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Paris - Paris Hilton

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7 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Paris Hilton / Audio CD released 2006-08-21 at Wea

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    7 Reviews
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      21.06.2012 01:53
      Very helpful



      Worth buying, you'll love it!

      I've always been a fan of Paris Hilton so for me, it made perfect sense to buy her debut album back in 2006 and since then I must have listened to it many times. Personally, I think the album was very underated and think if more people would have been more open minded about her album then they would have a different opinion on Ms Hilton's vocal capability.

      The opening track 'Turn It Up' is a pure dance track with brilliant beats and Paris' voice is also very good here even if it has been edited by a computer. It has not been over auto-tuned which is good.

      The second track 'Fightin' Over Me' is something you would expect a Paris Hilton song to sound like with lyrics boasting about how all the boys want to fight over her. It also features Fat Joe and Jackakiss (whom I had never heard of before buying the album) but they really polish off this track. Love it!

      The third track and successful lead single 'Stars Are Blind' was a huge summer beat and is one of the best songs from her album, it is perfect to listen to throughout the year, especially throughout the summer.

      The forth track 'I Want You' is a full on disco beat. The beats in the song are amazing and Paris sings some pretty good catchy lyrics, its one of my favourites from the album.

      Fifth track 'Jealousy' talks about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richies fall out which occured throughout the forth season of 'The Simple Life' the lyrics are very personal and her voice is pretty good in this.

      Sixth track 'Heartbeat' is probably the weakest song from the album, but I still find myself singing along to the words and still dont skip it.

      Seventh track 'Nothing On You' was also released as a single and I think it would've done well if she had had the time to promote it propperly. I love it due to its catchy lyrics and her voice is fantastic in this song.

      The eighth track 'Screwed' was planned for the lead single but wasnt in the end. I think this song is OK, but if it was taken from your CD one night you wouldn't exactly miss it either.

      The ninth track 'Not Leaving Without You' is a weak song but the beat grabs all of your attention so makes up for the song not being that good.

      Tenth track 'Turn You On' is my favourite song from the album, not because its the best just because its a typical Paris Hilton song: cheesy, suggestive lyrics and hot! This song just draws you in from the start.

      The final track 'Do Ya Think Im Sexy' is a cover of Rod Stewarts hit single, but I have to say I prefer Paris' version and I dont fully understand why apart from that I love her husky sexy voice throughout.


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        05.06.2012 21:21
        Very helpful



        Don't expect anything outstanding from here.

        I didn't expect myself to buy this album to be honest. I used to despise the woman, although the hatred generally faded into a neutral opinion on her. If you tried to convince me to buy this album, it would have had to have been cheaper than chips to convince me to buy it. Everyone knows she's a socialite and born into a rich family. She's been fortunate enough to take on many occupations including being a model, jailbird, drink-driver, producer, fashion designer and businesswoman. The latter two where I think she's been the most successful. But out of all the occupations she had, none produced much shade than her music career. Despite that, I don't think this is the last we've seen of Paris, in a musical sense. I have a feeling she's got a new album up her sleeves.

        I paid 20p for the album and I think I sold it in a car boot sale for a £1. The album wasn't as horrible as I expected it to be, but there's nothing on the album that makes me go wow. I don't think the album really stood the test of time, but it's an very average pop album. I expected the vocals to be hideous, out of tune and riddled with autotune. Even thought it was only 2006, I don't think autotune was as trendy as it was back then, but I do think they do a lot of vocal cleaning.

        I found the vocals to be mediocre, which are a lot more than I expected. I found her vocals has that childish charm to them, but also sounded breathless and dry. The vocal highlights on the album is included in the leading single, Stars Are Blind. A lot of people think that Paris is a good singer, I personally think that's over-exaggerating.

        There are some high profiled producers, songwriters and the album partly influenced the great fall out between Scott Scorch and Christina Aguilera. Scott Scorch put a great amount of effort into the album as did Kara DioGuardi, Dr. Luke and Greg Wells. Paris Hilton even wrote some of the lyrics herself, which sorta breaks the stereotype expectations of these kind of albums. So I think the high quality in the production makes Paris sound like a better singer than she actually is.

        The album opens with some slick R&B called Turn It Up. I don't really like it at all to be honest. I think it tries to imitate the styles of Britney Spears Black Out era as well as Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation era. I think it tries to be sexy with those high pitched moans at the beginning as well as the generic themes but I didn't really feel it. I thought the song was lame because it left me cold.

        Fighting Over Me includes rappers Fat Joe and Jadakiss. It's got a nice piano hook to it, but I think the vocals ruin it. I'd have been perfectly happy just listening to the instrumental. It's got a strong hip hop vibe to it and it's very self indulgent. Unlike Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton made some profit out of it.

        Stars Are Blind samples UB40's Kingston Town... pretty badly. In this song they tried to make fusion of reggae and pop rock. The song is cute, but it's still quite horrible. It's superficially sweet and undeniably bland on all accounts. Sadly it's like this on the rest of the album, including a mediocre cover of Rod Swewart's hit, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy. Although the song does fit Paris' personality and vocals, it's understandable if it's considered one of the greatest unpunished crimes in music.

        The best track of the album, in my opinion is Jealousy because I love the the string arrangement in the violins. This song reminds me of her friendship with Nicole Ritchie and I think Jealousy is one moment where Paris expresses herself in music. The music fits the moods well and dosen't feel tacked on like the Grease Is The Word sample in I Want You. I think I Want You is the weakest song of the album because the words, lyrics and music clash out of time and overall sounds really out of sync.

        Heartbeat shows some promise, it sounds like the synth pop side of Gwen Stefani. There's a nice subtle hint of disco in there. In this song Paris really shows a fragile dry tone to it. I think it's quite radio-friendly, although I do think there's something missing in this track. It's far too simple. The riffs at the end feel slopped on and give no effect. Nothin In This World however was a good choice of a single because it's got that radio friendly hook. It's got that modern disney trait in the song that's present in the likes of Miley Cyrus. It's a sweet song, but there's much better out there.

        I much prefer Screwed. Screwed has the potential to be a catchy tune with it's baseline and teenage attitude, but what's stopping it for me is that it feels bland to me. Something is missing. Should the vocals be stronger? Should the lyrics be improved? Should the music stand out more? Maybe it's a combination of all three. Not Leaving Without You has a summer country vibe to it with what seems to be banjo samples. Paris sounds very young for her age on here. The album was released in 2006, and she would have been around 23-25 while the album was being recorded. To be, Paris really sounds ten years younger on this song. Thinking about it now, I would say that in all the songs she sounds like she is in her middle teens.

        However, sounding young for her age doesn't do her favours on Turn You On. Again, this song I'd be happy to listen to the instrumental version. I love the beats on this song. I think Christina Aguilera, Madonna or Kylie would have given this song some real justice because of the maturity in their vocals, but as the song stands now, it's sounds childish. It's obvious that Paris has done her homework and chosen people who will enhance the quality of her album. It's your typical pop album with small amounts of variety here and there with radio friendly hooks inspired by chart toppers.

        But it all comes down to one weakness: I don't find Paris Hilton's vocals exciting at all. She's got the ideas, the image and has a clear idea of what she wants and how to get it. But for me, I find her vocals are bland and boring. They lack character and the tone seems to be based on who's popular at the moment. If you want to give this album a go, don't expect anything outstanding, although you might get a good laugh out of it. I already bought this album once and I don't think I'll be buying it again.


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          20.01.2012 14:19



          See review for details

          I decided to buy this album after being impressed by Paris's debut single, Stars Are Blind.

          Stars Are Blind is a gorgeous summery song with a touch of reggae and ska. Paris's vocals are suprisingly good, although at some points you can tell that she's been autotuned. I would describe her vocals as quite soft and gentle. If you're expecting Leona Lewis here then don't buy this album! I would compare her voice to that of Holly Valance. Both are great at their day jobs but when it comes down to singing they need a little help.

          Paris hooks up with Fat Joe on Fightin' Over Me. With lyrics such as "all the boys are fightin' over me" Paris is very honest in how she sees things! This song is what I would describe as soft RnB and it's actually a great collaboration. Another great track on here is Nothing In This World, which I would describe as an upbeat pop song. It sounds like something that Kelly Clarkson would release. It's actually a really good song.

          The album is quite diverse. It features pop, RnB, reggae and ska numbers. There's something for everyone on this album and it suprised me in terms of quality and consistency. It's a great pop album and i'm impressed.

          Overall this is a great album for lovers of pop music. I love it.


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          13.06.2010 14:49
          Very helpful



          Watch Repo: Genetic Opera instead of bothering with this.

          - - - -
          - - - -

          You know who Paris Hilton is, even if you don't want to admit that you do. Hotel heiress, reality star, jailbird, actress, model, designer, free-with-her-lovin' and - umm - singer...

          ... We can laugh all we want; She has sold 2 million copies and as a credited song writer and executive producer she gets the final laugh [and loads more money]. Hell; even the record label [Heiress Records - a subsidary of Warner Brothers] is hers. Even if you don't like Paris you have to admit that when she wants something she will work to get it.

          - - - - - - - -
          The album
          - - - - - - -

          The self-named [naturally] album was recorded between 2004 and 2006 [also the year of release], and was co-produced by Dr. Luke, Fernando Garibay, Greg Wells, J. R. Rotem, Kara DioGuardi, Rob Cavallo, and Scott Storch.

          - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
          Where it went wrong
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          To be fair; Paris' vocals really aren't that bad. We all agree that there aren't going to be any grammys in her future, but she actually pulls off (tee-hee) every track. Her breathy vocals are rather agreeable.

          No; the problems here are with most of the tracks. As more producers joined in the album's creation bringing songs with them, the more different musical directions it started shooting off in. The result is a mish-mash of R&B tinged pop, with elements of dance, reggae and rock thrown in. Variety is often a good thing, but here it makes the album disjointed and feel like it's been thrown together at the last minute.

          A lot of the tracks contain 'tongue-in-cheek' [Read; ear bleedingly embarrassing] lyrics and while the producers where hoping it'd come off as cheeky and fun, it makes it seem as if no-one was really bothered with making a valid music album.

          - - - - - - - - -
          The good
          - - - - - - - - -

          Track 'Screwed' is the jewel in the album's crown. It was the first track recorded and was intended as the first single, but then Paris and Haylie Duff (older sister of Hilary) had a brief legal battle over the rights to it. Paris won, but it was leaked, so it didn't make it as a single.
          No, Screwed isn't about her home movies - It's about developing feelings for someone she knows she shouldn't. One of the many boy toys she's stolen from other women perhaps?

          One of the first tracks I'd heard was a leaked demo for 'Turn You On'. It was still unfinished, and her vocals were unaided, and shockingly good.
          The finished version is a tad overproduced and the music is heavier and aimed towards the clubs, but it is still a nice piece of pop. I think she was just taking the mickey out of herself with the lyrics; "Don't dance to close to me, I might turn you on".

          'Turn It Up' was released as a US promotional single [after 'Stars Are Blind']. A R&B/dance hybrid, it really is quite good. Maybe if they'd bothered with a music video for it, it may have done well.
          * Funny true story; I was impressed by this enough to order the CD single to check out the remixes. When it arrived I popped it into my laptop... and the album name showed up in Itunes as I'M A STUPID TWAT. The CD was still factory wrapped and had a undamaged security sticker over it when I recieved it.

          First single 'Stars Are Blind'; Is one of the better tracks on here, but the forementioned one's are all stronger. This reggae tinged R&B track was clearly created to assault the American charts.
          Paris got in some early publicity the way she knows best - Filming the video surrounded by paps and falling out of her costume a few times.

          - - - - - - - - -
          The bad
          - - - - - - - - -

          'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy'; A cover of the horrid single by Rod Stewart. I've only listened to the whole thing once. I'd rather not waste another second on it.

          Say hello to 'Fightin' Over Me'... Remember what I said about tongue-in-cheek lyrics? While I can forgive them elsewhere, this whole song is just embarrassing. Paris attempts to be street with Fat Joe and Jadakiss, only problem is that she's white, blond and is chirping about "silly boys".

          - - - - - - - - - -
          The rest
          - - - - - - - - -

          While 'I Want You', 'Jealousy', 'Heartbeat', 'Nothing In This World' [Second single. US only] and 'Not leaving Without You' aren't terrible, they're rather 'blah'.
          Three of them are about getting guys, while 'Jealousy' is just a barely veiled jab at Nicole Richie and 'Heartbeat' is an attempt at a ballad; Only it doesn't contain any big notes, so it feels as though it never goes anywhere.

          - - - - - - - - - -
          Track listing
          - - - - - - - - - -

          1. Turn It Up
          2. Fightin' Over Me [featuring Fat Joe & Jadakiss]
          3. Stars Are Blind
          4. I Want You
          5. Jealousy
          6. Heartbeat
          7. Nothing In This World
          8. Screwed
          9. Not Leaving Without You
          10. Turn You On
          11. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

          - - - - - - -
          - - - - - - -

          Some editions of the album come with a bonus DVD which contains:

          * Paris - The Music Special
          (A 20 minute documentry on the making of the album. Features interviews with Paris and other producers.)
          * In the Studio
          (Footage of Paris recording Jealousy for the album, while the finished track plays over it.)


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            19.05.2008 02:17
            1 Comment



            A good album for a laugh with your mates.

            The famous socialite Paris Hilton's singing career was semi-successful. I must admit, I was obsessed with her album for a few weeks after purchasing it from iTunes. Paris shows her cheeky side in some of the songs, and her seductive side too. There have been queries that it isn't actually her singing in most of the song, however I beg to differ; with the help of computerization, she can achieve anything. Her songs and lyrics are most certainly different from the majority of pop. The song "Turn You On" makes me laugh. You can see her personality that she displays from her series "The Simple Life" in it. As she sings "Don't dance too close, I might turn you on". Paris is one of the most gorgeous diva's in history, many people have a negative view on her, but I think she is very brave for doing what she wants and producing an album such as this. My favourite song would probably be "Nothing In This World". It sounds a bit corny and cheap, but her voice is so dreamy in it. The accompanying video for it is also great. Well done Paris, you're a heroine.


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              18.05.2008 23:57



              Overally i really like this album and would reccomend it, even those non paris fans!!!

              Well everybody know Paris Hilton!!! Even my Grandmother has hear dof her and her antics. When i first heard that paris had released a cd i was like oh dear, and when i read some of the titles on the album i was quite shocked like "Screwed". But anyway against my better judgement i got a copy of her album an di really enjoyed it. All the music has been commercially produced making it easy to listewn to and very catchy. Her voice though does seem a little overedited but at the end of the day she has came up with a really good piece of merchandise which is "in her own name" may i add so hence she wont be relying on mummy and daddys money for much longer. If you are looking for a catch album with some very interesting giant - ego lyrics then i would definately buy it. It feed the tastes of many different genres of music.


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                17.09.2006 16:34
                Very helpful



                Lots of girly fun with Paris's unique stamp on each track

                Everybody knows the name Paris Hilton. Fact. Who hasn’t seen Paris posing sultrily out from the pages of a glossy magazine or laughed at/admired her outrageous fashion choices? Who has failed to giggle at her antics on ‘The Simple Life’ or be amused by her ditzy answers to media probing? If you answered these questions in the negative (you lucky people who actually have your own lives and no time for celebrity gossip!) who, then, hasn’t heard of the glamorous blonde’s family business, the impressively successful chain of Hilton hotels?

                Yes, Ms Hilton, these days, is hard to avoid. The sultry heiress has many strings to her bow, but what you may not know is that she has recently released her own album and - are you ready for this? - it is actually quite good! Yes, I said quite good. Let’s not carried away, this album probably has limited appeal and has that unmistakeable “is she being serious?” Paris Hilton stamp on it, but that, actually, only adds to its unique, fun appeal in my eyes.

                This album is basically girly pop with varying twists of R&B, rock and disco, depending on the track in question. The album appears to be influenced by Britney’s most recent music which embraces the motto that the more famous you are the less you have to actually sing (well, why put in the effort when you have people to do that for you?) It is, overall, similarly to Brit‘s ‘In The Zone’ sound, reliant on subdued, breathy vocals, computerised sound effects and over-empowering backing music.

                I couldn’t help but feel that this album is less a work of art than a celebration of what it is to be Paris, with each track, from ‘Fightin’ Over Me’ to ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’, reiterating this self-affirmation. Paris, clearly her own number one fan, obviously adores her looks, her life and pretty much everything about herself and is eager to convey this in pretty much every track… but hey, it makes a nice change from popstars lamenting on the misery and trials of being rich and famous (yes, Robbie Williams, it really does!)

                While I enjoyed the album and its feel-good girliness I did feel at first that Paris wasn’t necessarily a vital component in the making of the album. Paris’s vocals are quite weak and I felt that they could, perhaps, have been supplied by any artist, which made me wonder whether Paris was just there to help increase sales because of her celebrity status. However, I was impressed to discover that Paris not only helped to write several of the songs on the album but she is also an executive producer of the album, which is also released under the management of Paris Hilton Entertainment. When you consider that Paris does also pull off all the tracks very nicely with her vocals, I suppose that my initial assumptions were just a little unfair on the pouting popstrel.

                Another thing that I ignored in my initial assumptions is that, although putting Paris’s name to an album may get it noticed by the public and critics alike, it is hardly likely to shift copies off the shelves. Paris, despite (or perhaps even due to) her fame and status, does not get much respect or love from the public and people tend not to take the It Girl very seriously. Paris herself has admitted that when her songs have come on in clubs people have loved them and asked who was singing but she has refused to tell them as she knows that this will (negatively) influence their reaction. I think that this is very true; if you listen to many pop/club tracks the singers are often not very talented but the songs sell anyway, yet there has been a lot of pressure on Paris to astound everyone with her vocals and critics have been dying to get their hands on this album, often having already made up their minds to hate it.

                Bearing this in mind, even if Paris has gained her record deal based on her fame, I actually think her celebrity is more of a drawback than a selling point. I think that people should treat this album as they would any album; don’t judge it based on your feelings towards Paris the It Girl or multi-millionairess, judge it based on the music itself. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised? True, Paris does not supply the strongest vocals in the whole world but she does have a nice voice and her tracks are upbeat, fun and very catchy. It is definitely worth a listen, so let me take you through some of its downfalls and plus points in more detail…

                I love the fact that the first track on the album, TURN IT UP, starts with Paris’ catchphrase, ‘That’s hot’! This basically sets the tone of the album; it is unmistakeably an album by Paris, being Paris, doing what Paris does. The song begins with a siren and R&B style beats which are soon joined by Paris’ sultry vocals. The music and vocals sound amazingly like Britney and wouldn’t be out of place on her ‘In The Zone’ album. It is a great sultry, R&B/dance track with strong beats and a catchy chorus. 8/10

                FIGHTIN’ OVER ME is the second track on the album and one of the best. It is, again, very Paris, with the self-aggrandizing blonde singing, as the title suggests, about boys fighting over her; ‘Every time I turn around the boys are fighting over me, every time I step out the house they want to fight over me, maybe coz I’m hot to death and I’m so, so, so sexy, all the boys, all the silly boys, they want to fight over me’! I love these lyrics and the fact that Paris is so completely missing the modesty gene! I just think that the lyrics are so unique and hilarious in a world where self-confidence is viewed as the most fatal and detested of flaws. This is quite a gentle R&B track with breathy, virtually spoken lyrics and a rap by, presumably, Fat Joe. It is quite catchy and a fun, laid back track. 8/10

                Paris’ debut single, STARS ARE BLIND, is the third track on the album and still one of my favourites (and the reason for me buying the album). This is a laid back, poppy, summery track with an extremely catchy chorus. It has a bit of a reggae, upbeat feel to it that is captured perfectly in the video of Paris prancing around on a beach with a gorgeous guy. It is a great feel-good summer track about being in love. I love it. 10/10

                I WANT YOU is my favourite track on the album and is a brilliant pop/dance track. The song samples the music from the song ‘Grease’ off the Grease soundtrack (which is one of my least favourite songs ever, strangely enough) and Paris has done a great job with it. This is an extremely catchy song and I love the lyrics, which again scream ‘Paris’; ‘I’m the kind of girl who likes to tell you want I want in life, I’ll get right up in your face, won’t you like that anyway?’ This one will get stuck in your head and make you want to dance, I guarantee it. 10/10

                It is strange that, considering Paris has been so reluctant to discuss her friendship with Nicole in the past, insisting that her ex-pal knows what she has done and there was nothing else to say, she has chosen to broach the subject in such a candid way on the song JEALOUSY, which is clearly written about her ‘Simple Life’ co-star with lyrics such as ‘ I thought you were my best friend, I thought we’d be together till the end, you’re not the girl I once knew, tell me where she is coz she’s not you’, ‘there’s no love between these walls’, ‘I was always happy when I was watching you become star but you were only happy when the world was opening up my scars’ and ‘Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy it’s such an evil thing to watch someone else, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, nobody wins when you‘re full of envy.’ Perhaps Paris thought that it would be ‘artistic’ to discuss her feelings via the medium of song,? Or perhaps, I can sense all you cynics thinking, this is just a novel way to get her album off the shelves and her singles on the radio? Whatever the reason, the lyrics are very interesting to us celebrity gossipmongers and it is nice to hear some honesty and genuine emotion from the usually guarded Paris. The track begins with a slow, instrumental piece that sounds as though it is about to launch in to a ballad, then a beat kicks in and the track changes key as the vocals begin. The verses are gentle and breathy and launch in to a music-led, strong chorus. It is a sultry, classy pop track and definitely one of the strongest and most catchy tracks on the album; I have a feeling this one may be released as a single. 10/10

                I love HEARTBEAT, it is a very girly, gentle ballad with emotive vocals and a pretty, soft backing track of gentle beats and what sounds like keyboards It is a very gentle ballad with delicate, girly vocals and no rousing chorus (a la Westlife) so I predict that it may well be one of those tracks that is skimmed over and not given much recognition but it is undoubtedly one of my personal favourites. I think that Paris’s vocals are soft and pretty and reflect the meaning of the loved-up lyrics really well. I think that it is always nice to have a little ballad on an album and this one breaks the album up well. 9/10

                NOTHING IN THIS WORLD sounds a bit like an Ashlee Simpson track to start with, with an Ashlee-esque strong rock/pop baseline and guitars. However, the track soon launches in to a very poppy, girly chorus that sounds as though it could be the theme music to an American teen TV show (you know the type)! It is an upbeat, fun track and Paris’ clear self-belief is, as always, quite astounding; ‘you’re with somebody else but you can’t deny it’s me in your eye… nothing in this world can stop us tonight, I can do what she can do so much better’. A song dedicated to ex-best mate Mary Kate Olsen whose boyfriend she borrowed for a while, perhaps? 7/10

                Paris sounds quite similar to Lindsay Lohan in the track SCREWED. Her girlish rocky vocals are very similar and the track sounds like one that Lindsay would do. This is an upbeat girly rock/pop track that the likes of Ashlee, Lindsay and Hilary would be proud of and is a very catchy, fast-paced track. The lyrics are very standard - ‘Since I’m already screwed here’s a message to you, my heart’s wide open, I’m just not getting through to the lover in you but I’m still hoping’ - but it is a nice enough, likeable track. 7/10

                NOT LEAVING WITHOUT YOU is a strange track that sounds a bit country. It is very different from the other tracks on the album and I’m never sure what to make of it. It just seems to drift along nicely and ever really goes anywhere, musically or lyrically. 5/10

                TURN YOU ON is a bit of a subdued and intriguing pop/R&B/dance track. The lyrics are, again, quite amusing and unique - ‘Boys and girls are looking at me, I can’t blame them ‘cause I’m sexy’. It is less poppy and upbeat than the other tracks on the album with a more sultry sound and is one of my favourite tracks on the album. 9/10

                There is not a lot I can say about DO YA THINK I’M SEXY as I have only ever listened to it once the whole way through, when I first got the album, and I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it again. This is basically just a weak remake of Rod Stewart’s ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’, which, in my opinion, is an awful track to begin with. Paris’s vocals are weak, the track seems to go on forever and it seems to me that this is just another excuse for Paris to use the word ‘sexy’ on her album (like she needs another one!) Yes, yes Paris, I know you think you’re sexy, now please don’t make me have to listen to this track again! 1/10

                1. TURN IT UP
                2. FIGHTIN’ OVER ME (featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss)
                3. STARS ARE BLIND
                4. I WANT YOU
                5. JEALOUSY
                6. HEARTBEAT
                7. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD
                8. SCREWED
                9. NOT LEAVING WITHOUT YOU
                10. TURN YOU ON
                11. DO YA THINK I’M SEXY

                Stars Are Blind

                TRACKS WRITTEN BY PARIS- (5 out of 11)
                Turn It Up
                Fightin’ Over Me
                Not Leaving Without You
                Turn You On

                BEST TRACK- I Want You or Jealousy

                WORST TRACK- Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

                ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- The track is quite experimental for a pop album with lots of different sounds, including pop, rock, R&B and dance. Paris pulls off each genre really well and the album is very girly and fun. The ‘extremely Paris’ lyrics are another fun selling point.

                ALBUM SUMMARISED IN ONE WORD- Catchy.

                SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO- Paris has the subdued, breathy vocals as heard on ‘In The Zone’ Britney; the rockier pop tracks that are similar to Ashlee Simpson’s style and an innovative dance/pop style that, in some tracks, reminds me of our very own home-grown poppets, Girls Aloud.

                ARTIST POTENTIAL- People have been amused by the disappointing sales of this album compared to those of chart rival Christina Aguilera. However, ‘Paris’ did get to number six in the billboard charts and Paris has only released one single so far and has not had much chance to win over her fans yet; a few more singles may just do the job. Paris is a girl who likes to get what she wants and if she has her heart set on pop stardom then I don’t think she will give up without a fight!

                SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR…
                VOCALS- 7
                LYRICS- 8
                MUSIC/BACKING TRACKS- 9
                VARIATION IN TRACKS- 9
                OVERALL ALBUM- 8



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                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Turn It Up
                2 Fightin' Over Me - Hilton, Paris & Fat Joe/Jadakiss
                3 Stars Are Blind
                4 I Want You
                5 Jealousy
                6 Heartbeat
                7 Nothing In This World
                8 Screwed
                9 Not Leaving Without You
                10 Turn You On
                11 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

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