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Science & Faith - The Script

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: The Script / Audio CD released 2010-09-13 at RCA

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    5 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 18:03
      Very helpful



      It's brilliant.

      The Script are Irish rock pop band from Dublin who have taken the UK by storm. They have just successfully completed a tour for their album "science and faith", in my opinion, the best album of all time. The lead singer Danny O'Donoghue is your typical handsome, charming singer who has a cheeky touch of charisma and is a fun-loving guy despite the majority of his music being about heartbreak. The other member is Mark Sheehan, the guitarist who, like most guitarists in bands don't get as much recognition in the band and is underestimated for his talent. And the member who entered the band last, Glen Power, the cheeky drummer who does in fact get a lot of recognition from the ladies for being a good looking young man. The good thing about the band is that every single members contributes their own piece to the puzzle, the amazing vocal skills of Danny, the and musical backing of Mark and Glen is what makes their music so electrifying and just irresistibly good. It's not 'Danny and his back up singers', it's all three of them putting their own equally as important piece to the puzzle and this is why, in my opinion, these guys are a real band, they are all needed as much as each other and there is no important guy in it.

      The Album:
      I think this album really means a lot and it definitely stats with the front cover. There is an image of two hands, clearly 'arm wrestling'. One hand is slightly mallow-skinned, the other is pretty pale. One looks like a female hand, and one looks like a male hand. Many people would say this portrays a man and a woman fighting, which is what the album is all about, the break-up of a man and woman. However, I feel this has a much more powerful meaning to it. I think one hand represents science, and one hand represents faith, and this is where the idea of conflict is created. Some people may ask: what has science and faith go to do with an album like this? Well, if you think carefully, a person usually is forced to make a choice whether they devoutly believe in science or devoutly believe in religion, this creates inner conflict... and this, in my very honest opinion is what this album is all about. It's not about whether Adam and Eve created the universe vs. Evolution, it's about what to follow, your heart or your head. This name for the album was perfectly picked, the image on the front is really meaningful and powerful as opposed to the lead singer standing looking in the other direction and a blurred image of the backing singers in the background. This entire album is full of meaning and this is why the Script are a success and aren't your average JLS or the The Wanted.

      So, on to the songs shall we? I believe the song follows a story, and there's no saying that it is the boys themselves talking so I'll refer to the 'person in the song' as a persona, we have no idea whether the boys have experienced this or not.

      Track 01 - "you won't feel a thing".
      This is a great start to the album, a very upbeat song with great instrumentals from the boys. It was written co-written by all the boys showing a little bit of work was put in from all of them. The song is about protection: basically promising their woman that nothing in the world can stop them and ensuing their woman that they 'won't feel a thing'. I think the meaning of this song is very sweet and it's very "Bruno Mars" style lyrics.

      I love this sogn for the upbeat tune and "feel good" factor. Although I'm not mad for the lyrics, If eel their emotional sad songs are better.

      It is very effective that the song is at the beginning of the album, as it portrays a relationship that is strong and healthy and nothing can break them apart.

      Track 02 - "For the first time"
      This song was realised in the UK and went to number 5 in the charts, although it debuted at number one in the Irish charts. The music video showed a woman with a vivid Irish accent feeling homesick in America. The lyrics are about a couple who, like most couple, ae going through the stage of their relationship where their love and connection is deteriorating. Us who have been in long-term relationships may have suffered this stage and it can sometimes result in the finishing the relationship. The chorus is about what they are going to do to improve their relationship despite how wrong it's going. They are going to fight through the pain and upset until finally they get the feeling that they're meeting "for the first time", in order to restart the relationship and again the feelings they had at the start.

      I love this song as when I experienced this stage of my relationship it filled me with a sense of hopefulness. And this is what the song intends to do, it helps us when we're in times of difficulty to remember that those difficult stages of a relationship don't necessarily mean the end.

      This then follows on the story of the relationship which I believed was talked about in Track 01. This is the deterioration of the relationship and their attempt to hold on to what they have. This also shows the inner "science and faith" type conflict as the persona in the song knows that the relationship is falling apart and it's almost a lost cause, but there's also something inside him that is telling him not to give up.

      Track 03 - "Nothing"
      This has to be their best song of the album. This in my opinion follows on from the story told in track 02 as the relationship hasn't worked out, and even though the persona has asked their woman not to "give up on me baby", it is clear that she has and the relationship has ended, leaving the male persona unhappy about it.

      This is a slow song about the desperation of someone trying to get their love back, and also adds a bit of humour as well. This is a situation many people can relate to, breaking up with someone and getting so 'hammered' that you pick up the phone and dial your ex. As what often happens, the persona's friends is telling him to forget about his ex girlfriend and have a good few drinks. Although after a good few drinks you know you'll miss them twice as much and start drunk dialling.

      You really feel a sense of sympathy, even though it's an upbeat song that makes you want to jump and dance, you really do want to go and give Danny a great big cuddle. The main idea of the song is that when he phones and confesses to his love, he hears "nothing". This really stabs you in the heart as he didn't even get a rejection, but a plain blank nothing.

      The best part of this song is that it erupts such an emotional response in the listener and gives a good 'dance' beat (depending on how you dance). Nothing only reached 19, but I believed it's one of the best songs in the world. It makes you giggle, feel sympathy, and make you feel good at the same time.

      Track 04 - science and faith.
      This song kind of ruins the storyline that is dragged through the album, but I think the lyrics are absolutely amazing. As a religious person I extremely love this song.
      The song is about the male persona finally realising this his agonistic attitude towards to life, only believing what he's seeing, and believing love is nonsense and is an "illusion of a hopeless heart". He finally realises the arrogance when his woman (or ex woman) hits out with "you won't find faith or hope down a telescope, you won't find soul the stars, you can break anything down to chemicals, but can you explain a love like ours?"

      This is an absolutely amazing lyric line as it is a true intelligent answer from a faithful person to an agonistic person. Not only is this about religion and science, it is also about basically an arrogant person staying so stuck to his beliefs and not caring how it effects his woman, and finally realises he "pulled her apart", with his heartless claims about love and devaluing their emotions.

      I love this song as it makes me feel that I'm not silly for being such a faithful person and believing in religion. I believe in love and I don't believe science can give an accurate reason behind it, I believe it's a gift from God and gives me a warm feeling inside to hear a man making a song like this.

      Thankyou, boys, my number one song in the album!

      Track 05 - "if you ever come back"
      I have heard this being played about on the radios but I doubt it was actually realised. It starts off as if the persona is talking to his girlfriend even though she's not physically with him. You can hear some of the other boys getting a few vocals in which is very interesting.

      This song is about the desperation of the persona trying to get his girlfriend back, but giving up on the drunk calls and the attempt to talk her back, but saying that there is always going to be open door for her to come back. That he is not going to move on the house is going to be exactly the way it was left for her to come back.

      This is almost the last stage of desperation and we really feel a sense of sympathy for the persona and there's nothing left he can do to bring his love back to him. So he is giving up in a sense, but he is refusing to walk away and give up on the idea that his love will be back with him.

      There is a reference to 'science and faith' once again when he says that "they say you're never coming back, but they used to say the world was flat and how long was that now". This is a sign that (possibly after the conversation that took place in track 04), he is starting to have a bit more faith in faith and ignoring what the world is saying. There is a sense of naivety as well when he repeats 'it'll be just you were never gone' several times, showing his desperation is causing him to believe that everything is reversible, that he has become so lost in faith that he has lost all sense of reality.

      The tune itself is fairly slow but it has a fairy catchy and fairy upbeat chorus that really gets you singing along

      Track 07 - "Dead man walking"
      I skipped track 06 as these two songs both really make the same point. Firstly, I have to say the tune to this song is amazing, it is such a feel-good song and the backing music is immense! The chorus has, like most Script songs, has a very slow verse then explodes into an amazing chorus. I think this song is so unique and only the script could pull this song off.

      The message of the song is that he is a "breathing, talking, dead man walking". This shows that the idea of his girlfriend ever getting back with him is absolutely minimal. He hears the 'angels talking' which is him basically saying there are signs around him that he is about to die. Of course this isn't literal, it is symbolic for the fact that the signs are all around him that he is going to experience a pain similar to death. It becomes clear in the song why when he says "already broken, already town, already know your moving on" and "already someone in my place". It then becomes clear that this 'death' he is predicting isn't his life ending, but his memory dying from his girlfriend's life and memory, and someone is going to fill his shoes. This is only my analysis of it, but I think this message is clear and it is absolutely amazing!

      I know this analysis is a bit 'close' for a song, but I also think the 'breathing, talking', shows that he believes he is going to be fully alive to witness the pain and suffering of this symbolic 'death'.

      This song is fantastic because he really portrays the fear of him becoming 'dead' to his lovers by repeating "I hear the angels talking, talking, talking'. The repetition creates a sense of insanity, that the pain is causing him to go a bit loopy.

      This song is sooo creative and the boys have done an amazing job of it.

      Well, these are my favourite songs in the album and after close analysis it has become clear that these men have done a wonderful job of the album. They haven't just stuck a bunch of songs on to a CD, they have created a theme, the inner conflict of a person. They have used a lot of metaphors and symbolism in their songs which is absolute raw writer's talent. I do believe they have kept a story going on throughout the CD but many people disagree, they must have added a few songs in here and there which maybe don't fit in with the album, but the album ends with "exit with wounds" which really says it is all doesn't it?

      The album deals with a huge issue in many people's lives: break up. This is what makes the album appeal to people, it can help you feel that you are not alone in you feelings and yes, men can comprehend the pain that women suffer. Also, it teaches that a tiny bit of faith is required for love, a bit of belief that you can make anything work and that you are not bounded by the restrictions of the world or science.
      This album has helped me a lot and I can't believe the effort these boys have put into every song and really creating a meaningful album in this day of the rubbish music industry.

      Here is a track listing:
      1. "You Won't Feel a Thing
      3. "Nothing"
      4. "Science & Faith"
      5. "If You Ever Come Back"
      6. "Long Gone and Moved On"
      7. "Dead Man Walking"
      8. "This Is Love"
      9. "Walk Away"
      10. "Exit Wounds"


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        02.01.2011 14:15
        Very helpful



        One of my favourite albums of all time. Yes, really.

        ~*~*Science & Faith, The Script*~*~

        I bought this album myself from iTunes almost as soon as it was released, as I am a massive fan of The Script (of course, it helps that their lead singer, Danny O'Donoghue, is more than a bit gorgeous!) and was intrigued to hear what their first album in two years would sound like. I'll just tell you briefly; I was not disappointed! So yes, you can expect a lot of gushing about their beautiful lyrics, Danny's amazing raw and naturally talented voice, the beautiful accompaniment and basically everything else! Having had this album on my iPod for quite a while now, I am still not sick of it and I feel that since I know all the words to almost every song (!) by now, I am quite justified to review this album!

        ~* About The Script*~

        The Script are a Irish band made up of three members - Danny O'Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power. The Script have been around since 2001, however only really achieved success in 2008, when they released their self-titled debut album. The album was very successful in both the UK and Ireland, reaching number one in both countries. Their singles from the album (including the bands best known tracks, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" and "Breakeven") reached the top forty in the UK, Ireland and Denmark on many occasions.

        Danny O'Donoghue is the lead singer of the band, and also writes many of their songs. Danny also plays the keyboard. Mark Sheehan and Glen Power play the drums and electric guitar, and also contribute to songwriting and production.

        Personally, I loved The Script's first album, because, bar a few songs, I thought it was very strong, the vocals were great and the lyrics were amazing. I almost daren't click on my review I wrote of the album on Ciao - haven't published it on Dooyoo as it's so awful, but I may have been a little generous, however after a lot more listening to the album there are still around four or five songs I still listen to, two (ooh, actually three - still can't believe it's 2011!) years on.

        After the success of their first album, The Script focussed on performing at gigs and concerts, and also supported Take That on their 2009 The Circus tour. My friend went to see Take That on that tour and she said they were amazing and really warmed everyone up for Take That! Upon Googling this a while back, many people online have backed up her opinion, with some saying they were one of the rare credible supporting acts.

        The Script are currently attempting to break America, with this album coming out on 18th January 2011.

        Then in July 2010, The Script announced that they were releasing an album named Science and Faith, and named their first single - For The First Time. At the end of July I went to Party In The Park in Leeds, where The Script performed live. There they performed For The First Time (for the first time they'd ever performed it live, haha!) and I fell in love with the track on the spot...

        ~* Album Artwork*~

        As I've said, I got the album from iTunes, so I don't know anything about the album leaflet; however I can see that the album artwork is a picture of male and female hands holding each other. It's obviously symbolic - a symbol of love and romance, however it's fairly unusual in the sense that it looks more like they are about to have an arm wrestle, than a typical romantic gesture! Saying that, something about its uniqueness seems to work, it's intriguing and, along with the colour scheme, it all seems to fit together in a sort of odd, deep and meaningful sense.


        The album is short compared to many others - with only ten tracks on the album and a running time of little more than 40 minutes, however I don't see this as a bad thing, as it is clear that all the tracks have been carefully chosen and shows that this is definitely a case of quality over quantity. The songs are typical "The Script", however I feel that this album is a lot more consistent and "mature" than their debut. Their style is alternative soft rock, with pounding, catchy choruses and amazing lyrics. I must admit, I was extremely excited to listen to all the songs the first time after I downloaded the album, and hoped that I wouldn't be disappointed...

        ~*You Won't Feel A Thing*~

        Upon hearing even just the first few bars of this song, I knew I was going to love it. The smooth, steady rhythm of the guitar just grasped me straight away, and I loved how the music layered itself, as a sort of build up to the vocals. The vocals don't start until about half a minute into the song, with some "ooh-oooh-ooh"'s. The song isn't particularly fast paced, but the verses cram a lot of words into them making the song sound almost urgent. The lyrics are about a man willing to do anything to protect his girlfriend, promising her she "won't feel a thing". The verse's are about his own experiences of horrible things happening to him, and then the chorus tells his girlfriend that no matter what happens, he will keep her safe and "stand in front and take the blow" for her. Danny's vocals are so sincere and so it really does sound like he means what he is saying, and this track really is a twist on the typical romantic song. I absolutely love it, and my favourite part has to be the bridge of the song where Danny sings "and if I fall here, at least you know my dear, that I would die for you; promise you won't ever feel a thing". I realise that in text the lyrics may seem extremely over dramatic and perhaps a little soppy, but they are really not when you listen to them. They are beautiful and romantic - exactly the kind of lyrics I like to listen to. This is my favourite track on the album - it is one that I listen to continually on my iPod and I just think its perfect.
        The arrangement and the vocals suit perfectly, I think that the crashing drum beats heard best in the chorus are perfect, the song is earnest and beautiful and believable, and I think every girl listening to it would wish that she could have someone to sing, and mean, these words to her!

        ***Rating - 11/10! I cannot express enough how much I love this song, I think it's amazing!***

        ~* For The First Time*~

        This was the first single from this album, and it reached No.4 in the UK charts. I still often hear it played on my radio station, and I feel a little tingle of excitement when I flick the radio on and hear the first few bars playing. The songs beat and tempo is a lot calmer and slower than You Won't Feel A Thing. The song was written about a couple that are friends of The Script, and when the recession hit they moved to America, hoping for a better chance over there. Whilst they were there, they forgot what was really important - their relationship - and how when they realised this they made a real effort to try save their relationship; ultimately feeling like they were starting anew, and meeting for the first time again. As usual, the lyrics are thought-provoking and lovely, my personal favourites being "oh, these times are hard, and they're making us crazy, don't give up on me baby", and "we're smiling but we're close to tears". Again, I love the bridge of the song, where the instruments are heard much louder, it just feels really uplifting and full of hope. This is a song lots of couples could relate to, as its so real - so many couples do get stuck in a rut during their relationship! Although this song really is a lot "calmer" than many others on this album, it's still emotionally fuelled and pretty dramatic, but a lot more positive than many of the other songs on this album, as many of them (apart from You Won't Feel A Thing), are about relationships falling apart, rather than being repaired. I love this song and even though it was the first track from the album I heard, I still listen to it very often and haven't got fed up with it!

        ***Rating - 9.5/10, I love this song to bits, a fantastic first single from their album. ***


        The second single to be released, although for some reason this didn't do nearly as well, only peaking at No.42 in the UK Singles Chart. I honestly don't see the reason for this, as it is just as good as For The First Time! This song is about drunk dialling - his girlfriend has dumped him and his friends are encouraging him to go out to with them for drinks to get over her, but it just isn't working. So instead, he tries to call her up in a drunken state and go visit her to try to persuade her to change her mind. His friends can see that this is a bad idea, but in his head it "makes perfect sense". I first saw the video to this on The Box music channel a little before Halloween, and it made me love the song even more. The song features Danny as the lead character, and Mark and Glen as his friends. During the bridge of the song, Danny jumps off a bridge and falls into the water, where he imagines his girlfriend is. I love the part where he is dragged out of the water, and continues to sing lying flat on his back, and then through the streets, soaking wet in his stylish leather jacket and fingerless gloves...um, oops, getting off the point a bit here, aren't we?! Sorry, but I think Danny is amazing - his talent just adds to the appeal! Anyway, yes, the video is perfect for the song, it really enhances it. But the song itself is amazing - lyrics I'm sure many blokes can relate to, simple lyrics that, as always, tell a real story and make you really listen. The song has a steady tempo and a really catchy tune that just makes you want to sing along! My favourite lines are "oh, sometimes love's intoxicating, oh you're coming down, your hands are shaking, when you realise there's no one waiting". I think this song is unique, as its an unusual angle to take lyrics-wise, but it really works, and it is one you can listen to, with the volume turned right up, singing along (or maybe that's just me...).

        ***Rating - 9.5/10, a fantastic, catchy and interesting track on the album, with superb vocals as always! ***

        ~*Science & Faith*~

        This song is much more upbeat than the others on the album - with a burst of a catchy instrumental right at the beginning of the track that just grips you straight away. The lyrics are about an unexplainable love; how you cannot describe it with science, but how it is still very much real. This feels like a much more positive track compared to many others on the album, but that it more to do with the catchy chorus and soaring accompaniment rather than the lyrics, because they waver between the more uplifting chorus and then the verses, which are more focussed on him trying to make his girlfriend see that their love is real, which is undoubtedly more negative. My favourite line is simply "it's the way we feel, yeah, this is real". This song sticks in my head all day, and really grew on me. As the title track of the album, it definitely doesn't disappoint and as it is really quite different in comparison to most of the other songs, it really sticks out. On reflection of the whole album, this really stands out for me, although perhaps not at first, and I would definitely say that it was one of my favourite tracks on the album, bearing in mind I think all of the songs are of such a high standard it is really difficult to choose! I think this would be a killer single, as well.

        ***Rating - 10/10, different from many of the other songs, this sticks out (and gets stuck in my head) and I love it! ***

        ~* If You Ever Come Back*~

        This song stood out from the moment I heard it. The memorable piano melody at the start of the track opens the song beautifully and Danny's voice in the verse sounds more like he is "talking" than in most of the other songs, which adds to the feeling that he is spinning a story with the lyrics. It also adds to the sincerity of the lyrics, as though he is really saying them to this girl. When the song breaks into chorus, the texture of the musical accompaniment once again thickens, the tempo quickens and Danny's voice becomes more melodic than in the verses. The lyrics are about Danny singing to a girl about he still misses her, and that he hopes that if sometimes she still thinks of him, she'll come back. The chorus tells of how he'll "leave the door on the latch" and that "there'll be a smile on my face and the kettle on, and it'll be just like you were never gone" should she ever turn up. This song is, once again, so believable, and the lyrics so well thought out. However, I know in each description I rave about the vocals and the lyrics, because that is the main reason I love The Script so much, however I cannot overlook the fantastic music that goes with them - the drums and strings and keyboard never fail to blend a perfect accompaniment with each song, that is so similar but yet so different to the last, and the accompaniment in this song is no different. In my opinion, this song is on a par with the two singles released so far, and, like all the tracks on the album, I can't get enough of it!

        ***Rating - 9.5/10, sorry, you're going to see a lot of this rating! Once again, a fantastic anthem from The Script. ***

        ~*Long Gone And Moved On*~

        Although I find this song slightly similar to "If You Ever Come Back", this song grew on me rather than me having an instant love for it. However, now it has grown on me, I find it absolutely fantastic. I say it is similar to the track before as it is once again about Danny not having got over a girl who has left him, however this song is about him facing up to the prospect of moving on without her, rather than being certain that she will be coming back, and waiting for her. I don't really know why it took me a little while to warm to this track, as my friend, who is as much of a fan of The Script as me, bought the album the same night and was singing this song to herself the very next day, telling me it was one of the standout tracks for her. Obviously different people are going to pick out different favourites, but as this actually is one of my favourites now, I'm unsure to why I never really noticed it upon the first couple of listens to the album. Personal favourite lyrics include: "So how do you pick the pieces up? I'm barely used to saying "me" instead of "us"" and part of the bridge; "and it's gonna' be hard, yeah, cos I've got to want to heal, and it's gonna' be hard, yeah, the way I feel, cos I have to get real". The song is of a medium tempo, and is extremely catchy. Once again, flawless, raw vocals, poignant, meaningful lyrics and fantastic music makes this yet another joy to listen to.

        ***Rating - 9.5/10, (yes _again_), still one of the Most Played on my iPod, another great tune! ***

        ~*Dead Man Walking*~

        This is very different to the other tracks on the album, a twist on The Scripts' usual style. However, boy do they pull it off! A chilling echo of the same opening lyric continues for the first twenty-five seconds, along with a quiet, subtle guitar ostinato. When the verse starts, you can hear the raw emotion in Danny's voice, and the accompaniment, which remains quieter than in previous songs, slowly builds up into the chorus, where it just grabs you with the emotionally driven words and the crashing drum beats, only to wind right back down for the second chorus, and once again rise into the chorus. The distinct variety in this song only makes it more compelling, I find. The bridge of the song still feels slightly chilling, and when I listened to the lyrics I found them pretty heart-wrenching. The layering of the vocals and the way the song builds up so dramatically towards the end just conveys the emotion even more successfully than in some of their other songs. The lyrics are, whether you take it literally or not, about a "dead man" watching his lover move on, wishing he could still be with her as he's still on this earth, as a "dead man walking". I love the lyrics: "already broken, already gone, already know you're moving on" and "already see it in your face, already someone in my place". This song is really unique and interesting, and the more I listen to it whilst writing this (bearing in mind I have already listened to it literally hundreds of times previously) the more attached I feel to it, the more I realise what the lyrics mean, and the more I realise that it's a sublime track.

        ***Rating - 10/10, although I liked it from first listen, this song has grown on me even more...stands out for me. ***

        ~*This = Love*~

        This song is wonderful. Lyrics-wise, it differs from the other songs as it is talking about love in a wider sense, not just the love between people in a relationship, but the love in families, and in friends. The drums are much more prominent in this track than in some others, but the real surprise is the almost-rapping that springs from nowhere in the second half of the song. It's a risky move, I'll grant that, however I think Danny really manages to pull it off and make it fit wonderfully into the song, not dragging it on for too long but succinctly and successfully showcasing another of the bands talents. The rest of the song is lovely to listen to; with the heartfelt verses giving examples of love in various people and places, and the chorus stating "this is why we do it, this is worth the pain, this is why we fall down, to get back up again". Placing this song after the almost chilling and sad track "Dead Man Walking", and having it preceding what I would say is the "moodiest" track on the album "Walk Away" I think is a great idea, as it provides some optimism and never fails to make me smile every time I listen to it. This song feels more of a raw rock track than the others, and it makes me focus on the positive things in life, I definitely agree with "lj1989" (Ciao member!), who has also reviewed this album, when she says it really makes her put things into perspective.

        ***Rating - 9.5/10, something a little different, this song makes me feel really good and I really enjoy listening to it***

        ~*Walk Away*~

        I was unsure about this song for quite a while, a couple of months back I was reading the BBC's review for this album and the reviewer said that this song seemed half-finished, and in some respects I agreed with her. However, having owned this album for almost four months now, it's had a lot of time to grow on me and I'm pleased to say it has. It still doesn't measure up, in my opinion, to the rest of the album, however saying that I do still enjoy listening to it, by no means do I feel the need to skip it on the album and I have listened to it as a single out of choice quite a lot recently. The song is about the singer not understanding why his girlfriend continues to stay with him when he feels like he is not worthy of her, and that she could do much better. I think the fact that there is no real dramatic chorus or bridge in this song is why it really didn't stand out to me - the music is a lot more subtle, the lyrics more repetitive, and the vocals a lot more "moody" without as much of a variety in the pitch or tempo, until near the end of the song where Danny manages to almost sing "still she stays" at a very high pitch. Although some people really, really love this song, to me it doesn't quite measure up to the rest of the album, and sounds a lot more like it belongs on their debut.

        ***Rating - 8/10, still a great track in its own right, however doesn't quite compare to the rest of the album. ***

        ~*Exit Wounds*~

        I think this is a great song to finish off the album. I am singing along to every word as I type this, it's unbelievably catchy. The lyrics are really interesting - Danny sounds quite in the verses, but in the chorus it drifts more to melodic desperation. The song is about someone leaving him, and he likens the pain to _exit wounds_. I think this whole song is lyrically fantastic, as I love the clever metaphors used and the emotion that powers the whole track, however particular standout lines are "I don't know how much more love this heart can lose" and "the marks of battle, they still feel raw, a million pieces of me, on the floor". I love the powerful pounding of the instruments that enable Danny's vocals to once more soar across the song almost effortlessly,
        The emotional, powerful anthem is the perfect way to finish off a totally amazing album, and this song is yet another standout phenomenon. The song is a perfect mix of self pity, dealing with rejection and interesting metaphor -not so self-piteous that it becomes a pathetic ballad or dreary cry of desperation, not so angry that it scares off listeners and becomes too aggressive to enjoy and not too confusing that there is no way of understanding what the song is really about. It just allows you to use your own imagination, form your own connection with the song and enjoy one last track off The Scripts album. Simply brilliant.

        ***Rating - 10/10, another favourite of mine, interesting and thought-provoking, and I still haven't tired of listening to it! ***

        ~*Overall Opinion*~

        As you can see, there isn't one bad track on here (Walk Away is still a fantastic song, and if I'd just heard it as a single I would be extremely impressed, but it's upon hearing every other track on here that nudges it down a little) and as I've said previously, I have owned this album for nearly four months now and still enjoy listening to it on a regular basis. In total honesty, I've rarely gone a day without listening to at least one track from here on my iPod, and You Won't Feel A Thing remains in my mental list of Top 10 Tracks Of All Time.
        The Scripts' debut was a triumph, but in my opinion this album has totally overshadowed it. The Script have taken their time, thought about what they want to do, and the best part for me is that it's all them; they wrote the songs, they were involved with the production, they play the instruments...and I'm happy that all their hard work has paid off, with the album reaching No.1 in the UK and Ireland and also peaking high in many other charts in countries all over the world.

        I would say that this is one of my favourite albums I have ever owned, and although I know that not everyone "gets" The Script, I know it has a strong legion of fans like me, whom to the lyrics, music and everything else are pure magic. I am gutted that I didn't manage to get tickets to their tour, which starts later this year, but to anyone who is going, I'm sure they are in for a wonderful experience.

        So, overall, I would say this album is absolutely flawless, and, as you've probably understood by now, I love it to bits.

        The Scripts album is available in all the usual places (HMV, supermarkets, Amazon, iTunes etc...) for around £6.99.


        As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. All your feedback means a lot to me, so thanks a bunch if you decide to comment and rate. xxxxx


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          27.11.2010 20:57
          Very helpful



          Brilliant brilliant brilliant album

          I'm a big fan of The Script and when I heard their first single from this album (For the First Time) on Radio One I knew their second album would be just as brilliant as the first. Therefore, as soon as it came out I rushed out to get it (despite being on holiday!) and we spent the majority of our week listening to it in the car.

          *Who are The Script?*
          The Script are from Ireland, they have 3 members and they produce soft rock music. Their first album which was self titled hit number one in both the UK and Ireland and contained songs such as We Cry, The Man Who Can't Be Moved and Breakeven.

          *Track 1 - You Won't Feel A Thing*
          This is a brilliant opening to the album. The song has a really good rhythm to it and an electric guitar and drums are the main instruments used. The chorus is so catchy and I am always finding myself humming it. The song sets a good scene for the album as it gives a decent taster for what to expect. Favourite lyric - "At least you know my dear I would die for you, promise you won't ever feel a thing"

          *Track 2 - For The First Time*
          The first single from the album. This song made me fall in love with The Script all over again. The song is truly beautiful and I can listen to it on repeat over and over again. The lyrics are about a relationship thats going through a tough time due to various things happening and the couple trying to sort it out here. The vocals here are beautiful and the band sound amazing.
          Favourite lyrics - "She needs me now but I can't seem to find the time, I've got a new job in the unemployment line"
          "We're gonna start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine, sh*t talking up all night, saying things we haven't for a while"

          *Track 3 - Nothing*
          Probably my favourite song on the album. The song starts out very quietly with the vocals just being accompanied by an electric guitar with the rhythm picking up in the bridge and chorus. The lyrics are about being dumped, him seeing no way forward and his friends all not understanding how he feels.
          Favourite lyrics - "Am I better off dead? Am I better off a quitter? They say I'm better off now than I ever was with her"
          "And my mates are all there trying to calm me down as I'm shouting your name all over town"

          *Track 4 - Science and Faith*
          This songs much more upbeat and I often find myself nodding my head to it in the car. The drums are quite prominent in this song and really help to emphasise the vocals. The lyrics are about a love which he can't compare to anything else.
          Favourite lyric - "Of all the things that she's ever said, she goes and says something that just knocks me dead"

          *Track 5 - If You Ever Come Back*
          Another firm favourite of mine. The song starts off quite slow with the vocals being prominent, the rhythm then picks up and the chorus is really catchy. I think the lyrics are really lovely and they talk about being left and wishing she came back.
          Favourite lyrics - "I'll leave the door on the latch if you ever come back, if you ever come back"
          "And I wish you could give me the cold shoulder and I wish you could give me a hard time and I wish I could still wish it was over"

          *Track 6 - Long Gone And Moved On*
          This song is about a man who is still caught up on his ex girlfriend when she moved on a long time ago. The song is quite upbeat and the chorus is very very catchy! Again the vocals are beautiful. Strong song.
          Favourite lyric - "When's the day you start again, and when the hell does you'll get over it begin?"

          *Track 7 - Dead Man Walking*
          The song starts off quite slow and quiet but as soon as you reach the chorus it really picks up. The lyrics are about him dying and it is tearing him apart not being able to see or speak to his girlfriend who is moving on.
          Favourite lyric - "I'm already broken, already gone, already know your moving on"

          *Track 8 - This = Love*
          The drums start off this track, being joined by the electric guitar for quite a long instrumental before the vocals begin. This song is really touching and it makes me really thankful for what I have. It often brings a tear to my eye and it just puts things in perspective.
          Favourite lyrics - "It's in the heart of the soldier as he takes a bullet on the frontline"
          "Its in the hands of the father, yeah as he works his fingers to the bone"

          *Track 9 - Walk Away*
          This song is all about not understanding why his girlfriend is with his as she is so much better than him. The lyrics are very catchy, I love the chorus, it is quite a bit more rocky than the rest of the album and one to really sing along to.
          Favourite lyric - "She finds colour in the darkest places, she finds beauty in the saddest of faces"

          *Track 10 - Exit Wounds*
          A really strong ending to the album. This song is quite angry and the main vocalist sounds very bitter in it. The lyrics are sang with attitude so its a fab one to sing along to when your not in the best of moods! However, the chorus does lighten up a bit. The rhythms very catchy and its a great close to the album.
          Favourite lyric - "My hands are cold, my bodies numb, I'm still in shock, what have you done?"

          I think this album is absolutely brilliant! From my review you can probably see that I don't think there is a single weak song on there. The whole album is very strong and I can play it through a good 2 or 3 times without getting bored.

          The lyrics are so well thought out and they really are like poetry, they are so strong and beautiful and listening to the songs really makes you think them through. I imagine the album took a very long time to write as in my opinion it is brilliantly thought out.

          The lyrics don't tend to be very happy and chirpy but I still find the album puts me in a good mood! I think it must be the instrumental aspects of the songs. The album is soft rock - personally I am not a great fan of rock but I love love love this album (and their first album)!

          The album only lasts for 42 minutes. Initially I thought this may be too short but upon listening to it I have realised they have only put very strong songs on there and there are certainly no fillers. I can listen to the album over and over again so the length is not an issue for me.

          So would I recommend this album? Absolutely. It is one of my favourite albums of all time. Since buying the album in September, it has not left my cars CD multichanger and it gets listened to at least 2 or 3 times a week. The songs are all very strong and there are no weak points.


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            03.10.2010 13:31



            Brilliant Album, Should Buy

            Science & Faith is the Script's second album, and in my opinion it doesn't disappoint. There are 10 tracks in total, all in the same style but still different. It includes the single 'For The First Time' which is my favourite song from the album; it is one of those songs that once you start listening to you just can't get it out of your head! Another catchy song from the album is 'This = Love'

            At first I didn't like all the other songs from the album, But they have 'grown on me' and now I actually really like most of them, which is good as it cost me £9.99 ( In my opinion definitely worth the money)

            In my opinion Science & Faith is better than the first album, The Script. After having this album for a week I would say the script are now my favourite band, which is quite an achievement.


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            14.09.2010 20:09
            Very helpful



            The second album from Irish band The Script.

            If I had to name my favourite band I'd probably be quite hard pushed to do it at first as I do like a random collection but, after careful consideration, I'd argue that it was between Scouting for Girls and The Script... with the latter band possibly winning the contest. The Script is an alternative rock band from Dublin who first found success in 2007, since then they've grown in popularity and recognition in terms of their music in the UK. Their first album was released in 2008 and was rather appropriately (if a little predictably) titled "The Script," it reached the number one position on both the Irish and the UK charts. They've released a number of songs from this album with their most famous track "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" reaching number two on the UK chart. I've been waiting for ages for their second album and couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of it when it was finally released on the 13th September 2010.

            Their second album is rather more imaginatively titled "Science and Faith" and it's clear that their sound has moved on and matured somewhat since their first album. The same elements are very much still present in their music despite the two year gap between the albums; their soft pop sound interspersed with some soft rock is very much their trademark again on the album with the same thoughtful lyrics that ring true and successfully relate to popular emotions. The one thing I identified most with on their first album were the lyrics in the songs; they were both honest and relatable to while avoiding the somewhat nauseous sentiments of love and preferring to focus on the more negative side of it. It's almost like they've identified a chorus that works well and have intertwined this throughout their album. This album features ten tracks, one of which is currently at number five on the UK charts this week.

            "You Won't Feel A Thing" is the first track and is a great example of where rock and pop can work well together. It's an upbeat track, there's a fast pace and the accompanying guitar and drums give a real rhythm to it. At its most basic it's a love song, it absolutely oozes with heroic sentiments through the lyrics "Cos everything the world could throw, I'll stand in front, I'll take the blow, for you," but it manages to keep the sickly sentiments far away. "For The First Time" is the second track and the current single, it's much softer and more heart renching in a sense than the first track with soothing backing from the guitar and piano. It's a tale of a couple who try to reignite their relationship after they book loose their jobs and somehow they manage to make going on the dole sound good (and timely too)! "We're smiling but we're close to tears, even after all these years we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time."

            "Nothing" is the third track and has quite a hollow feel to it which is very reminiscent of their most popular track to date "The Man Who Can't Be Moved." I really like this track, as I do the previous two, there's just something that makes it such easy listening without it bordering on the dreary or dull side. It's a calming song with really honest lyrics about how when a relationship ends, "They say a few drinks will help me to forget her, but after one too many I know that I'm never." The next track is "Science and Faith" and has a more upbeat feel than the previous two tracks which gives a nice sense of progression to the album and also a freshness of sorts too. The Irish twang of the lead singer is more evident in this song; he's got a very even and soothing voice that has a slight (yet ever so appealing) raspy quality to it. It takes an interesting look at love "saying love was an illusion of a hopeless heart."

            "If You Ever Come Back" is the rather sadly titled fifth track which talks to missing a lost relationship and yearning for that person to come back, something that I imagine most people can relate to at some time in their life, "And I wish you could give me the cold shoulder, and I wish you could still give me a hard time, and I wish I could still wish it was over." It's got a bit of a quirky feel to this track, with some jumpy lyrics that sound like something an American boy band might come out with... but strangely it works really well and just adds a little diversity to the album. "Long Gone and Moved On" follows this and the lyrics take a change in direction to the previous track in a sense and talk about moving on, "Oh from this moment on, I'm changing the way I feel, from this moment on, it's time to get real." It's got some great guitar and drums in the background which create a very soft rock feel to this track, a firm favourite of mine!

            "Dead Man Walking" is very different to the rest of the tracks on the album so far, opening with an almost hypnotic chant of the title in a very hollow way. There's a much more bare feel to this song with an intense sort of honesty that comes across through the lyrics with quite low backing music. Luckily the chorus manages to save this track as it reverts back to what they do so well and away from the somewhat bizarre chanting of, "I hear the angels talking, talking, talking, now I'm a dead man walking, walking, walking." The eighth track on the album is "This Love" which has a great quirky opening with lots of quick drum beats giving a really upbeat, foot tapping feel to it. It's quite a basic look at love and what it means to different people such as a mother, a soldier, etc. and what it means to us, "Love is why we do it, love is worth the pain, love is why we bow down, and get back up again." The poetic lyrics are very much evident here!

            "Walk Away" is an upbeat and tightly produced pop track with obvious r n b infusions, while still retaining a rock feel somehow - what a mixture of genres! Here we see the band trying their hand at a light rap which shows traces of two of the band members' time spent in America. It's probably my least favourite track on the album, in fact it's the only one I don't absolutely love, but I think that's because they've diverged away from their "safe sound." Unfortunately it doesn't work for me but it's good to see them trying something else "So walk away, walk away, save yourself from the heartache." The final track on the album is "Exit Wounds," there's a great crescendo towards the chorus and it's a great example of their music. They use the analogy of having been shot with love when a relationship ends and how it feels like a hole when that person leaves, "My hands are cold, my body's numb, I'm still in shock, what have you done?"

            In case you haven't been able to tell as you've been reading this, I absolutely love this second album from The Script. They've taken all the good elements from their first album and matured them slightly to make a second album that's just as good, if not better. They've stuck to what works and, apart from one weak track why they've tried to diversify just a little bit too much, the continuity really works on this album. Yet despite this there is a difference in terms of genre, mood and tempo on the other nine tracks which does give a sense of progression on the album and stops it sounding a little too similar. If you're a fan of The Script then you won't be disappointed and if you like other similar bands such as Maroon 5 and The Fray then I would recommend giving this one a go. So rather than spending months deciding how to reinvent themselves they've chosen to stick to their tried and tested formula and stuck to the script!

            Thanks for reading.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 You Won't Feel A Thing
            2 For The First Time
            3 Nothing
            4 Science & Faith
            5 If You Ever Come Back
            6 Long Gone And Moved On
            7 Dead Man Walking
            8 This = Love
            9 Walk Away
            10 Exit Wounds

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