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Seasons Of My Soul - Rumer

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4 Reviews

Artist: Rumer / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2010-11-01 at ATLANTIC

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    4 Reviews
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      13.08.2012 23:05
      Very helpful
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      Great album!

      Seasons of My Soul is the debut album from singer Rumer. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2010. The CD is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £4.99 which I think is great value for money.

      ~ * Track Listing * ~

      1) Am I Forgiven? 2) Come To Me High 3) Slow 4) Take Me As I Am 5) Aretha 6) Saving Grace 7) Thankful 8) Healer 9) Blackbird 10) On My Way Home 11) On My Way Home 12) Goodbye Girl

      Wow!! What a great album! I am really impressed with the CD. Every single song is fanastic- great melodies, lyrics, voice. I have to say that I like every single song on here and I just cannot simply choose a favourite as they are all so good. Each song is as good as the rest. It is definitely the kind of album I can listen to all the way through without having to skip any songs; so I am happy to confirm that there are definitely no fillers on here.

      I love Rumer's voice; it's quite strong and soulful and there is something quite soothing about it. Sometimes I find that when listening to albums, I can get 'fed up' of listening to the same voice after a while; not with Rumer. She has the kind of voice you can listen to all day long.

      I enjoy listening to the lyrics of the songs on this album; they are so meaningful and quite emotional to listen to. Rumer really puts her all into the songs and so you feel as though she is telling you a story when you listen to each song.

      All in all, I would definitely recommend this album.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        04.07.2011 13:32



        Great for relaxing

        I borrowed my friends car when mine was in the garage and when trying in vein to fi d something good on the radio stations I looked to the glove box for a cd.
        In there I found this one and thought it had to better than the rubbish on local radio! How right was I!
        I had never heard of Rumour before so had no idea what to expect. The music is very calming and easy listening it was very relaxing to sit back and listen to and nice to have on as I zoomed down the dual carriage way.
        I would liken her music to Leanne rhymes, it is very easy listening and I did not even notice when the cd went back to the beginning and started playing again.

        The cd was so good that i have bought it myself now. If you Want something relaxing and soothing then this is your badger!


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        30.01.2011 22:07
        Very helpful
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        Rumer - Seasons of my soul

        Rumer is a British singer who has just released her first album, Seasons of my Soul. When I first heard her her voice really did make me stop and listen, it's beautiful and she really reminds me of a modern day Karen Carpenter. She has a very smooth, lounge type voice and this is the perfect album for listening to on a Sunday afternoon when you want to relax and unwind. She has also done a lot of work with Burt Bacharach and you can hear his influence in this album too. Rumer says that, "Songs like 'Slow' and 'Come To Me High' have little dreamy, Bacharach-type chords and those lilting, gorgeous melodies that remind me of songs that I've heard and loved in films

        According to Rumer herself she called the album Seasons of my Soul because, "Mainly because it took me so long to make the album that I noticed that the songs were coming round again. I'd have these moods in my soul that would come around like seasons over the years and the songs matched the moods. It was like an emotional landscape. There are different shades, different feels and different colours to the album.

        She has a really interesting background, growing up the youngest of 7 children, living in a commune for a while and

        One of my favourite songs on this album is track 5, Aretha, where Rumer talks about listening to the music of Aretha and having it help the subject to get through a hard time in their life. My other favourite is track 11, Goodbye Girl with a great line in it, goodbye doesn't mean forever.

        The rest of the tracks are as follows:

        1. Am I forgiven
        2. Come to me high
        3. Slow
        4. Take me as I am
        5. Aretha
        6. Saving Grace
        7. Thankful
        8. Healer
        9. Blackbird
        10. On my way home
        11. Goodbye Girl


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          10.01.2011 15:39
          Very helpful



          Not a fantastic first album but a few good songs

          One of my presents this Christmas was Seasons of My Soul by the relative newcomer, Rumer. My appreciation of this singer was previously based solely on her song, Aretha, which had received quite a bit of air time in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

          Who is Rumer?

          She's Sarah Joyce, born in 1979 in Islamabad, Pakistan. She moved to back to Britain with her mother and siblings, and settled for a while in Hampshire where she began writing songs and, after moving to London following her mother's death, played on the local folk/indie circuit. She chose the name Rumer for her stage name after the author, Rumer Godden. Seasons of My Soul is her debut album.

          My Opinion:

          The kind of music played by Rumer almost defies categorisation. It's a little bit folky with jazz, pop and easy listening elements all blended together into a very pleasant and melodic whole. This first album has a soft and introspective theme running through the songs, all of which are very easy to listen to although of the eleven tracks on the album there are only, in my opinion, three or maybe four which stand out. The rest are nice but nothing special.

          The album kicks off with Am I Forgiven, which is a mid-tempo poppy sounding song with piano and drum backing, plus backing singers, tinkly bells and the like, giving the whole sound a very seventies feel reminiscent of the Carpenters which is further enhanced by the fact that there is a quality to Rumer's voice which is very similar to Karen Carpenter. This is a pleasant song and has a singalongability to it but I wouldn't describe it as particularly memorable.

          Come to Me High slows the pace down to a melodic ballad and Rumer's voice takes on a slightly breathy sound. Although this song is certainly pleasant and easy listening, it's very much rooted in the past with a sound which wouldn't have seemed out of place as a backing track to a sixties film or played in a smoky club for slow dancing.

          The third track is Slow which is definitely one of the best tracks on the album. As the title suggests, this is a very slow tempo love song. The soft and sensuous sound coupled with Rumer's slightly husky undertones is music to make love to.

          Take Me As I Am is another wistful ballad. Rumer's voice here takes on elements of Dusty Springfield as well as Karen Carpenter. This is a lovely, though rather sad, ballad, fully orchestrated, although the backing never compromises or drowns out the singing.

          The most jazz/soul sounding song on the album and probably also the most well known is Aretha. This is a lovely song about the disaffection of the teenage years. Rumer's voice is pitch perfect here and for me, this is one of the best songs on the album. There is a poignancy to Rumer's voice which coupled with the lyrics makes for a great song.

          The Karen Carpenter quality to Rumer's voice is very evident in this sixth track, Saving Grace. This is a mid-tempo song which grows on you over time. To begin with it seems simply to be one of those easy listening songs which just flows over you without being noticed but after a couple of listens, it eases its way into the consciousness. Again, the piano and drum backing lends this song a very sixties or seventies sound.

          Thankful is a slow ballad, very simply delivered here with piano accompaniment, joined later by a brief trumpet and then full but soft orchestration. This song could have been written by Paul Simon because it has those same poetic elements and phrasing which he uses in some of his more ballad-like songs.

          Healer is a simple and beautiful song delivered in a very plain style with just violin and piano accompaniment plus backing singers. It sounds like a slow and introspective spiritual with the emphasis again more on the words than the music.

          The ninth song is Blackbird about love and loss and which I found fairly unmemorable.

          On My Way Home is another slow, sad ballad about lost love and is my favourite track on the album. Again, it's the words that make this song special although the slow, sorrowful music is beautiful and perfectly complements the lyrics. In fact this song makes me want to cry because of its poignancy with its theme of lost opportunities for love!

          The album ends with the mid-tempo Goodbye Girl and the sound is redolent of The Carpenters and the seventies. It's not the strongest track on the album and, personally, I'd have changed the order of songs and made the previous track, On My Way Home, the last on the album as it more exactly sums up the overall theme.

          In Summary:

          This isn't groundbreaking stuff but it's easy, pleasant listening. All the songs are original compositions but have the familiar sound and quality of song standards which could have been sung previously by Dusty, Ella Fitzgerald or The Carpenters. I don't mean to take anything away from Rumer's voice by these comparisons because although her voice bears comparison to these other artists, it is uniquely her own.

          For me the best tracks on the album are Slow, Aretha, Take Me As I Am and On My Way Home; the rest could almost be dismissed as padding because they don't seem to have any memorable quality to them at all. On the whole, this isn't really my kind of music which has probably coloured my view of it.

          If I had to sum up this album, I'd describe it as an OK debut album which showcases Rumer's beautiful voice but doesn't leave the impression that she's anything more than a so-so songwriter, largely because the songs on the album are fairly unmemorable ballads. I understand that she's been collaborating with Burt Bacharach recently and I can quite understand why, because many of her songs, as well as her voice, have a very sixties or seventies retro sound to them.

          This album definitely isn't going to appeal to metalheads or folk or jazz purists eithern for that matter but for those who enjoy soft, sweet and melodic music, it's well worth a listen.

          Giving this album a rating is quite difficult. I can't in all honesty say it deserves 4 stars but by the same token, it's too good for only 3 stars. Ideally, I'd give it 3½ but will mark up rather than down simply because of the beautiful On My Way Home. For a debut album I don't feel there's enough diversity of sound to properly showcase Rumer's full talent and there is certainly some room for improvement. Maybe that will come with her next album.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Am I Forgiven
          2 Come To Me High
          3 Slow
          4 Take Me As I Am
          5 Aretha
          6 Saving Grace
          7 Thankful
          8 Healer
          9 Blackbird
          10 On My Way Home
          11 Goodbye Girl

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