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Saints Of Los Angeles - Motley Crue

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Motley Crue / CD / Audio CD released 2008-06-30 at Eleven Seven

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    3 Reviews
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      02.09.2009 22:41
      1 Comment



      so the saints or is it the sinners of los angeles have returned to the show

      Once again it's time for the bad boys of L.A. to come at you with their 9th studio album S.O.L.A - the band again has reformed with all the orignal cats of sinners :- Nikki Sixx , mICK mARS ,Tommy T-Bone Lee and Vince neil . This is the first studio album since 1997's generation swine since the crue have been back as one solid unit and once again sounding like the band which was about to take over the world . So why should you buy this album ? well their is one obvious reason , and that is if you heard the dr.feelgood album from 1989 or if you bychance got you hands on a copy of the decade of decadance album this will sound like somehow managed to find that same sprak when putting out those two albums but somehow have tuned into something which still sounds as temporay as the time it was in . Now people will think their past their sell by date and that maybe true , but if you are wanting to hear something that basically is not really mainstream any more then buy this album -my personal favourtie tracks on this album where
      1)going out swingin
      2)welcome to the machine
      3)chicks = trouble
      4)saints of los angeles


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        31.03.2009 23:02
        Very helpful



        a must have for crue fans,and a must try for rock/metal fans

        -----------------------------------Overview of CD------------------------------------------
        Saints of Los Angeles is the 9th full studio album to be released by the American glam metal group Motley Crue.and is a return to form for the crue. in my opinion this is the best Motley Crue album since 1989s Dr Feelgood after a string of dissapointlingly unpopular album in the 90's and early 00s

        This album is performed by the original line up being:
        Vocals-Vince Neil
        Guitar- Mick Mars
        Bass- Nikki Sixx
        Drums- Tommy Lee
        The album also has some input from nikki sixxs Sixx AM partners D J Ashba and James Michaal, the album was also produced by James Michael.

        The albm cover is a cross made out of 4 women set on a white plain background.

        This CD Was otiginally to be named the dirt after the popular autobiographical book of the same name, like the book the album attempts to tell the story of motley crue, almost like a sound track to accompany the book in such a way as Nikki Sixx achived with his book and CD the herion diarys. Unlike the Herion diarys Saints of los angeles is not telling an album long story but more a group of short tails from Motley Crues storied past. Some are easy to link with famous event others are a little more difficult to work out, I will as i list the tracks attempt to put my views across for the tracks but please remember that for each person that listens to this albm will interperate them differently.

        ------------------------------------Track Listing---------------------------------------------
        1- LAFM-
        This is the intro to the album and not a song as such, fans of past albums will find this reminisent of the TNT intro on the Dr Feelgood album, This intro basically sets the theme of the album, there is a voice over to describe (in so many words) that out of all the wannabe stars to raise in LA ouly several wil make it .. and that for these it will be a life of excess joy and misery

        2-face down in the dirt-
        This song flows straight of the back of the intro, It is a good catchy riff and chorus to this song, a good solid Motley Crue song, at this point of listening to this album i was looking forward to the rest as is seemed like this was an instant return to form for the crue.

        3-Whats it going to take to make it-
        A song that drives the story forward,although a full length good song this seems almost like a type of intermission, a turning point in the story were the band asks itself what t7do we need to do to stand out

        4-Down at the whiskey-
        This song is about the early days when the band would play gigs in a small club called the whiskey, were alot of famous bands got there start, the song is the closest thing to one of the old glam rock ballads you will get on this CD, it is of a similar looking back remembering tone as 'Home sweet home' but much more upbeat.. this for me as a motley crue fan shows a difference in the motley crue song wrighting going from songs about missing home and not wanting to be on tour to songs looking back with joy at the start of there careers.

        5-Saints of Los Angeles-
        The title track on the album is one of the best on the album, it is a good old fashioned Motley Crue song with lyrics about excess and decadence. The song is very up beat and i enterperat the song to be about an ambitious young motley crue making there mark .. hence the lyric ' one day you will confess .. and pray to the saints of Los Angeles.This song in particular has a fantastic Solo that starts mid way through the song and continues to the end with the vocals over the top.if you are looking for a sample song when deciding whether to buy this i would suggest this song.

        6-Animal in me-
        To me this is the most throw away song on the album, it has a very dark riff and tone, i am assuming this song has something to do with Motley Crues various drug and drink problems, but the lyrics make this hard to be sure about,

        7-Welcome to the machine-
        This has alot more of a heavy metal feel to it than motley crues normal glam/sleaze songs,although as with the aminal in me, it is very hard to figure out the message this song is trying to point out, but an enjoyable song non the less

        8-Just another psycho-
        This is a good song with great lyrics again the story seems to be lost during the last couple of songs, Individually they are good songs but the album seemed to loose its direction, luckily this picks up...

        This is a really good song,it is typical motley crue style with the kind of rebellious feel as Girls Girls Girls, this one instantly drew my attention as the words CHICKS=TROUBLE is scraweld all over nikki sixx book the herion diarys that i enjoyed reading recently and from reading this book i determin that this song is telling the story of countless lovers and failed relationships,not to mention the countless amount of gold diggers after the bands fortunes

        10-this aint a love song--
        This is probably my favorite song on the album, it is a great upbeat song, the story is pretty obvious from the title.

        11-White trash circus-
        This is probably the most radio friendly soong on the album, this songis an overview of Motley Crues life and the public and medias opinion of them, a great song that really gives you a feel for the decadence of the worlds most infamous rock band

        12-Going out swinging-
        This is probably the best ending song to an album i have ever heard, were most bands opt for a slower song to tone down the end of an album, motley crue in true crue style challange this, not only is it a great uplifting song it also fits great with the story of the development of the enigma that is motley crue, it brings us up to the present and the future for motley crue stating that motley crue will not just fade away.....

        ------------------------------------My opinion-----------------------------------------------
        This is a great album, it has an idea of telling a story and for the most part it sticks to it, granted the point is difficult to understand at some points but the sound and enjoyablity maintain the feel of the album, all band members have not lost a step, Vince Neils Voice sounds as good if not more matured than he did 20 years ago, Mick Mars brings some great solos and hard rocking riffs to the album,Tommy Lee as always in totally uncomparable and will always remain the best drummer in the world and Nikki Sixxs song writing and bass playing has greatly improved over the years.

        This is definatly a return to form, i think the idea of telling tails of the old life is a very clever way of inserting that attitude into the album that the band had in there heyday.and dare i say one of the best aside from Dr Feelgood. There is not a bad song on this album all are solid and well written. i am very interested to see if the more mature band can still insert that old decadence into there next album. and continue the leagacy that is Motley Crue


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          13.01.2009 20:10
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great album, go buy it or download it!

          Having specifically requested Dooyoo to put this product up, I shall review it.
          Motley Crue's latest album, Saints Of Los Angeles wasn't advertised over here as much as it was elsewhere around the world, perhaps being the reason why not many people have heard of it, but they should have. After an 8 year absence from their last album 'New Tattoo' (2000), Saints Of Los Angeles has lived up to a lot of expectations. As a classic rock fan in general I have to say that this is their best album to date. Even bassist Nikki Sixx has gone on to say that they're 'on to some of the better songs' they've 'had in years'.
          This album is similar to Metallica's album 'Death Magnetic' in the sense that the music doesn't so much sound the same, but is of the same specific genre, given that Motley Crue's is of course classic rock compared to Metallica's thrash metal.
          Having this album, I would recommend you try and listen to samples of some of the tracks before you download or buy just in case you disagree with me, but I highly recommend 'Saints Of Los Angeles', Goin' Out Swingin' ' and 'Down At The Whisky'. All are excellent examples of Motley Crue's great sound and I certainly hope that if another album comes out that it is just as good as this one.
          Unfortunately for us in the UK they haven't announced dates for their 2009 Saints Of Los Angeles tour in the UK but they are touring the US from the end of January to mid-March if you're lucky enough to see them, fingers crossed they'll come over the Atlantic and do a European tour.
          On the whole I recommend this album to any rock fan in general as a lot of the music is energetic and feel-good type music. Great album.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 L.A.M.F.
          2 Face Down In The Dirt
          3 What's It Gonna Take
          4 Down At The Whisky
          5 Saints of Los Angeles (Gang Vocal)
          6 Mutherfucker Of The Year
          7 The Animal In Me
          8 Welcome To The Machine
          9 Just Another Psycho
          10 Chicks = Trouble
          11 This Ain't A Love Song
          12 White Trash Circus
          13 Goin' Out Swingin'

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