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Safe Trip Home - Dido

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Dido / Audio CD released 2008-11-17 at RCA

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2011 23:03
      Very helpful



      A heartfelt collection of beautiful songs

      Before you say it..... I know I'm dragging a 2 year old album back to the front of the shelf, but, had I been a member of DooYoo 2 years ago, then I would have written this review then.

      I am such a huge fan of Dido and her music. She has only released 3 Albums since 2001 of which I have all 3. But it is quality rather than quantity that is the main factor here, I would sooner have a little of a good thing, than a lot of something bad. I know each and every track by heart (Serious Dido overload) however, I have to listen to her music on my MP3 player as my husband has banned her music, he says its only fit for people who are contemplating suicide, to listen to. (Especially her latest "Safe Trip Home" even though he was the one who bought it for me). I agree that her music is very heartfelt and emotional, and because her music has these qualities, for me, that's what makes it stand out from the rest. I personally feel, that after her 5 year break, she has come back with a much more mature outlook on life with this Album.

      --A little about the Artist--

      Name: Dido Armstrong
      D.O.B: 25.12.71
      First began recoding demo tracks: 1995
      First Album "No Angel" was released: 1999
      Began recording "Safe Trip Home" 1995, experimenting with sounds and producers, including Jon Brion in Los Angeles.

      There was a five year gap between her 2nd and 3rd Album 2003-2008, in this time she dedicated herself to learning more about the instrumental side of her music. She sadly lost her dad during this time, and this difficult time she went through is expressed in her Album "Safe Trip Home".

      --The Album--

      The cover is not the usual CD case, this one is a cardboard cover, a little unusual I thought, it makes the whole Album seem somewhat tacky, With the cover being mostly black, there is a picture of earth as seen from space. It shows an astronaut (Bruce McCandless) trying out the first manned manoeuvre unit and he is basically the first man to go out there without cords attached (apparantly). Centre top, Dido's name is displayed in white, with the album title written in smaller letters underneath.

      The album consists of 11 tracks with the deluxe version containing 3 extra tracks.

      1. Don't Believe In Love
      2. Quiet Times
      3. Never Want To Say It's Love
      4. Grafton Street
      5. It Comes And It Goes
      6. Look No Further
      7. Us 2 Little Gods
      8. The Day Before The Day
      9. Let's Do The Things We Normally Do
      10. Burnin Love
      11. Northern Skies

      The deluxe CD version of the album also contains the tracks For One Day, Summer and Northern Skies (Rollo mix). The deluxe iTunes version contains those tracks plus The Day Before The Day.

      "Don't say how proud you are", she pleads in "Let's Do the Things We Normally Do", a song that addresses an inevitable last goodbye. "I'd do anything I could do, for this one more day with you", Knowing he had very little time left, in "For One Day", "No more trips to Grafton Street", she is facing up to the reality of her dad's passing, in "Grafton Street".

      Although this Album may seem like a complete dedication to her dad, there are tracks she has added, a little more upbeat, but they still had some connection to her life at that time.
      For me, this album is a mature and thoughtful collection of songs and a fine memorial to her dad, who I'm sure would have been very proud.

      --Price and availabilty--

      Purchased from HMV for £9.99 In 2008, (but it can be purchased for a lot less than that now, I've recently seen it for £2.99 on Amazon).


      A great Album of meaningful, heart felt tracks, making the Dido collection into a truely delightful trio.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        09.01.2009 14:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Dido's third album

        To me, Dido is one of those quality artists who i place high in regard such as Will Young where ever lyric, vocal and song is meaningful as the other. Having listened to the other two Dido records, obviously expectations are high for Dido and it isn't the same as before where Dido was by far the best and most loved female solo artist in the UK now we have Duffy, Amy WInehouse, Leona Lewis, Kate Nash, Lilly Allen, KT Tunstall, Leona Lewis and Alexandera Burke to name a few. The UK music scene is currently dominated by female solo artists, Dido has sold more records than any of them with fewer records, hmmm Leona? it's quality not quantity of records.

        I really enjoyed listening to Dido's other releases Life For Rent and No Angel, they where relaxing, quality, original, calming and just quality music where the lyrics speak through words and chambers and where stunningly amazing, with a more competitive market for female solo artists BMG timed the release away from the hype of Leona, the peak of Amy Winehouse and at a time when their wasn't much compeition.

        I was convinced this would go to Number 1 for weeks and sell hugely but it seems the world has moved on from Dido. It was beaten in the UK by the re-release of Leona's Spirit album! i mean come on 1 million already had it and then annother million buy it! how cunning.... I still call Dido's Safe Trip Home my fave record by a female of the year because it's quality, calming and i think Rollo and Dido work really well together and always something that i just say is original.

        Don't Believe In Love is sadly one of the reasons the album failed, radio didnt get behind it, the video was arty but boring so no hope there and no one seem that bothered. It sold alright not millions - normaly dido sells around 1.2 million in total in the UK, this time she is one just over 200,000 in total. USA the album has quite underperformed despite alot of promotion. FOr any other aritst these sales are fine for Dido they are less than before. I love the album i have nothing but praise for it, I praise Let it go by Will Young and this by DIdo, i think they are contemporary, meaningful and quality work by BMG.

        Don't Believe In Love i willl be honest took a while to grow on me, but it did and i love that chorus now and only Dido could do that song justice any other artist might warble (hmmm LEona) all through it. Quiet times is quite incredible, i love it i think that should be the next single so relaxing. Never Wants to say its love should be another single, it's quality and meaningful - and i think with Dont believe in love and this shows Dido really doesnt believe in love/commitment LOL!

        Grafton Street as far as i have seen online is the most upbeat song on there with a extended instrumental section in there, really good. It comes and goes is emotional. Look No Further was the free download from the summer given out - i didnt like it first, but now i just Might been a singer, who selled around the world and spend all dirt - i can stop, so meaningful but so mellow that UK peeps would overlook it - it's meaningful and i love this song 10/10 honestly. The opening to Us 2 little gods is nice, i love that and if you see the short films BMG did for the release (how expensive was that LOL!) it really fits the song really well.

        The day before the day, works really well got a great meaning. Let us do the things we normally do, is realy summery and refreshing. Burnnin love is quite beautiful really there is a sense of love on tnhis record would be understatement. Norhtern Skies is quite impactful and has a good vibe.

        All in all, a great record - i love the album it's really relaxing, i had really expectations since Dido took 5 years making this, but it's quality and it's up there with Life For Rent and No Angel. It seems maybe Dido is just not contraversal and interesting enough to use drugs, fame, relationships to keep the focus on her and bear in mind that Dido sold 200,000 on the back of being Dido, i havent seen one TV appearence from her in the UK, that really says something. A couple of years ago a survey from BBC suggested 1 in 6 houses owned a Dido CD, now i'd say that was 1 in 600 sadly, but this is a great release - and with the right song (hmmmm Quiet times) cough it could sell more.

        Wow i've warbled on! but DIdo is one of those artists i feel strongly about 800 WORDS!


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          29.12.2008 02:54
          Very helpful



          Burnt offerings from Dido

          ---Merry December and a politically correct new year---

          So, that's Christmas out of the way, and I'd like to say a big thank you to the pagans for allowing the Christians to steal one of their coolest holidays!

          As you can imagine, I received a tonne of things that I have now plonked in a giant "I will be reviewing the crap out of you later!" pile. It felt dirty and wrong. Almost like I'll be reviewing the people who got me the gifts. However dirty it felt, right now I'm bored, so boredom trumps dirty. At least this kind of dirty. My boyfriend (also called Ryan he he) is in Ireland till tomorrow (and has been there since the 17th) so there won't be any of that kind of dirt to be had for a while yet. Grumble.

          ---Gift number one---

          The first gift I have chosen was given to me by my lovely flatmate Michelle. I had noticed a month ago that Dido had brought out a new album. I got quite excited about this but didn't have the money to get it. Shell, being smart, decided to get it for my Christmas.

          Dido (real name...Dido Florian Cloud de Booneville O'Malley Armstrong...ouch) has let out two previous albums and is famous for being quite laid back in her music.

          After being shot to stardom by Eminem grabbing part of her song "thank you" from the album "No Angel" for his brilliant song "Stan" she became the biggest selling artist of 2001, with songs from her album appearing on the then popular show Roswell and a few others.

          Her next album "Life for Rent" was another huge success in 2003, reaching number 1 in 26 countries. And not just countries no ones ever heard of either!

          ---Must not make sex toy jokes---

          "Safe trip home" is the latest offering from our Dearest Dido. Released on November 17th 2008 with practically no hype at all (at least not that I was aware of) the first single being the first song on the album "Don't Believe In Love". The Deluxe edition I received comes with a bonus disc with (wait for it) three whole songs on it. !!!!

          ---Thoughts? Comments?---

          Firstly I need to point out that I hate the case. It is made out of cardboard. The front flap folds out to the right, then another folds out to the right, giving you three squares in a row. The left and right square have a little pouch just big enough for a CD to slide into. The middle square has a booklet with the lyrics and some photos in it.

          My first bitch will be about these CD pouches. Since they are just big enough for a CD to get into, you cant really get your finger in to get the CD out. It's too tight to shake the CD out and unless you have money to spare on an orphan with small hands specifically to get your CD's out, you will be screwed. I have ended up accidentally ripping both sides trying to get the CD's out. Not a happy bunny.

          My next bitch is the CD's themselves. They don't mention all too obviously which one is the bonus CD. All they have is a tiny "enhanced cd" symbol on the bonus disc. I assumed the one on the left would be the Full CD and the one on the right would be the Bonus. God forbid they use common sense. Nope, no such luck.

          Also, I noticed the CD's weren't in the matching pouches. One disc has clouds on and one is black. The pouches are the same. So why was the black one in the cloudy pouch on the left while the Cloudy disc was in the black pouch on the right?!?! Yes, I know, I'm a total pedant.

          ---Pretty pictures---

          As for the artwork, its lovely. A bold "DIDO" floats at the top of the picture of a lone space man floating in darkness above the planet earth. The photo was taken in 1984 to demonstrate the first space suit that didn't need to be attached to a spacecraft. Very atmospheric! If only the same could be said of the music eh. Talking of which, I suppose I better mention that now!

          ---CD with...MOOSIC??---

          A slight word before I begin on the music. I listened to the album earlier today and I have to say, I hated it with a vengeance. Now that I've gotten myself a little more than tipsy, I'm loving it. A little. So I may sound a bit like I have multiple personalities. Just embrace it.

          --- 1 - Don't believe in love : 3:52---
          ---Pretend that I'm still sleeping till you go home---

          To start with I thought "she just sounds like she has recycled her old albums and thrown in some used toilet paper". As much as this was a very economic way to go about the first song on the album, it also may indicate that, at first, I thought it was a pile of crap.

          Now that I'm drunk, I'm liking it. It's one of the more upbeat songs from the album. Still very relaxed in classic Dido style. From what I can gather from the lyrics, Dido is singing about being a dirty stop out. How fabulous. Thumbs up for this track.

          --- 2 - Quiet Times - 3:17---
          ---You ask me where I'd go tonight, I'd go back to today last year---

          Another calm but upbeat number with a pretty guitar plinking away in the background, a couple of drums and Dido. This is a song about pining like a whiney bitch over ex's who you thought were ace. Well, Dido, you might miss him, but men are a bunch of....Oh...yeah...review...ahem.

          So, it's a lovely melancholy song with a nice rhythm and some orchestral type strings kick in near the end. A Thumbs up for this one too.

          --- 3 - Never Want to Say It's Love - 3:35---
          ---I never want to say it's love, but its really what I'm thinking of---

          Much in the same vein as the last song, though with a tad more denial thrown in. Dido seems to want to hide her feelings for someone in this song. The instruments sound very like Mr Bacharach has came to visit, with some soft trumpety bits. All I can see in my head is Paul Daniels and Debby McGee on a swing singing "why do birds suddenly appear". Because of that I'm not a HUGE fan of this song whether drunk or sober. It is nice, but not one I'd choose to listen to.

          --- 4 - Grafton street - 5:57---
          ---And time we always loose is finally found here with you---

          This one has a very native Indian feel about it. A Recorder (played by dido rather well) and lots of base. As for what the song's about, I can only imagine that it's about someone dying. Though you'd only notice that if you looked at what the lyrics were saying. It wasn't entirely obvious until I did.

          Some nice parts to this song, but over all, nothing amazing. The fact it's a recorder being played just makes me think of twenty-odd children screeching London's burning out in a music lesson. Fabby.

          --- 5 - It comes and it goes - 3:27 ---
          --- Some days I can tell you the truth and some days I just don't---

          Back to the Bacharach esq instruments, but I enjoy this song a little bit more. Other than Dido possibly having a bad case of multiple personalities, I don't have a the first clue what the song's actually about, but it has some brilliant contradictory and blunt statements about herself throughout it. It reminds me (rather sadly) of myself at the best of times!

          I'll give this unashamed little self portrait a thumbs up.

          --- 6 - Look No Further - 3:13 ---
          ---I can stop and catch my breath and look no further for happiness---

          After whinging about ex's, it would seem that Dido chose to sing about how in love she is. At least that's what I think this is about. Possibly it's a secret wish that she wasn't in love so she could go and have some kick ass...ahem ... "adventures", but you'd probably need to be bitter and slightly drunk to see it that way.

          I'll give it half a thumb.

          --- 7 - Us 2 Little Gods - 4:49 ---
          ---Summer's here early again, Let's take the kid and go and celebrate---

          A story about a childhood love turning into a life long adventure with kids and beer. I think. It's got heavy Santana type influences, so it's a little more upbeat and flamenco-ey. An interesting story if you bother to check out the lyrics, but for a song to just listen to or sing along to, it doesn't really do much for me.

          No thumbs for you this time, Dido.

          --- 8 - The Day Before The Day - 4:13---
          ---It wakes me every single night thinking through the day, did you stop at any time---

          This one is a chilling song about regret and not getting to say goodbye to a loved one, presumably before they died. Maybe I'm just a really morbid twat. Either way, it's a very sad song and a nice tribute to whoever its about.

          I'll give it a thumb.

          ---9 - Let's Do The Things We Normally Do - 4:09 ---
          ---Don't hold my hand for longer than you need to---

          Slightly higher tempo than the last and pretty much contradicting the ideas put forward in the last song completely. Again, about saying goodbye, but more like she got the chance to say it but didn't really want to. A lot like she was only saying it because it was polite and she could have quite happily have buggered off without saying a word. Though you may want to ask Dido about that, because she'll probably say something completely different!

          It's quite a good little song though. Thumb for Dido.

          ---10 - Burnin Love - 4:11 ---
          ---I've found no peace in the lies that I've told---

          No, I have not typo'd. The album states clearly there is no G on this track. This one slows it down again for a lovely duet with Citizen Cope. Whoever that is. He sounds a bit like Damian Rice. I would have preferred he got a little more time to sing on his own than he did. It sounded a bit like Dido had promised a mate to let him sing on a song and just slapped him on the end of a song for a couple of seconds to shut him up.

          Despite that, it is a nice, laid back song (no surprise there). I'll give it a half thumb.

          ---11 - Northern Skies - 8:55 ---
          ---For once there was beauty here for me under the wide northern skies---

          I'll be buggered if I know what this is about. Actually, I'll be buggered regardless, but you know what I mean. It's a very slow and quite a dull song. And it's 8 bloody minutes long. That crosses the line. It needs sped up a bit and then it might be ok.

          No thumbs.

          ------BONUS DISC-----

          And now for the bonus disc! Three whole songs. And a video I think. Woot!

          --- 1 - For One Day - 5:43 ---
          --- Just for one day I'd see you walk again---

          The start of the bonus disc feels like a song to someone who is in a coma or a severely disabled state. Deep no? The song is a bit pants to be truthful. Some bond-esq strings and Dido wailing away. Hmm.

          No thumbs.

          --- 2 - Summer - 3:55 ---
          ---The summers come too soon and I'm still missing you---

          I quite like this one. Given, Dido does sound a bit like a five year old who's just happy to be famous in this one. Why? I don't really know. It's just the feeling I get. It's a very relaxed no brainer. Plinky plonk plinky plonk. Ahh.

          I'll give it a thumb.

          --- 3 - Northern Skies Remix - 5.55 ---

          Remix you say? Brilliant! I did, after all request that this song become a little faster! Imagine my amusement when I find out Dido's idea of a remix. Take the huge 4 minute instrumental ending off the song and replace the snare drum with......(wait for it) ..... A slightly higher pitched snare drum!!

          I'm not quite sure what the point behind this was. You'd think after being off the radar since 2003 a Bonus disc should be filled to the hilt with extra material. Apparently not.

          ---Studio Film---

          This lasts about ten minutes and is what it says on the tin. A film of Dido floating around the recording studio, between different instruments. A few of the album songs are laid over the top while you watch exactly how much effort went into making it sound very quiet and laid back. A surprising amount, I have to point out. All seems like a bit of a waste of time to me. Is there actually anything wrong with using a keyboard rather than "using an orchestra to slowly build the components of the sound the keyboards use"? No.

          Other than that, the only thing I really learned from it was that Dido is very talented but keeps it well hidden and that Citizen Cope is possibly The Missing Link. Someone call New Scientist!

          The video annoyed me a little as it came across that Dido only really made this record for something to do. Like one of those annoying children that are good at everything that you just want to kick in the face. Take it from me though, you will end up in a lot of trouble if you do. Hmf. Bloody children.

          ---Back home---

          Over all, I'd say this was Dido's worst album. It was far too laid back and didn't really contain anything memorable. There are a couple of nice songs on there, but nothing to rile your blood to the point of falling in love with it (unless you are a hardcore Dido fan in which case the fact it has her name on it will be enough to make you cream). I think a lot of the songs would have been better off as poetry as the lyrics are brilliant, but hidden all too well in songs that after a minute you don't realise are still playing. A piss poor performance from someone who can do a lot better. But hey, it was free!


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Don't believe in love
          2 Quiet times
          3 Never want to say it's love
          4 Grafton street
          5 It comes and it goes
          6 Look no further
          7 Us 2 little gods
          8 The day before the day
          9 Let\x{2019}s do the things we normally do
          10 Burnin love
          11 Northern skies

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