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Party Time - The Cheeky Girls

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3 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: The Cheeky Girls / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2003-12-01 at Multiply

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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2011 22:35
      Very helpful



      Smashing-up-this-album time!

      One upon a time there was a talent show called Popstars which gave birth to many short lived pop bands such as Hear'Say, One True Voice, Clea, Liberty X, Phixx and other groups I have to google to check their names, which I don't wanna do. In the UK the only one of them groups survived: Girls Aloud. But they weren't the only girl group that gathered interest from the media.

      Alas The Cheeky Girls consisting of Romanian twins Gabriella and Monica. They're twins so naturally they will have great communication and teamwork skills. They're having fun, they've gained some popularity and their debut single was a hit because it was unforgettable. Overall they really stood out from the rest of the people applying on these sort of talent shows. The result was an exceptional debut album that left me lost for words. What could possibly go wrong with this album?

      Pretty much everything. Of course by exceptional I mean exceptionally bad. Just be grateful that they're not Irish because they would have passed the auditions and only God knows what Girls Aloud would have been like. The way the album is presented like it's for kids but they have sexually perverted lyrics they don't even try to hide it in The Cheeky Song. Would a smart parent really want their children to listen to a song that touching bums is the way of life?

      The awful dodgy pop music made many people cry from laughter. There are obvious influences from 70's disco music in Take Your Shoes Off, Magic and Follow My Star. There also also modern and futuristic influenced with the use of audio edits, but the vocals are so poor and the production is so cheesy that I don't care much for them. There is influence but no creativity to back it up.

      So the album begins with The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) that sold 1 million copies world wide and was voted as one of the worst songs in pop history. Chart Music stopped developing with it's eclectic collection of talent it once had and because of over-hyped talent show acts like The Cheeky Girls, ruined the charts for everybody. Back to the song it contains terrible use of auto-tune and lots of flirting. I can understand why people found it so infectiously addictive, it's because of the repetition and simple lyrics.

      "I never ever ask where do you go
      I never ever ask what do you do
      I never ever ask what's in your mind
      I never ever ask if you'll be mine
      Come and smile don't be shy
      Touch my bum this is life." - What a horrible life! Seriously though in the point of view of the girls they're trying to represent they're saying they won't ask the dude questions unless they want a spanking? Makes no sense.

      Moving to Salsa In The Disco which is a blasphemous song deprived of originality, talent and class much like the album itself. It's so bad not even youtube wants shows it. Take Your Shoes Off and Get The Party On are a disgrace to electronic music. This album is not going to get better any time soon.

      There is a lot of filler on this album and sometimes the tracks sound exactly the same as the last one. The album isn't creative and they just recycle ideas from one song to the other it sounds really cheap.

      Hooray! Hooray! (It's A Cheeky Holiday) is another song that they're somewhat famous for. Mostly for being a butchering cover of Boney M's disco 70's hit of "Hooray! Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday" which was based on Polly-Wolly Doodle. Boney M's original version sounds fresh and fun to listen to whilst the Cheeky Girls' interpretation of the song sounds frustrating because it's such a weak cover.

      Espanola Dream contains strong electronic beats and the the use of vocal editors make them sound less horrific but when it comes to the chorus, I'm already fed up with the song because even with so much mastering it still sounds bland and forgettable.

      Follow My Star is a traditional cheesy ballad which is slow. The lyrics are somewhat lame, the musical arrangements sound a bit better but it's nothing special. I actually think without the autotunes and performed by a better vocalist then it wouldn't be so bad.

      This is a stupid album. Bad vocals, bad lyrics, bad production and I personally don't find any of it funny. You'll get smashed if you had a drink for every-time you hear the word cheeky on this album. I'd find it hard to recommend this album to anyone but the fireplace. So you can tell that the album wasn't for me because I feel really dirty for listening to this album.


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        25.05.2009 03:38
        Very helpful



        Debut by Cheeky girls of 2002 Popstars the rivals fame!

        You really forget the cheeky girls, they where the start - Chico, Nadia from Big Brother, those BB twins etc etc and the list goes on, they made it proven that you get away with this corny music but you yourself had no talent.

        However, none the less having watched the Popstars the Rivals series, i first off will admit they cant single a simple song in tune but the songwriting although not fantastic is decent from mama cheeky, you'll know the story and it's not THAT bad, i mean it ain't great etc but you'd expect a lot worst.

        Well the Cheeky Song was a hit and as much as i hate to admit it, it is funny and catchy isn't it and i do like that chorus as wierd and odd the whole thing is. I Think Salsa In The Disco is a fantastic version album opener, i love the verses and the vibe of the song. Take Your Shoes Off, is silly and original but i love it and i did like the video of that it was quite funny? - Get The Party On, i think i laughed out loud when i heard that first, It was like a bad version copy of Pinks Get The Party Started if you get what i mean - not bad. Celeberation isn't great, to be honest sounds like everything else although i do like Summer Fun alot that chorus sticks in your head.

        Cheeky Holiday, a cover and adaptation but it's silly and why they're popular so i think it's alright. Mikey Blue in particular good i thought, verses and chorus have a great vibe. Hip Hop and Magic where abit boring to me. Espanolo Dream i didnt like as much to be honest, good lyrics but bad tune and melody. Follow My Start is blooming fantastic, for the first time i had goosebumps with these lot and i think it's great. We Go Together, is a great way to end the album. Not a bad remix, production is abit loud too. Cheeky Christmas - corny and unispired unlike their others. The videos are nice to have on as well.

        Well it is what it is, what more can i say - if you like cheesy pop like this - this is for you, i'm somewhere in the middle.


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          10.03.2009 01:03
          Very helpful



          total disaster

          You have to love the Cheeky Girls, no really you do. Two feisty sisters, Monica and Gabriela Irimia, from Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania. Hardly the epicentre for music legends. This album contains some of their 'biggest' hits.


          The camp allure of 'The Cheeky Song' is always a draw, if not purely because you can crow to people to touch your bum, on the dancefloor. The girls sing horridly out of key and the verses are ghastly, but all is made good in a cheerful cheeky chorus with just the right amount of smut.

          More fun still is 'Take Your Shoes Off' which is chirpy pop anthem with a cute little chorus. The girls, having instructed you to touch their bums are now asking you to take your shoes off. I can imagine a night in with these two would be a riot. The song is harmless and makes Lolly look like Mozart.

          Their take on 'Hooray Hooray' is saved only by adding on the 'it's a cheeky holiday' bit as an afterthought. An atrocious record to begin with manages the mean feat of being made even more unbearable.

          'Have A Cheeky Christmas' is one 'cheeky' reference too many and by this point you will be reaching for the razor blades. The sleigh bells are pleasing, the rest I can pass on.

          By the time the 'Megamix' has arrived you will be wondering if you can buy back the last thirty minutes of your life.

          Verdict: Transylvania's pop princesses? I would rather be sucked dry by Dracula.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)
          2 Salsa In The Disco
          3 Take Your Shoes Off
          4 Get The Party On
          5 Celebration
          6 Summer Fun
          7 Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)
          8 Mickey Blue
          9 Hip Hop
          10 Magic
          11 Espanola Dream
          12 Follow My Star
          13 We Go Together
          14 Megamix
          15 Have A Cheeky Christmas
          16 Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)
          17 Take Your Shoes Off
          18 Hooray Hooray (It's A Cheeky Holiday)

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