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Scale-a-ton - DJ Paul

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: DJ Paul / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2009-05-05 at Hypnotize Minds

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2009 17:22
      Very helpful



      Dj paul's second solo album

      After announcing on their "Last 2 Walk" album" that Three 6 Mafia were to take a short break in order to do solo albums, DJ Paul was the firs to get his act together and drop a whole record of work which finds him apart from Juicy J, doing all the production and rapping alone (aside form the odd collaboration with others from the Memphis area. "Scale-A-Ton" cam as the second official solo album form DJ Paul in 2009, and has him showing what he can personally do to keep the Dirty South movement alive.

      1. "Get Right" (Intro)

      2. "You Don't Want It"

      Getting right into this Scale-A-Ton" (Skeleton) album from DJ Paul, you have him going directly towards the rough work which we know Three 6 Mafia for as you see tha the goes right in for the Buck work where he works with his brother Lord Infamous for some hardcore rap work.

      **Four Stars**

      3. "Doin' All Da Doin'"

      As the title of the indicates, this record appears to have the artist, famed for "Stay High" with Juicy J and Crunchy Black (when he was part of the group, as they worked with 8Ball & MJG, getting back to their roots in the darker work, and I felt that with this one, you hear him going through a kind of transition as he does some Dirty South rap which has some subtle Horrorcore elements to it.

      **Three Stars**

      4. "Stay Wit' Me"

      As soon as this one begins, you know that it is one which has DJ Pal getting further down with the more scary raps as you notice that the production has been twisted towards the type of thing which Three 6 Mafia as doing from the early nineties, and I have to say that I wasn't too fond on it. The only element which kept me in to some degree was the buck chanting which reminds you more of their breakthrough years.

      **Three Stars**

      5. "Jus' Like Dat???"

      You see that he is almost forced to lighten things by this point after getting deep into the kind of material which they had to forget about as they made their way into the mainstream, and I felt that it gave thing a bit of a lift as a result as on this one you see that he gets to the type of thing we know him for with a hook which is typical of much, and one which keeps you interested.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "I Spoils"

      This is a track which has him doing something which, unlike a lot of the others, has him acknowledging the recent years in his material by getting into one which finds him attempting to bring back the haunting raps with one which has hi dealing with pretty general things with one about him talking on how he spends his riches.

      **Four Stars**

      7. "She Wanna Get High"

      Lord Infamous returns on this one, and it sees that he goes about things in a new way as he talks us through one which has him getting through a short tale about a typical night in his world as he talk of how he invites a girl home, but sees that all she is interested in is getting a it. It s done in a dark manner, and I felt tha tit confused things as I couldn't work out what we were meant o think about the how situation, and so I couldn't really enjoy it.

      **Three Stars**

      8. "Walk Like A Stripper"

      The production lifts significantly for this one as you see that he takes out all of the subtle techniques to create an ominous atmosphere around the msuci, and I felt that it was needed here as he chooses to take it to the clubs, but I wasn't rally all that into the results of it all as it sees that he does one which has him doing one which makes almost no attempts to get you into the club setting.

      **Two Stars**

      9. "Liquor And Powder"

      Lasting less than three minutes, this is one of many short recordings on the album, but I felt that you got a lift form this one, and so you shouldn't dwell on the length of it as it sees that he comes with one which reflects the kind of things they come up with on later albums to show that he is still down for the club tunes. You have some of the Rock influence coming through, and this is always valued from Three 6.

      **Four Stars**

      10. "Jook"

      The title to this one indicate that things would be taken to the clubs to show what the Memphis dances tend to be about as on with one you see that he keeps the setting of the music in the clubs. You find tha the works with Lord Infamous again, and with his brother you see them going through the typical motions of getting to the club and getting into some sort of beef and taking out the person as a result (in spite of the fact he went there specifically to get his jook on).

      **Four Stars**

      11. "Bumpin'"

      This is one which is designed specifically to be bumped in your car as it finds that he goes for one of the best ones on the whole of the album as he chooses tha tit is time to let the bass take control of the music, and whatever he chooses to o with his lyrics is just done in order to back this up and make it as effective as possible.

      **Four Stars**

      12. "Pop A Pill"

      As has been well-documented in Three 6 Mafia work of the past, this one finds him working with his brother to get back into the music which has him talking about their drug habits. It finds Dj Paul tracking his relationship with pills and how they have shaped the way in which he lives his life. The beats are fly and reflect the way he gets things done in his typical day.

      **Four Stars**

      13. "F**kboy"

      Here he takes on more haters, and I felt that it was a pretty predictable one from the artist and for a general Dirty South rapper generally as it is rare not to find one where the whole feel is dedicated to him just taking out people who he has any sort of issue with. It is done in a decent way, but is nothing special.

      **Three Stars**

      14. "Wanta Be Like You"

      This is one where it finds him getting back to the mainstream kind of rap and really I didn't expect such a track to be present on the record as you here that he performs one where he decides to do one where he talks about how he got through his early life, and how he used to look up to idols. It isn't done well, due to the sung hook, and it undermines all the Horrorcore tunes.

      **Two Stars**

      15. "Gotta Eat"

      It appears that things shift back towards the general feel of the album on this one as you get him going back to the Gangsta Rap sort of work, and it sees him resorting to the kind of work which is based upon the kind of hook which have been heard in Three 6 Mafias tracks for years. He talks us trough his hustle in a predictable manner et again, and it pulls down the standards.

      **Two Stars**

      16. "Don't Get Up On Me"

      This one appears to come unexpectedly as out of nowhere you here that he finds that he is able to come out with more impressive work as he throws out some fly beats to show that there is a lot more to him than what we have heard up to this point. You see that although he raps about things which have been heard several times, the overall sound is improved.

      **Four Stars**

      17. "Ima Outlaw"

      This is a grungy track form him which has him engaging the listener by constructing the production in a manner which you just don't expect to get from it as at first it appears to be in high pace, but with the Rock sounds, it clams it down and appears to b much more impactful as a result as he drops the hard percussion on it.

      **Four Stars**

      18. "Internet Whore"

      Here you have the rapper simply taking advantage of new topical things which had the world buzzing as he recorded it, and I felt that it really didn't offer that much as it has him doing things which have been head on many occasions before in much better ways, and so it just makes this one fall apart.

      **Two Stars**

      19. "I'm Drunk"

      The final proper track on the album has DJ Paul returning to the Rock-inspired work as he takes things to the clubs and chooses to do some RAP Rock which sounds to be a modern, Dirty South variation of the type of thing which Run-D.M.C. did in their day, and I'm sure that the sample of them at the start was used to make you immediately think this. It is done well, and brings the excitement up again.

      **Four Stars**

      20. "I'm Alive" (Outro)

      This is a very inconsistent album from DJ Paul and it seems that he goes form the kind of thing which we would have heard in work from Three 6 Mafia in recent times, right back to early work which seesm to have phased out, and it seems that as a result, when he revisits that old work, it just isn't able to do what it could when there was more of it in the Hip Hop world. This album shows how the artist differs from Juicy J, and as a result I would say that if you enjoy the newer tracks from them, then you are less likely to enjoy the majority of this.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Get Right
    2 You On't Want It - Lord Infamous
    3 Doin All Da Doin
    4 Stay Wit Me
    5 Jus Like Dat???
    6 I Spoils
    7 She Wanta Get High - Lord Infamous
    8 Walk Like a Stripper
    9 Liquor & Powder
    10 Jook - Lord Infamous
    11 Bumpin
    12 Pop a Pill - Lord Infamous
    13 Fuckboy - Lord Infamous
    14 Wanta Be Like You
    15 Gotta Eat - Lord Infamous
    16 Dont Get Up on Me
    17 Ima Outlaw
    18 Internet Wh@%e - Lord Infamous
    19 I'm Drunk - Lord Infamous
    20 I'm Alive

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