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Radio 1's Live Lounge - Volume 3

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11 Reviews

Genre: Compilation / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2008-10-20 at SonyBMG

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    11 Reviews
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      13.10.2009 00:16
      Very helpful



      A must have if you love your life music

      Radio 1 is a national radio station from the BBC aimed at a target audience of around 16-26 year old featuring DJ's such as Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, Vernon Kay & Sara Cox.

      One of my highlights on the station is the Live Lounge. This is where an artist or band comes in live and sings two of their own song live & acoustic as well as a cover version. This album showcases some of the best recent cover versions performed as well as a few original live tracks too.

      This is the 3rd Live Lounge album released, I have the other two which are both fab but I've gotta say this is the best one yet. There are many gems but some of my highlights include Dizzee Rascal doing The Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name" & also the Girls Aloud version of "With Every Heartbeat".

      In reality there are too many great tracks to mention. I love the live element of it making this different from the normal recorded material released. Also the fact that you get artists covering songs you just would never expect them to sing.

      If you love the live lounge or just listening to live music in general then this CD is a must have for your collection.


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      26.08.2009 17:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If you like live music you'll really enjoy this album.

      I own all three Live Lounge albums to date and would say they have got better with each release. There is a good mix of revamped versions of well known tracks by the original artists combined with interesting cover versions.

      This particular album also showcases the talents of a few artists I previously knew little about namely Elliot Minor, Ida Maria, Santogold and Bat For Lashes although a friend had actually recommended the latter to me. As these artists all perform covers versions on here it has left me intrigued as to the quality of their own material and I'm sure others will feel the same about the artists who appear that they know little about.

      Most of the tracks here have been big hits so you will be familiar with all but a few of the 40 offerings.

      Another interesting feature is the inclusion of two versions of the same song, one a cover and the other a new version by the original artist. Check out Sam Sparro's version of "American Boy" then listen to Estelle's new version of her own song and see which you prefer.

      Most of the cover versions are pretty good but be prepared for a few surprises. In my opinion some covering artists would be natural choices e.g. Newton Faulkner covering Kate Nash's "Foundations" or REM covering Editors "Munich" which I think is excellent. On the other hand I wouldn't expect The Script to cover Enimem on "Lose Yourself" which I think works well, or The Feeling to cover Kelly Rowland's "Work".

      There are some songs I don't like which I have a different opinion of now having heard the Live Lounge version. One in particular is "Blinded By The Lights" by The Streets. I think this version is much better.

      Other highlights include an uptempo version of "Mercy" by Duffy and a great version of "Shine On" by The Kooks.

      Tings Tings cover of "Standing In The Way Of Control" includes a sample from "The Power" by Snap and the vocals in "Violet Hill" by Pendulum have a Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode feel to them, especially with a synthesizer backing throughout.

      Each of the three albums in the Live Lounge Series have been bought for me as a gift at Christmas however, if they hadn't been gifts I would have ended up purchasing them anyway.

      I would be surprised if any real music lover, especially one who likes live music, didn't like this album.


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        17.08.2009 16:10
        Very helpful



        Good all round album, with some hidden gems

        I love listening to the Live Lounge on Radio 1 anyway, so to have a CD full of them is even better! There's some absolute crackers on here, which will be enjoyed by everybody, but there are some which will be an acquired taste.
        For me, the best track is the Alphabeat one, but I loved that when I saw it live at V Festival last year. Another favourite is the Foo Fighters cover of Arcade Fire Keep the Car Running.
        All of the Live Lounge albums are great for presents, because it's just an album of live music - my Dad hates Radio 1, but will gladly sit and listen to the whole of this CD because he likes the live music. Also, there are songs on here which I didn't like origianlly but I love now, because I've listened to someone else's interpretation of it, and it's great to listen to other people's take on a classic.

        I would definately buy this album, if it wasn't already in my collection, and I know that I'll keep buying the Live Linge albums until thyey stop releasing them.


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        29.07.2009 17:01
        Very helpful



        Brilliant album

        I love the whole concept of Radio 1's Live Lounge. I really enjoy finding covers of songs I like and hearing them done in a fresh and different way. I also like hearing people do their own tunes acoustically, bringing a whole new dimension to the song. I got this particular Live Lounge for Christmas and think it's fantastic with a collection of truly brilliant covers and acoustic versions of songs.

        The CD comes in a chunky red case which contains two discs both jam-packed with a fab 20 songs each. It's a pretty eclectic mix featuring songs, bands and singers that you are unlikely to ever see in the same place again! There is also a bonus DVD featuring half an hour of Live Lounge performances from the likes of The Script, Rihanna and Elbow.

        The first disc is probably the slightly stronger out of the two. It's pretty hard choosing only a few highlights from that disc but I have a couple of favourites. Newton Faulkner covering Foundations (originally by Kate Nash) is one. This a great cover and Newton Faulkner really makes it his own. He has fun with the song and his great voice really shines through. Another favourite is Elliot Minor covering Take Thats's Rule the World. They perform it brilliantly with plenty of feeling and emotion.

        Other stand out tracks include Dizzee Rascal's rather funky and memorable cover of That's Not My Name, Ida Maria's sweet and soulful cover of Sweet About Me and The Feeling's cover of Work by Kelly Rowland which is really different for them and great fun to listen to. I also love Panic at the Disco performing their song Nine in the Afternoon. I love this song and I think Brendon Urie's voice has a lovely quality to it which you don't often get to hear in other Panic songs.

        There are a couple of tracks on Disc 1 that do miss the mark a bit for me. One of them is Girls Aloud's version of With Every Heartbeat originally by Robyn. I feel a bit bad saying that as I like the song, I like Girls Aloud and in some parts the song sounds quite good, particularly the chorus which is sung with real emotion. But unfortunately a couple of the girl's vocal abilities cannot keep up with the song and in some parts they struggle to the point where it sounds a bit painful. I still listen to the song though and just have to close my ears for part of it! One song I cannot listen to however is Daddy's Gone by Glasvegas. I find it utterly depressing and I don't really enjoy the lead singers voice live.

        Although Disc 1 is slightly stronger, the second disc still contains some real blinders including my favourite on the whole album - Guillemots cover of Sam Sparro's Black and Gold. I adore the original Black and Gold and never tire of listening to it. I think this cover is almost, if not just as good as the original with Guillemots really putting their own spin on the song. The result is a slightly rockier, raw version full of emotion but still just as catchy and brilliant as the original.

        Another favourite track on Disc 2 includes The Script covering Lose Yourself (originally by Eminem). It is a really unusual cover with The Script singing this rap song. This is a fresh and interesting cover and I'm impressed how The Scripts Danny O'Donoghue can sing the song so fast without compromising his great vocal abilities. My other favourite is Lupe Fiasco performing Superstar. It is his own song and I love how he performs it on this album. It has a great chilled out vibe to it and his voice sounds strong and pure.

        Other great songs on Disc 2 include Bat For Lashes cover of Sweet Dreams, Rihanna performing Hate That I Love You and Scouting For Girls performance of their hit Elvis Aint Dead. I also love Goldfrapp's version of It's Not Over Yet originally by Grace which is haunting and emotional.

        There are a couple of songs in particular that I avoid on Disc 2. The first is Ironik Stay with Me which I just find irritating. The second is Santogold's cover of Adele's Hometown Glory. I love the original but find the cover horrendous. Santogolds voice sounds strained and awful and she has tried to make the song heavy and almost gothic. It actually scares me in parts.

        Overall this album is a must have for any music lover. There is something for everyone on the album and I love the diverse collection of songs and artists on the album. There are a couple of songs that may not float your boat but you get that with any compilation album. If you do want to get it is available for £6.98 on Amazon.


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          13.06.2009 16:00



          Worth buying

          I very rarely listen to Radio 1 but have all three Live Lounge cd's and this one is by far the best. Some of the songs are just live versions, sang by the original artist, Duffy's 'Mercy' is a very good version. I love Dizzee Rascal singing 'That's not my name', originally by the Ting Tings. When the song came out, it was such a hit and everybody knew the words, then another hit artist mixes it up a bit, fantastic! I think this compilation, unlike many others, is full of good songs that are recogniseable, too many compilations have a few hit songs on each cd, and then just pad the rest out with songs nobody has ever heard of or remixes of old songs. This is not the case with this cd and it is a good listen, more varied and much better than the first two Live lounge albums.


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          28.05.2009 15:09



          Interesting as always!

          Another great installment from Radio one's Live Lounge. Always an interesting compilation as the artists get to choose another bands / solo artists song and cover it. Some are great and even better than the originals for example look at the sucess Amy Winehouse had with 'Valerie'. I think it is a very interesting album, not unlike the two previously. It takes the artist outside their comfort zone as they sing another's song and try to make it their own, it's great to hear what they can do to it. My favorites personally are the accoustic versions as they really have a raw sound about them and it is a real chance to hear the artists raw talent as opposed to the studio, 'pollished' version we get normally. There is a range of different characters on this version, from Dizzee Rascal to the Foo Fighters, to the streets and Pendulum, there really is something for everyone and I often find you end up becoming a fan of the most unlikely of the bunch!


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          28.03.2009 22:43
          Very helpful



          great compilation album

          I love to listen to radio one, it really is the only radio station I listen to, apart from if one songs really bugging me then I may change over occasionally.
          However I only really listen to radio one with Chris Moyle's in the mornings and then Scott Mills at night as this is when I'm travelling about and need something to listen to. I always miss the live lounge on radio one, but I do end up hearing them on you tube or something usually, but I never had chance to get them on my ipod, well now I do.

          This double disk CD is the third edition on the radio one live lounge series and contains 20 song on each disk, so that's 40 songs altogether which is really good value for money and its good to see them do it all on one album instead of putting it on three and charging you twice as much.

          Track listings.
          Disk 1
          1. Mercy - Duffy
          2. Standing In The Way Of Control - Ting Tings (The)
          3. That's Not My Name - Dizzee Rascal
          4. American Boy - Sam Sparro
          5. Violet Hill - Pendulum
          6. Blinded By The Lights - Streets (The)
          7. I Kissed A Girl - McFly
          8. Shine On - Kooks
          9. Foundations - Newton Faulkner
          10. Nine In The Afternoon - Panic At The Disco
          11. With Every Heartbeat - Girls Aloud
          12. Work - Feeling (The)
          13. LoveStoned - Hoosiers (The)
          14. Moving To New York - Wombats (The)
          15. Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning) - Paramore
          16. Rule The World - Elliot Minor
          17. Sweet About Me - Ida Maria
          18. Munich - R.E.M.
          19. Daddy's Gone - Glasvegas
          20. Keep The Car Running - Foo Fighters

          Disc 2
          1. Lose Yourself - Script (The)
          2. Chasing Pavements - Adele
          3. One Day Like This - Elbow
          4. Elvis Ain't Dead - Scouting For Girls
          5. Black And Gold - Guillemots
          6. Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
          7. Stay With Me - Ironik
          8. Fluorescent Adolescent - Kate Nash
          9. It's Not Over Yet - Goldfrapp
          10. Ready For The Floor - Pigeon Detectives
          11. LSF - Kasabian
          12. Wires - Athlete
          13. Beautiful - Zutons (The)
          14. Love In This Club - Automatic (The)
          15. Hometown Glory - Santogold
          16. 10000 Nights - Alphabeat
          17. Sweet Dreams - Bat For Lashes
          18. Closer - Ne-Yo
          19. Hate That I Love You - Rihanna
          20. American Boy - Estelle

          What's great about the album is that it doesn't only offer fantastic versions of your favourite songs done live by your favourite artists but it also offers them singing cover of songs that you never hear them sing again, its also very good quality recordings of each of the songs, and the vocals for all the songs are excellent too. There are so much good tracks on here and no matter who is your favourite artist at the moment you are sure to enjoy most of this album if not all of it.


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          02.03.2009 12:56
          Very helpful



          Overall, a great compilation from the Live Lounge

          One of the most interesting and entertaining events in the music industry as a whole for me is Radio 1's Live Lounge. It takes artists out of their comfort zones and gives them some freedom to choose a track and cover it. While this is done on a regular basis with artists in general who cover a track for general release, the Live Lounge tends to be more current and a great blend of music, whereas released covers are more studio produced. What makes the Live Lounge stand out is the gig feel to it as the artists perform live.

          Artists also have the chance to showcase their own music in the Live Lounge as well, and this is often just as good as the covers. The first disc of the third Live Lounge compilation to be released has a nice blend of music, starting off with Duffy's Mercy, which sounds as controlled and studio-made live as it does in the actual recording booth - a tribute to her voice, no doubt. I loved Dizzee Rascal's upbeat and catchy version of That's Not My Name, and curiously, Sam Sparro covering Estelle's American Boy worked very well. Also surprisingly good was Girls Aloud doing With Every Heartbeat, and the Foo Fighters performing Keep The Car Running was as good as you would expect from them. Not so much of a fan of REM covering Munich or The Hoosiers giving us Love Stoned, but Elliot Minor doing Take That's Rule The World was interesting indeed.

          The second disc picks up well, too. Adele's performance of her own hit, Chasing Pavements, is good, although not as good as she usually is live. Scouting For Girls' Elvis Ain't Dead is still brilliant, and I'm really loving the way Elbow perform, either live or in the studio, and One Day Like This is done very well. Black & Gold, a hit for Sam Sparro, get the Guillemots treatment - not sure if I liked this one or not, but the disc ends with a 3 track belter. Ne-Yo's Closer, Rihanna's Hate That I Love You and Estelle's American Boy - all excellently done live, and very emotionally performed, too. Excellent stuff.

          Overall, this is a very good double album compilation from the Live Lounge. I highly enjoy listening to the Live Lounge when I get a chance, and it is nice to be able to get a CD with some of the best performances on it as well. Sure, there are some tracks that I didn't particularly like, but I think this comes down to personal taste as opposed to anything else, and is merely indicative of the wide range of musical performances the Live Lounge receives. Radio 1's Live Lounge Volume 3 is currently available from amazon.co.uk for around the £7 mark, depending on whether you want a brand new copy or a used one. Recommended!


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            19.01.2009 15:28
            Very helpful



            A pick and mix of live music

            Radio One's Live Lounge has been a huge success. This is the third compilation album released, featuring the latest best bits from visitors to the live lounge in 2008.

            The compliation is a good buy. As far as value for money goes 40 songs over two CDs for under a tenner can't be bad. (I bought mine from play.com for £9.99) Having said that, with 40 songs by a range of different artists from all musical genres, there's going to be some stuff you hate. I'd say there were a few stand out amazing tracks, a handful of good songs and the rest are pretty dire.

            The CD is recording from the live lounge, both bands covering other bands songs and playing their own. I love hearing quirky covers, and they are often a bit like marmite depending on how attached you are the the original.
            Covers highlights includes -

            Dizzee Rascal - That's Not My Name
            Wow, this is good. Very funny too. I'm not into Dizzee's style of music but I think he's a great writer. This cover of the Ting Tings hit is pretty true to the original tune but he plays about with the lyrics and puts his 'Dizzee' stamp on it to great comic effect. No, it doesn't beat the original but it's one of those songs you say to people 'You have to hear this...'

            The Ting Tings - Standing in the way of Control.
            This is bizarre. Opens with a sampling of 'I've got the power' and then comes in a broken down version of the Gossip's biggest hit. Unfortuneately, this doesn't have the drama of the original, but I don't think the two versions really need to be compared. They're the same lyrics but it's barely recognisable. Also it really shows that the Tings Ting's Katie, really can sing and is not just limited to shouting with attitude.

            Newton Faulkner - Foundations
            I don't really like Newton Falkner and I can't stand Kate Nash. So why do I like this cover? Probably because you realise Nash's lyrics aren't half bad when you haven't got a stroppy whiny full of herself little madam singing them.

            Of course, there are also some covers on here best avoided, add these to the skip list -

            McFly - I Kissed a Girl
            Annoying as this song is with Katie Perry singing it, you could understand she was going for controversy. It hasn't even got that going for it with McFly singing it. I think they kind of missed the point with this. Bless them.

            Girls Aloud -With Every Heartbeat
            Proof that you can't be that pretty and all be able to sing.

            Kate Nash- Fluorescent Adolescent -
            Fantastic Arctic Monkeys song + stroppy whiny full of herself little madam = a complete disaster. This made my ears hurt. I think this is the song Kate Nash wishes she'd written. Well you didn't so leave it alone. It was perfect to start with.

            In addition to the 'interesting' cover versions there are some great live performances of bands doing what they do best. Highlights include Athlete performing their beautiful 'Wires' and Panic at the Disco performing 'Nine in the Afternoon'.

            Overall, I'm pleased I bought it but only a select few will be going on the ipod. Worth it for Dizzee if nothing else.


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              02.01.2009 17:37
              Very helpful



              a really good quality compilation

              live lounge is such a great idea, and putting great tracks onto cd is an even better one, as its fascinating hearing other artists take on a song. Sometimes the covers are amazing and sometimes they're 'interesting' to say the least but its always great when the artist puts a totally different twist on a song-i definitely think that sam sparro did this with american boy-this guy has such a fantastic voice and to hear him sing an estelle song was pretty immense.

              another stand out track was paramore covering kaiser chiefs 'loves not a competition'-hayley has such a beautiful voice and it was really nice to hear a female singing this track.

              I think sometimes when you read the artists doing the songs the idea of it seems a bit cringey(kate nash doing fluorescent adolescent anyone?) but its surprising how well this works.

              Overall this album is great, and definitely offers up a few surprises, particularly if you're not a regular radio 1 listener, or didn't happen to catch all the performances when they were on.

              My only minor complaint is that i'd rather the album was all people doing covers rather than their own songs, just because of the fact that it gives us a chance to hear artists doing songs you wouldn't really expect them too, but the tracks featured on this cd where artists did their own songs were great too, so i can't really complain too much


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              03.11.2008 17:43
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Roll on Volume 4!

              The Radio 1 Live Lounge series reaches its third volume. Taking music recorded during Jo Whiley's radio show, the CD has popular artists recording their own songs or their favourites by other artists.

              The Live Lounge series is, in my opinion, brilliant. I love to hear songs sung live, and most of all, I like to hear them reimagined. You can hear the same song over and over again and get bored of it, but then you hear it done in the Live Lounge, and you can fall in love all over again.

              Highlights on the third volume include:

              Foundations by Newton Faulkner
              Standing in the Way of Control by The Ting Tings
              That's Not My Name by Dizzee Rascal
              Closer by Ne-Yo
              Black and Gold by Guillemots

              Newton Faulkner's version of Foundations is particularly brilliant, because he plays around with Kate Nash's lyrics. I really love that he sings "Oh my fingertips are moulding into the shape of a crustacean" and "I try to play with lego, but I can't." You just wouldn't get that anywhere else but in the Live Lounge!

              Other artists include McFly, Bat For Lashes, The Kooks, and many more.

              There are many many good songs on this album, and there really is something for everyone. If you liked the first and second volume then you should go out and buy this one too! Here's looking forward to Number 4!


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 Duffy - Mercy
              2 The Ting Tings - Standing In The Way Of Control
              3 Dizzee Rascal - That's Not My Name
              4 Sam Sparro - American Boy
              5 Pendulum - Violet Hill
              6 The Streets - Blinded By The Lights
              7 McFly - I Kissed A Girl
              8 The Kooks - Shine On
              9 Newton Faulkner - Foundations
              10 Panic At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon
              11 Girls Aloud - With Every Heartbeat
              12 The Feeling - Work
              13 The Hoosiers - LoveStoned
              14 The Wombats - Moving To New York
              15 Paramore - Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)
              16 Elliot Minor - Rule The World
              17 Ida Maria - Sweet About Me
              18 R.E.M. - Munich
              19 Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone
              20 Foo Fighters - Keep The Car Running

              Disc #2 Tracklisting
              1 The Script - Lose Yourself
              2 Adele - Chasing Pavements
              3 Elbow - One Day Like This
              4 Scouting For Girls - Elvis Ain't Dead
              5 Guillemots - Black & Gold
              6 Lupe Fiasco - Superstar
              7 Ironik - Stay With Me
              8 Kate Nash - Fluorescent Adolescent
              9 Goldfrapp - It's Not Over Yet
              10 The Pigeon Detectives - Ready For The Floor
              11 Kasabian - LSF
              12 Athlete - Wires
              13 The Zutons - Beautiful
              14 The Automatic - Love In This Club
              15 Santogold - Hometown Glory
              16 Alphabeat - 10,000 Nights
              17 Bat For Lashes - Sweet Dreams
              18 Ne-Yo - Closer
              19 Rihanna - Hate That I Love You
              20 Estelle - American Boy

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