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Same Oul Town - The Saw Doctors

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Genre: Rock - Folk Rock / Artist: The Saw Doctors / Audio CD released 1996-02-12 at Shamtown

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    2 Reviews
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      05.04.2010 01:03
      Very helpful
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      Slow and sentimental mixed in with dancey and jolly.

      A drunk Irish man once told me that there were two types of English people. Those who love the saw doctors and those who think that listening to middle aged men sing like they're in their teens isn't trendy and so say they don't like them but secretly love them. I must agree I can't see how people can't fall in love with the Saw Doctors or their music. (Peter Kay falls into the first category and recently joined them on stage to sing I useta lover - a song from their first album If This Is Rock An Roll I Want My Old Job Back)

      This album was originally released in 1996 and the line up was then mainly Leo Moran, Davy Carton, Pearse Doherty and John Donnelly. The line up has change a few times and now Leo and Davy are joined by Eimhin Craddock and Anto Thistlethwaite.

      This album has a slightly mellower feel to some of their other albums but contains some jolly ones and many favourites.

      All The One
      A song with a good beat. A good one for hoovering too! About a football match and how football can unit people.

      Same Oul' Town
      This is a slow one. A sentimental song about everything being the same in the town and being fed up when really you can tell that they love it. A beautiful song.

      To Win Just Once
      One of my favourite songs ever. A really uplifing song which is great to dance to about wanting to win just once.

      Again a slow one about a girl leaving ireland to get an abortion and emotions involved. A bit of a sad one which does make you think.

      World Of Good
      A strangely uplifting song about a relationship that has ended (I think)
      Best Quote - I love you girl and I always will, You know you're part of my life still. Though times have changed, it's understood. I only wish for you the world of good

      Back To Tuam
      A happy, jolly song about returning home and how wonderful that can be. It has a wonerful music bit in it which is great to do, de do along to.

      Mercy Gates
      A bit slow and not one of their best. I admit this is one of the few that I skip.

      Macnas Parade
      A dancey song with a happy parade feel about young love. Ahhh.

      Share The Darkness
      This song has a romantic feel to it and at the live shows its the one where couples gaze at each other but when you listen to the words it is more about someone not wanting to be alone and so turning to someone to spend the night with. Not that romantic really but the lyrics do have a certain beauty.

      I Want You More
      This song is what the saw doctors are about. A song which makes you smile, ance and sing along. It is basically a list of things which the singer wants the girl more. Ok so the list is a bit random at times (I want you more than an ice cream cone! or more than duty free fags) but it is romantic at times (more than the stars in the sky) When it comes on I turn the stereo up and sing louly an badly. It's great.

      All Over Now
      A sad song which strikes a chord with many people about a person who is finally leaving a ba relationship. Beautifully written and often makes me want to cry.

      Clare Island
      This is a favourite of many docs fans and is always included in their concerts. A slow but happy song about a girl and a bloke getting the ferry to Clare Island and having a romantic fun time just the two of them.

      This is probably the most serious Saw Doctors Album but a good first albulm to get.


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        18.05.2007 17:53
        Very helpful



        Great Irish group with one of their earlier albums

        To get you all in the spirit of the Saw Doctors music I thought I would review another one of their albums..
        This album “Same Oul’ Town” was made and released in 1996. This is another of their well know albums and also around the time they started going outside of Ireland to try and break into different countries music charts.
        When the band went to America little did they realize that they would be very popular over there too !
        Soon a small unknown band from Galway that had taken Ireland by storm was getting recognized in the USA.
        To the band this was marvelous news, but were not very popular in other countries.
        This was 1996 and things could only get better…

        Now for the album:

        All the one
        A song about the divisions in a small population.
        Good medium paced song to start the album off, good beat and rythum from the instrumentals.

        Same Oul’ Town
        The song is set in a rainy cold night in the middle of winter.
        A slow beat mainly with the guitar setting the mood. Good strong lyrics and story to this song.

        To Win just once
        A song about that one moment of glory that everyone has once in their life.
        Good guitar instrumental starting the song off, medium paced track with well thought out lyrics about getting that win that you have been after and will always remember.

        A song about Irish women who travel to Britain to make a new life every year.
        Slowish to medium paced song. Not too many instrumentals in this song rather than relying on the voice to put the point across that this song was about.

        World of good
        A song about wishing somebody a better and good future.
        Fast paced song kicking off well with guitar music. Very catchy lyrics.

        Back to Tuam
        About people coming back to their home town of Tuam.

        This is one of their best hits from this album. Medium to fast lyrics and not overpowered by lots of different background music.

        Mercy gates
        A song about the different all girl schools that get neglected.
        Slow guitar intro to the song, good well paced lyrics.

        Macnas parade
        A song about the annual parades through the streets of Galway.
        Good fast paced track with lyrics that you can follow very easy if you have ever been to one of these parades in Galway.

        Share the darkness
        A song about spending the night with someone you love.
        A slowish song with good chorus lines and catchy tune.

        I want you more
        Song about closing time at the pub and wanting someone a lot more !
        Fast paced track with some lyrics that everybody can relate to !

        All over now
        A song about somebody walking miles on a cold dark night to be with his partner.
        A slow musical start to the song, building into a medium paced song and quite relaxing.

        Clare Island
        About a nice peaceful place you want to go to with tranquil settings.
        A medium paced song with thought out lyrics about what is on this island, meeting someone there and happiness.

        I found this Saw Doctors album to be very entertaining and another good mixture of types of music this band can do.
        I did see a difference in style from this 1996 album compaired to the 2005 “The Cure” I found that they had started getting a lot more hits from this album as the lyrics were so good and had a lot of story behind the songs.
        Also in this on more meaningful songs I liked the way that Davy and Leo’s voices rose to the challenge of these songs by not needing a lot of the background music, maybe a quiet guitar in the background worked a lot.
        With their albums this is my favourite after “The Cure” and it does not seem at all dated by the fact that this was done in 1996.
        I liked the pattern on the CD which has the album cover printed on it.
        The inlay cover is very good with all of the lyrics inside with pictures of the Saw Doctors and a bit of info on the back about putting the album together.

        The Saw Doctors are:

        Davy Carton – Vocals, Guitar
        Leo Moran – Guitar, Vocals
        Fran Breen- Drums
        Anthony Thistlewaite – Bass guitar, Harmonica

        Record label – Sham town records

        I hope you have all enjoyed this and if you can listen to one of their albums you will not be disappointed.



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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 All The One
        2 Same Oul' Town
        3 To Win Just Once
        4 Everyday
        5 World Of Good
        6 Back To Tuam
        7 Mercy Gates
        8 Macnas Parade
        9 Share The Darkness
        10 I Want You More
        11 All Over Now
        12 Clare Island

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