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Room On The 3rd Floor - McFly

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: McFly / Single / Audio CD released 2004-07-05 at Island

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    6 Reviews
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      02.12.2012 20:12
      Very helpful



      Good debut album.

      Way back in 2004 there was a new wave of boyband appearing on the music scene. Gone were the lame ballad singing dreary pretty boys, instead they were replaced by cool young guys who not only played their own instruments, they also wrote their own songs. The first successful band on this type was probably Busted which had a short but successful career. After a few months of Busted, along came McFly, they were too of similar nature to Busted. In fact, one of the members of Busted actually worked on their debut album.

      McFly consists of Tom Fletcher, Danny Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. 'Room On The Third Floor' was their debut album released in 2004. It was released on the back of their singles 'Five Colours In Her Hair' and 'Obviously', both soared to the number 1 spot. The album reached nubmer 1 in the UK album chart and was the 29th biggest selling album of 2004.

      'Five Colours In Her Hair' - The opening track, the first single and a song that you'll either love or hate. For me, when I first heard it I was in the latter category. As soon as you hear the opening "do-do-doodoo-doodoo-do" you'll decide whether you will stick with the song or skip it. It's annoyingly catchy, and kind of 60's / Beach Boys souding, which is a common theme amongs this album. I think the years have been kind to this track though, and I don't actually mind it as much (4/5)

      'Obviously' - The second single. This is another classic McFly track. Not as annoying as the debut but still a song you can hum along too. "Coz Obviously she's out of my league..." I think lyrics like this make you think that McFly are just normal lads you can relate too whether your a female or male fan. (4/5).

      'Room On The Third Floor' - Slightly slower song with an anthemic 'Na-Na-Na...." sing-a-long towards the end. Instantly catchy, more mature and shows the bands serious side for once. Again, can't fault this track either (4/5).

      'That Girl' - Back in the ' Five Colours...' vibe. Similar story to the 'Obviously' track about not being good enough to get the girl. I can see why this song was a single and I can understand how people may think it's annoying. It's classic McFly and one of their greatest songs for sure (4/5).

      'Hypnotised' - After a run of 4/5 tracks i've yet to find the magic 5/5 song and this song won't be getting it either. I guess you could call this the albums first filler song. It's decent enough but after the outstanding first four tracks the song seems a little bit lost (3/5).

      'Saturday Night' - Two albums after this they recorded a song called 'Friday Night' which is better than this track. I do like this song though. It's very 60's sounding. Again very Beach Boys. (3/5)

      'Met This Girl' - "When she walks into the room my heart goes Boom". A slightly weaker song for the album. Doesn't really go anywhere. (2/5).

      'She Left Me' - A sweet ballad about teenage heartbreak. One of the better album tracks and could have easily have been a single. Again like most tracks it's got that 60's sound to it (4/5).

      'Down By The Lake' - The album tracks on here so far (this one, Met This Girl, Saturday Night') all seem to blend into each other (3/5).

      'Unsaid Things' - Love this song. One of the standout tracks on the album. Again, could have been a single and obviously the band are fond of it after naming their autobiography after this song. It's another song about meeting a girl and not being able to get with her (5/5).

      'Surfer Babe' - Two words, Beach Boys. (3/5).

      'Not Alone' - I think this is the first song on the album that sounds the most mature and serious. It's a ballad, maybe not a single worthy song but good enough and shows a different sound to the band. It's nice that they've added this song on the album as it's different from most of the 60's sounding, silly songs. (4/5).

      'Brocolli' - The closing track on the album is the song with the most unusual title. I mean, how many songs do you know that are called 'Brocolli'. The song is the book end to 'Five Colours' in a way. It's a perfect pop song to end the album and tells the story that most 16 year old boys go through at some point. Brilliant way to close the album. (5/5).


      Not a bad debut from the band. It's a great album to start them off with and as previous albums have showed they improve much more through later albums. I'd still reccoment this though as it's a good easy listening album. If you like the Beach Boys then you'll no doubt enjoy this.


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      17.09.2009 15:50
      Very helpful



      A great purchase with catchy feel good lyrics and bouncy guitar based tunes.

      I liked this album. personally for me I can relate to what they're singing about when I look back nostalgically on my teenage years which seems to run along the lines of getting up to mischief and admiring women from a distance, all of which to your parents utter dismay and concern.

      From the minute you press play on this album you're hit with a fast paced song of Track 1: "Five Colours In Her Hair" which sets the tone for the rest of the album

      Track 2: "obviously" starts which again is nice and catchy as they lament about their inadequacies and vulnerabilities in life.

      Track 3: "Room on the third floor" slows it down a little and I certainly got the impression that they were singing about not getting too ahead of their selves with stardom approaching. There's some lovely guitar playing in this and you can really hear that although they are a boy band, they play their instruments very well. "That girl" as track 4 interludes the album, picking it up a bit and is not one of the best songs on the album.

      Track 5 "hypnotised" which really tricks you by starting slow and then bringing your mood up with a catchy tune soon after, and I believe this to be pretty much, the best song on this album.

      Saturday night (track 6) sings about Saturday night mischief of partying and staying out late whilst trying not to upset your parents and is a catchy little number, as is track 7: "met this girl".

      Track 8: "she left me" is more of a ballad and although not their style in comparison to the rest of the album, they pull it off well with the aid of a good drummer and lead vocalist.

      Track 9 "Down By The Lake" then speeds it back up to what you've learnt by now that the consensus of the album is like which is jolly and cheery however I feel the album goes down hill from here and that the last four songs are very below par as if they were thrown on there just to meet to quota for putting out an album and could have really tried with these harder.

      Track 10: "Unsaid Things" is dull and slow and personally a push to get through.

      Track 11: Surfer babe is a little better and has that 1950's rock rift which is a little catchy before you're moved onto

      Track 12: "Not Alone" which is a long 7 minute whine which in my opinion is far too long and I really felt they could have got their message across in a lot less time. Finally, the album wraps up with

      Track 13: "Broccoli" Which is a slow moving track about being messed about by a girl and draws the album to a close.

      Overall the album is a good one and the first nine tracks are great, catchy, and if you're driving along in the car you'll really be enjoying your journey. However as I said above, after that it goes downhill and the album becomes a little painful on the ears. It's well worth having though despite this and that's just my opinion. Well recommended.


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        25.03.2009 18:25
        Very helpful



        mcfly! welldone boys!

        Harry Judd who is the drummer, Tom Fletcher who is on guitar and vocals, Danny Jones who is on guitar and vocals aswell (he is damn fine!!!), Dougie Poynter who is the bass player and also does the vocals.
        Not just for small children I promise you!!! Almost everyone i know likes a bit of McFly, although people often pretend to dislike them as they are 4 young boys!!! James Bourne, who is now i Son Of Dork and was in Busted co-wrote some of their songs with them... They are quite similar to Busted, apart from they actually have talent!

        This album went straight to number 1 when it was released.They also have two number 1 singles on this album ,5 colours in her hair was number 1 for 2 weeks and obvioulsy number 1 for 1 week.
        I went to see McFly in Newcastle, and they also put on a very good live show. Much better than Busted were.

        Song List
        1. Five colours in her hair... 'everybody wants to know her na-a-a-me'... McFlys first single... Upbeat and catch as anything! This song gets loads of people up and jumping about! Very goodu# one!

        2. Obviously... 'Cuz obviously... she's pout of my league...' This song just makes me want to wave my hands about in the air... Slightly slower tempo than the first song, but nowhere near a ballad. The best McFly song ever!
        3. Room on the third floor... A slower song this time, still really catchy though

        4. That Girl... 'Can't believe I got the girl' A traack all about a guy pulling a girl that everyone tole him he had no chance with! Amazing song to wiggle about to!
        5. Hypnotized... A song about being hypnotised by a girl! Not much else to say!

        6. Saturday Night... Upbeat song about attending a teen party... No worries of having no ID here! Definately one of my favourite songs!
        7. Met this girl... A song about a hot girl entering a room! A bit daft in my eyes!

        8. She left me... Lots of backing singers in this song, and rreminds me of watching old films... One of them songs that are a bit sad!
        9. Down by the lake... Song about a Dad disapproving of a daughters choice in boyfriend... Oh So famililar!

        10. Unsaid things... the song liked to obviously, about the girl the boy lusted after, and still has so much he wanted to say to oher....
        11. Surfer babe... A rather teeny bopper song about wanting to date a surfer... The only song on the CD i skip every time. (too beach boys for my liking)

        12. Not Alone... Dannys solo, not a personal favourite. Starts off slow, the picks up. A bit whiney.
        13. Broccoli.. A song about a girl messing a guy about... amazing lyrics.

        The only fault with the album, is all the 'hit' songs are at the beginning of the CD...
        All in all, a fantastic album, Don't pre-judge the band, download a song first and give them a chance! 4 teen boys loaded with talent!


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        20.03.2009 20:06
        Very helpful



        Debut album by boyband MCFLY

        This is quite a genius album basically. Individually and as a band i find them quite unlikeable really. This their debut release has a number of VERY VERY good song but to through a balance there are just as much average songs that seemed very rushed. To their credit they do write their own music and i think that deserves some praise especially since their peers like Boyzone and Westlife do not do any writing and constantly are successful without writing and producing covers. Mostly Mcfly are original and play live quite well - i dislike their personalities and they are the sort of kids who would cause havoc in a classroom at the back but this album is quite pop genius in it's own genre.

        I think Five Colours In Her Hair is a excellent song especially since most boyband singles are not very good, this is catchy and a breath of fresh air. It was Obviously that lyrically and vocally impressed me and WOW! what a chorus, it's vibrant and different and i think it deserves some praise. Room On The Third Floor had a great great video and it's meaningful and emotive. It's lyrically quite nice and well done to them for writing that one. That Girl i thought wasnt anything new to the other above songs, it's quite catchy but it's the same chorus rhythm and melody from Obviously and Room On The Third Floor.

        I thought Broccoli was genius and should have been released. Unsaid things really should have been unsaid. Surfer Babe has a good vibe and Not Alone i did find touching. Vocally it's quite weak if i am honest. Production wise quite impressive really and lyrically quite a nice listen. I do think that youngsters that age are too young to understand the complexity and meanings of some of the songs as well.

        It's a good debut and the first few songs are the best and then like most pop albums then track by track the quality fades quite quickly. It's a decent attempt and they are writing their own songs to their own credit.


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        12.02.2009 13:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        solid pop

        McFly arrived with an almighty bang in 2004 with their stormer 'Five Colours In Her Hair'. It went straight to number one and the band were household names overnight.

        Who are they:

        Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry. Most of the songs are written by Tom.

        On this album:

        The number hit '5 Colours' is like The Beach Boys meeting Busted, fun, bright and ever so catchy, it is a slice of irresistible pop music. The follow-up 'Obviously' was not so fierce but had a delightful sixties throwback melody, as they sung of a girl who was out of their league. It is a track most people could identify with at some point in their lives. More sixties style madness is captured with 'That Girl' which also has elements of The Beatles shinging though it.

        Other Highlights:

        'Saturday Night' is one of those songs which will lift the spirits and have you itching to go out yourself, a brilliant melody and breezy vocals from the lads. I also like the slower 'Room On The Third Floor' which is a slow burner of a track, more refined vocally but still catchy.


        They filled a gap left by Busted and their ability to write sophisticated and crowd pleasing pop melodies should not be underestimated. Tom's vocals might be whiney, but Danny has quite a strong voice and there are enough memorable songs on here to make it a good listen


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          09.01.2008 16:34
          Very helpful



          A fantastic first album from the band consisting of a number of great tracks.

          After the success of Busted in 2003, McFly emerged with a number one single in the form of '5 Colours In Her Hair' early in 2004. Busted had paved the way for similar bands to make a success of themselves and McFly took full advantage of this fact - or rather Universal Island Records did. Busted, McFly, and V were all a part of the same scene, and in fact Busted were used as the basis to launch the careers of McFly and V through having these two artists support Busted on their 2004 Arena Tour. The career of the band V was short-lived, and with Busted having split up early in 2005; McFly remain to be the only of the three bands still going today.

          'Room on the 3rd Floor' was McFly's début album and is certified 2x Platinum in the UK having shifted over 600 000 copies. The album kicks off with first single '5 Colours In Her Hair', a track which is arguably the strongest from the album. The track opens the album well and although exceedingly cheesy is actually really quite a good effort from the band. Whilst when the band first appeared on the now defunct TV programme Top Of The Pops performing the single it made me cringe, I would later find that the track would become stuck in my head for large spells of time and I actually quite enjoyed and appreciated it. There is no denying that '5 Colours In Her Hair' is a catchy single and it can definitely be seen as a strong way of starting off the album.

          From '5 Colours In Her Hair', the band push on to second single 'Obviously'; a track which saw the band hit the number one spot for the second time with only the two singles to their name at the time. Although the track only stayed at the top of the charts for one week before being replaced by Usher's 'Burn', it is still a strong single with the band once again showing themselves to be capable of penning extremely catchy pop music here. The track is easy to sing along to, something I can guiltily admit to having done many a time. Strangely enough, having opened the album with their two number one singles; the band then continue the album with another two singles, leaving the last nine tracks on the album as albums tracks only. It is unusual for bands to place all of their singles at the beginning of an album, however strangely enough it actually works surprisingly well here.

          The title track and fourth chosen single 'Room on the 3rd Floor' works extremely well, and followed with the fantastic number three hit 'That Girl' the band reach the end of the singles list from this album. Having already showcased their four singles right at the beginning of the album you tend to wonder just where exactly the band will head now, and to answer this question simply; the answer is 'Hypnotised'. Whilst not having been released as a single, it easily could have been and the simple fact of the matter is that 'Hypnotised' is a great song. I thoroughly enjoy this one every time I listen to it, a track which provides for a supremely soothing listening experience and is excellent to unwind to.

          Throughout the album, there is a very much Beach Boys sound which prevails a lot of the time, and tracks such as 'Saturday Night', 'Surfer Babe', and 'Down By The Lake' showcase this perfectly. All three tracks sound strangely familiar, and the source of the similarity is most definitely rooted in the fact that the Beach Boys released tracks of surprising similarity. It is hard to listen to these tracks without thinking of the Beach Boys surfing themed music, and in my opinion this is no bad thing. McFly perform the tracks well, pulling off songs which are fun to listen to and would be fantastic to dance to. A real summer themed album - 'Room on the 3rd Floor' is full of tracks which would provide excellent listening at a pool party, and is full of perfect anthems for a fun filled thrill ride of a summer. Even when its not summer, the album is excellent to listen to for reminding you of warmer times and sunnier climes.

          Thirteen tracks strong, 'Room on the 3rd Floor' is an album you can listen to over and over without ever tiring of it. The music is always fun, finely written and with an incredibly catchy chorus to boot. Tracks such as 'That Girl' sum up finely the general theme of this first album from the band; one which explores fondly the subject of romance and unrequited love. Sure with this one they 'get that girl', however there are plenty on display here where that is not the case. Whilst the lyrical content may not be massively intelligent, the tracks are fun to listen to and it really doesn't matter. With modern Pop Punk music, girlfriends and unrequited love often emerge as lyrical subjects and being an album where this musical genre at times makes an appearance; it is only right that this should be the case here.

          Containing four top five singles and a whole lot more that could easily have featured in the Official UK Top 40; 'Room on the 3rd Floor' is an excellent album from a band who were all extremely young at the time of release, with youngest member Dougie Poynter only having recently turned sixteen at the time. I feel that what was accomplished in 'Room on the 3rd Floor' was incredible from four such young people, and although it is by no means one of my favourite albums is still one I would hold in high regard. The album I find impossible to ever tire of, and with such a bouncy appeal I feel it would be incredibly hard to ever dislike. Having now released three studio albums and interestingly enough a 'Greatest Hits' album also, it would seem that McFly are still going strong as a band and with seven number one singles behind them; their popularity is seemingly greater than ever. To conclude, 'Room on the 3rd Floor' is an exceptionally well rounded album from the band which shows almighty strength and promise from an at the time incredibly young McFly.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Get Over You / Five Colours In Her Hair
          2 Obviously
          3 Room On The 3rd Floor
          4 That Girl
          5 Hypnotised
          6 Saturday Night
          7 Met This Girl
          8 She Left Me
          9 Down By The Lake
          10 Unsaid Things
          11 Surfer Babe
          12 Not Alone
          13 Broccoli

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