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Save The World - Get The Girl - The King Blues

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7 Reviews

Genre: Reggae - Ska / Artist: The King Blues / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2008-10-20 at Island

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    7 Reviews
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      18.10.2012 13:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An awesome album, well worth a listen

      *Save The World Get The Girl, The King Blues*
      This album, Save The World Get The Girl (released in 2008) is one of my favorites and comes from one of my favorite bands, The King Blues and seeing as I'll babble on to anyone who will listen about this band I figured that it was well worth me reviewing one of their albums!

      *Who are The King Blues?*
      The King Blues were a punk rock band originating from London who combine the influence of many different genres in their music. Their lyrics are often quite political.
      Starting out as a two piece ska outfit, the band later expanded and self released a demo album All Fall Down in 2004 before their first studio album release Under The Fog in 2006
      Sadly this band announced their breakup in April, shortly before they released their newest album, Long Live The Struggle. Band members :
      # Jonny 'Itch' Fox: Vocals, Ukulele, Melodica
      # Jamie Jazz: Guitar, Vocals
      # Dean Ashton: Guitar, Backing Vocals
      # Kat Marsh - Bass, Backing Vocals
      # Josie Dobson - Keys, Backing Vocals
      # Jack Usher: Drums
      # Fruitbag: Guitar, Backing Vocals
      # Johnny Rich: Bass
      # Al Gunby: Drums
      # Jim Parmley: Percussion
      # Chris Goodman: Bass
      # George Lindsay: Drums
      # Perkie: Keys, Vocals
      # Ade Preston: Guitar, Backing Vocals
      # Charlie Wilson: Guitar

      Similar to...
      You will probably enjoy this band if you like any of the following:
      The Clash
      Sonic Boom Six
      Minor Threat
      Public Enemy
      Black Flag
      The Specials
      Frank Turner

      *The album cover*
      The album cover is simple yet effective, with a white background, bold black writing with the band and album name and a picture of three of the band members wearing sunglasses and scarfs around their lower faces. I do quite like this cover and if I hadn't already been a fan then this album might have grabbed my attention for it's looks if I'd seen it whilst browsing HMV or similar.

      *Track by track*
      # My Boulder
      This track is one of four from the album to be released as a single and the video to accompany the song features a rather cute and cuddly furry orange puppet. Lyrically it seems to speak of friendship and being there for a friend, being a "rock" to lean on. This is a nice catchy song with easy to understand lyrics, making it perfect for singing along to (especially if you've had a few beers with your friends). "You can lean on me. Cry on my shoulder."

      # I Got Love
      This is another track that was released as a single, it reached only 96 in the UK singles chart, I personally think it deserved to do much better! The video to accompany this song is quite simple, it's just scenes of the band with a focus on Itch singing. This is another nice catchy, easy to sing along to song, with a nice acoustic guitar sound. This is fantastic to listen to if you're not feeling great as I find it impossible not to want to sing, smile and dance when I hear this, it's a real feel good, motivational tune. The lyrics don't seem to have any particular theme, they are perhaps a celebration of human kind. "We are one people. we are equal, you are wonderful and rare."

      # The Schemers, The Scroungers & The Rats
      This track is a little more fast paced than the previous two on this album and has a good rhythm to it. Lyrically it seems speak of not wanting to work 9-5 and have nothing to show at the end of it, wanting to live rather than work even if it means not having much and scrounging. "But life's for living, not for working. And I've got better things to do"

      # Underneath This Lamppost Light
      This track is a nice slow one, a sort of modern day, working class love song with lyrics that perhaps only those in the UK would understand because there is talk of chip shops, buses and drinking too much. There is a really great ukulele sound in this track which I love. The words of the song sort of strip away the fairy tale feel of romance and make it into something more raw and down to earth. "So kiss me underneath this lamppost light, I know it smells of p**s but. You look beautiful tonight."

      # Save The World, Get The Girl
      The title track of the album, this is another one which was released as a single. The song lyrics depict the cliche of the good guy winning over evil and touch on politics of war a little. Again this is a nice catchy song that is easy to sing along to (I'm sure the neighbors must really appreciate this...) and it has a nice steady beat. I really like the video that made made for this tack, it features a lot of footage of the band on tour with various camera effects that give it a nice feel. There's also some shots of a toy van travelling across a map and later on some tanks and toy soldiers which I find quite cute (I'm not sure cute is very punk, but oh well). "But going to war, to prevent war, was the most stupid thing I ever heard."

      # For You My Darling
      This is quite a sad, melancholy song that starts of slowly and increases in pace after the start. It features an accordion. For some reason it makes me think of sailors but I can't quite put my finger on why. Apart from the chorus, the lyrics of this track aren't as catchy or easy to pick up on as other songs on the album and speak about being willing to do anything for a girl. I can't help but think that there is probably something deeper and perhaps darker hidden in the lyrics that I'm not quite understanding. " I would do anything, anything for you my darling. With a girl like you, it ain't easy being me"

      # The Streets Are Ours
      This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, the lyrics are a little fast to keep up with, but the song has some great energy. Lyrically it focuses on the achievements of anarchists and references some famous riots and protests, such as The Tiananmen Square Massacre in China (which is where the well known photo of a protester standing in-front of a tank comes from). "Over the sirens of the police cars. You can hear us shout, The streets are ours!"

      # Let's Hang The Landlord
      This is another track which was released as a single. The video made to accompany the song is a bit more professional seeming than some of the others, but it's still fairly simple and focuses on Itch singing whilst band members and various scene props move in, out and around the set. The lyrics were written by Itch (as most of their lyrics are) and is based on his personal life and said to have a lot to do about him being a teenage punk. It is again a nice catchy song. "If we hang the landlord from the top of the stairs. We can live here forever without a care."

      # Out Of Luck
      This is a slow, sort of sad song that lyrically seems to be abut love. Again, as in Underneath the lappost light, it seems to strip away the fairy tale from romance and turn it into something more real and less lovely. Again, some of the lyrcics might only make sense to those in the UK. "And he said, for you girl i'd walk a Swedish mile. For a Glasgow kiss and a Chelsea smile."

      # Hold On Tight
      This track is another of my favorites from the album. It has quite a ska feel to it and I really like the guitar/ukulele that you hear at the beginning (it does carry on throughout but is more obvious in the beginning and chorus). The lyrics seem to talk about people being indifferent to politics, preferring to watch TV than do anything about what is happening in the world around them. _"I demand love, that isn't measured, by the relationships of the characters on Friends.
      Or the words to some dire RnB song about what a good man what a mighty, mighty good man is."_

      # What If Punk Never Happened
      I have heard a lot of fans say that this is the best track on the album and I can see why. It references the film Back to the future which I find fantastic! The track starts with just Itch's lyrics and after a while the music comes in around him. The lyrics tell a story of going to visit an alternative reality in which punk never happened. At first the place doesn't seem to bad, but then problems become apparent. It seems that without punk rock no one questioned the government, protested, found a voice for themselves or felt the need to change things for the better. This is a long track with an awful lot of lyrics, to have cut it shorter would have lessened the effect of the message though. _"There's a lesson to be learned, one that I will take home, When I return to my normal reality zone. Punk rock has the power to change the world. It lies in every single punk rock boy and girl."_

      *Cost and availability*
      HMV stock this album on CD for £10 and if you order it online from them then you get free delivery. This isn't a bad price, but it is cheaper to buy from Amazon where you can get it for £6.73 with free delivery for the CD version, or just £5.49 for the MP3 version. Tracks can also be bought individually from Amazon in MP3 form and cost 89p each, except for I got love which is only 69p. I think this is not a bad price to pay at all for great music!

      *Overall opinion*
      As I said to begin with, this is one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands and as you probably noticed, I gave this five stars, so it's save to say that my overall opinion of this album is that it's rather awesome!
      The tracks fit together nicely, there is plenty of feel good material along with thought provoking lyrics and the amount of catchy tracks means that I am able to torture my neighbors with my singing easily. The only down side I can find is that there are a good few swear words in the album, which some people may find offensive.
      I would most certainly recommend this album to everyone, although you are obviously more likely to enjoy it as much as I do if you like punk in the first place.
      I do think that it's best to give this album a few listens before forming an opinion on it, it seems to get better and have more of an impact after it''s had a chance to sink in


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        25.05.2012 20:52
        Very helpful



        The King Blues 2nd studio album


        I first listened to the King Blues because i was going to see them live in concert and immeadiately I thought there music was brilliant. "Save the world, get the girl" and "My Boulder" were the songs that got me into this album but i have progressed to listening all of the songs which range from reggae and ska, to more rocky songs. This variety makes for a very interesting album that I have listened to over and over again. The politics behind some of the songs give them more substance and then there are other songs that create a very happy buzz. Having seen them live yesterday, I can say that they have succesfully captured their onstage energy in this album and I would thoroughly recommend this album because it is so enjoyable and at times, uplifting, to listen to. I haven't listened to their first album so I cannot compare it to that.
        -- Breakdown of songs --

        My Boulder is an incredibly uplifting song with its chorus line of "you can lean on me, cry on my shoulder" and instantly improves your mood just by listening to it once. This song was the first to be released as a single.
        I Got Love is another optimistic song. This time it is about the lengths the singer would go to show his love.

        The Schemers, The Scroungers And The Rats is a humorous song with a country style banjo tune, that congratulates those lower in society and mocks the higher class.
        Underneath This Lamppost Light is another very beautiful love song with slight humor in the lyrics such as, "the smell of kebab meat and sausage in batter will always remind me of you."

        Save the world, get the girl was the third single to be released and a political based song. This is my favorite song on the album not just for the anti-war feeling but also the easy to pick up and sing along chorus that is present in every song on this album.
        For You My Darling is one of the weaker songs. It starts with a traditional french style melody on the accordion with a slow pace but as the pace on the song increases, i think song improves so it is worth persevering with this song.

        The Streets Are Ours is a great song about how the power is with the people not the government. Singing along with the verse is a bit of a mouthful but not much beats shouting "the streets are ours" along with the singer, Itch.
        Let's Hang The Landlord is a more rocky song about living of very little. Again it is brilliant it is gentle humor and superb sing along melodies.

        Out of Luck is a more gentle and demonstrates the singers limited singing ability. Yet this is still a beautiful song with the harmonies in the chorus and again optimistic lyrics. The singers limited singing is perhaps a good thing though because it gives those of us who cannot sing particularly well either, courage to sing as loud and bravely as possible!
        Hold On Tight goes back to the King Blues ska and reggae origins. The prechorus slightly lets down another good song.

        What If Punk Never Happened ends the album as a 6 1/2 minute poem about a life without punk. Although some of the lyrics are unrealistic it is an eye opening song about what life would have actually been like with punk. This demonstrates the singers rapping abiltiy aswell as his skills at writing imaginative and startling lyrics.
        -- Conclusion--

        As you have probably worked out this album is great if you enjoy singing along even if you are not the greatest signer in the world. It is a very uplifting album and helps to improve your mood which makes it a great album that I highly recommend.


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        17.11.2009 21:04
        Very helpful



        An innovation

        Though reluctant to buy this album at first, I eventually decided to in order to familiarise myself with their stuff before seeing them live at a festival this summer. I enjoyed it, but after seeing their gig it really grew on me so much more, partly because of what it represents but also because of the memories of how it sounded on stage on a rainy July night surrounded by spotlights and a thousand people.

        1. My Boulder 8/10
        Begins the album with a bang. Johnny Fox's raw-edged vocals sound harsh on the first listen, especially at moments when the music is peeled back to reveal lyrics about kinship. King Blue's take on the theme 'lean on me' . A moment of brilliance bubbles to the surface in the form of a sample of what appears to be an old-fashioned rhyming narration from a children's TV show (like bagpuss), all framed by rippling piano. This, combined with the harmonious crowd-vocals, really lifts the song. Great start.

        2. I Got Love 9/10
        The band's third single release is an obvious hit. A love song for all the earth, with a philosophy of seizing the day, it is Fox's harsh vocals that prevent this song from melting into a sickly sludge. "We are one people, we are equal, you are wonderful and rare" becomes the first of many affirming lyrics throughout the album.

        3. The Schemers, The Scroungers, And The Rats 7/10
        Beginning like a round the TV singalong, this song is a "hats off" to people who don't want to waste their lives working for the high life, pointing out "I've never seen no three piece suit with a smile on his face". A banjo sample brings a country style rougher edge and some jolliness to the track.

        4. Underneath This Lamppost Light 8/10
        This track comes under the rather unique genre of "comedic ballads". A love song, slower tempo with appropriate soft drum loops and violins, and the hook "So kiss me underneath this lamppost light, I know its smells of piss but, you look beautiful tonight". I like this - it's realistic, a romance in a real life setting. Lovely.

        5. Save The World, Get The Girl 9/10
        The second, and most successful, single from the album unbelievably only reached #68 in the UK charts, despite quite good radio coverage. Comic book imagery, politics and punchlines make up the lyrics of this song, including "I believe in the people of America, but I still can't believe the Terminator is the governer" and "Going to war to prevent war was the most stupid thing I ever heard". The offbeat guitar riff gives this song some reggae swagger. The anthem of every average-Joe hero.

        6. For You My Darling 5/10
        Beginning with a little accordion a la francais, and some slightly languid and undercooked vocals, this track picks up to become a jaunty rant worthy of Oliver Twist's Fagin. Its sound is sneaky, quirky, and a little chaotic. It's upbeat, it's alright.

        7. The Streets Are Ours 7/10
        Dedicated at the gig I saw to the man killed by police at the G20 protests, this is the most politically passionate song on the album. Offbeat ukulele, fast drum beats, whistles and more crowd vocals combine to make this song exciting and spectacular to see live.

        8. Let's Hang The Landlord 7/10
        A fun violin led track: a ukulele solo and muffled lyrics towards the end breaking into a loud finishing chorus adds good dynamics.

        9. Out Of Luck 6/10
        A heartfelt acoustic ballad with a nice simple chorus, some female backing vocals which flirt with and soften Fox's. Good lyrics take this up from a 4 to a 6. A nice gentle track, which would probably be rated higher if I liked ballads.

        10. Hold On Tight 5/10
        This song is my least favourite on the album - it's a shame as it makes the end of the album trail a bit. Some more reggae bounce in this one, but with some idiosyncratic vocals which at moments feel out of time. A fervent speech and piano crescendos means that the song ends on a good note, with Johnny's lonely lyrics and a tambourine dropped to the floor.

        11. What If Punk Never Happened 9/10
        The most political of all the songs. While it is somewhat bare, alien and intimidating on the first listen, it is worth putting on repeat until you get it. The track is simply Fox's rapping with drum loops and haunting piano: he narrates a story in which he travels "back to the future" to see how his home town would look if punk never happened, and the picture is not good. At 6:41, this is no short story, but following the bleak is a great message: "Don't let anyone tell you you're not worth the Earth, these streets are your streets, this Earth is your turf. Don't let anyone tell you you've got to give in, cause you can make a difference you can change everything." This is one of my favourite songs for its pure belief in humanity, though musically it isn't beautiful.

        This album is fundamentally pop, with edges of reggae and ska that are not uncomfortable to the mainstream listener, and political passion in its lungs. Though I have never been into Green Day type political pop, this album greatly appeals to me because of its ingenuity, lack of vague and ubiquitous political comments and tangible passion. I admit it may not be to everyone's taste, but I personally can't wait for their next album.


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          24.08.2009 16:22
          Very helpful



          Great combination of influences

          This was one of the best albums that I listened to last year and after seeing them recently perform live while they were on tour I ca confirm that the quality of the album translates well into a live performance.

          There are lots of different styles on the album and in particular there is a nice blend of punk, reggae and folk influences that combine well together to create a distinctive raw musical sound.

          The band are quite political and a lot of their lyrics have a left wing edge to them and this is also born out in the live set. There are loads of sing along tracks on this album, I Got Love is probably my favourite of the lot however Save the World Get the Girl is also a classic track as well with some wonderfully acidic lyrics that are rather tongue in cheek in places.

          For You my Darling has a lovely folky feel to the intro and then the second phase really reminds me of the Pogues who were featured the other night in a programme about Stiff Records, indeed The King Blues are just the sort of band that Stiff Records would have discovered if they were still around today.

          There are a couple of weaker tracks and my least favourite on the album is the last track called What If Punk Never Hppened which is a sort of monologue rap that is just boring and a punk trip down memory lane that is out of sorts with the quality of the rest of the album and does not really belong.

          A reat album which is the second one frm this edgy innovative band and it is well worth checking out.


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            18.04.2009 23:46
            Very helpful



            Great musical variation with some real surprises.

            I heard about a website once where you have to write a movie review in three words, something many new writers on Dooyoo ritually do however they add 147 words of filler to make the 50p limit, well the title of this review is my attempt to do just that on an album that has been dominating my music listening for a few months now it is that good from a fresh new band that draws it influences from the music I listened to in my youth, many moons ago. In this album you can detect some ska and reggae influences, a lot of punk mixed with a dash of folk music and some Pogues for good measure.

            The King Blues are, I believe, a band that heralds from north London and this is their second album and I love it to bits, it is innovative, edgy and boasts a wide range of styles and influences that has me singing at the top of my voice with total abandon much to the chagrin of the kids, the album boasts ten super tracks and a weak eleventh one which is a pretty good return on the £5.99 I spent with those good people at Play.com to buy this album.. So time for the review proper with a few questions thrown in.

            Did he say Punk?

            There is a strong punk influence in this album and in particular the Clash comes through on some of the tracks. The weakest track on the whole album, What if punk never happened? Is a sort of rap where punk bands are recognised and is pretty dire and overly long taking up six and a half minutes, however the real punk influences can be found in songs like Lets Hang the Landlord a real rabble rousing song with a very catchy chorus, there is a violin intro which is soon swamped by a rousing guitar and drum medley and then the gritty vocals cut in to tell the story of living in a squat. There is a strong string influence in this song and it has a lively upbeat rhythm to it.

            There is also a strong punk influence on this album, tracks like The Schemers the Scoundrels and the Rats has a sort of mob lyric to it with a chorus of voices singing the main hook of the song, this is mostly a guitar driven song with an electric organ and drum the other dominant influence, the politics of this album are very left wing in their nature (something I will cover in more detail later) and this song is very much about celebrating the work shy culture of those who have better things to do than work for a living. Despite the dark overtones on this song it is upbeat and something that I expect will cross over well to a live performance. Another track which has a folk / punk influence is the wonderfully earthy For You my Darling, it opens with what I think is a harmonica and then a soulful lament about a spurned lover before bursting into what reminds me of a Georgian folk song, graphic guttural lyrics and a sort of umpah band sound running through it.

            Did he say Thatcher?

            The politics of this band are very much on the left, I was amazed to hear lyrics attacking Thatcher, and it was like regressing back to the era of Spitting Image and Ben Elton hosting Saturday Night Live. The Streets are Ours is an example of this, a remorseless driving beat over which are laid over Clash like lyrics however the pace of the song is more like something from a ska band like The Specials. It has a confusing chant section in the middle where I thought the lyrics were "Arse Face" when in fact they were actually singing "Arms Race" in a chant between the lead singer and a backing mob, it then descends into a drum and whistle blowing medley as if you are in the middle of a march, the whole song has a number of transitions that moves it along nicely.

            Hold on Tight has a slower reggae feel to it and is a lament about the apathy surrounding society as the moment, a wonderful line,

            "they want soap operas and not soap boxes"

            sums up the sentiment of this song, I like the mellow feel to this song and in fact this band produces some very good slower paced songs to compliment the more aggressive raucous songs.

            Did he say innit?

            The lyrical style on this album has a certain cockney twang to it, you can also detect a slight lisping speech impediment of the lead singer and he is not averse to dropping the odd syllable.

            The cockney twang comes through in some of the slower songs and also in my favourite song of the album I Got Love, it starts with an acoustic guitar solo and then the guttural lyrics kick in which are sung with real passion and the chorus has a real hook to it. Similarly the title track Save the World Get the Girl which has a more upbeat pop beat to it overlaying some slightly dark lyrics and a bit of swearing to boot. I love the way the lyrics on this song blend and flow together, some of the timings are quite tight and there are a couple of lines that raise a smile they are so sharp and cutting.

            Underneath the Lamppost is a slow which captures the innocence and simplicity of love in a working class style, for some reason it is my daughters favourite on the album probably because the lyrics are the clearest on the whole album and is similar to Out of Luck which is another simply constructed song which relies on the strength of the lyrics as the guitar accompaniment is very basic as is the simple piano chords that are played in the background.

            I really do enjoy the range of this album and I can imagine that this band are going to be a big hit at the festivals this summer, I have seen their names on a few of the play lists already and they are worth checking out especially as they are unlikely to be on the main stages so the performances may be a bit more intimate.

            As I said I paid £5.99 on Play.com for this album and it has proved to be the best six quid I have spent in a long time.

            Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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              28.02.2009 13:27
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Great album.

              I bought this album based upon a review on this site from another Dooyoo member (thanks PH) and a few listens on youtube and I was hookd, I have now been listening to it for a week and it is a top album.

              There are lots of different styles on the album which has a strong punk influence however there are also some two tone and reggae style beats to it as well, not forgetting some folk influences, it is a real hotch potch of musical styles but it comes together and works really well. I know little about the band other than they are a London outfit and you can detect from their lyrics a left leaning agenda from a poltical viewpoint.

              The opening track My Boulder is the oneI liked best based upon a first listen on youtube and it has a catchy chorus. The lead singer has a rather gravelly voice at times with a cockney twang to it and on all the tracks there is an appeal to his vocals.

              Some of the songs are very upbeat while others slow it right down, these slower songs are probably the weaker ones on the album, this band are better when they are either angry or just having a good time with some quite raucous lyrics.

              Lets Hang the Landlord is a great song as well and tells a story, whether it is true or not I have no idea but again it has a great beat to it. Sometimes the lyrics can be a bit hard to understand however the artwork on the CD sleeve does come with lyrics printed on it.

              The Schemers, The Scroungers and The Rats has some amusing lyrics to it and sort of started like a Beatles song at the very start but soon gets into a sort of mass chant song that again is very good.

              I hope I have made you interested, they are well worth checking out on youtube or myspace and I reckon would be great live as well.


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                20.02.2009 18:17
                Very helpful



                The King Blues.

                The King Blues

                Save The World - Get The Girl (2008)

                This album was released toward the end of last year, for some reason it passed me by, now I have heard it, downloaded it in its entirety and listened, again, and again, and again.

                I will start by telling you that in my opinion this is the best album of any British band for a good couple of years and I cannot see it being bettered this year. This is their 2nd album and their first is not on iTunes (yet) so I may well have to go buy it.

                Who are they?

                * Jonny "Itch" Fox: vocals/ukulele/melodica
                * Jamie Jazz: vocals/guitar
                * Fruitbag: vocals/guitar
                * Johnny Rich: vocals/bass
                * Jim Parmley: percussion
                * Alan Gumby: drums

                What are they?

                Not easy....well, they are described as punk/reggae and they come from North London. On some tracks we can hear a real Clash influence, other tracks we have a Pogues type feel, Libertines, Bad Manners, some rap, some great lyrics that are Smiths like. Overall though they are pretty much their own band.

                ~~~The Tracks~~~

                1. My Boulder
                Here we see the Clash influence in a big, bold, full on rock/punk/indie song with a definite reggae backbeat, mainly on the bassline. The lyrics are definitely punk like, the music a real mix. It is a foot stomper and some. I confess to pogo'ing around my living room and shaking my head and air drumming, absolutely brilliant. The lyrics are so real as well, they just make sense, could be Pogues, Clash, even Chumbawumba. A fantastic lively opening track that sets the scene for a great album. 10/10.

                2. I've Got Love
                We slow things down here (a bit) to start with. A nice acoustic guitar start, the lyrics come in and accompany this with some urgency, then the drums and the whole thing gets a bit faster. This is very Bad Manners like, with a hint of the Libertines and lyrics that could come from Madness. A punk/ska love song. Another stonker, just love it, and yet another 10/10.

                3. The Schemers, The Scroungers & The Rats
                Oh my word this is brilliance. The lyrics are sublime. This should be the theme tune to the TV show 'Shameless'. This is without a doubt The Pogues with a firework up their backside. A real Celtic backbeat with a punky ska feel, how on earth do they do this? The manic music and vocals are interspersed with bits of talking/rapping that is just funny, all about the Job centre and New Deal courses:

                "I'll never drink champagne, that's alright with me man, I prefer cider anyway".

                Brilliant. 10/10. This is the first time I have reviewed any album and given 3 10/10 scores.....and....

                4. "Underneath This Lamppost"
                This could easily be The Streets in terms of it being a melancholy love song with gritty lyrics, and yet it is so much better than The Streets. The lyrics are sublime:

                "So kiss me underneath this lamppost light, I know it smells of piss, but, you look beautiful tonight"

                This gives you some idea of the style of this song. It has a sweet track backing it and even the vocals are soft, but the lyrics are very gritty and real. This could very easily become an all time favourite song of mine. "Why do I feel so dehydrated when I drank so much last night?"....superb, sublime. 10/10, yes, really.

                5. Save the world, Get the girl
                Their biggest 'commercial' success and to me it comes as no surprise that it is not my favourite track on the album. That being said, this song introduced me to this band, so hats off. This is a very, very good song and on any album would stand out, on this album it is up there, just not the best. The lyrics and style is much more British rap (with a ska undertone) and there are some poignant lyrics, such as "Going to war to prevent war was the most stupid thing I ever heard!" I love the chorus "When it's all for one and one for F**k all". One point dropped, 9/10.

                6. For You My Darling
                A Celtic/Gallic fiddle/harmonica start and a real 'torch' song feel to this. Angsty and disjointed....this tortuous start goes on for a minute or so and then we break out into a real punky ska number, staccato vocals that are aligned to the drumming. This is a song that people will take some getting used to, it took me half a dozen listens to like it. 7/10.

                7. The Streets Are Ours
                A very anti-capitalist, anarchic song that has menace in the music, let alone the lyrics....Tiananmen square, World Trade Organisation...days of rage all done with a punk backing and yet rapped with a heavy accent. This is a very good track and builds and builds until you realise that though it is very punk in outlook it has a real 'One Step beyond' ska feel. It has lots of group shouting, street drums and has somehow conveyed the feel of a street protest. Top stuff. 9/10.

                8. Let's Hang The Landlord
                This song has been released as a single (2nd one). This has a huge Boomtown Rats feel to it with a fair dollop of the Clash. All about squatting, alcohol, drugs, dodgy landlords. I don't know if anyone reading this remembers Carter USM, this could easily be them, only a whole heap more clever. The lyrics are just so good, it takes several listens of this to hear and get all the lyrics as the song is fast and furious. 10/10, just brilliant.

                9. Out Of Luck
                This is a melancholy number, the opening lines set the tone: "With a red scrunchy for a birthday gift she scrapes her hair into a Croydon face lift" This is a slow, sad, yet in some ways, uplifting song. It is all about overcoming adversity that is the uplifting bit. It is the adversity and the normality of that which makes it so sad. A definite council estate, on the dole type song. "I won't let them drag me down, no, no, no I won't let them drag me down" 8/10.

                10. Hold On Tight
                A real reggae beat to this that backs up another song full of fabulous lyrics. "They tell me I'm just pissed off, yeh, maybe I'm pissed off, but it's better than being pissed on" This is the strength of this lot; the lyrics are just unmatchable in anything else that is out there right now. 9/10.

                11. What If Punk Never Happened
                The final track, at nearly 7 minutes it is the longest track on the album and tells a great story. It starts with just talking which becomes rapping in a very British style. Then the backing tracks come in and it is a whole story about an alternative World that never heard of Punk. Very amusing "The kids would rather skate than go out and smash the State". The whole song basically gives Punk its place in history and looks at what it would be like without the advent of Punk. A World of aging stoned hippies that just let the State roll over them. This songs starts very laconically and builds and builds until you really believe that the World would be a poorer place without the energy and anger that Punk brought to us. What a clever song this is. 10/10.


                This is one of my longest reviews and I make no apologies. This album is absolutely brilliant. Often albums take some time to grow on me, in fact all my top 10 albums are a decade old or older. Not now. This is not an overstatement from me when I say that this is one of the best albums that I have heard in some years.

                This album has a real mixture of styles that are recognisable and yet very individual to this group.

                I have rarely been so enthusiastic about an album, go out and get this or download it today. There is not a single weak track and it is a steal on iTunes right now at a fiver. I swear if I had heard this and someone said to me it could only be bought as a limited edition for £100, I would spend that, brilliant, just brilliant.


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                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 My Boulder - Peter Miles, The King Blues, Johnny Fox, Fruitbag, Jamie Jazz, Johnny Rich, Allan Gunby, Simon Hale
                2 I Got Love - Peter Miles, The King Blues, Johnny Fox, Fruitbag, Johnny Rich, Allan Gunby, Jim Parmley, Louie Vause
                3 The Schemers, The Scroungers, And The Rats - Peter Miles, The King Blues, Johnny Fox, Fruitbag, Jamie Jazz, Peter Young, Attila The Stockbroker
                4 Underneath This Lamppost Light - Andreas S. Jensen, The King Blues, Jonny Fox, Jamie Jazz, Fruitbag, Simon Hale, Julian Leaper, Martin Burgess, Chris Pitsillides, Nick Holland
                5 Save The World, Get The Girl - Peter Miles, The King Blues, Johnny Fox, Fruitbag, Jamie Jazz, Jonny Rich, Allan Gunby, Jim Parmley, Simon Hale, Julian Leaper, Martin Burgess
                6 For You My Darling - Clive Langer, The King Blues, Finn Eiles, Fruitbag, Jamie Jazz, Johnny Rich, Allan Gunby, Jim Parmley, Attila The Stockbroker, Sean MacGloin, louis Ville, Louie Vause
                7 The Streets Are Ours - The King Blues
                8 Let's Hang The Landlord - Clive Langer, The King Blues, Finn Eiles, Peter Miles
                9 Out Of Luck - The King Blues
                10 Hold On Tight - The King Blues
                11 What If Punk Never Happened - The King Blues

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