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Playing With Fire - Kevin Federline

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Hardcore & Gangsta Rap / Artist: Kevin Federline / Audio CD released 2006-12-04 at Reincarnate

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2012 15:39
      Very helpful



      One of the worst albums ever.

      Kevin Federline is rapper and dancer that's infamous for his short lived marriage with Britney Spears. Not many people know he had an album, but I can tell you that now you know he did, it will be on of the last things you want in your Christmas stocking.

      There was time when he was one of the most hated men around. To this date many fans hold him responsible for Britney's mental breakdown. Often nicknamed as K-Fed, but many prefer to call him K-Fat. If you've never heard of him, you sort of have a feeling that he's quite an unpleasant man making unpleasant stuff. He's the sort of man you'd expect to find in the Jeremy Kyle show.

      A lot of Britney fans would claim that Kevin Federline used Britney to make him more famous and more rich. Which doesn't look good on a music review nor claims like that don't look good on anyone.

      On the album's wikipedia page it claims to be one of the worst received albums in history. Nearly every review of this album is negative and any positive reviews aren't credible. Now having listened the previews twice and giving it a spin, it all makes sense to me. Nobody wanted this album for Christmas in 2006 and they probably won't want it now. I can see why. Because it's shit! No one wants to buy shit.

      But credit where it's due I can see the effort that's been put into this album. He wrote his own songs and got the album released under his own label. That's hard, but maybe Kevin had the money from Britney to that. There was a lot of promotion and the paparazzi were going wild over his relationship with Britney. But the album didn't sell. Britney is one of the most successful people in the world and if she can't make an album sell what chance does anyone else have?

      His first single, Popozão was so badly received that it wasn't even included on the album. Quite rightly so as it's nothing but the man talking gibberish on some generic beat that nobody cares ago. It's enough to make you cringe. I don't think his rapping is good either, there is no flow and the rhythm is bloated without any direction. I could copy and paste this for each track because it pretty much describes the album as a whole. Quality, value and originality do not exist on this album.

      This album is unoriginal. Albums like these that give Hip-Hop a bad name. Kevin sounds like a cheap mash up between Eminem and Vanilla Ice which I think I'm pretty much pushing the line. Eminem had depth in his music and covered a wide range of topics in his music and it's awesome. Vanilla Ice did Ice Ice Baby and I'm not sure about his other stuff, but that song is good if you're in the right mind for it. Kevin here just goes on about women, drugs and clubbing which is really boring and there's already better artists doing better albums already like that.

      A special mention for the lyrics which are pretty delusional and over the top. Tupac would be turning from his grave. Here's a couple of gems.

      "How much cake the pancake man had." - Crazy (Feat. Britney Spears)
      And not even Britney Spears' chorus could save this song and lyrics from sounding so horrible.

      "This is that hip-hop flavor mixed with a lil bit of rock & roll. Valet your whip Grab your chick you know how it goes." - Lose Control
      This was performed for kids at a Teen Awards Show. Needless to say, he was pretty rubbish.

      "Little boys we can get it on watch your back. I got my name spreadin faster than crack. And thats just a fact sucked in Americas hate and now I'm passin it back." - America's Most Hated
      This pretty much speaks for itself.

      I think I'm done with the lyrics and described the music let's give a dishonourable mention to a track featured on this album called The World Is Mine. The World Is Mine is a song that highlights all the morbid terrors of what weed can do to you. The song also highlights arrogance and delusions using pirate metaphors.

      As you can tell, I hate this album. I think the lyrics are pretencious, the vocals are awful and musical arrangements whilst cliche are wasted. If you ever see a copy of this album the best thing to do is burn it.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 The World Is Mine
      2 America's Most Hated
      3 Snap
      4 Lose Control
      5 Dance With A Pimp
      6 Privilege
      7 Crazy
      8 A League Of My Own
      9 Playing With Fire
      10 Caught Up
      11 Kept On Walkin'
      12 Bonus Track 1
      13 Bonus Track 2

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