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Rolled Gold - The Rolling Stones

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Genre: Rock - Classic Rock / Artist: The Rolling Stones / Box set / Audio CD released 2007-11-12 at Universal

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    2 Reviews
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      02.12.2007 20:03
      Very helpful



      A review on the USB format of the Rolled Gold album!

      The other week my partner took great pleasure in explaining that he had ordered two albums offline and that I was welcome to open the package but not play with them until he got home. I was most surprised that he had ordered something offline as he has been very scared of ordering offline. It wasn't until he explained that the albums were on USB and then I understood his excitement.

      I had never heard of USB albums until then and was quite curious myself. He had been browsing the Hadouken site and decided to get the album. A few days later the Rolling Stones album arrived.

      Without wanting to offend anyone I must admit that I have never been a fan of the Stones myself as they were a bit before my time. I have heard a few of their songs on the radio and they do feature in my mums record collection so wouldn't say I hate them. My partner on the other hand has grown up around the Stones and is a fan of them so I guessed we would be listening to it over the next few days. This review is based on the USB album, although the album is available in CD and LP format from most record stores and online stores such as Play.com and Amazon.

      A USB album is a very new concept with The Stone being the most famous band to release the first album (after Hadouken). In fact last year at a careers fair I did notice that some companies were giving away USB sticks with information/ music/ videos on and my university started giving out USB sticks with the prospectus on.

      The introduction of MP3 players and better technology there is a requirement for USB sticks, it definitely makes uploading tracks onto MP3 players a lot easier. The arrival of digital frames with movie and sound capabilities means that these USB sticks can be played without the use of a computer.

      As with most new items and new technological advances there are few hitches along the way and as of yet you cant just pick up a memory stick and shove it in a slot in the car so to listen to the tracks away from computer or other suitable appliance the files would need to be transferred to a CD or MP3 player. I am sure however that in a few months when other companies can see a market for USB albums they will start to create USB players and adaptors/hubs for these items.

      The album is Black with a golden pleated title. It does look highly effective and it does stand out. The album was first released in 1975 but was released again this month on CD and USB format.

      The Rolling Stones were formed in 1962 by Brian Jones and the other members were Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman. Dick Taylor later left the band and they were then joined by Bill Wyman.

      In the early days the music was inspired by the Beatles and chuck Berry. They soon started releasing hit after hit. And a few of their tracks were banned for inappropriate language and content.

      The band dabbled in drugs and in 1969 Brian Jones died of a drug overdose but the band continued as normal. The band still enjoyed many successful hits and have continued to sell vast amounts of hits. There is no one out there to have not heard of the Rolling Stones.

      Today the members of the group are Mick Jagger, Ron Wood , Keith Richards and Charlie Watts.

      There are 40 tracks on this USB stick and they seem to go in a chronological order. It is easy to see the progression from amateur band to mega stars. The tracks on the USB stick almost tell a story about the groups past.

      Track 1: Come on
      I thought this track was very basic. The song has a very 60's feel to it and I thought it was a great first track to introduce the album. This track reminded me a lot of some of Buddy Holly's work. Today however the song would be a very weak one and would not feature too high in the charts. I liked the song purely for the vintage value but would not consider it as a great song for continuous listening pleasure. The harmonica at the beginning has a slightly haunting feel to it but the lyrics are quite funny. I did get the feeling that the lyrics were there for rhyming value rather than for thought provoking reasons.

      Track 2: I Wanna be Your Man
      This track reminded me a lot of the Beatles although slightly more 'rocky' and to be quite mean very plain and boring. The lyrics are simply 'rubbish' with 'I wanna be your man, I wanna be your lover baby' being repeated over and over. In comparison to the Beetles I would say that the tedious, repetitive lyrics lacked any kind of story or meaning, compared to the more emotive Beetles lyrics.

      Track 3: Not Fade Away
      Has a country type of feel with the harmonica. Again the track has that real 60's feel and in places is quite toe tappingly good with some good rhyming lyrics. I wouldn't describe them as 'thought provoking' but they do that that sing-a-long factor.

      Track 4: Carole
      Having grown up around Status Quo I must admit that I liked this song it had that toe tapping beat and I did feel the urge to do air guitar to the guitar solo. The Lyrics were good and the tune overall was quite upbeat and jazzy I liked this song. In places the song could be easily confused with Chuck Berry's song 'Johnny be Good'.

      Track 5: Tell Me
      I liked this song and the lyrics had a lot more meaning than their previous songs. I liked the tambourine beat throughout and the guitar melody was really effective. The song has a nice 60's feel and reminds me a lot of the Beetles. It's quite a nice 'poppy' ballad.

      Track 6: It's all over Now
      This is another song with a predominant 'country' feel. I quite like the guitar solo in the middle. I can just imagine this song being played in the background of a 60's Country and Western drama with line dancers and cowboys.

      Track 7: Little Red Rooster
      I wasn't so keen on this song. It was a little too slow and dreary. I didn't think the lyrics were too good, they had little meaning. The song has a 'blues' style and I can't say I am into the 'blues' so it was a little too dull for me personally.

      Track 8: Heart of Stone
      I just didn't get this song at all. It seemed a bit too dreary and slow for my liking. It was another song with a 'blues' feel and didn't appeal to me. I did think the lyrics were there to rhyme more than for creating an emotive feeling. They were not really thought provoking and to be quite honest were very dull and meaningless.

      Track 9: Time is on my Side
      This song is very slow and dreary. It has a 60's feel but the lyrics are slightly repetitive and boring. The two different harmonies high vs low throughout the last section of the song seems quite effective and did make the song a little less boring.

      Track 10: Last Time
      I quite liked the upbeat lyrics in this song the opening 'I've told you once and I've told you twice, but you never listen to my advice' was quite a good line to open the song.

      Track 11: Play with Fire
      Although the tune and vocals are quite dreary I do like the lyrics and did think the song was quite unique. The line 'Don't play with me. Cause you're playing with fire' is an interesting one and is most upbeat part of the song then it seems to go back to dreary, low vocals. I am quite undecided on this song.

      Track 12: (I can't get no) Satisfaction
      Until I heard the songs this was the only 'Rolling Stones' song that I knew of. I have always liked this song as it is quite a well known one and is rather up beat. The start of the song is very up beat and quite toe-tappingly good.

      Track 13: Get off of My Cloud
      The tune is very upbeat but to be quite honest I really don't understand the lyrics at all. It was apparently a response to (I can't get no) Satisfaction. I personally thought the lyrics were too 'shouty' but it does have a good rocky tune.

      Track 14: I'm Free
      The song is quite rocky and I get the impression that it is to do with being free to do whatever you want. I didn't like the song as it was a little too rocky for me and I didn't think the lyrics were as strong or effective as they could have been.

      Track 15: As Tears Go
      I thought this song was very nice. It is a ballad with some thought provoking lyrics. I thought it was quite sad in the way that it described children playing from an elderly person's perspective...it's almost as if it describes regrets and missed opportunities.

      "I sit and watch the children play; doing things I used to do"

      It has a lovely gentle guitar melody in the middle which adds to the emotive lyrics, it is a really beautiful song and one that would invoke feeling in most people. I sometimes sit and wonder what may have been.

      Track 16: Lady Jane
      The song has a beautiful tune and emotive lyrics. I find the song quite relaxing and the guitar melody is beautiful. I found the lyrics rather bizarre as the language seems old terms such as 'Wedlock is nigh my love' and 'pledged my troth to Lady Jane' seems very old. Whilst I don't understand them they are beautiful.

      Track 17: Paint it Black
      I loved this song; it seemed very 'Latino' and was upbeat. I have heard the song on a movie (I think Devils Advocate) and when I heard it I instantly started tapping my fingers on the top and dancing happily around my room.

      It seems like a very jolly song, but a closer look at the lyrics painted (no pun intended) a different picture. They do not seem 'happy' or 'jolly' and feature symbolic colours to portray a different meaning although the tune seems to tell a completely different story. A very strange song with an upbeat tune but thought provoking lyrics. I believe it has just been released by that Joseph guy Lee and has been featured on a few adverts recently.

      Track 18: Mothers little helper
      This is a weird song with a catchy beat. The song is about a little 'yellow pill' which helps a mother get though the day. I love the beat and vocals in this song. It is quite funny in places, with lines such as 'if you take more of those, you will get an overdose' or 'Men just aren't the same today'. Whilst these lines are quite humorous it is also a serious song about addiction to a prescription drug. It is quite a thought provoking song...I like it.

      Track 19: 19th Nervous Breakdown
      This song is very upbeat and is not actually about having a nervous breakdown but is spoilt people who have everything and still moan and complain. The beat is quite jazzy and reminds me of the Status Quo style. The temptation to rock around the room with an air guitar is quite high.

      Track 20: Under my Thumb
      The song seems to be about a girl who is 'under the thumb'. I am not too keen on this song as the beat is a little over the place and the vocals seem quite weak and 'shouty'.

      Track 21: Out of Time
      I like this song and the lyrics are rather strong. The beat throughout it catchy and quite toe tappingly good. The repetitive line 'I said baby, baby, baby you're out of time' is good and very catchy....hear it and you will be singing it all day long!

      Track 22: Yesterdays Papers
      This song is a little dull, and reflects the 60's era in style. I was very bored by the end. The song is about Jaggers ex-girlfriend, Chrissie Shrimpton. There is a beat throughout which does result in a bit of toe/finger tapping and an occasional bell sound. I didn't like this song much at all really.

      Track 23: Let's Spend the Night Together
      I like the beginning of the song where it starts with a 'badda badda ba ba', the song is fairly catchy. The song uses a piano and sounds a little like one of Elton John's songs. It is quite a good song although not my favourite stones song.

      Track 24: Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing in the Shadow
      This is a very upbeat song. It starts with a rumble on the guitar which sounds very effective. I like the way the wind instrument is used almost as an echo within the song. This is not my favourite song as the lyrics are a little peculiar and don't really make great sense.

      Track 25: Ruby Tuesday
      I quite like this song, I am not quite sure why it just has a lovely melody. There is a soothing wind instrument in the background (possibly a flute/recorder) it sounds beautiful and is a great addition to the strong. The song has a rhythm that results in a bit of toe tapping (like many of their songs).

      Track 26: Dandelion
      The melody seems all over the place in this song. The lyrics are weird with no real meaning. It is a very psychedelic track which seems to fit in well with the 60's. I am not sure if I like this song or not. The instruments seem to be all over the place with no real structure although I do feel this is what adds to the disorganised, psychedelic and peculiar melody, which would greatly appeal to some.

      Track 27: She's a Rainbow
      This track is used in the Sony Bravia (Plasticine rabbits) advert. I loved this song when I first heard it on the advert. It has been used for a few other adverts describing colour. I like the drum beats in the background and the simplistic notes which could easily be played on a keyboard. The song is very alike some of the tracks by the Beatles.

      Track 28: We Love You
      I loved the start of the song with a heavy jail door closing, following a drug scandal. The wobbly beat and haunting 'we don't care' muttering in the background is very effective. I thought it followed on brilliantly from the previous track 'She's a Rainbow'. The repetitive 'We Love You' is sung in a haunting, almost psychedelic way. I quite liked this song although it can get a little dull after a few plays.

      Track 29: 2000 Light Years from Home
      This is a very psychedelic track with haunting echoed sound effects and low drum beats. It is very 'space' orientated with satellite sounds throughout. The song is very weird but was either thought of whilst Jagger was high on drugs or was inspired by the increase in Space travel in the 60's. I personally don't like this song as its very hard to get into and the silly sound effects throughout are quite off-putting.

      Track 30: Jumpin' Jack Flash
      The track is quite 'rocky' and up beat. I have no idea what the song is about or what inspired it although it's probably drug orientated as many of them were using drugs at the times and Jagger had just been released on drug charges. It's a good song with an interesting tune but I didn't quite understand or 'get' the lyrics. I didn't find the lyrics thought provoking or useful at all.

      Track 31: Street Fighting Man
      I really don't like this song. It was the first of the Rolling Stones songs to make a political statement. I find it a little too rocky and the lyrics are a bit shouted. It just sounds like a drunk walking home feeling disgruntled on a Saturday night!

      Track 32: Sympathy for the Devil
      I quite like this song as it is done from the viewpoint of the devil (Lucifer) it was featured in the film Interview With The Vampire. I like the almost hypnotic beat and the 'ooh ooh' vocals throughout the song. This is another of the better known songs by the Rolling Stones and until I heard the album wouldn't have associated the popular song with the Rolling Stones.

      Track 33: No Expectations
      This is a very slow relaxed track. With some good guitar solos, the song has a few similarities to David Gray. I quite like this song when I have had a tough day and I want to relax in peace.

      Track 34: Let It Bleed
      This one has a slight Country and Western feel to it. I can imagine a group of people doing a line dance to this song. This song was recorded shortly after the death of Brian Jones and the song reflects this tragic event but in a more upbeat way than most 'tribute' songs.

      Track 35: Midnight Rambler
      When I first heard this track it reminded me of Staus Quo and I really liked it. The air guitar can be played fully throughout this track. The harmonica is also a great addition to the song. A very good rocky track!

      Track 36: Gimme Shelter
      I thought this song reminded me of some of Eric Clapton's songs. I really liked this tune, the guitar and drum beat throughout the song seems to drive it forward and portray meaning and feeling. The song has a strong link to the Vietnam war and is quite sad really on reflection. It discusses all the bad things like rape, murder and war.

      Track 37: You Can't Always Get What You Want
      This is another well known song (or at least its one I knew about). I used to like this song alone but compared to their other songs it's not as strong. It's another song where the instruments seem disorganised and the vocals seem weak. Still on its own it's a great song, just not my favourite out of the others.

      Track 38: Brown Sugar
      I love this song, I have heard it a few time but never associated it with the Stones. It is a really strong rock and roll track and lyrics are very good. I thought for a very long time that the song was actually about 'sugar' but it is in fact about the slave trade in New Orleans.

      Track 39: Honky Tonk Women
      This is a song about a prostitute and the vocals are quite strong. I like the beat in the background and it reminds me of some of the rock style anthems from the 70's. I quite like this song. It is a very strong Rock and Roll song for any fans of that genre.

      Track 40: Wild Horses
      This is a fairly sad song with a Country and Western overtone. It describes how 'Wild horses couldn't drag me away' and this was supposedly the words muttered by Marianne Faithfull when she awoke from a drug induced coma.

      I thought the USB stick was a great way to present such an album. I personally hate two disk CDs as it means fumbling around with fiddly cases and the risk of losing CD's or scratching them. It also means that I can easily drag and drop from one file to another so I don't have to spend hours converting and ripping music from my CD.

      The USB stick contains some great tracks from the early days of the Rolling Stones to some of their more modern tracks. I thought I would hate the tracks and that I would be forced to listen to rubbish when in fact my partner has lost his USB stick as it is now stuck in the back of my computer. My favourite tracks are the more upbeat ones such as 'She's a rainbow', 'Carole', 'Satisfaction' and 'Paint it Black' although I can't help but enjoy the emotive lyrics of 'As Tears Go' and the soothing melody of 'Lady Jane'. Overall this is a great album obviously for Rolling Stones fans but it also makes great listening to fans of Status Quo, Buddy Holly, The Beatles and other 60's artists.

      The USB is available from online shops such as Play.com, Amazon and HMV for £15-£25. The USB is reasonably priced compared to the CD which retails at about £10-£19 in most stores.

      I thought I would hate the Rolling Stones, but I liked most of their songs. I would definitely recommend this to fans of Country and Western, Rock and Roll or Blues. There seems to be a little something of everything on this album so a very worthwhile purchase! Especially if you area fan of the Stones!


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        30.11.2007 10:43
        Very helpful



        A great compliation with a good mix of music styles

        I am sure there are not many people out there, of any age, who can honestly say they have never heard of the Rolling Stones! They seem to have an appeal surrounding them, which really does touch the hearts of most people in some way or another, whether it's memories of wild teenage years from many moons ago or simply a new found fascination by today's teens for these everlasting rockers.
        The compilation album Rolled Gold + was first released in the UK in 1975 and today, 12th November 2007 has been released in a 2 disc CD and USB format, being the first album to be released in USB format in the UK.

        THE COVER
        The cover is simple but yet eyecatching with a picture of rolls of gold! and the title written in the top left hand corner. I liked the title - like a gold edition of all their best work.

        There are 40 tracks in total on this USB Album. I will list them all with a few details about each track.

        1. COME ON
        This was their first single originally a Chuck Berry song but released by the Stones in 1963 reaching number 21 in the UK charts. This was from their album Big Hits (High Tides & Green Grass).

        2. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN
        Their second single, written by Lennon and McCartney and released as a single by the Stones in 1963. This reached 12 in the UK charts and was from their album Boxed Set Singles 1963 - 1969.

        3. NOT FADE AWAY
        Released in 1964 when things were going well for the Stones, this was originally a Buddy Holly song. This time the Stones managed to reach number 3 in the UK charts. This track was from the album The Rolling Stones.

        4. CAROL
        Originally a Chuck Berry song the Stones recorded this in 1964 and was on their debut album The Rolling Stones.

        5. TELL ME
        Released in 1964 this was the first song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Their manager locked them in his kitchen and told them to write some songs!! This was only released as a single in the US reaching number 24, their first top 40 hit in the US. From the album The Rolling Stones.

        6. IT'S ALL OVER NOW
        Originally performed by American R&B band The Valentinos the Stones covered this song in 1964 reaching number 1 in the UK and number 26 in the US. From the album 12 x 5.

        Written by Willie Dixon. This blues style song was released by the Stones in 1965 reaching Number 1 in the UK charts. This song when first heard in the US was banned for its sexual content. This single was from the album The Rolling Stones Now!

        8. HEART OF STONE
        Released shortly after LITTLE RED ROOSTER in the US to compensate for the banning of Rooster, reaching number 19 in the US charts. Also from the album The Rolling Stones Now!

        9. TIME IS ON MY SIDE
        First performed by soul singer Irma Thomas, the Stones recorded this song in 1964. Two different versions were recorded. The US version was recorded in England and is a much slower version, whilst the UK version was recorded in Chicago. The US version reached number 6 whilst the UK version only reached 62. This track is from the album 12 x 5.

        10. LAST TIME
        The Staples Singers sang a song of the same name in 1955, which inspired The Rolling Stones' version in 1965. This single reached number 1 in the UK chart and number 9 in the US chart. From the US album Out of Our Heads.

        11. PLAY WITH FIRE
        Originally called A Mess of Fire, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were the only Stones who recorded this while the others slept after a long session. Producer, Phil Spector and assistant, Jack Nitzsche, took over on bass and harpsichord for the single. Dated 1965 this is from the US album Out of Our Heads. This reached number 96 in the US charts.

        Probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite! This song produced in 1965 reached number 1 on both the US and UK charts. It is claimed that Keith Richards, whilst staying in a hotel room in Florida, woke one night with the guitar riff and lyrics for this song, recorded it on a tape deck and then went back to sleep again!

        13. GET OFF MY CLOUD
        As Satisfaction was such a worldwide hit, Get off my Cloud was written and produced as a follow up again making number 1 in both the US and the UK. From the album December's Children (And Everybody's). Another one of my favourites!

        14. I'M FREE
        Mick and Keith first released this as the "B" side to their US version of Get Off My Cloud. This also appears on the US album December's Children and the UK album Out of Our Heads.

        15. AS TEARS GO BY
        This was first a hit for Marianne Faithfull (once Mick Jagger's girlfriend) The Stones recorded their version a year later in 1965, reaching number 6 in the US charts and from the album December's Children (And Everybody's).

        16. LADY JANE
        Brian Jones, once guitarist with the Stones until his untimely death in 1969 was known for playing unusual instruments. In Lady Jane he played the dulcimer, a string instrument played on you lap either strumming or plucking. Released in 1966 from the album Aftermath.

        17. PAINT IT BLACK
        Paint it Black is written through the eyes of a person willing all to turn black , just the way he feels whilst experiencing depression. Great lyrics. Recorded 1966 from the album Aftermath (US). Reaching number 1 in both the US and the UK.

        Produced in 1966 from the album Aftermath this song reached number 8 in the US chart. It portrays the life of an everyday housewife becoming dependent on legal drugs to help her through her day.

        This song recorded in 1966 from the album Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) reached number 2 in the US and number 1 in the UK. The words of this song are an assault on children who have everything but are still never happy.

        20. UNDER MY THUMB
        This song boasts another unusual instrument played by Brian Jones. This time a percussion instrument called the marimbas. The many instruments he played gave the Stones their ground-breaking and unique sound. Performed 1966 from the album Aftermath.

        21. OUT OF TIME
        The theme of this song - gaining the advantage in a relationship. Again Brian Jones performed using the marimbas. 81 in the US chart and 45 in the UK chart. From the Album Aftermath.

        Mick Jagger's first song written by himself. He wrote this about Chrissie Shrimpton a girlfriend of 3 years. From the album Between the Buttons.

        Known for it's sexual content!! The word "night" was often bleeped out when this was played. From the album Between the Buttons. This single reached number 1 in the US chart and number 3 in the UK chart.

        The Stones appeared in drag for a promotional video for this single. From the album Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass). Released in 1996 making number 24 in the US charts and number 5 in the UK charts.

        25. RUBY TUESDAY
        From the album Between the Buttons this song reached number 1 in the US charts and number 3 in the UK charts. Written about a groupie.

        26. DANDELION
        The lyrics being based on nursery rhymes this song was released in the summer of 1967. It is from the album Through the Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol 2). It reached number 8 in the UK charts and number 14 in the US charts.

        27. SHE'S A RAINBOW
        This song was once used in adverts by Apple for iMac computers. It reached number 25 in the US charts and was from the album Their Satanic Majesties Request.

        28. WE LOVE YOU
        This song was written as a thank you to all fans who supported Mick, Keith and Brian when they were arrested on drugs charges in 1967. It reached 50 in the US charts and 8 in the UK charts and was from the album The Singles 1965-1967.

        29. 2000 YEARS FROM HOME
        In 1967, the summer of love this song was released probably under the influence of the talk of space, which was going on around that time. From the album Their Satanic Majesties Request.

        30. JUMPIN' JACK FLASH
        Bill Wyman was never given the credit for writing most of this song and main piano riff. Released in 1968 it reached number 1 in the UK and number 3 in the US. From the album Through the Past Darkly (Big Hits, Vol 1)

        Inspired by an anti-war rally this was the Stones first song with a political air to it. From the album Beggar's Banquet this song released in 1968 reached number 48 in the US and number 21 in the UK.

        Great PR for the band in 1968 when this song reached number 14 in the UK charts. This portrayed the band as frightened bad boys. From the album Beggar's Banquet.

        This was recorded in 1968 with Brian Jones playing the steel guitar. At this time Brian was unfortunately letting drugs take over his life. From the album Beggar's Banquet.
        34. LET IT BLEED

        This was recorded after the death of Brian Jones in 1969 with Bill Wyman playing the autoharp, a stringed instrument. From the album with the same name Let it Bleed.

        Containing some of The Boston Strangler's confession, this song was written about Albert DeSalvo, the serial killer more commonly known as The Boston Strangler. From the album Let it Bleed. Although released after Brian Jones died he played percussion for this song as it was recorded earlier.
        36. GIMME SHELTER

        Written during the Vietnam war, mostly by Keith Richards, this song emphasises how much people wanted "Shelter" from political and social unrest.

        People always seem to want more no matter what they already have - this was the inspiration for this song. This song features children from the London Bach Choir. Reaching number 42 in the US charts this was from the Let it Bleed album.
        38. BROWN SUGAR

        Released in 1971 from the album Sticky Fingers this song was about slaves from Africa being sold to rich white people in New Orleans. It reached number 1 in the US chart and number 2 in the UK chart.
        39. HONKY TONK MAN

        With clever suggestive lyrics this song was written about a prostitute and released in 1969 from the album Through the Past Darkly. It reached number 1 in tboth the US and the UK.
        40. WILD HORSES

        Possibly written about Keith Richard's newborn son or about the relationship between Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger, this song was released in 1971 and was from the Sticky Fingers album. It reached 28 in the US chart.

        Over the 40 odd years of performing The Rolling Stones have blessed us with an amazing array of really outstanding music from the traditional swinging sixties style to the country western style and then to the more subtle easy listening, blues style. This variety in style is shown well in Rolled Gold with good strong examples of all their styles. I enjoy listening to all these styles equally well with a mood suited to each. The more upbeat styles are the songs I like to party too, toe-tapping, hip-swinging examples of this style are shown well in the following songs:
        I Wanna Be Your Man
        Not Fade Away
        Last Time
        I Can't Get No Satisfaction
        Get Off My Cloud
        Paint It Black
        19th Nervous Breakdown
        Under My Thumb
        Let's Spend The Night Together
        Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In the Shadow
        Jumpin' Jack Flash

        The country western style, which they also excel in, in my opinion, are really great songs to sing along to (especially in the car!). Great examples of this style are shown in the following songs:
        It's All Over Now
        Little Red Rooster
        Heart Of Stone
        I'm Free
        Brown Sugar
        Honky Tonk Woman

        The last style is their easy listening, blues style. The kind of songs you just want to chill out to. Examples of this style are shown in the following songs:
        Tell Me
        Time is On My Side
        Play With Fire
        As Tears Go By
        Lady Jane
        Ruby Tuesday
        We Love You
        2000 Light Years From Home
        Wild Horses

        The 2 songs, which for me excel with the best lyrics are Paint It Black and You Can't Always Get What You Want. I feel both these songs have great meaning to them.
        I do personally feel The Rolling Stones are a timeless, although sometimes controversial band, who have, at least, some appeal to most audiences.

        MY VIEWS

        All in all I find the songs on this compilation album well chosen with a good mix of Rolling Stones music through the years. I feel this album really illustrates what a great and consistent band the Stones have been through the years with their unique style of performing covers of songs and their own ability to write brilliant songs as well. It is easy to listen to and always makes me want to dance!! My son (15) and daughter (10) both love this music as well.

        Prices range from £16.95 - £21.44


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        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 She's A Rainbow
        2 You Can't Always Get What You Want

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