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Right Place, Right Time - Olly Murs

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4 Reviews

Artist: Olly Murs / Audio CD released 2012-11-26 at Epic

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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2013 04:09
      Very helpful



      A great album, really doing well in the music industry

      =Right Place, Right Time - Olly Murs=

      =Christmas Stocking=
      I did ask Father Christmas for Olly Murs for Christmas in my stocking, but I think he misheard and put the CD in. It is a household tradition that my daughter and I have a little box of goodies on Christmas Eve, an early delievery from Father Christmas, and in that was the CD, but the label was for her!

      =3rd Album=
      Olly Murs came runner up in the 2009 X Factor, I think a blessing in disguise, and has now (Christmas 2012) released his 3rd album. This album has 16 tracks on it.

      Although the first album was good, the second in my opinion even better, the third actually exceeds those.

      =1 - Army of Two=
      This is a good opening track for the album, Olly wrote it for his fans, it is his cheely chappie approach, a sweet song, is has a backing of a marching tempo, which you expect the army to be behind him.

      =2 =Troublemaker (ft. Flo Rida)=
      Bar being one of my favourites, this made number one in the charts. really upbeat, good tune, strong chorus. An all rounder of a song. Once that when I listen to i want to have a big cheeky grin across my face.

      =3 - Loud and Clear =

      To me this seems to be an odd choice to follow trouble maker, as we go to a completely different elements, with this song the concentration is on the music, from the violins, then dropping to calmer lyrics, but it is still a good song as it shows how verstile Olly is as a singer, songwriter.

      =4 - Dear Darlin'
      This Is Olly to a T, it was written by olly, it does have an element of cheesy 80s pop music, but with this song this is not a negative it is actually a positive to it.

      =5 - Right Place Right Time =
      This is strong on the music elements from the piano, through to a drumbeat that you want to tap along to. It is a really good track, from lyrics, though to the whole production.

      = 6 - Hand On Heart =
      This is very emotional song, and for some people it may sum up life, but it makes you think in a good way about life, the upbeat of the song actually stops it being a ballard, although it could easily fit into a ballard.

      =7 - Hey You Beautiful =
      This reminds me of a One Direction song, funky, fresh, a slight element of cheese, really fun one.

      =8 - Head To Toe =
      Again this one has an element of the music as a main thought, the piano is quite important with the song, its a dance tune and has the same elements as Dance with me Tonight to it which was on Album 2

      =9 - Personal =
      This is mixed, as the lyrics have an element of personal emotions to it, but with the music, this is very mixed emotions, including a rap element to it

      =10 - What A Buzz =
      Pour me into my trousers Olly the cheeky chappy fun and a smile from this song.

      =11 - Cry Your Heart Out =
      Bobbing, upbeat, the Olly style is the best way to describe this.

      =12 - One Of These Days =
      This brings another dimension to the track, very calm, borderline ballard, yet at the end you want to go ah, as it is close to being a tear jerking finish to a great album.

      =Dleuxe Edition=
      We had the normal CD, but there is a delux version which has another four tracks on it.

      =Price and availability=
      My daughter collared her nan into paying, but looking around the CD was around £10 when it first came out.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this album, it is 10/10.

      I find that Olly has appeal for all age groups, my daughter is 10 and thinks he is the next best thing since butter bread, me I love his music, not bad himself, could make a good toyboy!! but he has not let fame go to his head, he seems a hard working guy.

      Looking forward to what 2013 produces from him.



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      31.12.2012 15:40
      Very helpful



      Third album from X-Factor runner up Olly Murs

      In my mind, I had put Olly Murs into a basket labelled "Them From X-Factor" and had completely ignored his output since he finished second on the show in 2009. However, he has thrived since then, as second placed finishers of that show nearly always do better than the people who beat them. Suddenly I started hearing him everywhere; his single with Flo Rida "Troublemaker" was all over the radio and TV music channels; one of his earlier songs made it into my local theatre's pantomime and I discovered my girlfriend was a fan. None of this would have mattered all that much except that I found myself quite liking what he'd done and it turns out I wasn't alone, with both "Troublemaker" and this album, "Right Place, Right Time", hitting the top of the UK charts.

      The album doesn't open terribly well, at least for the first few seconds, "Army Of Two" beginning with a strange string arrangement which fortunately segues into a marching beat that gives the song a decent beat. Once the song really gets going, the album kicks into gear and there's an interesting combination of sounds here, as the vocals sound like Adam Levine from Maroon 5, but the track sounds more musically akin to Take That's "Shine" song. Overall, what you get here is a jaunty, upbeat little pop song that passes by quite enjoyably and should do quite well if it is, as rumours suggest, released as the next single from this album.

      It will have a tough act to follow, as the single to precede it was "Troublemaker" featuring Flo Rida, which is also the album's second track. Once again, this is a wonderfully jaunty and upbeat little pop-dance tune and the nod in the direction of Maroon 5 is musical as well as just vocal this time around. This is a song that I always struggle not to tap my feet along with, so catchy is the beat.

      "Loud & Clear" starts with a string arrangement and a strange beat that I know I've heard somewhere else recently, but just can't place. The song is a well crafted pop ballad with a slight dance-influenced beat. It's well enough performed and has a decent chorus which suggests it would do well as a live song, but it seems a little weak and generic after the quality and fun of the opening two tracks.

      There is an upbeat piano opening to "Dear Darling", which when combined with quite a dance beat, reminds me a little of something Plan B might come out with. This is another decent pop-dance track, although the upbeat nature of the music doesn't always match up with the lyrical content, although this is also the kind of thing that Plan B would do. It's not a bad track by any means, but it doesn't quite match the quality that the album started with.

      The piano intro to the title track "Right Place, Right Time" is even jauntier than the one on "Dear Darling". This time the lyrical content matches the upbeat, dance-pop beat. The song takes me back to a lot of the Euro pop that was around back in the 1990s, with the same club inspired dance beat with a pop influenced lyric over the top. It's a great song to get the feet moving along to, but it's rather generic and doesn't seem to have a mark on it you could say made it an Olly Murs song.

      The gentle opening to "Hand on Heart" suggests another ballad, but when the beat comes in, it's a mid-tempo pop track that really doesn't do an awful lot. With the constant repeating of "put your hand on my heart" over the chorus, it does nothing of note either musically or lyrically and for me, this is the album's first real let down.

      Fortunately, the balance of the album is restored a little with "Hey, You, Beautiful", which harkens back to the opening of the album. This is a wonderfully jaunty and upbeat piece of pop music with a strong Maroon 5 influence. Lyrically, it's a little weak, suggesting that whilst Murs may be claiming co-writing credits on the majority of the album, he may need a little work in this area. In terms of performing catchy dance-pop tunes, he's certainly got that down to a fine art, as this track proves.

      "Head to Toe" is wonderfully different to anything that has gone before, with a much funkier beat to the song. It's jaunty and mid-tempo and still retains a very strong pop influence, but there is a funk and r 'n' b influence that could make this a decent club hit with the right mix. There is a strange Maroon 5 sounding middle eight later on in the song which interrupts the flow of it a little, but this is one of my favourite tracks on the album, purely because it attempts to do something a little different and, by and large, succeeds.

      A little like "Army of Two", there's a misleading intro to "Personal", which sounds like it could have come from a West End musical before the dance-pop beat kicks in and it becomes another standard Olly Murs track. It's once again quite an upbeat and up-tempo track, but it's also once again a little generic pop-dance number that doesn't have an Olly Murs stamp on it anywhere I could really see.

      On the other hand, "What a Buzz" is a wonderful little track. It borrows the riff from Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha", but combines it with a cheeky little lyric and a jaunty feeling and you can almost see the cheeky grin that the song had to have been performed with. There's a slight feeling to the story telling which reminds me of early Paolo Nutini, but this is a song that is packed with a cheeky grin and an refreshing innocence to the lyric and it's an instant favourite for me. It's not unique either musically or lyrically, but the overall package, especially the way it's delivered are simply wonderful and so much fun. It's a song that you can smile along with, even if you don't sing along.

      The title of "Cry Your Heart Out" sounds like it's going to be a ballad, but it turns out to be a mid-tempo pop-r 'n' b tune with quite a jaunty little beat that doesn't quite fit with the lyric, but somehow still works. This isn't a bad song overall, it's just a little non-descript and passes by without ever grabbing my attention. I'm not sure if it's a bad track in its own right, or if it just suffers badly from being directly after my favourite song.

      That said, it is made to seem a little better by "One of These Days", which is a weak end to an album. It's a piano based pop ballad and whilst it's nicely done and Murs' vocal one again has a hint of Maroon 5 in the delivery, this is again a very weak and generic song, with every chord change and backing vocal being where you would expect it. Given that the album does have some highly impressive moments, it is a shame it had to end so weakly.

      I think the comparisons drawn to the sound of Maroon 5 can also be extended to the album. A Maroon 5 album generally has a couple of really decent tracks and then the rest is filler. That's not quite the case here, as there are a few more tracks that just edge into the "good" category than on a normal Maroon 5 album. Essentially, however, what you get here are a few stand out tracks, a few more that aren't too bad and a few that are a waste of space.

      However, for someone I derided as "X-Factor rubbish" without giving him a fair hearing, Olly Murs has done well here and given that I've allowed Maroon 5 to persuade me more than once, it seems only fair that I raid my girlfriend's collection for Olly back catalogue. This will never be my favourite album and at £8.99 on Amazon for 12 tracks and only just over 40 minutes of music, it's not something I would consider great value, but it's certainly worth the £2.50 I've seen it for on eBay and if it starts appearing in charity shops at some point in the near future, it's certainly not the worst album ever to end up in a bargain bin. If you're a Maroon 5 fan, this is well worth a look and if you're a fan of slightly generic pop music, this is certainly a decent example of that style.


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      21.12.2012 17:24
      Very helpful



      A brilliant 3rd album from X Factor runner up Olly Murs

      Well, here it is! Another album by X Factor 2009 finalist, Olly Murs. With two chart topping albums already created, and definitely part of my iPod playlist, there was no doubt in me buying his third instalment: Right Place Right Time. Excuse the long review, but here I go, breaking down the tracks like I usually do...

      Track by Track

      1 - Army of Two - An oh so grand opener to the album, this song is more like an extended introduction for the rest of the album. A marching tempo which fits the army idea perfectly, it's an alright song, although admittedly, it's not my favourite. Olly wrote it for his fans, which is sweet (slash slightly corny, but then he did come off the X Factor...). Slightly disappointed that the rumour is this will be his next release off the album - maybe other people will like it more than me...? Track rating = 3/5

      2 - Troublemaker (ft. Flo Rida) - Number 1 in the charts, this is more like it! Well done, Olly, a fab tune, with catchy chorus lyrics, and the added bonus of Flo Rida means instant success. And being a massive Maroon 5 fan, it's nice to hear something similar to them coming from another artist. Not much more to say about this song, it speaks for itself! Track rating = 5/5

      3 - Loud and Clear - More stringy violins, dropping into a lilting backbeat, and some emotional lyrics from Olly. Quite a calmer after Troublemaker, it fits quite well into the flow of the album here, and I quite like it for easy background listening - not a stand out track, but a pretty one. Track rating = 4/5

      4 - Dear Darlin' - This is what I consider to be typical Olly sound. It takes me back to his first album, with cheesy pop tune style, a somehow cheerful drum beat despite the lyrics being about missing someone, and Olly's distinct sound over the top. I like it! And, written by Olly, I feel it shows off his talent for songwriting really well as well. Track rating = 4/5

      5 - Right Place Right Time - A funky piano riff from the title track of the album, and some great rhyming lyrics, combined with a catchy drumbeat, I really like this song. I can imagine bouncing around to a remix of this in a club, it revs me up for a good night out - "This is why we came, I can feel it in my veins" has to be my favourite lyric line as well. Track rating = 4/5

      6 - Hand On Heart - Tear jerker warning! Ok, I'm the emotional type, and this song actually sums up a relationship of mine perfectly at the moment. The words have a lot of meaning, whilst the beat keeps it pretty uptempo and jolly, so it's not a ballad. One of my favourites on the album. Track rating = 5/5

      7 - Hey You Beautiful - Cheesy pop at it's finest, I class this as a guilty pleasure song, similar to One Direction's recent pop hits. I love whacking this one on whilst I'm driving - and the childlike tune covers the fact the lyrics are "sex is in your eyes", which makes me smile! Track rating = 4/5

      8 - Head To Toe - I love the piano trills on this track, and the theme of this song is just brilliant. Another favourite of mine, it's a good sing-along, with a catchy tune, head bopping beat and typical Olly Murs sound - similar to Dance With Me Tonight, which was on his previous album. Track rating = 5/5

      9 - Personal - When it starts, you think this is going to be a ballad... And then a rap style tune kicks in, with a simple but effect tune, lyrics and sound blending well together to give the right feeling - he's taking it personal, and getting mad at his girl, and you can really feel it. Great when you've had a fall out with your partner - stick it on, sing it a couple of times, and destress! Track rating = 4/5

      10 - What A Buzz - Olly is back to his cheeky chappy self in this song, and it takes me back to his first album again. Singing about a first date with a girl, the track is cute and catchy. A fun little track which brings the mood up after the previous number. Track rating = 4/5

      11 - Cry Your Heart Out - Yet another great track! Is this review getting boring yet? More head bopping beats, in true Olly Murs lilting style, it's one of those songs that once you know the words, you'll feel cool singing along. Track rating = 4/5

      12 - One Of These Days - Another tear jerker! This is the final track on the standard album, and a true calmer after such feel good songs. It is emotional lyrics, and a perfect closer to the album. Really pretty, and leaving you totally satiated by Olly's brilliant sound. Track rating = 5/5

      Is there a deluxe edition?

      Silly question! Of course there is, and of course I bought it! Four more tracks for the die-hard Olly fans go as follows:

      13 - Runaway - When I heard this, I instantly thought Bruno Mars. A great bonus track, I don't know why it isn't on the actual album, as I think it could do really well in the charts. Anyone that doesn't have the extra tracks is missing out on this beauty. Track rating = 5/5

      14 - Sliding Doors - A bit of a potential club remix available here. I can see it being raved to, the song builds and builds throughout, taking flight in the chorus, with some catchy chorus lyrics, although the chorus is a bit short for my liking! I'd like a repeat of it each time! Track rating = 3/5
      15 - Perfect Night (To Say Goodbye) - I'm not sure about this song... I'm not really a fan. I mean, it's true Olly style, but I can't seem to focus on it fully - it floats into the background, with random lyrics and a funky verse which changes into a bit of a whiney chorus... The only disappointment on this album, I fear! Track rating = 1/5

      16 - The One - I like this one for it's lyrics, rather than it's tune. Some pretty words about a girl being "the one", I like it. It's not my favourite, but it's a good little bonus number on such an outstanding album. Track rating = 3/5

      What about the album cover? What does it look like?

      I buy all of my music online now, through iTunes, and so I don't really get to see the inlay to any album, but I get a good picture of the cover. In Olly's case, it's simple but effective - he's there in his usual cool looking way, braces, hands shoved in pockets in an "I'm swag" way, and a sultry look in his eyes. How can any girl resist?! A grey background and scribbly black and white writing surrounding him, it's a nice, clean cut album cover - and let's face it, with such great tracks, Olly doesn't need a brightly coloured cover to attract people. He has such a massive fan base that he could probably wrap each cd in cling film, and people would still buy it, because, well, it's Olly Murs!

      How much does it cost?

      Average price for albums on iTunes is £10.99. I paid a little bit more for the extended version, and I'm glad I did, because I do like those songs as well.
      Overall review then?

      Olly has produced another fantastic album, and I don't think he will stop there. With great chances to collaborate with other artists, the only way for this man is up - and he's become a bit of a treasure, doing Xtra Factor and other TV work recently. He's working hard and pushing himself to his absolute max, but I still think we should expect a lot more in his tank - and I'm yet to have any worries that he will let us down.
      The album is back to back brilliant tracks, with peaks and troughs in all the right places, making for easy listening, singing along and feeling good. Olly has managed to maintain his typical style, whilst keeping up to date with the charts, and this is clearly why he achieved both number 1 in singles and album chart simultaneously with Troublemaker and this album release.

      Overall album rating has to be a massive 9/10, docking one mark for the two tracks which I wasn't so keen on, but that's it.

      A brilliant album, I can't wait to see what he has for us in 2013!


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        16.12.2012 19:44
        Very helpful



        Love it!

        Olly Murs is back with a brand new album! Right Place Right Time is the third album from 2009 X Factor Runner Up Olly Murs. The album was released in the United Kingdom in November 2012 and so it is very recent. The CD is currently available from Amazon for a price of £8.99 which I think is great value for money.

        ~ * Track Listing * ~

        1) Army of Two 2) Troublemaker ft. Flo Rider 3) Loud & Clear 4) Dear Darlin' 5) Right Place Right Time 6) Hand on Heart 7) Hey You Beautiful 8) Head To Toe 9) Personal 10) What A Buzz 11) Cry Your Heart Out 12) One of These Days

        I will now give a brief review of some of the songs on the album.

        ~ * Army of Two * ~

        Starts off sounding very military. Dramatic song - was quite surprised at how the album started as it seems a bit too 'flat' compared to the 'upbeat happy songs' we are so used to. This song is ok but not as 'happy' as his other songs. This song reminds me a bit of a Robbie Williams song.

        ~ * Troublemaker * ~

        This was the album's lead single. This song is so catchy. It's typical Olly. I love this song!! I love the catchy chorus - I just can't resist singing along. It's 'light' and 'poppy'. I would describe this song as being a 'happy, feet-tapping song'. This song is easy to relate to too.

        ~ * Loud & Clear * ~

        Another likeable song; it starts off quite classical with an orchestra and then the beat kicks in. This song is very likeable and laid back. I think that Olly sounds a bit like Will Young on this track. I really like the chorus; it's quite dramatic and emotional. This is definitely single material; it would be quite different to hear him sing something more 'laid back' compared to his usual 'happy songs' (which I love).

        ~ * Dear Darlin * ~

        Another great song. I like how the lyrics of this song are like a letter. It's interesting to listen to with a nice laid back feel to it. It shows off Olly's sensitive side and the song sounds quite personal.

        Whilst this album continues with the same tyoical Olly sound, there is something more laid back about this album. The album has a mature sound and seems to be more 'serious' musically than his other albums. The tracks are all of high quality. This is the kind of album you can listen to over and over again. The songs are very likeable, although if I am honest, I did expect them to be more jolly-er, but I can't complain as there are some great songs on here.
        Olly sounds great on this album. The songs really suit his voice. I'm really impressed that he wrote them all himself. He is so talented!

        All I all, I would definitely recommend this album!

        Thanks for reading!
        December 2012
        Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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