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Season Of Da Siccness - Brotha Lynch Hung

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung / Import / Audio CD released 1994-11-03 at Black Market

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2008 11:50
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      Briotha Lynch Hung's debut solo album

      Released in 1995, "Season of da Siccness" is the debut album from the Sacramento, Crip rapper, Brotha Lynch Hung. The West Coast-er brings some hardcore Gangsta Rap for the listners on this album, and it is apart of the reason why he never achieved any wide-spread success, apart from within the underground circuit close to him. He did release an album prior to this, as early as 1989 with his currently-incarcerated brother Sicx, as an early example of the emmerging Gangsta Rap scene.

      1. "Cusche Break" (Intro)

      2. "Sicc Made"

      You get some haunting words to get the album going on this one and it really sets the scne for wat you are about to witness as Brotha Lynch starts things off him a terrifyingly evil way with hints of ultraviolence with cannibalism and rape all included to give you a taste of what he is all about.

      3. "Dead Man" (Lude)

      4. "Rest In Piss"

      You must already get a sense of what this rapper when you read the title of this one alone, and the content of it matches the fact that he is so sadistic as he raps about killing others to some slow, winding G-Funk, which contrasts from the way he does Krayzie Bone-esque speedy raps.

      **Four Stars**

      5. "Get da Baby" (Lude)

      6. "Return of da Baby Killa"

      There's just no need for this one, it is just a terrible trakc as he merely tries to shock the listeners with the content of his rhymes with reference to murdering unborn children, which must turn many of the audince off

      **One Star**

      7. "Locc 2 da Brain"

      You get the rapper joined by lots of other local rappers, (guessing from the Bay Area accents) as they are all unknowns, and I have to say that they did little to improve on the album as they come with more extreme Gangsta Rap.

      **Two Stars**

      8. "Q Ball" (Lude)

      9. "Liquor Sicc"

      I can't say that I was impressed by this one as Lynch raps about one of his gang members were killed. Following this he retaliates by murdering one of them in sadistic manner. The production, although fitted to the style of G-Funk with high-pitched synth taking control, the beats backing it up weren't far from what is expected of a West Coast Rap track from the mid-nineties
      **Two Stars**

      10. "40 Break" (Lude)

      11. "Datz Real Gangsta"

      Finally you get some nice West Coast music from the rapper as he finally fits in with th expectatcions of such rappers at the time when he does everythign to laid-back msuic and talks about having fun (even though picking up prostitutes isn't the ideal thing to do).

      **Four Stars**

      12. "Deep Down"

      This one was really messy, and I can't say that I felt any strong emotions twoards it as it was rather uneventful and was very simplistic. It didn't show anything new, and could be regarded as nothing more thna a filler, which you don't need with so many interludes between the musical tracks.

      **One Star**

      13. "Dead Man Walking"

      You have him rap about at times he rides alone, without any of his 24th St. Garden Blocc Crips backing him up, and his compares this to when he was said to have been close to never existing when his mother took some brandy "to the dome", and drank it whilst pregant to try to terminate the pregancy.

      **One Star**

      14. "781 Redrum" (Lude)

      15. "Season of da Siccness"

      Here is the title track from the album, and it has him cruise through lots of violent scenes in downton Sca-Town, where lots of ganga activites take place. I like how i feels liek you are being given a tour of what it is like to live in such a place, especially whilst in the "Season of da Siccness", where there are no limits.

      16. "Welcome 2 Your Own Death"

      Judging by the rest of the labum, you can probably guess that with such a title, this one is goas the albm. On this one he gets into even more Horrocore Rap and wlaks the lsitenr through their "Own Death" as he frustratingly goes through all the actions slowly to increase the intesity and suspense. I have to credit him for his ability to create such haunting emtions, but the tune itself wasn't that strong.

      **Two Stars**

      17. "Real Locs" (Outro)

      I wouldn't recommend this album to many, but when looking at what I have come across in the past, I would expect fans of Horrorcore acts such as the Insane Clown Posse, Prozak, and then maybe early DMX, Three 6 Mafia and Geto Boys to be well into this kind of thing. However its not for me, and the only times when I enjoyed it was when it fitted with the region, and I can't get enough of West Coast Rap, especially from the mid-nineties.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Cusche Break
      2 Sicc Made
      3 Dead Man
      4 Rest in Piss
      5 Get da Baby
      6 Return of da Baby
      7 Locc 2 da Brain
      8 Q-Ball
      9 Liquor Sicc
      10 40 Break
      11 Datz Real Gangsta
      12 Deep Down
      13 Dead Man Walking
      14 781 Redrum
      15 Season of da Sicc
      16 Welcome 2 Your Own Death
      17 Real Loccs
      18 Inhale With da Devil

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