like the sentiments behind the lyrics to this song actually. The song is so catchy, and I can safely say sitting here listening to it now it makes me want to dance in my seat - which means my family would probably think I'm nuts. I love the percussion through it, it seems to make the song feel more light hearted, and somehow it works with the strong guitars - that although they are very melodically done, make a big impression on the sound of the song. The drums are really understated and I love that fact because it means the song gels together so well it's almost perfect, to my ears anyway. The problem is it gets well and truly stuck in your head, and you'll find yourself singing it even when you didn't realise it was in your head. This song is a more mainstream track that if they released it, would do really well - hint! There is a little bit of a gospel aspect in the middle, which seems to be really popular recently, and I like it in this song it fits really well with what you would expect to be a bit of a miss match song.

      5 stars, a great summery, feel good song - with brilliant lyrics which will keep you singing along!

      ** Part II **

      A beauty half betrayed, Butterflies with punctured wings

      This song is a little bit different, and starts out with an eerie guitar track, but again it's full of big riffs and I love the guitars in this album they're just epic. The lyrics in this song the first two lines sound like ones from 'Decode' that doesn't bother me they're Hayley's anyway but that's not the point. I love the build-up to the chorus, and it's a big chorus - the guitars and drums become really heavy and pretty epic and make you just want to sing and join in really loud - it's just a chorus that makes this song sound so fantastic. It's a little bit electro, more so than the past few tracks but it doesn't detract from the strong guitars that we've already got overpowering the entire song. The vocals in this song, needed to be strong to match the backing track, and well they do brilliantly - I cannot fault this song at all, after the first few times through this became one of my favourite songs just because it's so strong and forceful. The ending to the song has an amazing instrumental where you get lots of drums and guitars, showing just how talented Taylor is, and the vocals morph into it. This song has such an amazing ending that is so intense you don't want it to end, the song is already nearly five minutes long but I could happily listen to it for ten minutes at that kind of intensity.

      5 Stars, and intense song that just blew me away and even now I feel like bursting into song every time the chorus hits!

      ** Last Hope **

      It's just a spark, But it's enough to keep me going, And when it's dark out, no one's around, It keeps glowing

      This track is far more acoustic than the previous songs on the album, which isn't a bad thing it's just a fast drop in tempo which I wasn't quite expecting the first time I listened to it, which might put some people off - but as you get used to the flow of the album it's about right. However though the tempo of the song changes as you go along, so it doesn't stay too slow for long, it does get up beat but it's nowhere near as flamboyant as the past couple of songs. It feels like after the first chorus which was mainly electro, that the drums and guitars kick in with great effect, not to make it a raucous song, but to give it enough of a sound so that it sticks in your head, and you know even after the first listen when you hear this song again you definitely will remember it. Again though at the end we have a bit of a gospel section to the song, it does flatter Hayley's voice though so I can't complain too much about it, so it makes a nice addition to a song that's slow, but by no means forgettable.

      4 stars for being a bit downbeat from the previous songs, but one that will still make a lasting impression

      ** Still Into You **

      Can't count the years on one hand, that we've been together, I need the other one to hold you, Make you feel, make you feel better

      This is the song that's currently dancing around my head with sparklers, if you've seen the video to this track you'll know what I mean, if not - Hayley dances around at the end with sparklers. This track is another one that is incredibly poppy, and the reason that all of a sudden everyone seems to love Paramore - it's so catchy but to me it just sounds like a song that shows how diverse Paramore can be. It's all about still having those butterflies when you see your loved one, even if you've been together a countless number of years and realising after all this time you're still excited to see them; it's a really good relationship anthem - I love this song, it's so infinitely catchy it's in my head at least once a day at the moment. I love the fact that when it starts out it sounds really heavily guitar based, and that you'd expect the song to be serious but it just bursts into something really twinkly and happy - it's one of those songs similar to 'Misery Business' from Riot it will stand the test of the time, and ten years from now I'll still know all the words. It's a much more electronic sound, but because it's such an upbeat and happy song no one will care it just sounds too good to be complained about. It is a brilliant second single from this album - which I hope has brought lots of new fans to the band.

      5 stars for a song that I can't get out of my head for more than 24 hours!

      ** Anklebiters **

      What? Do you actually expect, A broken mirror to reflect?

      A song that starts with guitar feedback I'm normally not that keen on, but this song is a bit different - even though the bass is really difficult to hear the guitars more than make up for it, as do the drums. You'd expect this song from the start to be a bit miserable but it's more than a happy song once you get into it, it's just reminding people to be themselves rather than following a crowd - which is a good bit of advice that I think everyone needs to take at some point. We've got a nicely up tempo song again that is really easy to listen to, over and over actually - it's a really short song so you might have to listen to it a few times before you like it because it's over in a flash. There is something so feel good and happy about this song, it might be the fake crowd in the back that makes it seem a bit happier than it is, either way it's one of my favourites on the album because it gives a really nice flash of happiness that seems to come out of nowhere!

      4 stars, but only because it's too short!

      ** Interlude: Holiday **

      Now I get a holiday, Wherever I go I might stay. I don't plan on coming back, Ever if I can help it

      Guess what Hayley is back with her ukulele for another interlude, this time however she's taking her echoed vocals on a holiday - one in which she hopes to never come back from, well we've all thought that at one point! It feels like we're meeting another milestone in the album here if we're cutting away to a minute and a half worth of interlude, it made me wonder when I first heard the album what was coming next. At least this time I knew what to expect so I didn't sit there with such a stunned look on my face as I did after interlude number one - that was unexpected.

      5 stars, a good 90 seconds of fun with a ukulele!

      ** Proof **

      There's nothing left for you to do, The only proof that I need is you

      This song starts out with really strong guitars, and soon after the vocals kick in the drums provide a really strong beat. There is something about the combination of guitars on this track that just makes it feel like it's got great depth to it. As usual the vocals are brilliant, and come the chorus it's back to the normal sing a long style of Paramore and its brilliant because you don't need to be learning all the words to the song if you don't want to because the chorus is simple. The lyrics are really nice, and just about being someone and knowing it feels right - it's a simple song lyrically because the ending to the song is a little bit repetitive but it'll be a great live track actually for that reason. Everything in this song gels really well together, I think this could be a good single actually because it's got the catchiness that makes for a good pop song. It is a feel good track with great backing track, and there's no reason not to like it, the ending is a bit weird though not sure what they're getting at with the random clattering - I won't question it!

      5 stars for another catchy pop tune that will earn Paramore more fans as they go along!

      ** Hate to see your Heart Break **

      There is not a single word in the whole world, That could describe the hurt, The dullest knife just sawing back and forth and ripping through the softest skin there ever was

      This song is a bit sad really, it's very slow and low tempo - just makes you think about being dumped, I don't want to be hearing about that in a song! It's not a track that will make you want to sing along with it, it's more of a get your lighter out and sway along with it unfortunately. You can't always have high tempo songs I guess, you need to see a softer side to the band - it's very soft and sweet sounding until you actually listen to the somewhat depressing lyrics. It's all very acoustic sounding, and if you're listening to this song while doing something else, you might find that you pay little to no attention to it. I admit that this is one I skip over normally, because it's a bit too depressing for me to listen to a lot - even five or six listens later I'm still not convinced on the song to be honest.

      3 stars, nice try to be making a ballad but it's just not for me - not while I'm happy anyway!

      ** One of those Crazy Girls **

      I'm gonna go to your closet, Just so I can smell your skin.

      This song is literally about some strange girls out there that even when they split up with someone, they go after them and do weird things. It follows well from the song before, because it's obviously looking at the aftermath of a break up knowing you want to still be with someone. It's very slow to start with, with some nice acoustic instruments and percussion, it's a very instrument loaded song actually listening to it. However it does burst into some good guitar riffs, they do just fit with the type of song it is, it sounds to me like it would fit perfectly in a movie with a break up in it, it's definitely a movie style song. The problem with this song is that the lyrics detract from everything else, because they are a little bit creepy to be honest - psycho ex-girlfriend hiding in your closet? It's alright though at the end of the song she realises, she's a nutcase and one of the mutters - it's a good song as long as you're not going through a break up at the time else it might give your ideas you don't need!

      4 stars for a song that's a little bit nuts, but would do well on a film soundtrack!

      ** Interlude: I'm not Angry Anymore **

      I'm not bitter anymore, I'm syrupy sweet, I rot your teeth down to their core, If I'm really happy
      Guess what? It's interlude time again, but it's the final one of the album and Hayley sounds like Gooch from Scrubs - this time Hayley is back with her ukulele, claiming she's not bitter or unhappy about the break-up. However this is a cheeky sarcastic song, because the voice says she is - I might be wrong but that's the feeling I get from that very short piece of music anyway. To be fair this miniature song gets the point across but I can't help but think it's only just prolonging the album to make it look better with seventeen tracks.

      4 stars, one to many interludes... Haha!

      ** Be Alone **

      So what if I don't have, A lot to talk about? I shut my mouth and keep it, Locked until it counts

      We've got a bit more upbeat again and it's about time too, I don't want to be depressed anymore - it starts out with a big guitar riff which sticks around throughout the song and I really like it, the drums underneath give you a reason to tap your foot to this song. The vocals feel like they're a little bit blocky over the chorus because the drums take a different pattern but I like it, it makes the song a lot more interesting, we've gone from songs that just pale into the background. Back into songs that you can sing along to, this song is just like this because the chorus is simple and telling a story of wanting to be alone with someone - it's a good song, a much happier song than the past two so it's going to put the smile back on your face. It has that great element to it where the music cuts out and you think the song is over but in fact it's not it comes back with another big chorus, over and over - it's repetitive but a good catchy song at the same time.

      4 stars for being a bit repetitive, would have been 3 but the chorus' saved it!

      ** Future **

      So, just think of the future, Think of a new life, And don't get lost in the memories, Keep your eyes on a new prize

      The final track on the album and what a song it is, it's a long one mind you so don't expect it to be a quick hyperactive song and off we go. This song although it starts out acoustically it's definitely not ending that way - this song really surprised me because it's not something they've ever done before and I definitely didn't expect it. The lyrics to start with are very basic and I think very unedited actually, I like it - it shows just how normal they are. As the song progresses though you realise that it's going to be going out with a bang. It's a song that even if you're not a Paramore fan I think you need to listen to because the last 4 minutes are pretty epic - it reminds me very much of one of the hidden tracks on a Placebo CD, really rash hyper crescendo, it's an ending that you won't forget for long. It gets to about six minutes the sound dips out and you think it's over but the guitars come back for a second time stronger than ever. This track is so epic it gives me goose bumps, but I love it, it's something I could listen to full blast for hours - it just shows you how good a guitarist Taylor actually is and I think this album he really has brought something new to this band and I hope it doesn't go away because this is fast becoming a favourite song of mine through the sheer fact it gives me goose bumps. If you fancy it type it into YouTube, it's there in it's almost eight minute entirety - see if you love it as much as I do!

      5 stars for an epic ending to an amazing album!

      ~*~ Compared to Older Albums ~*~

      For a band that has been on the scene for a relatively decent amount of time - it does show a bit of staying power, they may have had a few line-up changes over the years, but they have proved themselves as a diverse band. This album may be far more mainstream than the previous three but does that have to be a bad thing? Why does having the same fan base as any female artist or band out there mean they're selling out? It doesn't it seems to me that their sound has progressed and it just happens that now it fits in more with what everyone is enjoying. I saw on a music channel about a week ago someone mentions Paramore and Marilyn Manson in the same breath - saying if we like Paramore that we'll immediately be downloading him. Really? The two aren't even in the same class, why make that jump? It really annoyed me, though I guess the fact it was the editor of Heat says something about the credibility of what she was saying - either way it's all good advertisement for Paramore's fourth and self-titled album, and it's a great album which sees them move on musically and personally!

      I also really want Hayley's hair in the Still into You Video!

      ~*~ Price and Availability ~*~

      I downloaded mine from amazon at the time for a little over £8, I'd say have a look in HMV but not everyone has one on their high street anymore. Play.com have it for around the same price range, it's below £10 across the board but for a seventeen track album with an ending as epic as this - I'll happily pay that!


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        08.04.2013 16:30
        Very helpful



        Something for everyone.

        Since their last album Brand New Eyes, released four years ago in 2009, the band lost two of their members and underwent a period of soul-searching. Staying strong as a three-piece, Paramore's fourth album is appropriately self-titled, an opportunity for the band to redefine their sound and identity.


        1 Fast In My Car 4/5
        The leading track to the album is an upbeat and exciting track that is catchy and perfect for blasting in the car. Towards the end there is a long interlude which is nice before a repeated chorus.

        2 Now 4/5
        Lead single 'Now' is a good musical and stylistic transition from previous album Brand New Eyes. It is pretty slick and fluid from beginning to end, making this easy to listen to and catch onto.


        3 Grow Up 3/5
        Starting off shouty, the song eases off onto a harmonic chorus which starts with 'Some of us have to grow up some times'... The highlight of the track is probably the instrumental ending.

        4 Daydreaming 4/5
        'Daydreaming' is a softer but beaty track which existing Paramore fans will love, has great build up towards the end.

        5 interlude: Moving On 3/5
        A fun little interlude with a old classic vibe, clearly shows the band's inspirations.

        6 Ain't It Fun 3.5/5
        ...which flows smoothly into this track, a modern and upbeat track with pop-rock sounds and shouty beats. The song has a real anthemic build up, but risks being over-long.

        7 Part II 5/5
        This is Part II of their previous song 'Let the Flames Begin' and I have to say, this totally blows me away. The shouty rock track beautifully adapts and develops the sound musically and lyrically, making it one of my favourites so far and a major stand-out. Single material.

        8 Last Hope 4/5
        A softer track to follow 'Part II', Last Hope has real heart and slowly builds up as the song progresses, definitely one which will grow on me.

        9 Still Into You 4.5/5
        A quirky sounding track, 'Still Into You' is extremely catchy and has an ethereal, fun and poppy layer to the sound. This will be their second single and has a real explosive chorus.

        10 Anklebiters 3.5/5
        The track has an Avril Lavigne vibe; the angsty, shouty song has a smashing chorus and brings back sounds from 'Riot!'.

        11 interlude: Holiday 3/5
        The interludes so far have been quite funky and this continues that trend with a fun and upbeat backing, quirky lyrics and sound.

        12 Proof 4/5
        'Proof' is really catchy and does not have such a heavy sound- it is uplifting and fun.

        13 Hate To See Your Heart Break 4.5/5
        This soft ballad shows the band's versatility. It stands out amongst the other tracks and is definitely a highlight of the album.

        14 (One Of Those) Crazy Girls 4/5
        With great build up, this song has a great chorus and a really catchy tune and a tongue in cheek sound, which flows into the interlude very well.

        15 interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore 3/5
        Another quirky interlude continuing the vibe from before.

        16 Be Alone 4.5/5
        Be Alone is a catchy pop rock track, shouty and angsty which makes for good commercial listening.

        17 Future 4/5
        The album closes appropriately with 'Future', a soft, dramatic song which heightens instrumentally and fades before returning for a dynamic finish. The seven minute track reveals the band's musical influences and perhaps indicate a future of their music.

        SONGS TO LOVE: Still Into You, Part II, Hate to See your Heart Break, One of those Crazy Girls,
        SONGS TO SKIP: Perhaps some of the interludes

        Paramore's self titled album spans genres musically and is their most diverse and varied album to date. Departing from guitar domination, the pop rock sounds and tongue-in-cheek ukulele interludes make this album a lot of fun to listen to.

        There is also an anthemic sound to many of the tracks and the instrumental bridges elevate the music artistically.

        This latest album has great flow and progression from beginning to end. Whilst this album won't be for everyone, there will be something for everyone. If you've somehow managed to avoid Paramore until now, there is no better time to jump on board.


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