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Scouting For Girls - Scouting For Girls

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21 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Britpop / Artist: Scouting For Girls / Audio CD released 2007-09-17 at SonyBMG

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    21 Reviews
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      04.10.2010 14:55
      Very helpful



      Fantastic Album

      I had wanted this album for ages but being a student money is always tight so I put off buying it for months. I ended up buying it last Christmas in a 2 for £10 deal. However, due to the age of the album it can now be found significantly cheaper and I have seen it for less than £3.

      *About Scouting For Girls*
      Scouting For Girls are a British band who originate from London. They formed in 2005 and have 3 members. The front man (who also formed the band) is Roy Stride. This is their first album, it was released in September 2007 and reached number one in 2008.

      *Track Listing*

      1) Keep on Walking - This is a strong opening track. It has a great beat and is quite laid back. It is in the pop genre and Roy provides the majority of the vocals with the others just providing backing vocals. The song is about a failing relationship. It is very catchy and you will soon find yourself singing along. 8/10

      2) She's So Lovely - This is one of the tracks that the band are well known for. This is quite a bit more upbeat than the first track and it is a very cheerful song. The lyrics are fun and catchy and again you will find yourself singing along. This song is about fancying a girl who already has a boyfriend. This is one of my favourite tracks on the album and I always find myself singing along to this in the car. 10/10

      3) It's Not About You - This song starts off quite slowly with the beat picking up as the track progresses. I love the tune of this song, a piano is used to highlight Roy's voice. There is a good background beat and I love the lyrics. The song is about a relationship that isn't working very well and how they don't know what to do anymore. Another one you will find yourself singing along to. 9/10

      4) The Airplane Song - This was my favourite song on the album for months and months and it was often played on repeat in my car. The song starts off with a piano solo and then Roy's voice overpowers the music throughout the first verse. The beat then picks up for the chorus and it is very catchy and fun. The song is about missing an ex girlfriend but it is very fun and upbeat. 10/10

      5) Heartbeat - Again the piano is used here to highlight Roy's grave voice. The chorus is very fun and the tempo is quite fast. The tune is very catchy and the piano is used to provide the background of the tune with various other instruments used in the chorus to jazz it up a bit. The song is about fancying a girl who has broken his heart but again it is a very fun song. 9/10

      6) Elvis Aint Dead - Another song that Scouting For Girls are famous for. The song has very quirky backing music which immediately makes the song fun. Roy uses his voice to give the song a really catchy tone and this is one that will stick in your head for weeks. The lyrics are about a girl choosing someone else. A number of references to Elvis are used such as the lyric "I'm all shook up and I'm lonesome tonight". 10/10

      7) I'm Not Over You - This song is one of the slower ones (although none of the songs on the album are particularly slow). I love the beat, Roy uses his voice to highlight the change in piano tones which makes it a really fun song. The lyrics are about a girl who has left him and he doesn't think he will get over it. 9/10

      8) I Need A Holiday - The song is upbeat and fast, making you want to dance. It is a very happy song and puts you in a good mood when you are feeling a bit low. The song talks about being fed up with work and wanting a holiday (something which I'm sure many people can relate to!) 9/10

      9) The Mountains of Navaho - This song uses the guitar and drums much more than other tracks which makes it a bit more rocky. Roys lyrics fit in with the jagged rocky tune and I love this song. It talks about a girl who has left him and taken his stuff but he doesn't care. Very funny lyrics in here including "You took my car but you left your cat who I've never really liked and I've since sent back" 10/10

      10) James Bond - A brilliant end to the album. A fun upbeat track which the boys obviously loved recording. The song is all about James Bond and how he wishes he was James Bond so he could get all the girls and not having to worry about anything. Very catchy and very fun 9/10

      I am very glad I bought this album, it has been listened to time and time again and I never tire of it. It is such a fun album to sing and dance along to and it makes me feel in a much happier mood when I am feeling a bit down.

      The lyrics must have taken a very long time to write as they are so well thought out and incredibly funny. Some of my favourite lyrics come from this album and I really rate the band for their writing abilities.

      It is definitely more pop than rock. Due to the nature of the songs I didn't realise what a fantastic voice front man Roy had until I really listened hard to his vocals. His voice is absolutely brilliant, it is grave and is lovely to hear. He can adapt his voice to any situation and this is shown throughout the album.

      The album is quite short, it only runs for 39 minutes. Personally, I think it would be nice to have a couple more tracks on the album however due to the high standard of the tracks they may not have wanted to include any 'album fillers' which is fair enough as the tracks on here are very strong.

      This album is one of my favourites and it will be listened to time and time again. I have also bought their most recent album 'Everybody wants to be on TV' and I am pleased to say that this also lives up to the high standards of this album (please see review)!

      Love love love this album! Brilliant band, brilliant lyrics and brilliant vocals, recommended.


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        16.04.2010 21:21
        Very helpful



        Scouting For Girls is an amazing band with an absolutely immense debut album!

        Scouting For Girls is a brilliant band that plays and creates amazing music which is normally pop.

        Scouting For Girls was formed in 2005, consisting of three people; Roy Stride, Greg Churchhouse and Peter Ellard. They each play musical instruments which are the guitar, drums and keyboard.

        Scouting For Girls first album was fantastic, managing to sell loads of copies and some of their singles reaching the charts.There are brilliant songs in the album and you'll love every one of them. Songs such as Elvis Ain't Dead and Heartbeat are some of the charted singles.

        Also the lyrics and story to all the songs are really good and most of the lyrics are about love.

        In the CD case also comes a little booklet and this booklet is brilliant as it not only has all the lyrics in it, so you can sing along, but it's also a brilliant booklet as it's a bit like a diary or a keepsake book of the band's life.

        Overall, Scouting For Girls is an absolutely brilliant band and there debut album is one of the best albums I have ever listened to. A brilliant band, a brilliant album, a brilliant buy!

        I hope this review helps. Thank you.


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        18.10.2009 22:03
        Very helpful



        Excellent album

        Scouting for Girls are an English pop band that formed in 2005. They consist of three guys: Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard.

        In 2007 they released their first, and so far only album, which is self-titled. It contains 10 songs plus a hidden track, and the band plan to release each song as a single before doing a new album. So far they have released six of the songs so they are well on their way!

        The band's style is catchy, feel good pop that makes you want to jump around. However they do not produce kiddy pop like High School Musical, they do more mature feel good tracks! Strong piano and bouncy guitar provide the backing for the strong, distinctly British voice of the lead singer. Lyrics are fun, light hearted, occasionally slightly risqué and even more occasionally thought provoking.

        The tracklist is as follows:

        1. Keep On Walking
        2. She's So Lovely
        3. It's Not About You
        4. Airplane SOng
        5. Heartbeat
        6. Elvis Ain't Dead
        7. I'm Not Over You
        8. I Need A Holiday
        9. Mountains Of Navaho
        10. James Bond
        Hidden Track: Michaela Strachan

        The song people will most likely think of first when they hear the words 'Scouting for Girls' is She's So Lovely. It was their second single but it was the one that really brought the band to people's attention and received masses of airplay. It reached number 7 in the charts. It is a funny, poppy ode to a girl and the repetitive lyrics make it easy to sing along to. The song is fantastic and if you like it, then you will almost certainly like the rest of the album which follows in much the same vein.

        The great thing about this album is that almost all the songs are as strong as this breakthrough single and although they all distinctively follow the Scouting for Girls sound, they all have very unique and easily identifiable tunes.

        The album is really so strong that it's tricky to pick favourites, but if I had to then I would say that Mountains of Navaho stands out. It's not yet been released, but it has such brilliant lyrics and amazingly addictive melodies that I will be surprised if it's not a big hit. It's the sort of song that kicks off immediately rather than waiting for the chorus and it always gets me on my feet.

        James Bond and Michaela Strachan (the songs not the people!) also deserve special mentions for being hilariously written and the sorts of songs that people can really identify with. After all most men want to be James Bond and a lot probably fancied Michaela too!

        This is one of my favourite albums to put on when I need a lift and at the moment it is available on Amazon.co.uk for under £6, so it's definitely worth getting.


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          30.08.2009 14:25
          Very helpful



          Great fun to listen to though can get a bit repetitive

          I first heard of Scouting For Girls, when I was at my friends movie night. We had her iPod on shuffle and 'I Wish I Was James Bond' came up. I jumped up and ran to her iPod to see what she was listening to. I fell in love with the CD almost immediatly and went home and ordered it off of Amazon.

          Scouting for Girls are a London based pop-group who made their debut with their songs She's So Lovely and Elvis Isn't Dead. They then bought out their album 'Scouting For Girls' in 2007. The songs include:
          -Keep on Walking
          -She's So Lovely
          -It's Not About You
          -The Airplane Song
          -Elvis Isn't Dead
          -I'm Not Over You
          -I Need A Holiday
          -The Mountains Of Navaho
          -I Wish I Was James Bond
          -and the bonus track Michaela Strachen

          The album cover is a very simple design in beige and brown with the name of the band and the album in large letters in the middle.

          Scouting For Girls play simple pop music, that is catchy and great fun to listen to for all ages. The songs become addictive and you will find that you are listening to it as often as you possibly can. It'll be like falling in love all over again! The only problem with this CD is the fact the songs can get a bit dull, similar and repetitive but apart from that it is a good CD. The songs are mainly about love and/or broken hearts. These songs include:- Heartbeat, I'm Not Over You and I Need A Holiday. I have used this CD an awful lot, it lives in my kitchen at the moment, as it is a good CD just to shove on an listen to when you are feeling down or not. The album does include their top hits so it is a good buy, and I definatly got my money's worth out of it.

          Also posted on ciao.co.uk under my name; GingerGirly


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          06.08.2009 11:41
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Pure pop for kids at heart

          Poppy, light-hearted and fun all summarise Scouting For Girls' debut album.

          While, like shoes, some albums need wearing in before they feel comfortable, Scouting For Girls fits perfectly into your ears from the first wear. This can be both a curse and a blessing, as boredom with the sound may set in sooner than with albums that are "growers" which often have more longevity.

          This is not to say that the songs are entirely samey. Though there may not be enough variation for some, with the same upbeat tempo, simple lyrics, jumpy piano riffs, gentle backing vocals and melodic guitars echoed throughout, I think this unifies the tracks well and there is enough variety in the drum beats, instruments and samples used to please most. Popular singalong singles She's So Lovely, It's Not About You, Elvis Aint Dead and Heartbeat not the only stars of the show. The Mountains of Navaho has some more gritty guitars and vocals to sink your teeth into, and Airplane Song offers an airy love song with cascading piano are equally as good as their single releases.

          This is an album of childhood reminiscence and love songs, as can be seen in the childlike fantasies of being James Bond in the track of the same name, and the hidden track, Michaela Strachan You Broke My Heart. This theme resonates in the name of the band and album, and the excellent album art inside the accompanying book which is a printed scrapbook of childhood photos, stamps, toys, drawings and lyrics relating to each song. Appropriately, the lyrics to James Bond are written in code, and the lyrics of Airplane Song are folded into a paper aeroplane etc.

          In terms of musical statements, this does not speak loudly. nor of intense musical genius and some may find the sound a little 1-dimensional. What the album brings to the table instead is simply some fun and thoughtful tracks to sing along to.


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            20.07.2009 19:38
            Very helpful



            Best played on shuffle

            === Who are Scouting For Girls? ===

            Scouting for Girls are a London based indie pop band. The band consists of three members: by Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard and was formed in 2005. The name for the band isa play on the idea of the 1908 Scouting for Boys handbook and is a spirited way of leaning more towards childhood fantasty rather than the drudgery of everyday life.

            === Their Albums ===

            Up to date the band has only released one album, which is self titled: Scouting For Girls. The album was released in late 2007 and almost immediately brought the band success. It reached the number one spot in the UK in January 2008 and remained in that position for two weeks. Unfortunately though none of the released singles have themselves hit the top spot.

            == Scouting For Girls - Album Inlay ==

            For me the Scouting For Girls album inlay isn't anything special. I personally like the small booklets to include band information and song lyrics but unfortunately this one contains neither. The 1o page full colour booklet instead looks like a songwriters scrapbook and contains scribblings, done for the inlay I don't doubt, of song lyrics and a little bit memorabilia. In my opinion this booklet adds nothing to the album as a whole.

            === The Album in Short ===

            If you're one of those people that aren't particularly looking for a track-by-track breakdown of the album in question then this section is for you and you can simply gloss over the track analysis if you wish. Scouting For Girls is one of those albums that I purchased on impulse and am really glad I did. It isn't particularly long being made up of only ten tracks but has a real mix of tracks. A couple of the tracks She's So Lovely and Elvis Ain't Dead are tracks that you recognise the second they come on and I Wish I Was James Bond is a really star of a track with some rather punchy lyrics. All in all the album is full of tracks with a heavy beat yet a consistent tune, solid lyrics, which often tell a decent story and well performed vocals. For me there isn't anything to really complain about apart from how I wish the album had a couple more tracks and that the inlay booklet contained lyrics.

            === Track Breakdown ===

            ONE - Keep on Walking
            This track opens with an instrumental piece that you can't help thinking you've heard somewhere else. The vocals however jump in quite quickly and for a while stay in a more spoken form that sung form, which I must admit aren't something I'm fond of particularly. They do however jump into more 'sung' vocals as the song progresses. A decent album opener but not what I would have chosen.
            'It's been three weeks
            Since I got a decent sleep
            I've a restless head
            And an empty bed'

            TWO - She's So Lovely
            This song is brilliant and is one I always find myself tapping along to. The chorus is really catching and even my dad (not a fan of modern music) often sings along. The lyrics aren't inspired but are decent to listen to and make sense but they are rather repetitive. The general pace of the track is fast and up beat from the word go and the slightly gravely vocals at time really suit the song.
            'I love the way she fills her clothes
            She looks just like them girls in vogue
            I love the way she plays it cool
            I think that she is beautiful'

            THREE - It's Not About You
            Of all the tracks so far this one is probably the one with the most prominent story and I must admit that this is something I quite like in a song. The backing track is quick fast paced with a steady beat and the vocals themselves keep up the pace and are performed well. All in all this track is more subdued than the previous two but in a very positive way.
            'And sometimes its good
            sometimes its bad
            but living with you, well it's driving me mad'

            FOUR - The Airplane Song
            This track is much softer than the previous ones, as although the backing track has a steady beat it also has some nice keyboard work. The lyrics themselves are quite interesting to listen to and in parts quite humorous. The vocals are more delicate than in the tracks that precede it and this overall seems to suit the band. The chorus has more of a punch but again much slower in pace than the others.
            'She's a messy creation.
            She hit the road, but the road hit back.
            Nobody told me, you're an island.
            I will wait for a lifetime.'

            FIVE - Heartbeat
            This track is one that I am very fond of and one that I think works very well musically, lyrically and vocally for the band. It begins with the sound of a pumping heart and then moves on to balance some lovely piano tunes with strong and powerful vocals throughout. The lyrics are unique to listen to and slightly obscure at times but they work and the whole song gets you singing and tapping your feet along.
            Doing all I can do, just to be close to you.
            Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.
            Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the arse.
            SIX - Elvis Ain't Dead
            For some reason I really, really like this song. Something about it has just endeared me towards it and I'm not particularly sure what it is. The lyrics are rather humorous to listen to and the chorus is definitely punchy and catchy but there is just something else about this track that makes me love it so much. The vocal themselves fall into the more spoken than sung category but I still like the track. In fact I like it a lot.
            'When I was young
            I never knew
            what this thing called love
            could do to you

            SEVEN - I'm Not Over You
            This track starts of rather slow and I wasn't too sure I was going to like it at all especially because of the spoken lyrics but then all of a sudden a wonderful instrumental piece brings the song to life and then the real song begins. The lyrics are fast-paced and catchy and the vocals are consistent and strong making for rather pleasant listening.
            'You said it was over, she said it was over.
            But I don't believe her.
            You said it was over, she said it was over.
            But I'm not so sure.'

            EIGHT - I Need A Holiday
            This song is great fun to listen to because it tells a great story that most people can associate with. The backing track to the song is simple but does its job and doesn't drown out the vocals. The vocals themselves are strong throughout and range from quite gravely and spoken to rather lyrical and ballad like.
            'It's a beautiful day, but I'm stuck inside.
            Staring at this screen, working 9-5.
            How I hate this job, coz the days do drag.
            They work me like a dog, and the moneys bad.'

            NINE - The Mountains of Navaho
            This track has a brilliantly up-beat, punchy and fun backing track that really brings the main ideas of the song forward. The lyrics are in Scouting For Girls style a little obscure but still grounded enough in reality to make sense and be pleasant to listen to. The vocals are consistently strong and musically sound too, meaning I have very little to complain about.
            'I'll never stop till I track you down.
            If I takes 10 years I'll have you found.
            Coz I'm only trying not to be lonely.
            I just wanna be with you.'

            TEN - I Wish I Was James Bond
            This is my favourite song from the album simply because it is so catchy and has my entire family and me singing along from the very first bar. The lyrics are unique - definitely - and are fun to listen to. The vocals are also quite different but really suit the bands style. This track is in my opinion the best on the CD and a great one to finish the album with.
            'Hello Mr Bond, I've been expecting you.
            Martini in your hand, and that eyebrow that you move.
            Don't take this the wrong way, I know it might sound odd.
            I'm the next double 0, I'm the right man for the job.'

            HIDDEN TRACK
            This song appears after the previous one but actually on the same track. The sng isn't anything mind-blowing but is rather fun to listen to and vocally sound. The narrator of the song sings about his love for Michaela Strachan in a rather humorous yet at the same time strangely heart-felt way. Overall an enjoyable extra few minutes full of giddy and boyish charm.

            == CLOSING COMMENT ==

            This album is one of those that I really enjoy listening to in small chunks. That may sound strange after I have just praised a lot of the songs individually but I do find that if you listen to the album all the way through then it can become a little samey and not particularly interesting to listen to. I personally however put album's straight onto my I-pod and play all my listings in shuffle meaning that I get to sample the brilliance of each track on its own without it become marred by the previous or subsequent Scouting For Girls track.

            My opinion of this album is therefore quite mixed. As an album to simply play through I wouldn't necessarily recommend it but most of the tracks played individually are great and therefore the album is worth a purchase. My recommendation however would be that you do what I do and try and play it amidst other songs on shuffle.


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              26.06.2009 23:05



              Really great CD one of the best I own

              Scouting for girls is a really good band, really enjoy listening to them and could listen to their CD over and over as it is one of the best that I own. At first I wasn't sure if i would like them but a friend lent me her CD and as soon as I put it on i couldn't stop listening to it and had to buy my own, under a tenner aswell which I thought was great. Should buy it, can nt get better then really great music from a london band for less then a tenner! The CD has ten really great songs they are Keep on Walking, She's So Lovely, It's Not About You, The Airplane Song, Heartbeat, Elivs Isn't Dead, I'm Not Over You, I Need A Holiday, The Mountains Of Navaho and James Bond. Each song will likely having you singing for hours! Really great CD.


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              02.06.2009 22:18
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Not for me, Sorry Roy....

              I must start by mentioning I am a great believer in Pop music and those who attempt to create such pop music that generates good times in the summer months, the long nights, the kids discos, whatever other happy nonsense goes off throughout the year.... however this is NOT a soundtrack to any of the previous listed.

              ''With great power comes great success'', When lead singer Roy Stride watched spiderman at the cinema and heard this quote (obviously with one of the pretty girls that treat him so bad, left him, wishing it was him he chose) He obviously misheard the quote and interpreted this as 'With Great Lyrical Nonsense, Comes Great Success''.....

              Which is very, very true. Scouting for Girls, are across the UK on annoying 13 year olds new nokia 96's as the dullset sms tone they hear 30+ times a day, they are blazened accross many a teenage girls wall, however, these people within my opinion are severely looking past the main point of this band and theyre album, they are, and it is rubbish!

              The lyrics, the hooks, theyre all rubbish. And they know it. Thats the thing with this band... They know theyre audience which is brilliant. This album has done everything it was set out to do, annoy and enterain, perhaps in more accesible way than others... (MIKA Anyone?)

              As a reviewer i am struggling to find anything to say anything good about this album, it stands against anything a songwriter should appreciate in music. The hooks, The Lyrics, The Album, pass me the sick bucket.


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                04.05.2009 13:10
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A great album.

                Scouting for Girls are a band that are almost impossible to dislike. Their jaunty pop-rock is infinitely playable and every single released seems to get endless radio airplay. Their self-titled album reflects this with eleven perfectly crafted pop songs that offer memorable chorus after memorable chorus.

                This is a band that refuses to take themselves seriously and follows a grand tradition of musical revelry. The 80's gave us Madness, the 90's The Divine Comedy and this decade could well belong to Scouting for Girls. They certainly seem to have cornered the market with a combination of simple harmonies and silly lyrics with only the very different sound of "Alphabeat" offering any competition. Clearly this is a band that enjoys making music that everyone can enjoy and it is nice to see a band refuse to be drawn in by snobbery of the indie and metal music scene.

                Of course, as a thirty something this album is perfect for me as it is a clear homage to everything eighties. Stand out tracks include "He-Man" inspired "Mountains of Navaho", "James Bond" and secret track "Michaela Strachan". The keyboard led music throughout the album is infectious and the guitars complement it perfectly with shades of "Del Amitri" about them. Fortunately, neither instrument drowns out the surprisingly strong and distinctive voice of Ray Stride which though rasping occasionally, is never gravely or irritating.

                This is a band that have never grown up and this is reflected in their endless tales of love lost. However, don't expect balladry as their simply isn't any. The albums strength and weakness is in the relentless cheerfulness underlying their tales of woe. The closest they get to angst is needing a holiday and never copping off with Michaela Strachan!

                Nonetheless, this is a great little album that delivers pop perfection. If you like their singles the album is more of the same. Variety is not on offer here and they are something of a one-trick pony. It is a good trick though!

                N.B. "Michaela Strachan" is a secret track after track ten.


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                  07.03.2009 21:25
                  Very helpful



                  A nice upbeat album

                  Scouting for girls are a London three-piece band who have risen to fame quite promptly after only forming in 2005 and were signed in 2007 by Epic. I was lucky to catch the band recently at the Oxford Academy. The band still had the freshness and enjoyment of their newly found fame. The songs are simply written and are songs taken from an average kid growing up in the modern world - I know some of the songs could be based on my life and all contain fun elements. This is key to the band its to remind my generation of the fun we used to have and I think at moments it is delightfully done. The Band are formed by -
                  Roy Stride - vocals/keyboards
                  Greg Churchouse - bass guitar
                  Peter Ellard - percussion

                  Rarely at the moment do keyboards feature as prominently as with this band that makes comparisons between other bands hard. The songs are all Pop with a slight Indie Slant to them. I think the easiest band to compare Scouting for girls to is The Feeling for the purely catchy nature of the songs

                  Keep on Walking - Quite a nice chilled out start to the song to start album. Although its quite a good track to have on the album I don't think it's a real catchy opening to the album. 6.5/10

                  She's so Lovely - The second single of the album that reached 7 in the UK charts. This is a more up tempo song. The song, as the title suggests, is based on a guys crush on a girl. Very good song and a real pleaser when performed live by the band 9.5/10.

                  Its not about you - This was the bands first single and only reached 26 in the UK charts. A nice one. 7/10

                  The Airplane Song - This song begins with a 30 second introduction on the keyboard. The song is about a girl who leaves a guy by getting away on an airplane. My favourite line from this song is "she hit the road but the road hit back". A nice track where the vocals do shine more then others - 8.5/10

                  Heartbeat - One of the more upbeat tracks on the album. This is about a guy who falls for a girl and how his heartbeat skips. And starts and ends with a heartbeating in the background. A real crowd pleaser "Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the arse" 9/10

                  Elvis aint dead - A funky keyboard intro to this catchy number which is the third single from the album. This song is a bit hit and miss for me, The nice start to the track fails to take off for a minute or so but then the second half of the song picks up a bit 7/10

                  I'm not over you - One of the slowest song beginnings, but then launches into another fun song but doesn't really go anywhere. This is one of the poorer songs on the album. 6/10

                  I need a holiday - One of the better songs on the album. We have all been there, in a dead end job on a sunny summers day where you really need a holiday with your mates. One simple line sums life up "I wish it could be sunny everyday" - 8/10

                  The Mountains of Navaho - A nice drum beat to this song accompanied with guitar rifts and less of the keyboard sound to the track. A track that doesnt really inspire me like others do 6/10

                  James Bond - My favourite track on the album. As you might except this is based around every boys dream when growing up of becoming James Bond even if it was just for one day. Without knowing what this track is the keyboard sound is instantly recognisable to be Bond music. One of the versus of the track lists all the actors names who have played bond. A brilliant fun song once more 9.5/10

                  Michaela Strachan Broke my Heart - who else used to watch the really wild show not just for the animals? Yeah I was one of those boys growing up in the 90's obsessed with Michaela Strachan. A nice fun track to finish the album with - 8/10

                  One of the up and coming bands with a real fun element to the songs which are all simply written. I have been to see loads of musical gigs recently and the fun element was clearly displayed in the audience with the chart topping songs bringing an excellent response from the crowd. The bands rise to fame has been massive as the previous time that they toured in Oxford they played a tiny pub but this time sold out a very reasonably sized venue.

                  I certainly will be keeping an ear to the ground for future developments with this band.


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                    13.02.2009 17:40
                    Very helpful



                    Good album

                    About the band:

                    Scouting for girls are an indie pop band that formed in 2005 when Roy Stride, Greg Churchouse and Peter Ellard decided to join together to make a band. The Name "scouting for Girls" came from the Scouts book called "Scouting for Boys." The band were originally going to call themselves "Scouting for boys" before they decided on there name.

                    The Scouting for Girls Line up consists of;

                    * Roy Stride, on Piano, Guitar and lead Vocals
                    * Greg Churchouse, on Bass, Guitar and vocals
                    * Peter Ellard on drums and vocals.

                    The band signed a record deal with EPIC UK, part of the Sony BMG label, in February 2007, and since then have released this album. They have played at major festivals like Glastonbury and T in the Park. They have a massive fan bass and this album was number 1 on the 20th of January 2008.

                    1. Keep on walking.

                    The first song of the album starts with a basic drum beat and a nice piano line. The song is quite slow and sad to begin with, but then towards the end it cheers up. The drums fit beautifully with the vocals in the chorus. I think the bass line in this song is a tad boring, and could make the song better if it was more complex. The backing vocals add depth to the song and make it really work well. The lyrics are ok, nothing very exciting but they serve their purpose.
                    Overall I give this song 3/5

                    2. She's so Lovely.

                    The song starts with a bass line and clapping, and then the piano joins in. The whole intro is done in a staccato style. The vocals come in with the same staccato style. The backing vocals come in every odd bar and on the chorus. The chorus is just repetition of the words "she's so lovely" this is a bit boring. The lyrics are actually pretty good and change from the deep, such as "I don't know how to make it through this", to the quite dirty like, "at the age a girl gets really dirty". The song changes from sad to happy quite often. I like the track and can't help from dancing even though it is quite repetitive.
                    Overall I give it a 4/5

                    3 It's Not about You

                    This track starts with vocals and an acoustic guitar strumming chords. This song is more sad then the previous one. When the drums and the bass come in, the song starts to liven up. The same staccato style piano is played. The backing vocals add to the song at parts. The re is a bridge part near the end of the song where the vocals keep saying "I don't know how to love you". The whole song sounds very full on with lots of vocals overlapping each other. The instruments fade out at the end but the vocals stay at the same volume making the lyrics seem more powerful.
                    Overall 4/5

                    4. The Airplane Song.

                    This song starts with a piano intro then the bass, guitar and drums comes in. The vocals come and and the sad lyrics start coming out. I like the song, even though it is sad, the song has strong meaning. The same staccato piano comes into it again! The band seems to really like this style of playing. The backing vocals emphasize parts of the lyrics.
                    Overall 4/5

                    5. Heartbeat

                    The song starts with a heartbeat sound, then the guitar and piano copy the heartbeats rhythm with the bass filling in the off beats. After the intro the song starts to liven up. This song is probably one of the bands most popular songs. The lyrics are good with lines like, " always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass" make the song really good. The backing vocals repeat the lead vocals at parts making the song sound really good.
                    Overall I give it 5/5!!

                    6. Elvis Aint Dead

                    This song starts with the keyboard, playing repeated chords, and the bass comes in just before the vocals. There is a long sustained synth note that gets louder before the first chorus, building up the suspense before the full on chorus. The song lyrics have obviously been really well thought out. Comparing the two impossible statements, "Elvis aint dead" and "Your coming back". The song slows down to an almost stop, before the vocals and keyboard come back in. The vocals repeat the words "Elvis isn't dead" over and over. This was the song that made me buy the album
                    Overall I give this great song 5/5

                    7. I'm Not Over You

                    The piano and vocals start this song off in a staccato style. Then a cymbal also joins in with the staccato rhythm. After the sad, minor, beginning, the piano starts playing a funkier happy tune. Then the rest of the band joins with a happier style. The sad lyrics are put into the happy tune, and I like it. The same thing is basically repeated throughout.
                    Overall 3/5

                    8. I need a Holiday

                    This song starts off with some funky piano, then the bass and a sythn comes in. The vocals come in, the lyrics in this song are really good. Lines like "How I hate this job, cause the days do drag" make this song connect with people on the same level as them. The song is basically about needing a break from work and having something different in your life. The backing vocals in this track imitate the main vocals. This song is really well harmonized. I really like this track as I can understand the feeling.
                    Overall this song is 9/10

                    9. The Mountains of Navaho

                    This song starts with some overdriven guitar, before the rest of the band join. I think this song is good as it is different than the other songs on the album. The backing vocals harmonize the lead vocals a usual, but the song sounds so different. The lyrics are pretty good in this song like "there's none quite like your mother."

                    10. I wish I was James Bond

                    The piano starts with a very James bond style tune. There is a great energy in this song. Its every boys dream to be James bond and "blow the bad guys away." All the lyrics are related to the famous spy, such as "martini in one hand" etc. The Song is so great. The drums are good and the bass funks it up.
                    I love this song.
                    Overall 10/10

                    In conclusion

                    I love this album, the songs are great and energy filled. Although each song sounds quite similar to one another, I still really like them. I don't think that Scouting For Girls are going to last for that long, maybe another album or two. They will never be classics, but for now, they are great


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                      12.02.2009 14:37
                      Very helpful




                      One of those groups you will either love or hate. I can just about take them in small doses, though you will notice one thing with this album, that a lot of the tracks all sound very similar. Not since Status Quo has the old 'three chord' trick worked so well, without most of the audience even noticing...

                      Who are they:

                      London based three-piece, they make radio friendly guitar pop.

                      On this album:

                      The one that got them off to a good start was 'She's So Lovely.' Apart from singing the chorus about three hundred times, it is quite catchy and inoffensive. Just play it once though, that should do the trick. More of the same followed in 'Elvis Ain't Dead' which uses EXACTLY the same structure, doing a piano build, up to the final chorus. As if that wasn't enough, the group did the same again on 'Heartbeat'. It is almost like they took the template, changed a few words and just sung over the same melody. Nonetheless, it is bright and delivered well.


                      'Airplane Song' at least sounds different and has a pleasing chorus section and some more intelligent lyrics than the hits. Better still is 'Mountains Of Navaho' which is the most stirring track on here.


                      'James Bond' is hard work, dodgy chord progression and the guys working their way through that same tune that is on all the hit singles.


                      Despite a lot of the songs all sounding the same and too much repetition in the choruses, it is well produced and they seem to be having fun with it. So I'll leave them to it


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                      01.09.2008 22:59
                      Very helpful
                      1 Comment




                      Formed in 2005, Scouting for Girls are a band that originate from London and have had a great year this year, having released their debut album, Scouting for Girls and it reaching number one in January selling over 500,000 copies.

                      This is one album that I have been thinking of buying for a while however have never actually got around to buying it until now and to be honest when I listened to the album, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually liked the album. I wouldn't say that I am a huge fan of theirs, however majority of the albums that I buy is purely down to liking one or two of the artists songs.

                      With this album you find that they have released quite a few of the tracks already so when you listen to it, you do find it to be quite familiar are they are heavily promoted on national radio.

                      Track Listing

                      Keep On Walking
                      She's So Lovely
                      It's Not About You
                      The Airplane Song
                      Elvis Ain't Dead
                      I'm NOt Over You
                      I Need a Holiday
                      The Mountains of Navaho
                      James Bond

                      This album reminds me a little bit of one of my favourite albums of last year, The Twang, you find that they don't actually sing as such, its more like they are talking the song, not quite in the style of the Streets, but they don't have great voices, but their is something extremely likeable about the album.

                      One of my favourite tracks on the album has got to be The Airplane song, its same kind of style as the rest of Scouting for Girls but the lyrics are actually quite good and you can associate yourself with this track.

                      All the tracks on the album have really catchy beats that when you listen to album you can't help but sing along. The only downfall of the album is that it does sound a little bit repetitive and you could not mistake this band for someone else as their tracks stick out like a sore thumb.

                      Its worth a listen though if you haven't heard the album, if you like this genre of music.


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                        30.08.2008 13:01



                        Cant wait for the next album

                        Scouting for girls is an amazing happy summery album.
                        I got it as a Christmas present after going on...and on... and on about it for months.

                        And there are no regrets. The first song I heard by them was "she's so lovely" there was something about the nothern twang in the voices and the mix of music and vocals that had me hooked.

                        Plus the guys in the band are quite easy on the eye and thats never a bad thing with Indie.


                        01. Keep On Walking
                        02. She's So Lovely
                        03. It's Not About You
                        04. The Airplane Song
                        05. Heartbeat
                        06. Elvis Ain't Dead
                        07. I'm Not Over You
                        08. I Need A Holiday
                        09. Moutains of Navaho
                        10. James Bond

                        They've now released a few of the songs, including Heartbeat and Elvis Aint Dead, and I must say Im looking forward to the release of many more.
                        Its one of those albums that you cant stop listening to, and I havent skipped any of the songs.


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                          15.06.2008 16:24
                          Very helpful



                          Music that is uplifting, fun and with great catchy choruses.

                          --SCOUTING FOR GIRLS--

                          Scouting For Girls has to be my favourite band at present. Their uplifting style of music really captured my imagination. They have been a definite favourite on Radio 1 and a personal favourite of Chris Moyles. Their songs are catchy, euphoric and great fun and this 3 piece band have had one hell of a year. -

                          Having formed in 2005, this London based Indie/pop band have had tremendous success since their debut, self titled album 'Scouting For Girls' sold over 500,000 copies and reached platinum status in January 2005. The band consists of: Roy Stride (Vocals, keyboards), Greg Churchouse (Bass Guitar) and Peter Ellard (Percussion. Roy Stride is the singer/songwriter of the band and produces songs that call on memories of childhood and adolescence. Songs of 'Innocence and Experience'. The band chose their unusual name from the 'Scouting for boy's handbook' which is produced for the Scouting association...

                          On my birthday I received a lovely message from the band on Myspace wishing me a 'Very Happy Birthday', which I thought was really sweet of them and absolutely made my day and this CD was one of my 'asked for' birthday gifts this year. They are great with their fans and are constantly aware and grateful who they owe a huge part of their fast success to-

                          -SCOUTING FOR GIRLS-

                          -KEEP ON WALKING-

                          The album kicks off with 'Keep on Walking' which is a really nice, fairly up-tempo song with accompaniment of keyboard, bass, and percussion. Though the lyrics are a little downbeat the tune is definitely uplifting and the song has a great melody and lyrics and a very catchy chorus. It's a great start to the album and really sets the mood for the remaining 9 tracks.

                          -SHE'S SO LUV-ER-LY-

                          The next track is 'She's So Lovely' which is a tremendous track and totally encapsulates the 'Scouting for girls' sound. I love this one. This is a really rousing number with great drumming. It has a brilliant beat, terrific lyrics and a good catchy chorus. It has a really lovely melody and brilliant harmonies too. I like the repeating of lines in this one and they are used to great effect, over and over again. This track has a great uplifting, euphoric feel to it and is very catchy. The lyrics are brilliant here and there are some great lines within this song. The harmonies are used to really good effect and the whole song is just great. The keyboard is fast and melodic and this track has a real 'sing along' feel to it. It really is an excellent track and I never tire of listening to it. -

                          -IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU-

                          The third track is 'It's Not About You'. It opens to strong drumming and has a fast even rhythm. I do like the lyrics to their songs they are always excellent and varied from track to track. This song uses the repeating of lines again quite a lot and normally I would get bored at listening to this process, but with Scouting For Girls, it works really well and just adds to the build up both musically and vocally, which produces this rousing, spirit lifting quality. This is another really strong track with excellent keyboard accompaniment.

                          -THE AREOPLANE SONG-

                          The fourth song on the album opens to a great display of Roy Strides keyboard talents. A slightly slower pace on this song, but once again the lyrics are excellent, with a real sense of the poetic here. The track possesses a nice catchy rhythm and strong chorus. I love the singer in this band and he really has great keyboard style. He usually plays standing up and puts everything into his playing. He is lively and cheeky and really fronts the band well. The songs always build vocally and in pace to a real crescendo and this bring that rousing happy quality to their songs which will get your toes tapping along with them.


                          What a terrific song this is and their last single. I love this one and again really brilliant lyrics here and a great lively melody and chorus. Uplifting and great fun, their melodies have that 'sing a long' factor that makes you want to belt them out at the top of your voice. What a brilliant track Heartbeat is, fast and changing with great bass, keyboard and rhythmic drumming. This song contains brilliant lines: "I'll give you my jacket, I'll give you my heart", "Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the arse", everytime that we meet I skip a heartbeat" This is a vibrant, young and fun track and a real sing a long song too. This whole album is full of excellent tracks that really are very enjoyable to listen to.

                          -ELVIS AIN'T DEAD-

                          The next in the running order is 'Elvis Aint Dead', and this is probably my most favourite song on the album. They are all actually really good, but this is the first one that I heard and I immediately fell in love with their sound. I don't know what it means, just an observation of something that he heard on the radio, as the words tell. I just think it is a brilliant track; really strong and with unique lyrics. This track has a really lilting melody to it with quite a simple and repetitive musical accompaniment of keyboard, drums and bass, but there is just something about this track which is totally original. It is quite short but it's one I can happily hit the repeat button on.

                          -JAMES BOND-

                          This is the concluding track on the album and a real belter of a song it is. It is a real fun song with an arrangement of intrigue. Very tongue in cheek with a great sense of fun and a very fitting end to the album. Roy sings of how he would like to have been James Bond when he was younger and get all the girls. You have a bonus track entitled Michaela Strachen and Roy sings of how she broke his heart when he was 12. You get a sense that all his songs are drawing on real life events and influences and this just adds to their appeal for me.


                          I think 'Scouting for Girls are great'. They don't take themselves too seriously and they produce a really uplifting and happy sound with their music. There is just something really positive and exuberant with their music and their head-spinning melodies always make me smile when they are played on radio 1, which is very often. Apparently they are really nice guys too. The album is impressive, track for track and an excellent debut album. The lyrics just seem to flow and I don't think they'll have any trouble in finding material for their second album. With influences such as: 'The Beach Boys', The Byrds', ' REM' and also, Thomas Hardy, Seanus Heany, and Dylan Thomas, you can also see where the poetical nature of their lyrics come from...

                          I have just looked on their Myspace page and I notice that they are playing the Brighton Centre in November, so I have just begged my Husband to go. He turned his nose up, but I think that secretly means he will get me tickets!:) It's been one hell of a year for 'Scouting for Girls' and I'm sure that their future is more than rosy. There's a lot of space on the music scene for positive, upbeat, feel good music. These boys have a great sound and I'm sure that their second album, when they bring it out, won't let us down one little bit. They are young, raw talent with a potential to stay around for quite some time. Their first single EP 'It's not about you', Keep on Walking, which was a clear green 7 inch, became the highest ever, charted, limited EP in chart history. Quite an impressive start to life of the excellent band that is, 'Scouting for Girls'. -

                          Thank you for reading.
                          June 2008*


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                        • Product Details

                          Disc #1 Tracklisting
                          1 Keep On Walking
                          2 She's So Lovely
                          3 It's Not About You
                          4 Airplane SOng
                          5 Heartbeat
                          6 Elvis Ain't Dead
                          7 I'm Not Over You
                          8 I Need A Holiday
                          9 Mountains Of Navaho
                          10 James Bond

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