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PCD - The Pussycat Dolls

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: The Pussycat Dolls / Audio CD released 2005-09-12 at A&M

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    8 Reviews
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      10.01.2010 09:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Debut album sort of

      Manufactured all girl band The Pussy Cat Dolls sporting incredibly small waists and loads of attitude burst onto the music scene with their debut album PCD, they went for a Las Vegas hooker style but their music is strictly girl band main stream stuff with a mixture of high tempo bust a move style dance tracks and the odd mushy ballad whey they all get to take a turn doing the harmony. When I say debut album by the way I mean as the current band format rather than the guest appearence celebrity format the Dolls were originally in, this album does not have Carmen Electra or any of the others on it.

      The album starts with the break through single track that got them noticed in the UK "Don't Cha" a sassy dance song which is full of attitude and with a nice heavy beat running through it, the sort of music that inspires lots of drunk teens to wiggle their hips in a suggestive way at the school disco.

      What you do get with this band is a lot of highly produced material, tracks like Beep start with an almost operatic opening and you find lots of guest appearences from well known hip hop and rap stars like Buster Rhymes on the opening track ir Black Eyed Pea body popper Will I Am.

      The majority of the tracks ar up beat hip hop style funky dance tracks and the main problem with the album is that they tend to all merge into one after a while, there are some slower ballads but to be honest tracks like Stickwitu were pretty average in my opinion even if it did chart, sort of bubblegum ballads for the masses although don't forget we are still street and into girl power, all a bit cliched and done before by our own Spice Girls and even they were totally naff.

      The Timberland collaboration on Wait a Minute is pretty good with some quite good lyrics and a catchy tune. Don't get me wrong the girls do have good voices especially Nicole who get belt out a tune and I like her vocals on the slightly Asian sounding Buttons which has some bangra beats to it.

      I guess I would summarise this album as being somewhere between the Spice Girls and Destiny Child, some angry girl power stuff with some ballads thrown in, very heavily produced music, ots of collaborations which generally enhance the songs and the sort of album you listen a lot to at first and then suddenly stop and never feel the need to go back to it. Classic disposable pop just like the band itself.


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        10.06.2009 16:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great album

        PCD The Pussycat Dolls first album released in 2005. It has some great tracks on it and is great to have on stand by when you are getting ready for a night out and need to get in a fun and dancing kind of mood.

        There are some great celebrity guests on this album including will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas, Busta Rhymes and Timbaland.

        You can buy PCD in most good music stores for around £5 which is a great price for 15 great tracks.

        The track listing on PCD is:
        1.) Don't Cha (feat Busta Rhymes)
        2.) Beep (feat Will.i.am)
        3.) Wait A Minute (feat Timbaland)
        4.) Stickwitu
        5.) Buttons
        6.) I Dont Need A Man
        7.) Hot Stuff
        8.) How Many Times, How Many Lies
        9.) Bite The Dust
        10.) Right Now
        11.) Tainted Love/ Where Did Our Love Go
        12.) Feelin Good
        13.) Sway
        14.) Flirt
        15.)We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going

        Favourite Tracks
        Beep (feat Will.i.am)
        This is a great song about being out, having fun and being sexy, and who cares if anyone is looking, it used to be great when it came on when we were on a night out, though now its just a great fun song to cheer you up and listen to.

        This is a really sexy and fun song and my favourite on this album, its about a man being all talk and how annoying that can be, its quite a fast and funky song to listen to.

        I Dont Need A Man
        This is a very confident song thats also good for a dance about, its about being independant and not needing a man to be happy and how some times its better fun to be single.

        This is a slower song on the album and is about finding someone you love who treats you right, and how youre going to stick with them no matter what, its a really lovely song and worth a listen.

        This is a great album and a must have for all Pussycat Dolls Fans, there arent really any bad tracks on this album though Tainted Love is a bit of a let down as it is mixed with Where Did Our Love Go, and I think Marilyn Manson did a better job of this song. None the less its a great album and well worth the money for fans.


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          09.04.2009 14:49
          Very helpful



          Are they cats or dolls or dolls that look like cats? And can they lick their own butts?

          PCD is the debut album by American girl group the Pussycat Dolls, released by A&M Records on September 13 2005 in the United States. The album ended 2006 as the twenty-eighth best-selling album in the United Kingdom, with sales of 536,340 copies, in 2006 and 574,000 in 2005, meaning it sold over 1.1 million in the UK. A series of facts that continue to totally and utterly perplex me!

          When I first heard the chart topper 'Dont Cha' (featuring Busta Rhymes) I honestly thought the lyrics were 'don't cha wish ya girlfriend was a ho like me'. I wasn't much more impressed when my 8-year-old niece corrected me. The first thing that came into my head when she told me what they were called, was an image of my cat licking its own a*se. Perhaps their next song could have something to do with oral thrush caught from bringing your tongue into contact with your own anus?

          I have unfortunately heard the whole album (inflicted upon me by aforementioned niece) and I was left equally irritated by the rest of it. The lyrics are pretty base and there is really nothing interesting, purposeful or consequential about this album. But having said that, I could probably tolerate the album if the chart song 'Don't Cha' hadn't reached my ears first. I found this song truly offensive. As a woman I think its so lame when other women slag each other off for being unattractive, fat or whatever and songs like 'Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me' just reinforce female insecurities and pander to the male ego. I can understand why guys and little kids like this album but I am always amazed when women are into them.

          I suppose when I try to concentrate on the positive aspects of this band, they aren't completely talent-less and the ladies all do look wonderful. Some of the better songs on this album are comparable to Destiny's Child in tune and feel alone. I especially like their versions of 'Feelin Good' and 'Sway' and these songs demonstrate the singing talent that they have. It's just such a shame that they shot to the charts with such a lame song as Don't Cha. But I can't deny they do look pretty sexy (much sexier than I do) when they shake their arses on MTV. Problem is that it takes a little bit more than that to keep my interest.


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            03.02.2009 15:29



            A must have album!

            This album is one of them that makes you feel happy and almost every song that you listen to from it makes you want to get up and dance around it really does make you smile.

            The album contains the well known singles Dont cha which is quite upbeat and about seeing someone eleses boyfriend and knowing they wish their girldfriend was more like you, stick wit u which is a nice ballad and is about staying with someone because of how much you love them, Buttons again upbeat and very catchy as is wait a minute as well as some covers which I have to say the Pussycat dolls have done really well these include tainted love and sway.

            This album is definatley one to get for the summer as whenever I think of it Im reminded of listening to it while driving with my window down in the sun!

            Most of the tracks are quite upbeat and are about independent women, although they do have ballads on there such as right now and stick wit u.

            I think that this is the only album I own which I can listen to all the way through without having to skip any tracks.

            If you liked the first couple of singles that the Pussycat Dolls released then you'll love the rest of the album as they do have a similar sound!


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            30.07.2006 11:38
            Very helpful



            Debut album from America's hottest girl group.

            The Pussycat Dolls are really the ultimate in manufactured pop acts, although the way they’ve been manufactured is slightly different. Rather than finding a name for a group and fitting people in with that name or picking people on a TV show and then moulding them into a group, with The Pussycat Dolls the name came first. They started with the name, famous in the US since the mid 1990s as a group of women who frequently performed at the Viper Rooms in Los Angeles, a club owned by Johnny Depp.

            Even before the name was used for a pop act, they were already famous, having from time to time contained some of America’s greatest singers and actors, even if only for one performance. Could the girls selected for the pop group of the same name be as good or become as famous as those in the club act?

            The album opens with the UK Number 1 single “Don’t Cha”. It’s very much an indicator of the music scene as it is at present. It’s a mixture of pop and R’n’B, possibly a little more towards the R’n’B end of the spectrum than the likes of other pop girl groups. Add a rap interlude to this, another standard of this kind of music and you have the perfect R’n’B track, if there is such a thing. Of course, the main lyric “Don’t Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” makes you wonder if this song has any worth if my girlfriend is, indeed, hot like they are.

            The opening to the next track “Beep” makes me think of Destiny’s Child, but the feel is a lot more funk based than pop based, so the overall sound is more along the lines of The Black Eyed Peas, with the lyrics making me think of “My Hump”. Much like the opening track, it’s the perfect summary of the music scene it has been released into, fusing funky R’n’B with a slight pop edge.

            The opening of “Wait a Minute” makes the album feel like someone has taken a list of modern R’n’B artists and made sure that the Pussycat Dolls have a song that imitates each of them. There are distinct hints of Outkast in the intro, although when the song is just the girls, the comparison is less obvious and it’s a fairly straight R’n’B track with a pop edge again. As with the two tracks that have gone before, however, you can see why this would be a hit in the clubs as it’s ideal dancing music. Or it would be, if I had any idea how to dance to this kind of thing.

            No album, especially a pop one, is complete without a big radio friendly ballad. “Stickwitu” is The Pussycat Dolls effort at this and, as with much of the album; it’s a pretty impressive one. It has a very old school R’n’B ballad feel to it, which harks back to the likes of Shola Ama in the 1990s. There’s nothing really new or different about the track, but you don’t tend to expect that from a group of this type. As pop-R’n’B ballads go, this ticks all the boxes and it’s certainly the equal of most.

            There’s a definite change of style for “Buttons”, though. There’s a very Eastern style running through it, with a sort of sound that evokes memories of Holly Valance’s “Kiss Kiss”, only slowed down to mid-tempo. It’s got the very sassy and funky Black Eyed Peas sound in many parts as well and the vocals sound like a slightly weaker version of Fergie. The track is slightly less impressive than the previous higher tempo numbers, but the new influence makes it different enough to stand out and it’s an acceptable enough R’n’B influenced track.

            No track called “I Don’t Need a Man” is going to be good for a man’s ego. That said, if you’re listening to an album with your ego, I don’t want to think about where you’ve shoved your headphones! This is perhaps the most pop influenced track on the album so far and the R’n’B edge is very much in the background. This could easily be a Christina Aguilera track, especially from her earlier albums, and there’s also a retro dance feel that takes me back to early 1990s dance music, like En Vogue’s early work. As someone who has always preferred the old style dance music to modern R’n’B, possibly due to when my teenage years occurred, this is easily my favourite track on the album.

            The album takes a definite downwards turn at this point. The next track “Hot Stuff” is a cover of the great Donna Summer disco hit, also featured in “The Full Monty”. It’s a classic disco hit, but sadly, it’s unrecognisable here, with the intro being more akin to a 1980s style electro-pop song and the parts of the original which have been retained, such as the chorus, being a limp copy of the original, with some very Christina Aguilera style vocals. It would have been nice to have seen how they coped with a straight cover of the song, but whilst you have to admire the bravery of changing such a great tune and putting their own style on it, it just doesn’t work for me.

            It’s time to get all laid back again with “How Many Times, How Many Lies”. There’s again a strong pop influence over a fairly standard R’n’B track, which could have been recorded by any current artist. It does have more of a 1990s feel than a modern one, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

            After the travesty of a cover version that was “Hot Stuff”, I was concerned that “Bite the Dust” might be a version of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. Fortunately, this wasn’t to be the case, with this instead being another up-tempo modern R’n’B number, which definitely hints towards Destiny’s Child, but with slightly less of a pop influence.

            “Right Now” is a strange track to be having in the midst of all this R’n’B, as it sounds more like a stage show number. The chorus sounds a little like they’re about to break into “Hard Knock Life”, whilst the verses sound a lot like they should be in “Chicago”, with a big band, almost jazzy feel. It’s quite a catchy upbeat track, but it doesn’t quite fit in with anything else. Whilst this does make it distinctive, it does interrupt the album’s flow a little.

            This seems like a bad thing, but for most of the next track, I kept wishing the album would be interrupted. “Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go” is precisely what the title makes it sound like – another cover version. The vocals aren’t too bad, but the “Tainted Love” part of the song sounds like a combination of every other version of the song so far, with a vocal that is trying to emulate Marc Almond’s, but with an electro-techno backing that owes more to the Marilyn Manson cover. The “Where Did Our Love Go” section this segues into is fairly true to the original, but it’s only a verse or two and this one suffers from the same problem as “Hot Stuff” did, in that it’s a weak version of the Supremes original, which doesn’t even try to be any different. I suppose I should be grateful that they didn’t try to mix the two songs together, instead keeping them as two separate entities, but I’m too stunned by the dreadfulness of this version of “Tainted Love” to be grateful about anything, apart from the end of it.

            Surely “Feeling Good” couldn’t be yet another cover? This was my hope, but it remained unfulfilled, as that’s entirely what the song was. It’s been given a slightly more cocktail hour feel than the original which, like “Right Now”, doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the album. The vocals have quite a jazzy, smoky feel to them, but don’t sound as good as on the rest of the album. This is by far the better of the cover versions on the album thus far, but the competition wasn’t all that strong and some very strange vocal stylings in parts mean this isn’t really a classic version of a classic song.

            The cover versions keep coming with “Sway”. Apart from the female vocals, this is fairly true to the original, with the mambo beat and the Latin sound. There are a few bits where they try to inject an original touch or two to the vocals, which isn’t a wise idea, but it’s a nice up-tempo Latin number.

            “Flirt” does at least seem to be an original track, but it comes at the cost of a huge shock. This is a guitar led track and it’s got a very rock-pop edge, with almost no hint of the earlier R’n’B sound, although some of the vocals do lean that way sometimes. But this track is very much reminiscent of some of Pink’s harder edged material than any R’n’B song, although the vocals again sound like Christina Aguilera in more than one place.

            The album closes with “We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going”, which heads back toward a more familiar sound, although it doesn’t make it all the way there, perhaps only going as far as they felt like going? This is really more of a pop track with a vague hint towards R’n’B, but as my personal preferences tend to be more in that direction, that suits me fine.

            In terms of quality, the album is very up and down. Strangely, instead of a group that has to use cover versions to improve an album as their own material isn’t strong enough to carry it, the opposite is true with “PCD”, as it is the cover versions that come closest to letting the album down. Fortunately, these tracks are in the minority, despite there being several of them and within an album that plays for 15 tracks and for 54 minutes, there is more than enough decent tracks to make up for the odd aberration.

            The length of the album means that it comes as pretty good value, although with it now starting to age, there are cheap versions available. Prices such as £1.00 from eBay could make you kick yourself if you paid £8.99 on CD Wow or Amazon.

            This isn’t my preferred kind of music, so I wasn’t expecting much from this album. That’s possibly the best way to come at it, as I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Sure, there were some dodgy moments but generally I did enjoy the album. Admittedly, it’s not the ideal album for home listening, as it’s more of a club sound, but that could make it perfect “getting ready” music before a night out.

            In many ways, The Pussycat Dolls are the R’n’B equivalent of Girls Aloud. They’ve been chosen to be in the group and they’ve been handed a bunch of songs to sing. In both cases, the music was very much with the times, with Girls Aloud’s debut album being mostly heavy pop, which was a major sound at that stage, and this being predominantly R’n’B, which is popular now. In the case of both groups, I enjoyed what they put out a lot more than I ever expected to. And, as with Girls Aloud, with the sound being so contemporary it will date fairly quickly and will be at best charmingly retro in a few years from now.

            For the time being, however, this is a perfect slice of today’s music. So if you’ve heard any of the singles and enjoyed them, it’s worth picking up the album as you’ll get a lot more of the same and a few other things as well. If you’re into the R’n’B scene generally and don’t mind it with a touch of pop to go with it, then this could be worth taking a chance on if you can find it cheaply. Or if you’re just after something to get you picked up and in the mood for a night’s clubbing, it would be pretty good for that as well. Just don’t expect too much and you’ll find an album that at least meets your expectations.


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              19.02.2006 13:05
              Very helpful



              Worth a listen

              Pussy Cat Dolls are very new on the music scene and have became quickly famous with their revealing outfits, super slim bodies and their brand new No1 hit Don't Cha which is mainly about a girl wanting another girls man and trying to convince him that he wants her too with lyrics such as "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me!" "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me" It's a very catchy hit and was a number one hit in the UK charts for 3 weeks which is quite good these days considering there are new bands brought out every week, all trying there best to make number 1.

              The main lady - Nicole Scherzinger who does all lead and background vocals.
              and The rest of the group in order from left to right on front cover Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta, Ashley Roberts, Kimberley Wyatt and Melody Thornton.
              They are all young girls dressed to kill all appear to have the skinniest waists ever I would say the lead has about 8/10 talent as she has a great voice and the backing girls about 6/10 they do sound on CD but live I am not so impressed but they are young and have done really well to get where they are. The girls are accompanied by a lot of famous rappers on their songs, which helps a lot and makes the songs more appealing to a wider range of people.
              They are managed by Jeff Haddad from JH management and the CD was produced by Ron Fair, Jimmy Iovine and Robin Antin.

              THE ALBUM
              The album is called PCD and stands for the obvious Pussycat dolls! It was released on the 12th September 2005 which I think is quite early seen as though they have only just released one song granted this is a very good song but not sure if I would part with my money quite so quickly. My sister on the hand is more easily swayed she loved the first song and just had to have the album. When a band has a really good song and doesn't release another one everyone is shouting one hit wonder. I suppose it is too soon to say whether or not these gals are going to be just that but from listening to their Album I would say there stand a pretty good chance that, that is exactly what they are going to be! As the album just seems like a mix of ok songs and some bad covers!

              The CD comes in a basic clear plastic CD case on the back there is a list of all the tracks and a box detailing all the licensing details. The front cover is made up of a small book the front has The Pussycat dolls in multi coloured letters across the front with the big PCD logo next to it in grey. The background is grey and there is a picture of all the girls quite basic but does the job and is very eye catching as the girls are wearing quite bright eye catching outfits. The book consists of 10 pages the first spread is a picture of Nicole the lead and opposite details about the first six tracks on the album. The second spread is the details of the rest of the songs and opposite a picture of Kimberley. The third spread is individual pictures of Carmit and Ashley. The fourth spread is a picture of Melody and the details of all the other people they use in the making of their songs and videos including the PCD orchestra. The fifth spread is a picture of Jessica and a note from all the girls thanking their friends and family.

              THE TRACKS
              1*Don't cha (Featuring Busta Rhymes)
              Come on everyone must have heard this track it hasn't stopped playing on the radio I love the whole thing its really dancey and really catchy you cant walk into a club without hearing it at least 3 times everyone has been addicted to this song even my mum! The Busta Rhymes bit has to be the best part for me I think mainly because he has a great voice and blends well with the other girls. You hear a lot of Nicole in this and the girls mainly sing the 2 secs in between each chorus. Great song 9/10

              2* Beep (Featuring Will.I.am)
              Another song with a male rapper taking the lime light Will I AM sings a good introduction and good chorus other than that Nicole sings the main parts with the girls singing the odd Ha Ha Ha in the middle. Its quite a strange song but it does work well and I think it wears on you the main chorus is it's funny how a man only thinks about bleep, you have a big heart but I am looking at your bleep."
              "I don't give a bleep if your looking at my bleep it don't mean a thing I'm gonna do my thing, while your playing with your bleep!" I think that may have been where they got the title. It's about what a man thinks about a woman and what she is thinking when he is looking really true I think. Worth probably a 7/10

              3* Wait a minute (Featuring Timberland)
              A nice tune quite similar to ones you hear a lot the combination of Timberland and Nicole is great the song is really catchy and you could definitely imagine hearing it in a pub and I definitely think this is worthy of a chart hit! The song is about a couple and the girl thinks the man is after her because of her looks "He only wants me for my bodyzone" "wait a minute" The man then thinks she's with him for his money "girl why do you do me like that? You take all my money can't even call me a player back!" You might not get the flow from this and you really have to listen to the catchy music to get it. Defiantly a 10/10

              This is such a nice lovey dovey song (I love these) perfect for a night in with your man its nice and quite and all the singers sing together in a lovely smooth harmony. It's a song about a woman's love for her man "nobody could love me better I'm gonna stick wit you forever, nobody made me feel this way I'm gonna stick wit you, you know how to appreciate I'm gonna stick with you my babe" It's so easy to listen too it just makes me laugh how they cant pronounce with lol I'd give this song 9/10 very good.

              5* Buttons
              When I first saw the title of this song I wondered why is it called this and then I listened more closely and noticed that the main thing they sang about in the song was "loosen up my buttons" and nothing really more so I thought yeah good idea for the title! This song is about a girl that I trying to get a man just to know how sexy she really is! (I don't think these gals have this sort of trouble with the outfits they wear!) The introduction to the song makes me laugh " come on you wouldn't be afraid of a little pussycats huh would you?" Nice song but the repetitive "loosen up my buttons" phrase is just a little bit annoying 7.5/10

              6*I don't need a man
              Miss Independence I think ever girl band has a song released like this and it actually sounds like a Britney Spears song with the tune as it is hip and dancey and so easy to sing along to the name of the song says it all. As usual the lead sings the main part and they all come together to sing the chorus "I don't need a man to make me happy, I don't need a man to make me feel good, I don't nee a ring on my finger to make me feel complete! Can't fault them really a good girl power song could probably make it as a hit as there is a lot of different parts to the song and they all actually sound like good singers. I'd say another 7/10

              7*Hot stuff (I want you back)
              I found this song soooo boring and was waiting for the exciting part but it never happened. This is part original and the other part of rip off from hot chocolate. The beat is the same throughout like bum, bum, bum and it only adds another note when they sing the main part which of course was "I want some hot stuff tonight, I want some hot stuff baby this evening" it's a bit lame and the title "I want you back" is the main body if the song there could have done with some more variations. I'd give this song 6/10 it's just not original enough!

              8* How many time, How many lies
              This is a nice soulful song couldn't quite pass as a Destiny's Child but it is a nice and I think you can relate to it. The song is about a girl who has been betrayed by her man and she is going to get rid of all traces of him! I love the line "I should have thrown your sad ass outside!" it's really good "How many lies? How many times? How long you been sneaking? How long you been creeping?" such a good chorus I think the whole sing is pretty much straightforward it's the sort of song you could listen too whilst ripping your blokes clothes to shreds! I like it defiantly an 8/10 some very good lyrics!

              9*Bite the dust
              I was thinking this was going to be another cover but it wasn't. The build up to the song is good a lot of drumming so you on the edge it then it lets itself down there is a lot of woo woo then comes in bite the dust! What ever you can do I can do better than you!" I was thinking ok what is this song about, it is quite fast but not very dancey. After a while of listening I realised it was another one about wanting another girls man. I only got this close to the end when I clicked and noticed that the song was two girls arguing lol how dumb am I "how many times I gotta tell you he doesn't even see you"
              "She's got a plan to have my man she's gonna have to deal with me" Its really one of those songs you have to listen to its very up beat but I am not too keen on it it's a lot of talking and not much singing" I'd give this 6/10 but only out of personal preferences not on their talent.

              10*Right Now
              When listening to this you would think you where at a musical the lead is singing the main part while the others sing as chorus singers the music is very much pantomime and it really leaves you thinking what is this doing on this album? But I suppose they are trying their abilities out at all levels and want to attract all audiences but I am not sure this is the way to go. I'd give this 6/10 I just don't really get it.

              11*Tainted love/ Where did our love go
              This is a complete copy of Tainted love but obviously a load of girls singing it, it's ok but really sounds like a group practising in a bedroom not something I would have expected on an album and not only is it a copy of tainted love in the middle it just switches to a cover of where did our love go (hence the title) I was quite shocked 2 covers in one song not a good idea. Their whole thing is a lot of clicking and a lot of backing noises. I would say about 5/10 for effort but please do not murder another original L

              12*Feelin good
              "It's a new dawn and a new day for me and I am feeling good, so good yeah"
              Ever heard this before? Yes another copy of a song these gals are good at this I appreciate its hard to write a whole album of songs god knows I'd never be able to do it and I know other people get famous from singing covers but I just think its not different enough. Another 5/10 I am afraid you can't really rate higher than that when the material isn't original. I am rating 5 because all the girls on this song sing well and sound very soulful and you could definitely listen to this its very calming something you could just sit and listen to with a nice bottle of wine.

              Another copy which is just not good you know the song "When the rhythm starts to play sway me more" It wasn't even good at the time I am afraid.
              I think they must have ran out of their own songs and what a weird selection of covers to choose. The song is mainly Nicole singing and an odd screaming bit (you know the one Christina Aguilera specialises in) in the middle I think to make it a little more their own but with such a well known song I think that is a bit hard.
              This is another 5/10 mainly because they do sound ok but they really should stick to their own songs as they really aren't that bad!

              HOW MUCH?
              Well my sister brought this CD from Cdwow.com and it cost £8.75 you can get this from other websites such as amazon.com where it is £9.99 or you can shop in town and can pick it up for about £10 to £16 it really varies where you shop.

              WHAT ELSE DO THEY DO?
              Well they are not as extravagant as Britney and Jlo they don't have their own perfume out but who knows what the future holds? They currently have a wide range of clothes for sale with their name all over they are shifting probably more merchandise than albums! I visited some of the websites and they are PCD mad! You can buy any piece of clothing with either Don't Cha written all over it or Pussycat dolls which ever takes your fancy. Or if you are really caught up in the hype why not join the PCD fan club for $29.99 the websites they currently have are www.PCDmusic.com and www.PCDfanclub.com .

              Well its really hard to say at this point as they have only released the one song but I think this is mainly a girls album a lot of lads loved the first song "Don't Cha" but I just think the other song are a bit slushy and not the sort of thing lads like to listen to. A few females may not like this album as well due to the lack of dancey songs, which you expect from the first song these girls released. This album may not appeal to people due to the fact that there is not enough variations and not enough original material.

              FINAL THOUGHT
              I was a little shocked by the amount of covers on this album but most of the songs I enjoyed I couldn't really pick one and say I really didn't like it so that's a good thing. At a first listen I probably wouldn't buy this album but after listening to it a few times it really is quite catchy and I would probably buy it especially for £8.75 I think that's a real bargain I cant wait to see which song they actually release next. (If they do bring another one out!)
              Overall rating I would say 8/10 Not bad for a first album, worth buying if you are looking for a nice album to listen to over a romantic meal.


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                30.11.2005 15:33
                Very helpful



                The debut album from new girl group The Pussycat Dolls.

                The Pussycat Dolls were unheard of at this point 6 months ago in the UK but within the space of just a couple of months they’ve become a renowned phenomenon. What most people don’t actually realise is that the initial group was set up back in 1993 and the line up featured Carmen Electra as one of the Dolls; other guest dolls have included Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. In 2003 the manager of the group Robin Antin decided to start afresh and began to audition for new Dolls. In April 2005 their permanent venue was opened in America, named the tasteful “Pussycat Dolls Lounge” in Las Vegas. The current group first shot to fame back in September with the release of their first single “Don’t Cha” which went straight into the UK charts at Number 1 and stayed there for 3 weeks. Their album was released this week yet has also gone straight into the album charts at position 28 so I imagine it will be even higher next week. The group consists of 6 American girls and is possibly the nearest to girl power that we’ve witnessed since the demise of the Spice Girls.

                Nicole is the lead singer of the group and has sung in the past with American rock band Days of the New. She also played her part in the group Eden’s Crush which won the American Popstars back in 2001. Kimberly is the best dancer in the group and apparently the shyest of all the girls, in the past she’s danced in numerous music videos including those of Nsync and also Nick Lachey. Melody comes from a musical background with all her family having played a part in the show biz world at some point with her father being a blues guitarist and her mother a folklore dancer. Ashley started out dancing when she was just 3 and since then has appeared in a Counting Crows video and also played her part as a Marilyn Monroe look-alike too. Carmit is the classic red head of the group and played the famous part of the girl in Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca video. Lastly is Jessica who always wanted to be a famous ballerina and appeared in the series Ocean Avenue and the film Bully too. So as you can see we have a group of talented girls who have already had their fair experience of stardom!

                The first track up is “Don’t Cha” which was a collaboration with Busta Rhymes which is a catchy and very funky tune. It’s your classic mix of dance and r n b that makes it impossibly not to appear on the play list of the majority of clubs and gives a huge influx of energy. It’s got quite a raunchy feel to it with an underlying beat, Nicole is the main singer on this track and her voice is undeniably sexy. Busta Rhymes appears towards the end with his verse, it’s funky and typical of his style and makes for a brilliant ending to the track. It’s one of those tunes that will have you up, dancing and swinging your hips along to it. “Fight the feeling, leave it alone, cos if it ain’t love it just ain’t enough to leave a happy home,” are an example of the lyrics which are typically about cheating and wanting another girl. The next track up on the album is “Beep” which begins with an almost opera sounding opening before turning into a combination of hip hop and electro. The opening is a rap by none other than Will.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas. It’s quite an irritating song if I’m honest as it basically gets it’s title from the fact that “beeps” do actually appear in the song to blank out rude words which appear frequently. Makes it rather hard to sing along to! “Wait A Minute” is the third track on the album and is again a catchy, optimistic and upbeat track. Timberland features on this song and provides one of the best collaborations on the album in my opinion. The lyrics of all the tracks are incredibly honest and surprisingly easy to relate to, this particular one is about men who mess women around and except the woman to just sit back and take it, “Wait a minute boy, why you tripping like that, you think cos you’re tripping you’ll get it just like that.” Again it’s a track that will no doubt feature heavily within bars and clubs once it’s released and due to the energised and quirky feel it gives, it’s sure to be a hit.

                The mood of the album then changes with the fourth track which is the second single to be taken from the album, “StickWitU” which is currently in the UK charts at position 12. It’s much softer and smoother than the previous tracks, something much more typical of Destiny’s Child than the previous tracks. It shows the pure beauty of lead singer Nicole’s voice, it soars effortlessly and is angelic in feeling. “Want you to know that you’re the only one for me, nobody gonna love me better, I must stickwitu forever,” it’s a classic love song but for once it’s not solely based on sentiment and the sicky sweet thoughts of love. It’s a refreshing, innovative and modern love song and one of my favourite tracks on the album. If you’re currently single, like me, probably not the best song to listen to if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps though! “Buttons” takes the mood of the album back to the former songs with an almost Arabian/Indian feel to the opening of this track. “You say you’re a big boy but I can’t agree, cos the love you said you had ain’t been put on me,” it’s quite a raunchy track with equally sexual lyrics (and the ones I’ve chosen aren’t the worst) but the youth of today are bound to love it!

                The sixth song on the album is “I Don’t Need A Man” and again retains the sexy feel to it as well as being the classic girl power song. It almost sounds like a more mature and meaningful Spice Girls song in the lyrics department mixed with a classic Destiny’s Child track, “The more you try the less I bite and I don’t have to think it through, I don’t need a man to make it happen, I get off being free, I don’t need a man to make me feel good.” It’s similar in a sense to Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman” track and I feel that the message it’s trying to portray is identical. There’s still something appealing though, it’s not your classic girl power track but it’s also an easy listening pop track which anyone would enjoy. The Pussycat Dolls have done something slightly different with their first album, rather than it containing all fresh material they’ve also included a few remixes of well known tracks. In my experience they’re either a hit or a miss, there’s no in-between ground as it will always be compared to the original. The first remix comes in at spot 7 on the album and is a remix of “Hot Stuff” which was originally sung my disco diva Donna Summer. It’s almost mixed the original with something that we’d expect of Kylie with her electro sounding beats and sadly it fails to improve the track at all. It’s positively cringe-worthy, but on the upside they have made the track their own and it’s practically unrecognisable in beat and tune from the original.

                “How Many Times, How Many Lies” is the second slower ballad sounding track on the album which features at number 8. “How many times, how many lies, how long you been sneaking, how long you been creeping around,” it’s all about being cheated on which is rather stark in contrast to the overall meaning of the first track which is almost encouraging cheating! It’s quite sultry at the same time as dealing with a hurtful topic but like the fourth track on the album (the love song) it’s not all doom and gloom as most hurtful love songs are. There’s an element of liveliness and optimism at the end of this track which makes a refreshing change. “Bite The Dust” is catchy and fast paced track that has unusually honest lyrics at the same time, “Ooh, sugar I got him I got 20/20 vision, I can see that you want my man, Ooh, sugar I got him, cos it’s my job to make you understand.” It’s another classic song about cheating, almost a reply in a sense to the first track on the album. It would have been interesting to hear the two tracks played one after the other in a sort of question/answer play back.

                “Right Now” has a really odd feel to it and seems like it should belong on the stage of a theatre, its classic cabaret mixed with jazz sounding. It sounds a little out of place on this album and doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the tracks or the mood at all. Possibly one that will end up being skipped by a lot of people when listening to this album as it just doesn’t live up to the expectations created by the previous tracks. The next remake up is that of the classic “Tainted Love” which was full of soul and passion back in the 60’s when it was originally released. However this track sounds incredibly similar to the old one, but arguably not as good and lacking of the energy and buzz that the first one evoked. “Feelin Good” is the twelfth track on the album and yet another remake, unusual for a debut album to feature them so heavily really. It’s got a sultrier feel to it than the original but once again I don’t think it sounds particularly differentiated from the original. Another remake is up next by the name of “Sway” which featured on the Let’s Dance soundtrack. It almost sounds as if Nicole has got a cold while singing this; perhaps as she was trying to deepen her voice to fit in with the song I’m not sure. Again it lacks a certain Latino beat that the original had and although it’s good, it’s just not good enough to ward off comparisons. The final track on the album is “We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going” which is off the Shark Tale soundtrack. It reverts back to the fact paced and upbeat feel of the earlier album tracks and has a quirky, jumpy feel to it. After hearing the first few tracks on the album I wouldn’t have thought this group would have been your classic Disney film soundtrack group but apparently not. This isn’t really one of my favourite songs on the album but has some good lyrics and a Christina Aguilera feel to it as well.

                So are the group a success? Well, their first single went in at number one and they’ve already had their fair share of awards including winning Best Video for Don’t Cha on the Smash Hits 2005 poll. I personally think this album is really good, a rare talent among somewhat stagnant groups that appear to be just reeling out songs that all sound the same. There’s a great mixture of slower ballads, upbeat dance tracks and some remixes that all add a bit of variety to the album. The lyrics are surprisingly honest and portray a sense of modernity that’s often lacking in typical love songs these days. I think this album is going to be a hugely popular stocking filler this Christmas and rightly so! Four stars for me, would have got five except for the rather poor remixes they’ve included here.

                www.amazon.co.uk £8.99
                www.play.com £8.99
                www.tesco.co.uk £11.24


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                  25.10.2005 22:05
                  Very helpful



                  Amazing amounts of talent on just one cd!

                  Being a teenager and all that, I spend a lot of my money and my time listening to music and have strong opinions about what I like and what I don't. I also have strong opinions on just how bad the whole music industry is getting. Constantly chugging out carbon copies of the last production. Nothing stands out, nothing is different from anything else....

                  That changed when I heard the Pussycat Dolls debut single "Don't cha". The last girl band that truly stood for female/girl power was unfortunatly the Spice Girls. At the time this was all good and well, but this far down the line, platform shoes and lyrics like "Ziz-a-zig-ah" don't fill me with anything but embarassment!
                  Although The Pussycat Dolls don't seem to base who they are on the whole girl power thing, its the way that six females have come together and made something as good as this that makes it more of a celebration of female talent than the Spice Girls ever were.

                  The girls are all entirely different. They all look differnt. Something that sets them apart insantly. In the music industry, bands are put together and a factor that is far more important than it should be is how a girl looks. In most bands at the moment, all the girls (and guys I suppose) look the same. The colour of their skin could be different but they would all be made to look the same. This may be through clothes and hair style/colour, but whatever the reason each member of each band is given the same 'gloss'. This makes them look exactly the same as the person they perform standing next to. It also makes them less real, and causes problems for many young girls.
                  The Pussycat Dolls couldn't be more different. Not only from this stereotype, but also from each other. You only need to look at their album cover to see what I mean. Different skin tones, styles, dress senses and different make up. They all look different. They are all supporting differnt clothes and hair styles which could cause the whole cover to look messy. But this is far from the case, the girls look individual and independant, and I can't count one other album cover that expresses this in any way near like this one.

                  THE GIRLS:
                  Nicole Scherzinger(third from left), seemingly the lead singer. Nicole is of hawaiian-russian-filipino descent, and this shows through her gorgeous tanned skin and slim figure. In an industry more obsessed with image than ability, Nicole is dynamite! She can act, dance and sing! No stranger to the spotlight Nicole was in the winning band that America's 'Popstars' produced (called Edens Crush) and their album got into the top 10 and their debut single hit the number one spot. However after the band split she turned her abilities to acting staring in the film "Chasing Papi" and guest staring in the American show "My Wife and Kids". With vocals like hers I say she is much better in the music industry!

                  Carmit Bachar (far right) is of dutch/indonesian/Israeli
                  decent and so another touch of culture! Carmit is also multi talented and is one of the most respected dancers and choreographers in the business. Think you recognise her?! Carmit is the "bon-bon" from Ricky Martin's Lavida video! She also came 5th in the 1992 Olympic gymnastic trials. Also, Carmit was born with a cleft palate and is an inspiration to the children that her non-profit organisation 'Smile With Me' support.

                  Jessica Sutta (second from right) was of irish-russian, Catholic-Jewish heritage and had hopes of being a Prima Ballerina. However she damaged both her knees on stage when she was 14 and her dreams were momentarily dashed. Switching from dancing to acting she stared in the televison show 'Ocean Ave' as a drug addict gothic teenager and also stared in the film "Bully". Another multi-talented, inspiration to all her fans!

                  Kimberly Wyatt, (second left) has been described as "The hottest dancer on the planet". Born and raised in Ozarks she danced her way onto the biggest cruise ship in the world, giving her the opportunity to see most of Europe. The Southern comfort, home grown girl of the group is apparantly a inspiration to her fellow band members with her stories of southern life!

                  Melody Thornton (far left) was of mexican/african american decent but was born and raised in Phoenix and was given the honor of performing the national anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks while she was still in college. As the Latina and African-American member of the group, Melody is grateful for the opportunities she has been given to make her family proud. And how proud her parents must be!

                  Ashley Roberts (third left) also born and raised in Phoenix came from a musical background with her dad being a drummer. She moved to La and quickly found work doing commercials and she even stared in a Counting Crows music video. Within months she was a 'doll'. The blonde of the group, and the most free-spirited Ashley isn't too proud to admit that shes a full on flirt!

                  So with such a fantastically mixed bunch, it was impossible to create a band anything less than individual! Everything that sets them apart from each other, sets them apart from every other band out there. Mostly because they ALL actually have masses of talent!

                  THE ALBUM:
                  Self titled album PCD is every bit as different and amazing as the girls are! The sound is so differnt and so easy to relate to! The lyrics realistic, the beat as fresh as this long stale industry needs-the album is a must have for pop/r'n'b fans everywhere. The way the girls are all so different provides a different sort of sound altogether and the mix of culture that all six bring, is represented through this mix of amazingly catchy tunes.First on the album is:

                  TRACK 1: Don't cha
                  The Dolls debut single that topped charts all over the planet was featuring Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes is much respected and whereas with other new bands, featuring artists take risks being involved, Rhymes knew with this project there was no risk. The tune gets an amazing amount of airplay, and I always hear it played when I go out clubbing. Like the girls, their songs stand for something. This one encourages females to be proud of themselves and to know that each person is gorgeous in one way or another. The song encourages girls to hold their heads high and be proud when a guy looks their way. Best lyrics:
                  "I know you like me
                  I know you do
                  Thats why whenever I come around
                  She's all over you"

                  TRACK 2: Beep
                  Again featuring another famous voice. Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas features on this amazingly honest track. Talking about the stereotypical male who is only after one thing, this song encourages girls to instead of getting down, just laugh and rise above it. The song speaks about how it feels when we as females have so much to offer, but men only see one thing. The beat is fast, and the track is quick paced and the lyrics make me smile! Funny yet honest and very inspiring, a feel good song about a situation every young girl will find herself in! Best Lyrics:
                  "It's funny how a man only thinks about the...
                  You got a real big heart, but I'm looking your...
                  You got real big brains, but I'm looking at your...
                  Girl, there ain't no pain in me looking at your..."

                  "Ooh, you've got it bad I can tell
                  You want it bad, but oh well
                  Dude, what you got for me
                  Is something I
                  Something I don't need"

                  TRACK 3: Wait a minute
                  Yet another track featuring another famous voice, this time that of timbaland. Yet another song with an honest message and a situation that too many ladies find themselves in! The honesty that these tracks express makes me smile and can seem kind of funny, but in reality Im so pleased to have this album that represents so many things that people find themselves involved in. The track is catchy, and another feel good tune about being a woman. This one also encourages women to stand tall, and act every bit as good as they truly are. The message is about women who meet men that woo them for a short while and then expect the earth in return. This track explains that just because a guy may do or buy one thing for you, he doesn't own you and a man should never make a woman feel pressured. Best lyrics:
                  "Minding my business, I was doing my thing
                  Got my attention, so I gave him a chance
                  Did I mention he was buying a bar?
                  Gave him my number, he was trying so hard
                  Bought me some things I didn't want, didn't need
                  He been blowing up my phone like he know me
                  Been leaving messages "You know what you owe me"

                  TRACK 4: Stickwitu
                  Although hard to pick a favorite on this album this comes close to it. One of the few slower sounding songs on the album, this is the Dolls next single. Due for realese over here sometime soon. The song is the typical 'i love you' song that all bands produce but with a much more realistic beat. Why do all Love songs have to be slower? Yes the beat is slower than the rest of the album, but thats partly due to how fast paced the rest is! This song sings about love, and how to know when you have it. Too many people expect to find better, and this song is about recognisng what you have. I love it, and it makes me think about my boyfriend! Best lyrics:
                  "Nobody's going to love me better
                  Im a stick with you, Forever
                  Nobody's going to take me higher
                  Im a stick with you
                  You know how to appreciate me
                  Im a stick with you, My baby
                  Nobody ever made me feel this way
                  Im a stick with you"

                  TRACK 5: Buttons
                  So fast paced, catchy and I don't know anyone who doesn't want to dance when this is played! Slightly raunchy, and yes remember it is a younger persons album, the song is about loving your body and letting other people love it too. Ok, I give up, its about taking your clothes off! But hey, its a laugh and it's fun, so I can overlook this one! Best Lyrics:
                  Hardly the type I fall for
                  I'm liking the physical
                  Don't leave me asking for more
                  I'm a sexy mama"

                  TRACK 6: I don't need a man
                  This is the 'girl power' song of the album! With a title like that it needs little explaining! This song says that although every woman wants a man, you don't need one in your life. You can get by on your own. Something I think is im portant for young girls to hear. Independant women and all that! The song doesn't lie about wanting to have men in your life, which other songs on this matter always seem to do, but it does combine a powerful message with a funky beat and trust me I sing this very loud in my car! Poor truck drivers I pass must think Im mad! Best Lyrics:
                  "I don't need a man to make it happen
                  I get off being free
                  I don't need a man to make me feel good
                  I get off doing my thing
                  I don't need a ring around my finger
                  To make me feel complete"

                  TRACK 7: Hot Stuff
                  A remake of a classic. With the flair that these artists provide, this song is completely different from it's original status! It sounds so different, and although Im not too keen on the original, Im a lover of this one! With a song like this, there is only so much that you can do to it, but the Dolls have done there best, and it sounds all the better for their efforts. Best Lyrics:
                  "Well I tried
                  But I won't give in
                  That's alright
                  'Cause I'm going to win
                  Now I know
                  I've got to let you go
                  Now I see
                  You were never meant for me"

                  TRACK 8: How many times, How many lies?
                  One of the slightly slower songs on the album, but only slightly. This song is catchy and again sings about a situation that many women find themselves in. It also sings about the habbit that women have of wanting to know the details of betrayel, no matter how hard they may be. It's a habbit that women have, and one that can drive us all crazy. The song is about finding out that your man is a liar and a cheat, and facing the fact that you should have seen it coming when warned but you chose not to. Again the Dolls are honest and upfront and this proves a great song with yet another powerful message. Best Lyrics:
                  " How many times?
                  How many lies?
                  How long you been sneaking?
                  How long you been creeping around?
                  How many lies?
                  How many times?
                  Were you here deveiving
                  When I was here believing in you"

                  TRACK 9: Bite The Dust
                  I love this song! It's such a feelgood song, and yet again another sitaution too many people find themselves in! It's the case of watching another person make a play for your man. It doesn't take the viewpoint of nasty, bitchy girlfriend, but of how to stand tall and be proud of the fact that you have something other people want. It's catchy and honest and the lyrics are quick tongue-in-cheek! Best Lyrics:
                  "Ooh, sugar I got him
                  I got 20/20 vision
                  I can see that you want my man
                  Ooh, sugar I got him
                  'Cause it's my job
                  To make you understand
                  Ooh, sugar I got him
                  Try to make a move
                  And I'm on him like 5-0
                  Ooh, sugar I got him
                  So you can go
                  'Cause I got him
                  Got him"

                  TRACK 10: Right now
                  A chant like kind of song, and very different to any other tracks from other pop albums, Right now is funky and easy to listen to. It's about all things female and just a little confusing! Im not such a fan but I admire the fact that the Dolls tried it. It shows they weren't afraid to try something new, and it does work. I just don't like it very much! It's not that I turn it off, I just prefer other tracks on the album to this one! Best Lyrics:
                  "Right now
                  Let me take you by the hand
                  Right now
                  Put your lips at my command
                  Right now
                  Fly me off to lovers lane
                  Don't you leave me at the post
                  Kiss me
                  You can feel it coast to coast
                  Right now
                  Where they need your love the most"

                  TRACK 11: Tainted Love/ Where did our Love go
                  Two great remakes! Tainted Love is something that Marilyn Manson is very well know for, and the Dolls may out-do him with this one! The original is quite 'hard-core' and so the Dolls make this song more accesable to a wider audience. Its poppy, yeah I will give it that but the original was great just in need of a little work, and the Dolls have put that work in.
                  Where did our Love go, is just as good. once again I wasn't a fan of the original but this one is different altogether. The beat is much faster and brings the song up to date! It's had it's very own make-over!
                  Tainted Love Best Lyrics:
                  "Don't touch me please
                  I can not stand it when you tease
                  I love you though you hurt me so
                  But I'm going to pack my things and go"

                  TRACK 12: Feeling Good
                  Yes another remake! I'm not usually a fan of remakes, especially when there is any more than one on an album, but the Dolls add flair that other performers don't to their versions of previous hits. This is even more sultry than the original and a very sexy song! This song stands for 'girl power' at it's most sexy! Best Lyrics:
                  "Fish in the sea
                  You know how I feel
                  Winters running free
                  You know how I feel
                  Bouncing on the tree
                  You know how I feel
                  It's a new a dawn
                  And a new day
                  And a new life for me
                  And I'm feeling good
                  So good
                  So good"

                  So there is my run-down on the greatest band of the moment! The Pussycat Dolls are a breath of fresh air and I recommend that everyone has a listen of their album at some point, regardless of you taste this album will provide you an insight into exactly what the music industry was lacking...until the Dolls arrived!
                  For infomation on release dates, performances and the opportunity to email the Dolls go to www.pcdmusic.com
                  Cd available from all good music retailers for between £9.99 and £13.99,


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                • Product Details

                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                  1 Don't Cha
                  2 Beep
                  3 Wait A Minute
                  4 Stickwitu
                  5 Buttons
                  6 I Don't Need A Man
                  7 Hot Stuff (Want You Back)
                  8 How Many Times, How Many Lies
                  9 Bite The Dust
                  10 Right Now
                  11 Tainted Love
                  12 Feelin' Good
                  13 Sway
                  14 We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going

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