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Prisoners In Paradise - Europe

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Hard Rock / Artist: Europe / Import / Audio CD released 1992-02-01 at Sony

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2008 13:40
      Very helpful



      Europe one of the top hair bands of the eighties

      Europe (Prisoners In Paradise)- A Review By Addy

      I want to learn how to fly
      I want to be respected
      I want to get lucky
      I want to get out of this dump
      I just want to watch TV
      I want to be loved
      I want to be different
      I want a brother and sister
      I'd just rather be forgotten
      I want to save the world
      I want to be understood
      I want to be rich
      Man, I just want to be somebody

      "Introduction lyrics to Prisoners In Paradise"

      Introduction To Band and Album

      Europe, were and are currently a very successful Rock/Glamrock band from Sweden although the majority of their success came during the Eighties and very early Nineties. Initially starting out in 1979 it was not long for success to come knocking with their very pleasing ear friendly melodic rock. Arguably the record that Europe is most renowned for is called "The Final Countdown" with its very dominating keyboard melody. In 1991 came their fifth album Prisoners In Paradise. As incredulous as it sounds apart from the new comeback album I have not known of a bad album from Europe but I would say that Prisoners In Paradise is my favourite by the band.

      Album Specs and Band Members

      Released September 23, 1991
      Genre Hard Rock/ Glam metal
      Length 54:57
      Label Epic Records
      Producer Beau Hill

      ♦ Joey Tempest - Vocals
      ♦ Kee Marcello - Guitars, Background Vocals
      ♦ John Levén - Bass
      ♦ Mic Michaeli - Keyboards, Background Vocals
      ♦ an Haugland - Drums

      Track Listing

      1. All or Nothing -3:54
      2. Halfway to Heaven -4:06
      3. I'll Cry for You -5:21
      4. Little Bit of Lovin' -4:48
      5. Talk to Me -4:06
      6. Seventh Sign -4:42
      7. Prisoners in Paradise -5:36
      8. Bad Blood -4:19
      9. Homeland -4:51
      10. Got Your Mind in the Gutter -4:59
      11. 'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door -3:47
      12. Girl from Lebanon -4:20

      All Or Nothing: starts things off with a schwing! All Or Nothing is a laid back kick it up hard rock song like a meat and two veg dinner with all the trimmings. This track is similar to many tracks by artists such as Skid Row and Poison. I would say that the track is like progressive metal in a really early raw form. I like the parts in the song with the band chanting Na, Na, sounds odd as i'm writing it but hopefully you understand what I mean. The song is in relation to a man who has a woman in his sights and he's arrogantly telling her it's not if I can have you but when...ooh la la.

      * 10 OUT OF 10

      Halfway To Heaven: This beauty opens up with some lush electric guitar. This happy uppity track is a real beast of a love song but is by no means a ballad. It is almost like listening to a male equivalent of the band Heart. The song is too heavy to be a ballad and too soft to be hard rock so cunningly sits somewhere in-between. The guitar work is sassy, and emotive.

      *10 OUT OF 10

      I'll Cry For You: almost fits the bill of being a rock ballad but is just tantamount to being something beyond that. The guitar tones are exquisite and very pleasing there is nothing angry or uptight about the track. The song is about lost love and whilst you do get that impression and can relate to it the song is actually in no way depressing.

      * 10 OUT OF 10

      Little Bit Of Lovin': Cranking things up this is another hard rock track, the type that gets you doing Burn-outs on a motorbike or flooring the accelerator in the car. The track has fast flowing guitar work and great bass. The song is about a stand-alone dude, doesn't need anyone or anything until a hot gypsy chick gets her fiendish wee nails into him, ker-ching. Check out these few lyrics

      "She's got a deadly eyes a twisted mind
      she's one in a million One of a kind
      Cold chills runnin' down to the bone
      she gives me lovin' Like I've never known
      We tumble and roll 'Til the break of day
      She's so wild Blows my world away
      With her there's nothin' I wouldn't do
      Baby we've got something to hold on to
      Lay it down and it's plain to see
      The woman's got the best of me"

      Talk To Me: has a wee special place in my heart since it is a song I dedicated to my ex. But more importantly the song is like a Bruce Lee Film. No I am not off topic allow me to elaborate. Some of you may know I like martial arts films. The fact is I spend a few years watching Jet Li Movies etc and then I dust off a Bruce Lee movie, stick it on and think bloody hell you are awesome dude, I forgot how good you are. Listening to the awesome guitar work in this track is like Bruce Lee with his nunchaku sticks. By the time the song is done you are physically drained and need a wee nap, lol because the guitar work kicks the stuffing out of you. The track starts with some in your face, have some of this style bass guitar and then the lead guitar comes in to finish you off. The musically expressive quality of the guitar work is the old style where it is like making the guitar weep and eagle's cries.

      * 10 OUT OF 10

      Seventh Sign: Well you can't have it all and for me i'm not so keen on this particular track. It's ok but when it comes on I tend to be reaching for the skip button.

      * 1 OUT OF 10

      Prisoners In Paradise: Ironically for me the album title track is my favourite on the entire album. From 33 seconds in to 1:24 is some shit hot guitar that oozes excellence. The track is a rock ballad and from the era I feel personally one of the best there is. The track combines great harmonies, piano, keyboard, and guitar in sheer excellence. The words are very profound and I am going to share them with you.

      Julie's got the word today She lost her job just one last pay
      life don't come easy anymore
      still strugglin' on by herself got a picture of jimmy there on the shelf
      and she looks at him and says why did we let it go
      I know that sometimes baby we didn't see things eye-to-eye
      but I got just one question Did we have to say goodbye?

      Just like prisoners in paradise
      Still far from heaven's door
      we had it all but still we wanted more
      now I realize that I can't Turn back the future here to stay
      but hey we're just children of tomorrow
      hangin' on to yesterday

      Jimmy still recalls the night When he took his guitar and headed on out
      to find the big time that was his dream
      he gave up his past and made it alright
      but there's something missin' in his heart tonight
      sometimes what you want ain't what you need
      He misses drivin' down to the lake at night
      Holdin' his baby in his arms so tight
      ain' t it hard to find illusions when you're livin' in a memory

      Just like prisoners in paradise
      so close but yet so far
      there will come a time no matter who you are
      when you ask yourself was it right or wrong
      for me to turn away,
      but hey we're just children of tomorrow hangin' on to yesterday

      * 10 OUT OF 10

      Bad Blood: Moves the album in a different direction after the ballad prior and bad Blood is probably the hardest rock track on the album. The song is about an attraction to a woman that is bad for him and not having the tenacity to resist.

      * 9 OUT OF 10

      Homeland: is a gentle track that addresses that link, the bond to times gone past where life was simple and hearts were young, a place of solace. It is the type of song that can touch within and make your mind reminisce back. The song is really nice and a great little addition to the overall album.

      * 10 OUT OF 10

      Got Your Mind In The Gutter: is a hard rock track about a paranoid woman who is constantly accusing her man of cheating. She searches his clothes etc and drives him mad.
      "You've got your mind in the gutter
      You've got your mind in the gutter
      I know what you're sayin'
      But it just ain't true
      You've got your mind in the gutter
      Baby shame on you"
      "So you say I'm foolin' 'round
      Playin' the field
      You know better
      'Cause it's no big deal
      I ain't gettin' a little
      On the side
      Baby what can I tell you
      You just ain't right"

      I feel that the title is somewhat ambiguous and this portion of lyrics can help generate a greater comprehension of what the song is about. Personally I do like the song but I don't think it's great.

      * 8 OUT OF 10
      Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door: is an interesting track with lots of keyboard and guitar. It is a very entertaining song that is almost hard rock. The track is about the determination of a man to win back his lost love so I suppose we have to admire his tenacity. Again there is really nice guitar playing with riveting tunes that just grab you. I haven't already mentioned it but the voice of Joey Tempest is very clear and suits the type of music very well. The songs are never too heavy that you cannot understand the lyrics.

      * 9 OUT OF 10

      Girl From Lebanon: is the last track on the album and is a great way to finish things off with quality. Now I admit I don't have the foggiest what this song is blethering about as much as I read the lyrics but what I do know is musically the song is real good. The guitar work is exemplary and the tune is very appealing. It starts off slow and picks up momentum along the way.

      ****Please note there are two versions of this album. A second version was released in 2001 with two additional tracks "The Government Man" and "Long Time Coming" ****

      For a taste of the album I recommend the music video for "Prisoners In Paradise" available to view at:


      Things I Learned From This Album

      ♦ The population of Europe is only five, so much for geography at school
      ♦ It is not just ok for dudes to wear make-up, but lots of it
      ♦ If there are prisoners in paradise perhaps they do not want to be freed, so no ransom notes
      ♦ That musical success on the back of a competition is not reserved for Pop Idol or X-Factor
      ♦ Glam rockers must seriously use a lot of hairspray, don't smoke too close

      Thanks for all the reads & rates, mucho appreciato, Addy

      © July 2008


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 All Over Nothing At All
      2 Halfway To Heaven
      3 I'll Cry For You
      4 Little Bit Of Lovin'
      5 Talk To Me
      6 Seventh Sign
      7 Prisoners In Paradise
      8 Bad Blood
      9 Homeland
      10 Got Your Mind In The Gutter
      11 Till My Heart Beats Down Your Door
      12 Girl From Lebanon

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