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Queer As Folk - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2001-05-07 at RCA Victor

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2002 20:36
      Very helpful



      I used to really enjoy the television programme that this CD is the soundtrack of, so when my brother in law lent me this CD last week, I was sure I would love it, as I cannot remember disliking the soundtrack whilst watching it on the television. Now, as some of you may know I am no fan of hardcore dance music, and luckily this CD seems to have focused on pretty mainstream dance, and cheesy dancefloor fillers, which is not always a bad thing! For those of you who do not know, the programme was shown on Channel 4, and followed the lives of young, gay men, and their love lives. At times it was controversial because of the subject matter, but it was handled brlliantly, and it is a show I miss. The first track is narration over a pretty repetitious dance beat, and tells the basic story of 2 of the main characters, and is called 'The Queer As Folk Theme', and it is a pretty average opener, which had me slightly worried as I was not convinced I would love what was to follow. My mind was soon put to rest with the amazing 'Sexy Boy' by The Kinky Boyz (so not the original) with vocals by Kia. The dance vibe flows into the next track, 'Hold That Sucker Down' by OT Quartet, which is more representitive of the nightclub scenes in the programme, which if I am honest is probably the only reason I would ever listen to something so techno based, but as with most of the tracks here, it strays slightly away from the original version which was on general release. You feel horny? Well sing along with 'Horny' by Mousse T vs Hot 'N' Juicy. A now classic dance tune, which sits perfectly in the collection. Next up is 'Nathan's Theme' by Doin It. Nathan is one of the main characters, and this track features his voice. It is pretty average dance track, which is probably the low point of the collection for me. A new take on some old school pop/dance with 'Atomic' by the brilliant Blondie. There is just something ab
      out this track which makes it uplifting, and a must have in any compilation of this sort. Sometimes, we come across a song which is cheesy, but it would only work is it was cheesy, and any other music genre would ruin it. Here is the perfect example. 'Mamma Mia' is a world wide famous song, and it only works when it is camped up by Abba. Here we see the poor man's dance imitation by Abbacadabra. They make the song sound amateur, and it just loses it's spark. Staying with the nightclub feel, but a more salsa feel, next up is 'Uh La La La' by the virtually unknown Alexia. This is a perfect example of those awful holiday songs, which after 10 bottles, and more sun than is good for you, sounds like the best song you have ever heard, and then when you get home, somehow it just sounds crap! Back to more mainstream chart dance again with 'Found A Cure' by Ultra Nate. Quite a good solid track, which does not offend my hearing, which is really more than can be said for the start of 'Deeper Love' by Ruff Driverz. This is a remake of a chart hit from about 5 years ago, but there are just so many things going on whilst the vocals are struggling to show themselves, and the pattern of noise, vocals, and noise repeats itself for the full duration of the track. The start of 'Santa Maria' by Tatjana sounds very much like the beginning of ex Pop Idol contestant Sarah Whatmore's debut single. It sounds like it could be ok, and then some fake MC's feel the need to rap over this holiday song (much in the style of Bus Stop, who have covered Kung Fu Fighting, and most recently Rhinestone Cowboy). No hope for this one I think! There is no mistaking the next track, from the opening bars to the closing notes, everyone knows 'It's Raining Men' by The Weather Girls, and I am glad that the producers of this CD have left it alone. It is great finish to the first CD. Now, onto the second disc
      , and it is off to a strong start with karaoke favourite, and anthem to all those who have ever been wronged, 'I Am What I Am', not by Gloria Gaynor, but this time by Respect featuring Hannah Jones. It is an upbeat version, which could compete with the original no problem at all, and then to prove that they can do it with any track, they are straight back with the Candi Stanton classic 'Young Hearts Run Free'. For a Foo Fighters fan like myself, this is foreign territory, but I am really enjoying myself. Remember Jennifer Paige? Maybe not, but I am sure you will remember her debut single 'Crush', which is remodelled here by Bianca, and I actually prefer it to the original. Beware, we are now entering Eurovision song zone! That is the only description I can give which is apt for 'To Love You More' by Rapport featuring Rochelle. Another old song here with the Mel and Kim hit ' Showin' Out', but this time by an artist called Cinnamon, but it does not do the original justice, a sentiment which I echo for the next track, Madonna's classic 'Holiday', by Who's That Girl, and not Mad House, who are in the charts at the moment, although I suspect they are one in the same. 'Love Pains' by Obsession, has a Steps feel to it. Back with vocalist Hannah Jones, but this time without Respect, and she shines with 'Was That All It Was'. She has a very strong soul voice, and I am surprised that this is the first I have heard of her. Next up is dance outfit Deja Vu, with 'To Deserve You', which features vocalist Tasmin, who at times sounds quite like Celine Dion. Ex Bros star Luke Goss' wife, and backing vocalist to George Michael, Shirley Lewis has her first chance to shine alongside Respect, with the track 'Armed And Extremely Dangerous'. She does well with what she has been given, and her vocals are far superior to the track she is singing over. A brave move by I
      ndigo with a cover the timless Fleetwood Mac track 'Everywhere'. They don't murder it, but the vocalist is certainly no Stevie Nicks. Determined to prove themselves, Deja Vu are back with Tamsin, and this time they have the audacity to cover 'I Don't Want A Thing' by the mighty Aerosmith, but then I quickly eat my words, as it is pretty decent, and the lyrics go well with the dance beat. This album would not have been complete without a track from gay icon Kylie, and here we have 'What Do I Have To Do', not by Kylie herself, but by Kia who sounds remarkably like Miss Minogue. The second weakest track on the CD now with 'How Could He Do This To Me ' by Tammy Haywood. This is one of the worst examples of Euro electro pop I have ever witnessed. Old friends Deja Vu are back again with their muse Tamsin, and this time they decide to cover 'Don't Speak' by one of my favourite bands No Doubt, and they don't do a bad song, but I think this is just such a formidable song, that any cover version will come nowhere near to the original, and although the next track 'Better The Devil You Know' could never be in the same league, vocalist Kia seems to struggle to capture the sparkle of the original Kylie track, but the worst is still to come with a horrendous cover version of Eagle Eye Cherry's hit 'Save Tonight' by Jackie O. It beggars belief that people have listened to this and liked it. A patten is forming now, as the producers decide that the next massacre with be 'Breakfast At Tiffanys'. 'Mouth' by Rochelle epitomises everything I hate about dance music, poor vocals, and repetitive beats. Oh what is happening, I wanted to love this CD so much, and my opinion certainly doesn't alter with the next track, 'You Think You're A Man' by the aptly named Full Frontal, whose vocalist I would love to see perform as he really sounds serious about what he doing. <
      br> Yep, I liked it in parts, but disliked it in more, but if you are having a party then this is a must to keep the guests dancing! I am no dancer, but it certainly has me tapping my toes at least! A word of warning about the television programme though. There are currently episodes of the American version being shown, avoid them like the plague, they are dire.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Spunk - Green Buck
      2 Drive in the Pool - Barry Harris feat. Pepper Mashay
      3 You Think You're a Man - Full Frontal
      4 Proud - Heather Small
      5 Lovin' You - Kristine W
      6 Crying at the Discotheque - Alcazar
      7 Suffering - Jay-Jay Johanson
      8 Shake Me - Mint Royale
      9 Summerfire - B-U
      10 Start Rockin' - Antiloop
      11 Do Ya Feel the Love - Love Inc.
      12 Let's Hear it for the Boy - Katty B
      13 High School Confidential - Carole Pope
      14 Straight To...Number One - Touch & Go
      15 Spunk - Green Buck

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