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Pour L'amour Des Chiens - Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

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Genre: Rock - Psychedelic Rock / Artist: Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band / Box set / Audio CD released 2007-12-10 at Storming

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    1 Review
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      06.12.2009 20:32
      Very helpful




      When I was a young child, one of my favourite songs was Hunting Tigers, a thoroughly silly song by the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band, a band that primarily made very silly songs for very silly television programmes, most famously 'Do Not Adjust Your Set', which I am far too young to have ever appreciated in all it's glory, but which my dad informs me was 'far better than all that guff you get on tv nowadays'.

      My dad was a child of the sixties (well, he was born in the fifties, but the sixties is the period he fondly remembers) much in the same was as I'm a child of the eighties. Nevertheless, despite him being such an old fogey, he ended up making me like the same kind of music as he did through some kind of forced osmosis - he played it so much that it became etched on the inside of my brain .

      To describe this band is very difficult , as the songs vary so much . Imagine the ska beat of Madness, combined with the average drunken song sung by an army rugby team, add a little lipstick and a hippo on stilts, dunk the whole lot in a vat of silly accents, add a couple of naff sound effects and add a couple of extra barrels of whiskey , and then have the Monty Python team add their own take to the madness, and you get chaos . Hilarity, but chaotic hilarity. Which is what this band does best.

      This 28 track reunion album is their first studio album in 30 years .Can it compare to the silliness for which the Doo-dahs are known, or is it going to be something altogether different (and thus, crap!).

      Well, from the very first (very short) track, Pour l Amour Des Chiens , we get the idea that the Bonzo's intend to be just as silly as they ever were, and have no intention of taking anything seriously. When the first track on the album contains the lyrics 'The dog is a basset hound,he has big long ears, little short legs, and a willie that nearly touches the ground!' it's pretty clear you're in comedy territory.

      Now, this album has 28 tracks. I certainly don't intend to comment on every single one, but I will point out ones that stand out for me, or that would be particularly recognisable and include the full track listing at the end.

      I simply must mention Hawkeye the Gnu as a starting point - anyone listening to this song will immediately recognise the Fruit Pastilles advert, with the infamous line 'There's a moose loose about this hoose!'. What follows on from this is an argument about how certain you can be that it is in fact a moose, as opposed to an elk, a wildebeast, or Hawkeye, the pet Gnu .

      This song is hilarious, and is helped along by Stephen Fry being one of the people arguing. Stephen Fry is someone I would never have associated with a novelty song, but this isn;t any old novelty song, it's an intelligent one, and Stephen Fry just makes it perfect!

      Old Tige is also a nice song, with a slow country beat, and a man narrating how his amazing dog saved him from the bear that killed his dad, waited for him off the bus, led him to safety on numerous occasions. The song leads on to inform you that this is an amazing ghost dog, and has been a ghost dog for some time, all his heroics coming after his death .

      I predict a riot will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has been alive in the last few years . Made famous by the Kaiser Chiefs, this version is an utter parody of the Kaiser Chiefs version , right from the start where they announce it is performed by 'The Old Geezer Chiefs' and start in with the mad musical instruments and the drunken sounding singing . This is another song with some celebrity inclusion, including the lovely lovely Stephen Fry again, as well as Adrian Edmondson, and a little bit of Phill Jupitus .

      I predict a riot (it's a shame but it's true!'
      I predict a riot (Oh, not now, I have homework to do!)

      Its fab . I adore this song, it is quite simply the maddest, silliest, stupidest song I have heard in a very very long time, and I love it .

      Next up is 'For the Benefit of Mankind' again with Stephen Fry involved, a song about a man with a larger than average carbon footprint. Lots of Xylophones make this song very funny, and it's another one where I laughed my buttocks off.

      I think you can probably tell that I adored this album - it is just as surreal and crazy as anything they have ever done, and the inclusion of Adrian Edmondson, Phill Jupitus, and the inimitable Stephen Fry add a touch of class to the proceedings . This is not an album you would have on your ipod for it's musical genius, but you might just have it on there for a laugh!

      Lyrically, some of the songs are amazing, because they simply make me crease up, especially the many songs that reference many famous adverts. I would wholly recommend this album to any Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band fans . I'd also recommend it to any non fans who fancy a bit of a giggle, as this really is brilliant novelty music .

      I'm giving this album 5 stars . You can buy it from Amazon.co.uk for £11.98.

      The full track listing :

      1. Pour l Amour Des Chiens
      2. Let s All Go To Mary s House
      3. Hawkeye The Gnu
      4. Making Faces At The Man In The Moon
      5. Fiasco
      6. Purple Sprouting Broccoli
      7. Old Tige
      8. Wire People
      9. Salmon Proust
      10. Democracy
      11. I Predict A Riot
      12. Scarlet Ribbons
      13. Paws
      14. And We re Back
      15. Stadium Love
      16. Mornington Crescent
      17. L Essence d Hooligan
      18. Early Morning Train
      19. My Friends Outside
      20. For The Benefit Of Mankind
      21. Beautiful People
      22. Ego Warriors
      23. Cockadoodle Tato
      24. Tiptoe Through The Tulips
      25. Sweet Memories
      26. Sudoku Forecast
      27. Now You re Asleep
      28. Jean Baudrillard


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Pour L'Amour Des Chiens
      2 Let's All Go To Mary's House
      3 Hawkeye The Gnu
      4 Making Faces At The Man In The Moon
      5 Fiasco
      6 Purple Sprouting Broccoli
      7 Old Tige
      8 Wire People
      9 Salmon Proust
      10 Democracy
      11 I Predict A Riot
      12 Scarlet Ribbons
      13 Paws
      14 And We're Back
      15 Stadium Love
      16 Mornington Crescent
      17 L'Essence D'Hooligan
      18 Early Morning Train
      19 My Friends Outside
      20 For The Benefit Of Mankind
      21 Beautiful People
      22 Ego Warriors
      23 Cockadoodle Tato
      24 Tiptoe Through The Tulips
      25 Sweet Memories
      26 Sudoku Forecast
      27 Now You're Asleep
      28 Jean Baudrillard

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