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Save Me, San Francisco - Train

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Train / Audio CD released 2009-10-26 at Columbia

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2012 17:37
      Very helpful



      A very catchy album.

      Save Me, San Francisco by Train.

      Train are an American, Grammy award winning rock/pop band from San Francisco who have been around for quite a while now. They had a huge hit with Drops of Jupiter a few years back which is the main reason they are known over here in the UK. The band currently consists of three members; Patrick Monahan (lead singer), Jimmy Stafford (guitarist) and Scott Underwood (drums). The band formed in 1994, at that time they had two more members than what they do now. I was re-introduced to Train when I went to America in 2010; they are huge over there and after hearing some of their most recent material it clicked "oh they are the band the sang that really good song Drops of Jupiter". That song was the only one I had ever heard of theirs previously and at first, I was not too sure if I would like any of their new stuff as it was overplayed so much in the States. However, after a few months of hearing Hey, Soul Sister at least once a day, I succumbed to liking them. I did not buy their album straight away however. It was not until last summer when I went to see them in concert in New York that I fell in love with this album and wondered why I had never bought it before.

      This album, Save Me, San Francisco, is the bands 5th album to be released. It has 12 tracks on it and lasts approximately 43 minutes. It was released Stateside back in 2009. The album was not a huge chart success however compared to previous albums released by the band, it has done very well. I personally love this album. It has a real feel-good vibe to it and I love the mix of rock, pop and folk music. This album is perfect to listen to at anytime of the day and I do not have to be in a specific mood to listen to it. There are some very good tracks on this album and some outstanding tracks, no bad ones.

      Track 1: Save Me, San Francisco
      This first track is definitely the best one on the album. It is so much fun and the chorus will have you shouting out 'oh hell no'. It is a wonderful song about the bands hometown and how they long to be there and all that is good about it. This song makes you feel good, from the uplifting opening guitar riff to the beat kicking in and the song really starting. There are references to San Francisco throughout the song, including the mention of cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

      Track 2: Hey, Soul Sister
      I have very fond memories of this song. Throughout my summer of 2010, this song was played on the radio in America approximately every 15 minutes. It was a huge hit stateside due to its catchy tune and infectious lyrics. I have heard this song more times than I would care to count and still I like it, which I find quite impressive. It is an incredibly fun and feel-good song which will have you singing along to the unavoidably catchy 'hey hey hey'. The lyrics to this song are actually interesting to listen to and are not run of the mill, standard lyrics they are different e.g. 'My heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest'.

      Track 3: I Got You
      This track definitely has a folk/rock sound to it. There is a steady beat, which at the beginning of each verse the lyrics are sung to highlight. It is a nice track and like many of the songs on this album, it is really easy to listen to. The song is about finding that 'one' person and being with them forever.

      Track 4: Parachute
      This is a wonderful track and in my opinion one of the strongest on the whole album. The song has a strong rock instrumental and is very different from the Hey, Soul Sister sound. The song is quite serious and has beautiful, meaningful lyrics. My favourite line is in the chorus; 'I'll open up and be your parachute'. This is definitely one of my favourite songs.

      Track 5: This Ain't Goodbye
      This is a stunning track, which is not as upbeat as other songs on the album, but it is not a ballad. Patrick's vocal is amazing and it is quite an emotional song. There is a beautiful piano instrumental throughout the song and then on the second verse, the drums kick in and it becomes more of a rock song. This song reminds me of a Daughtry song.

      Track 6: If It's Love
      I love this song! The beat and tune are exceptional. The lyrics are entertaining and the song makes you feel great. It reminds me of the summertime and the chorus is definitely the best part with Patrick belting out 'If it's love...' From the opening lyrics 'when everybody else is getting out of bed, I'm usually getting in it, I'm not in it to win it', you will be hooked on this outstanding track.

      Track 7: You Already Know
      This song starts quite mysteriously with some string instrumentals, which last about a minute, and then the rock instrumentals kick in. The song is about a 'bi-polar love affair' and has a quite a lot of attitude. The chorus is fantastic and very catchy like so many songs on this album.

      Track 8: Words
      There is no introduction to this song; Patrick just gets straight in there with his incredible voice. It is an inspirational song about rolling with changes and not letting words break you. I really like this song!

      Track 9: Brick By Brick
      This is a beautiful song about rebuilding a relationship and a life that was once shared, brick by brick. This is a very relaxed song with a deep meaning and it tells a story. There is a stunning violin and piano instrumental throughout with a rock edge.

      Track 10: Breakfast In Bed
      I love how this song rhymes the word lotion with ocean. In this chilled out song Train are comparing someone to the best dream in their head and breakfast in bed. I think it is meant as a compliment. It is a nice song and quite funny in places, not sure if that is intentional.

      Track 11: Marry Me
      When I went to see them in concert, Train performed this song. The lead singer, Patrick, ran around the audience serenading some "lucky" ladies. He was sweaty and I found it quite gross. At the end of the song, an audience member then proposed to his surprised girlfriend whilst 15 thousand people looked on. Fortunately, for him she said yes. It was nice but cheesy and whilst everyone sighed 'awww', I cringed a little bit. The song is lovely though; it is a nice ballad and Patrick's voice is very good on it.

      Track 12: Drops of Jupiter (Live)
      This is one of my favourite songs of all time and I was so excited to see them play it live. I cannot help but get lost in this song and loudly sing along... 'Did the wind sweep you off your feet?"? I am glad that they put this song on the album as in my opinion it is their best song ever. I can listen to their new stuff and then end it with a classic!

      The tracks on this album are all consistent. There are no weak songs, which makes the whole album a pleasure to listen to. It is one of my favourite albums to put on and have a sing-a-long to; it is great for listening to when driving too. I would definitely recommend this album and Train to anyone who is a fan of pop/rock music and who likes catchy songs. I will continue to listen to this album for a long time, I am glad that I rediscovered Train and they were incredible live! Given the chance, I would definitely go see them again and hopefully they will bring out more records like this in the future.

      The album can be downloaded from iTunes for £5.99.

      5 out of 5 stars!

      Thank you for reading : )

      Review also on Ciao under luceey.


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        08.07.2010 16:15
        Very helpful



        If you like Counting Crows, Five For Fighting or the Barenaked Ladies, you'll probably like this.

        After releasing 'Drops of Jupiter,' you might be forgiven for thinking that Train had fallen off the edge of the world, in the UK the song was basically a one-hit-wonder, and has been one of my favourite songs for a very long time. Whilst the band has enjoyed some commercial success- mostly in America- the albums that followed were never as successful as they could or should have been, even though some of the songs on those albums were excellent. After their last album flopped, the band took a three year break, and I thought that that was probably the end of them.

        I was overjoyed when I heard that Train were releasing a new album, and even more so when I first heard 'Hey, Soul Sister' on the radio. Not just because it's a great song, but because it might just get Train the recognition that I've always felt they deserved. This album is a complete return to form, and seems set to be their most successful ever.

        'Hey, Soul Sister,' the leading track from the album is a great, upbeat summer tune, the sort that to be played whilst relaxing on a beach, or driving in your car with the windows down. The chorus is catchy, and you'll find yourself singing it hours later after you hear it. This is the first song to be released off the album in the UK, and what with the fun lyrics and ukulele strumming along throughout it, it's almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

        However, whilst Hey, Soul Sister is a great song, in my opinion, it's not the best song on the album. 'Save me San Francisco,' the title track from the album is simply superb. It's up tempo and fun, with one of the best choruses ever. Patrick Monahan, the lead vocalist has a voice that is just perfect for a song like this. Give it a listen at least once, trust me, it's great.

        'Marry Me,' the last track on the album is a completely different tune to the rest of the album. A slow ballad, with really beautiful lyrics, if you have a wedding coming up and need a first dance, this one deserves a listen. It's the sort of song that probably won't get released, but that doesn't mean that it's not good.

        The other songs on this album are all pretty good, with maybe one or two slightly less polished efforts, but all in all, it's definitely worth a listen. This is a great upbeat album that would make a great addition to anyone's summer listening. What's more, once you've listened to the album, I guarantee that you'll be tempted to look up their back catalogue.

        If you like Counting Crows, Five For Fighting or the Barenaked Ladies, you'll probably like this.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Save Me, San Francisco
      2 Hey, Soul Sister
      3 I Got You
      4 Parachute
      5 This Ain't Goodbye
      6 If It's Love
      7 You Already Know
      8 Words
      9 Brick by Brick
      10 Breakfast in Bed
      11 Marry Me

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