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Radio 1 - Established 1967

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5 Reviews

Genre: Compilation / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2007-10-01 at U.M.T.V.

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    5 Reviews
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      07.12.2009 23:52
      Very helpful



      An enjoyable album, good to bung in the glove box

      Radio 1 Established 1967 is a 2-disc collection of cover tracks of songs from each year between 1967 and 2007 recorded by modern artists to celebrate 40 years of radio 1.

      *Track listing*
      The tracks are presented in chronolgical order as follows:

      Disc: 1
      1. Flowers In The Rain - Kaiser Chiefs,
      2. All Along The Watchtower - The Fratellis
      3. Cupid - Amy Winehouse
      4. Lola - Robbie Williams
      5. Your Song - The Streets
      6. Betcha By Golly, Wow - Sugababes
      7. You're So Vain - The Feeling
      8. Band On The Run - Foo Fighters
      9. Love Is The Drug - Kylie Minogue
      10. Let's Stick Together - KT Tunstall
      11. Sound And Vision - Franz Ferdinand
      12. Teenage Kicks - The Raconteurs
      13. I Can't Stand Losing You - Armand Van Helden, MIKA
      14. Too Much Too Young - Kasabian
      15. Under Pressure - Keane
      16. Town Called Malice - McFly
      17. Come Back And Stay - James Morrison
      18. Careless Whisper - Gossip
      19. The Power Of Love - The Pigeon Detectives
      20. Don't Get Me Wrong - Lily Allen

      Disc: 2
      1. You Sexy Thing - Stereophonics
      2. Fast Car - Mutya Buena
      3. Lullaby - Editors
      4. Englishman In New York - Razorlight
      5. Crazy For You - Groove Armada
      6. It Must Be Love - Paolo Nutini
      7. All That She Wants - The Kooks
      8. All I Need - Mark Ronson
      9. Stillness In Time - Calvin Harris
      10. No Diggity - Klaxons
      11. Lovefool - Just Jack
      12. Ray Of Light - Natasha Bedingfield
      13. Drinking in L.A. - The Twang
      14. The Great Beyond - The Fray
      15. Teenage Dirtbag - Girls Aloud
      16. Like I Love You - Maximo Park
      17. Don't Look Back Into The Sun - The View
      18. Toxic - Hard-Fi
      19. Father & Son - Enemy
      20. Steady As She Goes - Corinne Bailey Rae

      *Highlights and notable tracks*
      There are lots of strong tracks on this album.

      All Along the Watch Tower was a risky track for The Fratellis, a fledgling band, to take on, but they pull it off well as it fits with their uncoiling rock n roll style, though fans of the original would probably dislike it on principal.

      Keane's cover of Queen's Under Pressure is one of my favourites, simply because it is a good song, and lead singer Tom Chaplin's voice is good at imitating Freddie Mercury's: a good track, though not an original take on the classic song.

      Mika and Arman Van Helden's take on the Police track Can't Stand Losing You is one of my least favourite tracks but certainly notable. Recorded in a house music style wit aggressive synths and underwater warped vocals, I find it quite painful to my ears, but it is certainly more original than many of the other very good tracks on the first CD, such as Kylie's Love is the Drug, Robbie Williams' Lola and Pigeon Detectives' Power of Love, which are all copycat variations on the same theme as the orginals.

      Stereophonics' You Sexy Thing is a pretty cool song which sounds different when played on the band's more rock-oriented guitars and bass.

      Clavin Harris took on Stillness in Time, a track I hadn't heard before I got this album and is jazzed up with his synthesized vocals and funky, edgy rhythms. An original take.

      Klaxon's No Diggity is a great song as they put their distinctive vocals and style over the track.

      Lovefool covered by Just Jack is a chilled out version of the original, with a bit of a sneaky sound to it and some electriccy sounds and brass chucked in.

      Madonna's track Ray of Light is made more contemporary by Natascha Bedingfield, though the high notes make her voice sound a bit harsh at times.

      I enjoy all the songs from The Great Beyond onwards: perhaps it is because they are more modern tracks which subconsciouly are more comforting, I'm not sure. The Fray introduced me to this REM track and it is chilled out and nice. Girl's Aloud's Teenage Dirtbag sounds just like you would expect Teenage Dirtbag to sound like if Girl's Aloud sang it! Maximo Park do an interesting dark take on JT's Like I Love You, The View play a sunshiney Dont Look Back into the Sun, Hard-Fi rev it up with Toxic, The Enemy sound uncharacteristically gentle in Father and Son and to end it all, the pretty girl on the bicycle Corinne Bailey Ray blasts a little Steady As She Goes.

      *The album as a whole*
      Though there are some duff tracks, (The Twang's Drinking in LA is pretty dull), there are lots of star ones, too. The album flows well from older to newer tracks, and no doubt the older generation will enjoy CD1 while the younger will probably prefer CD2.

      The artwork is similar to the Live Lounge album artworks, with understated white backgrounds, a red neon 1 sign and radios and wires trailing about the place. The back of the CD tells you the original performer of each track which is handy.

      I imagine anyone who has bought Radio 1's live lounge albums would enjoy this as an addition to their collection of quirky and accurate takes on good songs. It is a CD to bring together older and younger generations, as though you would never catch my parents listening to Razorlight, they do enjoy their take on The Police's Englishman in New York. There is something for everyone here. It is also a music history lesson for the younger generation like myself!


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        11.08.2009 10:29
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        It's not perfect but it's pretty damn good.

        Radio 1 Established 1967 is a compilation album released in 2007 to celebrate 40 years of Radio 1 being on air. The album brings together 40 modern artists who have re-recorded hits from the last 40 years. Each artist has chosen a song that was released (or in some cases re-released) in any year from 1967-2007. Thus we the listeners are given a fantastic compilation album featuring everyone from Kaiser Chiefs to James Morrison to Kylie Minogue.

        With 40 songs in total, spread over two discs, it would be nigh on impossible for me to go in to detail about each and every track. So instead I'll try to give an overall flavour of the album before picking my best and five worst songs.

        All of the artists chosen by Radio 1 to celebrate its anniversary tend to fall into the indie-rock or pop genre. Given the type of music played by this radio station this works well and makes sure that the album appeals to regular Radio 1 listeners. All the artists and groups are young and can be found gracing the Top 40 today, there are no has beens here! I also like the fact that with the exception of The Fray, Gossip, Foo Fighters and Kylie all of the performers are British which is appropriate for something that is essentially a British institution. All in all I'm impressed that I am able to fight such a fantastic group of artists all on one album.

        Because the album is celebrating 40 years we are allowed to experience a whopping four decades of music. This means covers of everyone from The Jimi Hendrix Experience to Elton John to David Bowie to The Cure to Mary J Blige to The Libertines and everything in between. I can't think of another album that offers such a wild range of music arranged in new and interesting ways. That really is the factor that makes this album, artists taking on songs outside of their usual genre and adding some of their own personality and style into them. However, that said there are some covers on here that really do not work and seem either boring or under rehearsed. Fortunately, that really is the minority of tracks and most are nothing less than brilliant.

        My top tracks on the album are;
        Kaiser Chiefs- Flowers In The Rain (The Move)
        This is the first song on the album and a great way to kick things off. It is full of energy and the band have injected it with a good dose of their own style. The lead singers voice worked really well and I can listen (and dance) to this again and again.

        Foo Fighters- Band On The Run (Paul McCartney & Wings)
        I actually prefer this version to the original and can't believe what a great job the Foo Fighters have done with it. It begins slowly with simple guitar accompaniment before building up into the rock sound we know and expect from the Foo Fighters. A brilliant tune.

        Kasabian-Too Much Too Young(The Specials)
        Kasabian have done really well with this classic track. It is very different to their usual sound being much "lighter" sounding. They have also relaxed their rock leanings and there is a definite flavour of ska that was present in the original. My only problem with this is that at 2 minutes long it's just too short!

        Editors-Lullaby(The Cure)
        I'm a massive Cure fan but I think the Editors have pulled off Lullaby in an admirable way. They've created a good sense of drama and the vocalists voice is wonderfully deep. I like how they seem to be telling a story and put a lot of emotion into their performance.

        And now for the not so good;
        Amy Winehouse- Cupid (Johnny Nash)
        I actually really like Amy Winehouse but this song is, in my opinion, just dire. It is slow moving and never really goes anywhere. To be honest, I found it to be a circle of monotony. Nothing happened and I wasn't in a rush to play the song again.

        Girls Aloud- Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus)
        I know many people disagree with me but I think that Girls Aloud have spoilt a fantastic song here. Their voices do not fit well with the song and in some places expose how weak vocalists the girls actually are. A big disappointment.

        In conclusion, the album contains many more hits than misses. The flashes of brilliance more than make up for some of the shoddy work on a few tracks. I'm glad I purchased this album (I say me but I actually liberated it from the depths of my younger brothers room) and would recommend anyone who is a fan of Radio 1 or British indie-pop in general to go out and buy it.


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          01.03.2009 22:52
          Very helpful



          Overall, very well made compilation

          To celebrate 40 years of Radio 1 on air in 2007, 40 different current artists were chosen and each asked to choose a track to cover from a specific year. The result is this compilation, which covers a different track from each of the 40 years that Radio 1 had been running for up until then. And what a selection! What struck me most as I read the back of the case was how unlikely the combinations of current artists and old songs were, with strange combos as McFly doing A Town Called Malice and Gossip doing Careless Whisper.

          It looked awesome, and my wife wanted it, so I bought it for her, and it wasn't long before we were listening to it and being thoroughly impressed. Radio 1 don't usually do things by halves, and this was no exception, kicking off disc 1 with The Kaiser Chiefs singing Flowers In The Rain. Personally, I am more of an 80s and 90s fan than the 60s and 70s, so the first few tracks were never going to appeal to me as much as some of the later ones. I recognised all of the tracks, but it probably wasn't until track 5 started, with The Streets covering Elton John's Your Song that I really got into it. The Streets did their own style of 'speaking' as opposed to singing, and it worked very well, the result being very 'lovely' to listen to. A few tracks later came my favourite of the disc, perhaps even the compilation, as the Foo Fighters covered Paul McCartney's Band On The Run. It is rare I like a cover better than the original, particularly when it is someone so great as Macca himself, but this was phenomenal.

          I have to say though, I wasn't a fan of Kasabian covering The Specials' Too Much Too Young, and I felt that The Pigeon Detectives ruined Huey Lewis' The Power Of Love. Despite this, there were a string of excellent tracks, with Tom from Keane giving a near perfect rendition of Freddie in Queen's Under Pressure, McFly making you want to dance with A Town Called Malice, and finding out that James Morrison's voice is exactly the same as Paul Young's when singing Come Back And Stay.

          The second disc was solid all the way through, but I much preferred the first. Perhaps the song selection wasn't as upbeat and daring as some on the first disc, although is started out sexy and rocky enough with Stereophonics choosing You Sexy Thing from Hot Chocolate's repertoire. Mutya Buena gave a beautiful rendition of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car - moving indeed - and my wife (as a Madonna fan) loved Groove Armada's cover of Crazy For You (I hated it, by the way). Madness' Must Be Love received the crooning Scottish sounds of Paolo Nutini, and Mark Ronson put a bit more funk into Mary J Blige's cover of You're All I Need To Get By (so, that's a promotion of a cover from someone who covered a cover???? might have lost my way somewhere here............................)

          Girls Aloud had already covered Teenage Dirtbag a number of times on tour, and they actually do this very well indeed. The remainder of the tracks were good enough but weren't really tracks I had been massively fond of when released by the original artist, which is more down to my personal choice than anything else I suppose. However, you may find the exact opposite, and Corinne Bailey Rae covering Steady As She Goes was a nice way to end the compilation.

          Overall, it's a good product and one I do recommend having. I personally found the first disc to be much better than the second, but like I said, this is more down to the song selection rather than the quality of performances. The double CD is currently available from amazon.co.uk for around the £6 mark, and I highly recommend getting it.


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            23.01.2009 20:30
            Very helpful



            Good value CD with losts of variation to appeal to all tastes

            I agree in the majority with the previous reviewer of this album that it is a bit of a mixed bunch. There are some really excellent cover versions and there are some that really should never have seen the light of day.

            I have now made a playlist on my i-pod of my favourite songs on the album and got rid of the ones that just don't work for me.

            The track I have played most on this album has to to the Twang version of Bran Van 3000's Drinking in LA. I loved the original but I love this version even more - the quality of the lead singers's voice is just fantastic and brings so much depth to the track .

            There is one track which I have listened to once and will never do so again as it just grates on me from the moment it starts and that is Calvin Harris' version of Stillness in time by Jamiroquai. The vocals are all over the place and the backing just sounds as though they are warming up.

            There will be lots of tracks that you think - oh I recognise that song. There are plenty of varied tracks and artists on this CD so you should find something that you like.


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            23.11.2008 11:35
            Very helpful



            A great idea for an album, fun to listen to

            This album was brought out in 2007 to celebrate 40 years of Radio One and what a great idea. Here you have 40 songs, from 1967- 2007 one from each year Radio One has been on air, sung by 40 of today's biggest artists.

            Ok, so not all of them are as good as or even equal the originals and some of them kill them completely but all are interesting to say the least. As a concept for an album it's very entertaining, and 40 songs isn't bad value for money either.

            In my opinion by far the best cover is The Gossip covering George Michael's 'Careless Whisper' from 1984. They make it their own and it's the most original take on any of the songs covered. Hard Fi covering Britney's 'Toxic' from 2004 is the highlight of the more recent songs on the album, just proves a song doesn't have to be old to be reinvented.

            Robbie Williams does a good job on The Kinks' 'Lola' and The Stereophonics' Kelly Jones' voice is to die for on Hot Chocolates' 'You Sexy Thing' but both stay true to the original.

            Treat with caution, Razorlights' cover of 'Englishman in New York' and McFly's terrible cover of 'A Town Called Malice' but by far the worst offenders are Natasha Bedingfield screeching out 'Ray of Light' and Corrine Bailey Rae killing all the attitude in The Raconteurs' 'Steady As She Goes'.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Flowers In The Rain - Kaiser Chiefs
          2 All Along The Watchtower - The Fratellis
          3 Cupid - Amy Winehouse
          4 Lola - Robbie Williams
          5 Your Song - The Streets
          6 Betcha By Golly, Wow - Sugababes
          7 You're So Vain - The Feeling
          8 Band On The Run - Foo Fighters
          9 Love Is The Drug - Kylie Minogue
          10 Let's Stick Together - KT Tunstall
          11 Sound And Vision - Franz Ferdinand
          12 Teenage Kicks - The Raconteurs
          13 I Can't Stand Losing You - MIKA
          14 Too Much Too Young - Kasabian
          15 Under Pressure - Keane
          16 Town Called Malice - McFly
          17 Come Back And Stay - James Morrison
          18 Careless Whisper - Gossip
          19 The Power Of Love - The Pigeon Detectives
          20 Don't Get Me Wrong - Lily Allen

          Disc #2 Tracklisting
          1 You Sexy Thing - Stereophonics
          2 Fast Car - Mutya Buena
          3 Lullaby - Editors
          4 Englishman In New York - Razorlight
          5 Crazy For You - Groove Armada
          6 It Must Be Love - Paolo Nutini
          7 All That She Wants - The Kooks
          8 All I Need - Mark Ronson
          9 Stillness In Time - Calvin Harris
          10 No Diggity - Klaxons
          11 Lovefool - Just Jack
          12 Ray Of Light - Natasha Bedingfield
          13 Drinking in L.A. - The Twang
          14 The Great Beyond - The Fray
          15 Teenage Dirtbag - Girls Aloud
          16 Like I Love You - Maximo Park
          17 Don't Look Back Into The Sun - The View
          18 Toxic - Hard-Fi
          19 Father & Son - Enemy
          20 Steady As She Goes - Corinne Bailey Rae

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