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Power Of A Woman - Eternal

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Pop R&B / Artist: Eternal / Audio CD released 1995-10-30 at Emi

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    2 Reviews
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      01.04.2012 00:51



      Buy it! Eternal seem to have been forgotten by the public!

      Eternal were one of the biggest girlbands in the UK during the 90's. Many people may find it hard to believe that this girlband had more Top 10 hits than both the Spice Girls and All Saints, yet these two groups seem to be more remebered than Eternal.

      'Power Of A Woman' was the bands second album, released in 1995 and their first album as a trio, with Louise Nurding quitting the band the previous year. The album consists of 13 songs, mixing a range of pop, r&B and funk.

      'Power Of A Woman' - The title track from the album and the first single. It's a sassy, very Americanised pop track. They released this in mid 1995 and it sounded so fresh and in your face back then. It's the orignal 'Girl Power' anthem, which sadly got overshadowed when the Spice Girls burst onto the scene the following year. However, it still is one of their most well known hits. 10/10.

      'I Am Blessed' - The albums second single, reached number 7 in the UK charts. This is a beautiful ballad, released perfectly around Christmas time. It has a magical 'sparkle' to it, and showcases Easther Bennets find vocal. Lovely. 10/10.

      'Good Thing' - Another funky R&B song. Very 90's sounding and urban. It is definatly a standout on the album and served as the 3rd single. It's more 'lighter' than the single version of the song. 9/10.

      'Telling You Now' - This track is quite a dreamy mellow ballad. It floats along nicely and is a great album track. The chorus definatly outshines the verses. Not a track that would be a single but it's pleasent enough 8/10.

      'Hurry Up' - This has a kind of poppy feel to it, reminiscent of their first album. This song definatly sounds like a leftover track from 'Always And Forever' and was also the B-Side to the first single on this album. Like the previous song it's ok but compared to the first three songs on the album, it feels very watered down. 8/10.

      'Redemption Song' - The band covered Bob Marley for this track and it was always one of the most 'talked about' songs on the album by the fans and the media at the time. At one point it was intended to be the fourth single from the album (but they were offered to do the Hunchback of Notre Damne song instead) but was cancelled. It is completely different to anything they had ever done before and doesn't really have a reggae feel with I think was intended. It's a nice change from them though. 8/10.

      'It Will Never End' - Time for another ballad. This is an epic 90's track, which sounds very dated in present day. I still like this though and at the time of rleease it was definatly one of my faviourite songs on the album. 8/10.

      'Who Are You' - Has the same kind of American(ised) pop sassiness that 'Power Of A Woman' and 'Good Thing' has. Was released in Japan but not in the UK. Quite a good pop song. 8/10.

      'Secrets' - This was the fourth and final single from the album, although was remixed for the official release. Probably one of Eternal lesser-known singles but it's a good song. It's a harmless pop/R&B track which ended the album campaign nicely. 9/10.

      'Your Smile' - As we appraoch the end part of the album, I feel this is the downward point from here on. This song is again a pleasent pop track, but doesn't have that 'punch' that you need. 7/10.

      'Don't Make Me Wait' - This song is one that I rarely listen to. It's pure album filler and totally uneccessary on the album. 4/10.

      'Up To You' - A funky pop track with a cringey rap from Kelle Bryan in the middle! It's harmless enough but bleugh, where has all the funk gone from this album? 7/10.

      'Faith In Love' - The album ends on this number. More watered down pop. Absolutely nothing remarkable about it sadly. 4/10.

      Overall, not a bad album. It does tend to turn into 'filler' material from track 10 onwards. But the first 10 songs are pretty decent enough and warrent a purchase. Get it if you want to remenice about 90's R&B.


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      15.05.2009 17:46
      Very helpful



      Eternal - Power of a Woman

      Eternal - Power of a Woman

      One of my favourite girl bands from old were Eternal (this is probably showing my age a bit but oh well). They were popular before The Spice Girls, Girls Aloud etc and I think one of the reasons why they were successful was because they could actually sing and had some lovely harmonies, with beautiful voices that all worked well together. They were also all very pretty as well so I'm sure this added to their success.

      Eternal were formed in 1992 and eventually ceased as a band around the year 2000. The group consisted of four members, Easther and Vernie Bennett who were sisters, Kelle Bryan and Louise Nurding. Louise Nurding is now probably the most famous of the quartet as she was fairly successful as a solo artist and went on to marry the footballer Jaime Rednapp. She still does some television work as of today.

      According to an article I read, the group achieved fifteen Top 20 hits in the UK and total sales are claimed to be in excess of 10 million records. By the time they released their second album, Power of a Woman they were actually a trio, Louise having left in 1995 to pursue her solo career. I don't really think this changed the dynamic of the group as they still stuck with their beautiful harmonies and catchy love songs.

      Power of a Woman was released on November 5th 1995 and went to number 6 on the UK album charts. To me this album has quite an R&B feel without being too hip pop. I think part of the reason why they moved to more of a sound like this was that now the only white member of the group, Louise had left. Also, as we all know this sound is very popular in America and I think they were attempting to break America with this album.

      My favourite track on this album is actually the song Power of a Woman, quite a strong ballad with a good message. In fact most of their songs have a strong female theme which I do enjoy and think is quite empowering. They do it in a different way though to say Destiny's Child who were a bit in your face, Eternal's music was subtle but with great lyrics.

      Other tracks on the album include:

      1. Power of a Woman
      2. I am Blesses
      3. Good Thing
      4. Telling you Now
      5. Hurry Up
      6. Redemption Song
      7. It Will Never End
      8. Who Are You?
      9. Secrets
      10. Your Smile
      11. Don't Make Me Wait
      12. Up to You
      13. Faith In Love


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Power Of A Woman
      2 I Am Blessed
      3 Good Thing
      4 Telling You Now
      5 Hurry Up
      6 Redemption Song
      7 It Will Never End
      8 Who Are You
      9 Secrets
      10 Your Smile
      11 Don't Make Me Wait
      12 Up To You
      13 Faith In Love

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