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Raindancer - Erutan

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Artist: Erutan / Label: Independent

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2012 23:31
      Very helpful



      Looking forward to new music!

      Raindancer is an independently released album by Erutan also known as Kate Covington or by her youtube name Katethegreat18. On her youtube channel, she's recorded many covers that are available to to download on her website. A lot of these covers include her own special arrangements. Having already loved her cover of Come Little Children, I decided to explore her more and noticed she had released an album.

      Raindancer is her first collection of original songs that truly represent years of hard work and devotion. All of the songs featured on Raindancer were recorded and arranged in the comfort of her own home. But listening to this album... it sounds even more professional than albums that are commercially released and recorded in a studio. The magic atmosphere, the dreamy arrangement, the enchanting vocals, it sounds very amazing and inspiring. It doesn't like something you would expect from a home recorded album. I've also heard that she's done no vocal training, which also blows my mind.

      Kate Bush and Enya fans this is probably right up your street. I don't think I've ever listened to an album so perfect in a long time. Everything about this album is so pure and full of love. All the instruments and arrangements fall into place. The vocals are lush, I really love the echo effects on the vocals because I think it did the trick. Even without the effects, Kate's voice is so soft, sweet and gentle. The album makes me think of fantasy and medieval think of fairies in Warwick Castle.

      There's a collection of very impressive tracks on here. The first track gave me an excellent impression. It did make me think of Ireland because of the Celtic medieval folk. The vocals and music sound so sweet and irresistible together. I can say that for the rest of the songs but I love how crafted each songs are. I think there's a lot of nice variety on this album and The Willow Maid's narrative flow gives it a solid beginning. I knew I was hooked on this album.

      Song Of Joy is a song that lives up to it's name; very uplifting and easy to listen to. Butterfly Dream is another song that really stands out for me because of how dreamy it sounds, it sounds very pure and it's easy to relax to. I get so much wonderful imagery when I listen to this song. Temple Of The Sky has that inner dark fantasy style that I can really get into. It sounds very effortless and royal.

      One of my personal favourites on this album is Birds Of A Feather. I think it's a song that can take you back to your childhood where everything seemed to be much more innocent. Once again, the song highlights Kate's crisp vocals and exceptional talents in music. I love the flutes and the romantic theme of the song. Sounds like a really good choice for a wedding song.

      Will O' The Wisp also blows me away as well. I love the piano on this and I think the high pitch on this works really well. It sounds so fluffy and sweet because it's so upbeat it builds up so nicely to the chorus. So Far Away And So Near and Winter Moon are perfect ways to end the album because they're so peaceful to listen to.

      I find a lot of inspiration on this album. It makes me want to do some more writing. I think some people might not like it that Kate doesn't offer mp3 files for her original music at the moment, but I respect her reasons why. She wants the listener to have the best experience of listening to the album and has taken great care that of everything. It's all paid off in my opinion. The album cover and display content is beautiful. She will also ship to other countries, accept pay pal and will do autographs. Here's a link to her website: http://www.erutanmusic.com/

      Wish her all the best!


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